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Wednesday, the 22nd of November, 2006

"Best regards from Sprünglistan"


How marvellous that you could find some time to visit our British homeland!
How is Liz - is she still keeping her conservative style? What about Charles and Camilla ? What about our horses? Oh - I cant wait to play Polo with you next spring ! Unfortunately this season I could not manage to take part in the traditional fox haunt - my dear friend and owner of this little medical device shop in Sprünglistan just begged me on his knees not to leave him alone with all his business. He is still such a child, indeed, with his 58 years he still is not able to stay alone in the company for just one day! Always somebody has to stay with him, write his documents, answer the phone, make coffee - oh my goodness - and you know my temper: I just can not say "NO" if somebody desperately crying talkes me into something.
So I hope next season we will visit all my dearest places together. For now - just let me send you one page from my diary to give you a little feeling about important historical events in Central Europe.

In devotion to the highest - wherever it is - and God shave the Queen!

Lady Olga Puddington

Thursday, the 23rd of November, 2006

"Re: Best regards from Sprünglistan"

Ah Olga, Milady,

It is so amusing to read news from our various provinces that you always so gladly enjoy to visit.
In good old England it is as usual: rain, rain and rain, which contributes to the mood of those peaceful and cheerish people. Well, HRH Liz is sending you Her Best Royal Greetings and expecting to have a long chat with you, whenever you have had enough of Europe and would return to the British islands.
I arrived back to Schokoladistan, in my Joyville castle last night with our Royal Air Services, after exhausting tours of Collony and Zagreb, which followed immediatelly after the end of the meetings in the City of Westminster and the reception at the Buckingham palace. I really do need some time to put myself together, but another important diplomatic conference is starting tommorow early morning in Geneva and it requires My Noble Presence. Important indeed - I can't refuse it, since it will direct my whereabouts for the coming year, and this means that you will also have to pack your things soon and adapt it to the climate we will be heading to. I sincerely hope it will be somewhere in Asia - I am bit tired of our African collonies...
At the end, would you fancy showing up at the birthday party of Lady Soo of Allahmadingen this Thursday, 30.11? I think I will come, there will be chanting and some more programme (BBC?). Maybe we can pop up at the stage together, it will be much easier for me.
Btw, have I told you I had one hour spontaneous performance in Collony after the chanting, on the very same table we had us pronounced Mr and Mrs Puddington?

With my best personal regards, extended naturally to His Hairlessness dDoBT


Sir James Puddington, Duke of Kloten

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