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Ali za pravu stvar, a ne kao ti!

Revolucionar Gule: It's so hard when you're left alone...

Klovn Vrtke: It's beating!

Rev: Another unrequited love...

Samoubica Đole: Who are you?

Klovn: Taking away one's own life? In the graveyard? Why?

Rev:Can you see that young man over there? He's done away with himself because of love!

Rev: There is something more to life than love. Revolution! Idea!

Klovn: And then you're beaten to death in prison, like he was.

Rev: Yes, but for the right cause! Not like you! He killed himself when he was left without his audience.

Klovn: Here is my audience!

Rev: No one can hear you - no one can see you here.

Klovn: I know. It's incredible how everyone forgets you. As if you never existed.

Rev/Klovn: Can you understand us? You're alone here. Unable to change anything.

Rev: I'd love if I could once in a while get out of here. To see, to feel.

Samoub: You are...This is... I must be dreaming???

Klovn: I'd love if I could dream.

Rev: Dreams are luxury for us.

Rev, predaje samoubičin pištolj klovnu: Here, take it. I don't need it.

Klovn baca pištolj u vazduh. Pištolj nestaje.


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