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White-trash Crucified

I know it's hard to believe but if you find a rich buyer you can sell your kidney for good money, about 20,000 $. That thought kept going through Eugene's mind, because all he needed was 20,000 $ and he would be saved.
Eugene Thackery lived in a trailer-park somewhere in Arizona. He grew up in a place just like this, as second of four children, fatherless as long as he could remember. When he was 17 he left his family and promised himself that he'd never live in a trailer miles away from civilization and that if he'd ever have children, he wouldn't abandon them like his father had done. He traveled from place to place, always getting into some bar-fights, sleeping in cheep motels, sharing bed with some white-trash girl who he picked up that night...never finding peace, and a place of his own.
After 9 years of wandering the country, he found out that his mother had died about a month ago and that she had left him her trailer. He was, as always, short on cash, so he decided that he'd go there and sell the trailer for a few hundred bucks.
But on his way home, one thing happened he didn't expect. In a town he passed through around 2 years ago, a young girl with a child approached him and said: "It's yours, Eugene."
Ten years later he still lived in the same old trailer he grew up in, but now it was him who had four hungry mouths to feed. His debts were increasing weekly, and he needed a solution. He was talking to his trailer-park neighbor, doctor Bruce, and found out about organ smuggling. He battled with the thought for 2 months, and finally said to the doctor that he'd do it.
They drove to an old storage house west of Phoenix and there was a whole operating room. He was laid down on the operating table, breathed in the narcosis and closed his eyes...forever...

Eugene wasn't the only one who wanted to leave that wretched trailer-park for good. Doctor Bruce used the opportunity and sold Eugene's whole body on the black market. With the money he earned he opened an abortion clinic and begin selling dead fetuses to cosmetic companies.
Eugene's children waited for him for days. After a while they realized that he'll never come back and not knowing the reason why is he gone, they assumed that he had deserted them and started hating their own father, as Eugene once hated his own.

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