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when the party's over

When the party's over
and everybody's gone
i close the door and stand
in the middle of the room, alone

and hold my head in my hands
and lean back on the air
close my eyes, I feel
that you are there, yes you are there
and everything will be ok

that you are there, if you are there
then everything will be ok

hold tight on this moment
to feel it's every scent
letting fall down all the borders
unspoken words and masks

free i'm here i'm standing
free for you to see
sincere and unprotected
my very being with all it feels

so are you there, will you be there,
the way i am is it ok?

take a deep breath in
then breathe out all the mess
tensions, caos with it
pure and relaxed, i can confess....

Post je objavljen 24.06.2006. u 20:18 sati.