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But we loved with a love that was more than love...

Forgotten dear

Angel came from that shadow
To tell me how's in heaven
But I was full of sorrow
Waiting here
For my dear.

Angel said: Don't be sad
Listen to the music
Listen to the whisper
And you'll come to heaven.

Dearest angel, said I
I don't want to go to heaven
I don't want to hear the whisper
I just want to be here
With my dear.

Came my dear
From that shadow
Smiling, whispering and singing
But not to me
My dear.

He came
For someone else
For someone
But not for me
Not his dear.

My dear
He doesn't love me
Not anymore
If he ever did
My dear.

I could have been in heaven
I could have whispered
I could have, with angels
But I gave it up
For my dear.

And now
When my dear is gone
I'm sitting in the dark
Looking for a whisper
From my dear.

But no whisper came
Only silence
Only moonlight
Shining on me
The forgotten dear.

Inspiracija na Anabell Lee.

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