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HiDdEn ThOuGhTs just a dream. Your biggest nightmare,haunting you on paths of your
unclear thoughts. When I couldn't feel anymore,somebody had cleared
the colors with tears.. He got lost in the reality,tried to hide the sense into dreams
and with the droops of blood attempt to awake my soul.
I believe that I will never open my eyes again,not with every ray of sunrise,and my
cheek will not taste the droop of dew.. I'm sending him a creature that has inside of him
a part of me.. a butterfly,that he created with droops of blood when he tried to awake my soul.
Now..I will leave a trace in your life..forever be a shadow that will follow you,the one that
refuses to be forgotten..

Post je objavljen 21.08.2006. u 16:11 sati.