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Christmas lesson by Russell Kelfer (All rights reserved)

Christmas is coming! What excitement; what joys!

A time for carols; a time for toys!

I'll charge on my card the bills I can't pay

And expect to be broke by New Year's day!

But it's also the time of my Master's birth,

When God humbled Himself and came to earth;

So, there must be an answer, don't you agree?

How can we make Christmas what God meant it to be?

Dad is in one bedroom with wrapping paper strewn from one end of the room to the other, screaming at the top of his lungs, "Susie, when will you finish with the Scotch tape?" And mother's mumbling, "This package needs a purple polka dot bow. There just aren't any purple polka dot bows this year." Finally, everyone falls into bed at 2 a.m. exhausted and harried, counting the minutes till little Bobbie's automatic alarm bell goes off, when you, clad in bathrobes with tooth-picked eyes, paint on your Christmas grin and head for tree time! We feel the pressure of time at Christmas.

So Christmas is packed with pressures:

The pressures of decisions.

The pressures of finances.

The pressures of time.

But oh the joys of giving.

The joys of old acquaintances.

The joys of fond memories.

So the tree can speak of God's love.

The snow of His holiness and His Word.

The ornaments of His character.

The lights of His message.

The plug of His power.

The fuse of His forgiveness.

What tools to teach the miracles of truth!

And what a special Christmas this can be for those who have seen Christ born again in their hearts this past year. Their first spiritual birthday -- isn't it natural to celebrate it on His day?

They have new life, so the tree has new meaning.

They have new light, so the lights have new meaning.

They have new power, a new gift.

What a Merry Christmas this will be, for them, for us!

The story of little Freddy explains the real meaning of Christmas. And with this we close:

Little Freddy gazed wistfully
Into his father's eyes
Who, (knowing little boys)
Found questions no surprise!

“Dad, why are people so different at Christmas?
So happy about the day...
If that's the way they’re s’posed to act
Why aren't they always that way?”

On the surface, the question seemed simple enough
And Dad answered with a smile
"People act that way - because...", then He paused
And said, "Son, let's talk for a while."

And He said with his arms about the boy
“To see why we act that way
We have to begin by asking ourselves
'What happened on Christmas day?'"

“That's easy,” the little boy replied,
"That's when Jesus came!"
“Right,” said Dad, “And He brought life to all
Who call upon His name.

"At Christmas the world seems attracted
To doing things God's way
Because they remember, (just like you said)
Christ came on Christmas Day.

“‘Tis more blessed to give than to receive"
(They quote the master's voice)
And they sing carols that Christ is born
And truly they rejoice.

"But then the season passes; and another year begins
And they no longer feel this way because of all their sins.
And only in those within whose hearts Jesus really lives
Can His Spirit magnify the joy He really gives.

"Maybe someday, Freddy, you'll come face to face with God,
And looking back behind you at the road that you have trod;
You'll find that something's missing, something deep within
And that's because, by nature, every man is born in sin.

"And, Freddy, a sinner needs a Savior
And you'll find it's really true;
That this Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Came to earth to die for you.

"So you'll tell Him you're a sinner,
And you'll ask Him where to start.
And He'll answer, 'Freddy, ask me into
The manger of your heart'.

"And Freddy, then you'll realize
(Much to your surprise)
In a Christian's heart, that Christmas Spirit
Never, never dies."

"Daddy," little Freddy asked;
(His tears were a joy to see)
"I've got a little-bitty manger.
You think He'd come to live with me?"

And the light in his eyes reminded his Dad
Of a star that shone one day;
That came to rest directly above
The manger where Jesus lay.

It’s a living light in the eyes of all
Who have taken Christ in their heart;
An outward sign of an inner joy
That only Christ can impart

Maybe you’ve never received Him.
You can give Him your heart today,
And the light in your eyes will tell the world
"At last I have found God's way!"

Then each of us; and all of us
Can pause 'neath life’s Christmas tree
And show the world a portrait
Of what Christmas was meant to be!

Then, together, let’s send a greeting
To our special little friend
Merry Christmas, Freddy,
Now, Christmas will never end!

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