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Happy birthday, Mr.Blog!

I am the happy blog that celebrates my first birthday today!

It was born on March 26th 2005 at 02:01 and this determinates its future as majority of posts was written between 10pm and 7am. I am consisted of 127 posts, last one was written the day before yesterday. In last 30 days there were 8 posts, 7 since beginning of March. Lat April was the most frequent month with 25 posts. Usual percentage is 9.8 posts per month or 2.4 per week. The biggest inactive period was our summer vacation, where my parents didnít post anything for whole 29 days.
In total, you can read 43168 words on me, or 340 per post. Your contribution is 753 comments or 5.9 per post. You were commenting my fog story 63 times, while 10 posts didnít cause any reaction.
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