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A favor for an old friend

Danas vam predstavljamo bonus priču, vezanu uz priču iz igre. Zasada samo na engleskom, prijevod će doći uskoro. Uživajte! :D

The temple of Lidra.
The place where all the sacred artifacts of Felicitas are gathered.
Guarded by warrior monks, filled with booby - traps and protected by fierce sandstorms, only a fool would dare to break in to the temple.
A fool or a very skillful thief.
Hidden by the mask of night, a mysterious figure was climbing up the temple walls.
It asked itself why was it doing this.
Then it remembered. A friend's life was at stake.

A thief was observing a house in Iramar. The house seemed empty and it was in total darkness. He opened the window and made it across the room, making sure he didn't break anything. He had almost reached the stairs when suddenly all the lights were turned on. The thief heard a voice. The voice belonged to a man who was sitting in an armchair near the fireplace. He was around 30 years old, with short white hair , dark green eyes and a scar under his left eye. He was wearing a blue coat, a white shirt with ivory buttons and a pair of brown pants. He was holding the Encyclopedia Felicitasia in his right hand.
'' A bit late, aren't we? I told you to be home at 8 o'clock, not midnight.'' - said the man.
The thief took off his mask. The thief was actually a beautiful young girl, with short green hair and sparkling grey eyes.
'' It wasn't my fault, Specter. The city guard was on my tail.'' - said Shadow
'' Always with the excuses. Go to your room.'' - said Specter
'' But ...''
'' Go to your room!''
Shadow said nothing and went upstairs to her room.
'' I shouldn't have been so rough on her.'' - thought Specter
Being a big brother is hard, but being a big brother and a caregiver is much harder. Specter has been raising Shadow since their parents were killed by the city guard of Iramar. They followed their parents footsteps and became one of the best thiefs in Felicitas. Specter retired, but he teaches his younger sister the way of the Thief.
Specter sighed, returned to his armchair near the fireplace and continued reading the Encyclopedia Felicitasia.
A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Specter got out of his chair, grabbed the crossbow that was on the fireplace and cautiously walked to the door. He looked through the spyglass and saw a short, bald man fiddling his arms.
'' Can I come in?'' - asked the man.
Specter opened the door and shook the man's hand.

'' Rogof. Long time no see.'' - said Specter
'' Hello Specter. Sorry if I woke up.'' – said Rogof
'' Don't worry, you didn't. Come in. I'll make us some coffee.'' - said Specter.
Specter went to the kitchen and Rogof sat on the blue pokadotted sofa in the living room. Specter returned with two cups of coffee.
'' Milk?'' - asked Specter.
'' No thanks.'' - replied Rogof
He gave one cup to Rogof who immediately started drinking.
'' So, my friend, how's the merchant career going?'' - asked Specter.
Rogof stopped drinking and looked at Specter.
'' Actually, that's the reason why I'm here.'' - said Rogof, - '' I need your help''
'' With what?''
'' I have a debt problem. I played poka with a hooded guy and lost. Now he wants me to give him a rare artifact or he'll kill me.''
'' What were you thinking!?''
'' I wasn't. That was the problem.''
Specter took a deep breath.
'' Alright. I'll help you'' – said Specter
'' You will?! Thank you Specter.'' - said Rogof
'' Which artifact?''
'' The necklace of Mazor.''
'' What are you, crazy?'' - Specter yelled, - '' That's in the temple of Lidra, the most well - guarded place in Felicitas. How the hell am I supposed to get in there?''
'' Specter, you're the one of the best thieves in Felicitas. I know you can get in there.'' - said Rogof
Rogof stood up and went to the door.
'' Oh, I almost forgot. If you find it, come to my house. I have to deliver it personally.'' - said Rogof
Specter stood a minute in the living room, thinking about what to do and then went upstairs to his room.
He needed to pack. It was a small room. It only had a bed and a closet. He opened the closet and took a box that was lying on the bottom. His equipment was in there. He grabbed his grapnel, smoke grenades, lockpicks and daggers.
'' Are you really going?''
He turned around and saw Shadow sitting on his bed.
'' I told you to go to bed.'' – replied Specter
'' You don't have to go.'' – said Shadow
'' Rogof is my friend. He helped me a lot back when I was your age. He supplied me with gadgets and he taught me alchemistry, a necessary skill in thievery.''
'' But you might never return from the temple. You'll get killed. Or worse...''
Specter sat next to Shadow nad gave her a hug.
'' If anything happens to me, don't shed a tear. It's not appropriate for a master thief to cry.''
Shadow chuckled.
Specter stood up and went to the door. He looked at Shadow one more time.
'' Take care of yourself, kid.''
He opened the door and left the room.
Shadow laid on the bed and started crying.

Specter snapped out of his daydreams and remembered where he was.
He was 150 meters above the ground, climbing the walls of the temple.
He has been climbing for the last 2 hours and he only had 50 meters to go.
He didn't allow the memories to cloud his mind. If he makes just one mistake, he'll have an appointment with the Grim Reaper. He cleared his mind and continued climbing. Half an hour later, he reached the entrance of the Forbidden Chamber. Seeing that there was no - one around, he opened the heavy brass doors that led to the Chamber. He arrived in a very long hallway. The walls were stained with blood and decorated with ancient symbols. Huge torches hung from the ceiling and illuminated the whole hallway. There was a door on the other side of the hallway. Specter knew he had to get there. After a few steps, a set of spikes sprung from the floor. Luckily, Specter dogded the trap. But another set sprung, and a another. He dodged all of them, but he knew he can't dodge forever. He had to think fast or he would end up skewered like a piece of meat.
He ran back to the brass doors, turned, sprinted to the nearest wall and started wall - running. As soon as he started wall - running, crossbows appeared on the walls and started shooting bolts at him. When the first bolts were launched, Specter jumped on the the other wall and continued wall - running. Every time the bolts were launched, he would jump to the opposite wall. He wall - runned and ricocheted through the entire hall. When he reached the door on the other end of the hall, all the traps stopped and went back to stand - by mode. Specter sat on the floor and started panting. After 500 meters of wall - running and jumping, who wouldn't get exhausted? After five minutes, he stood up, opened the door and entered the next room. If the wall - running and jumping didn't make him lose his breath, he would have lost it here. The Chamber's walls were 20 meters tall, filled with drawings and writing that illuminated the room. Moonlight was pouring down from a huge hole in the ceiling. Giant stones that resembled body parts were scattered all across the room.
'' I' ve seen this writing before!'' - thought Specter.
He had seen in it in the Encyclopedia Felicitasia.
He began translating the writing.
'' Read this story, stranger, so that history does not repeat itself. Mazor, the wisest of us all, became corrupt and slaid his brother mages in the name of Morgundil. Morgundil pointed him his champion and gave him an artifact of great power, a necklace made of raw demonic magic. With the help of the necklace, he spreaded chaos and despair throughout Felicitas. All hope was lost, until eight minstrels appeared. They challenged Mazor to fight. At first, it seemed that Mazor would win. But the minstrels combined the magic of their instruments and defeated Mazor. Mazor begged his master to help him, but Morgundil was afraid for his own life and refused to help Mazor. Mazor, as a last act of his humanity, cast a spell that returned Felicitas to its original form, before the senseless destruction. The minstrels put the necklace in the highest chamber of the temple of Lidra. With the help of their instruments, they summoned a golem to protect the necklace from evil. After that they disappeared.''
'' Wait a minute. A golem?'' - Specter thought.
At that moment, the earth started to shake.
Specter couldn't belive his eyes.
The stones were hovering in the air and joining themselves.
After a minute the golem emerged from a cloud of dust.
A diamond was set in the his forehead.
It looked like it was the source of the golem's power.
The golem saw Specter gazing in amazement.
''You shall not get the necklace!'' - said the golem.
He swung his fist at Specter, but Specter dogded.
'' Hold still!'' - shouted the golem
Specter hardly evaded the punches.
'' What am I doing? Fighting a golem for a necklace?! I don't want to destroy a living relic, but he leaves me no choice.'' - thought Specter.
He dogded another punch, jumped backwards and threw 2 smoke grenades.
Within seconds, the Chamber was filled with smoke.
The golem looked frantically for Specter in the smoke filled room.
All he could see was a silhouette running on the walls.
'' You think that hiding and running would save you?! You're wrong!'' - yelled the golem.
He turned around and saw the thief, as he jumped at the golem's head.
'' Who said I was hiding?'' - said Specter.
The golem tried desperatlly to get Specter off his face.
Holding onto the forehead with one hand, Specter pulled out a dagger and pried the diamond out of its place. He immediately jumped down to the ground.
The golem started shaking and then fell on the ground where it continued to shake. ''Your effort of saving the necklace was futile.'' - said Specter.
The golem turned his head at Specter and looked at him with his glowing red eyes. ''It wasn't the necklace I was trying to save. It was you.''
The golem's eyes stopped glowing and became cold as the stone he was made from. A wall slided and revealed a secret room. There was a pedestal in the middle of the room and upon it, the prize was laying. The cause of this ludicrous quest. The reason for senseless destruction. Specter walked up to the pedestal and took it.
''The necklace of Mazor. At last.''
He put in a sack, returned to the Chamber, threw his grapnel on the opening on the ceiling, climbed out of the temple and disappeared into the cold, desert night.

After a month of hiding from the authority, Specter returned to Iramar to finally get this ludicrous quest over. Unknown to Specter, someone was following him from when he arrived at Port Fuluk. Specter went to Rogof's house to give him the necklace, but he was too late. He opened the front door and saw Rogof's body lying on the floor. There was a lot of blood, which indicated he was murdered recently. Strange symbols were carved on his skin. A letter was next to the body. Specter picked it up and read it.
''Your friend was a bit late with his delivery.
Bring the necklace to Haena Falls at midnight.
If you don't bring the necklace, your little sister might have a little aciddent.
Don't be late.''
Specter tore the letter.
'' Damn it. It's my fault Rogof got killed. I can't let Shadow share his fate.''

It was midnight. The plain in front of the falls was filled with myst. A hooded man was standing in the middle of the plain. Couple of minutes later, Specter appeared.
'' You must be the customer.'' - said Specter
'' And you must be the errand boy.'' - said the hooded man, - ''Give me the neckalce!''
Specter took the necklace out of his pouch and gave it to the hooded man.
''We're even now. Right?'' – said Specter
''Not quite.'' - said the hooded man, - ''Morgundil demands a human sacrifice.''
He pulled out a knife and stabbed Specter in the heart.
Blood was flowing from Specter's mouth.
''You should have delivered the necklace sooner.'' - wishpered the man
Specter's body plummeted to the ground.
''Such is the price of those who defy Morgundil.'' - said the hooded man
The man turned around and saw Shadow running towards him, holding a dagger in her right arm. She swung her arm, but the man grabbed her arm and squized it until she dropped the dagger.
''Your attempt was pitiful and futile.'' - said the man and disappeared into the night.
''Come back and fight me, coward!'' - Shadow shouted.
She walked to Specter's body.
''You'll have your revenge, brother.''
She sat on the floor, hold Specter in her arms and started crying.

The inn keeper in Krums village had seen some pretty weird guests, but this was the weirdest. He was sitting in the corner, dressed in a hooded robe and he was talking to himself. He wanted to kick him out, but a bag of weezels changed his mind.
''Did you retrive the necklace, my vassal?'' - said a demonic voice.
''Yes, my master. I have given it to the goblins, as you ordered.'' - said the hooded man.
''Perfect. All is acording to plan.''
''Yes, vassal?''
''I see the lumberjack. What do I do?''
''Nothing. Just sit back and let him join our little play.'' - said Morgundil
''Yes, master.''


Story by
Krešimir Štefanić (a.k.a Torgue)

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