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Počeci MANOWAR-a

Ako je tko gledao "Mjenjacnicu" sa Milanom Bandicem mogao je vidjeti kako su neki mladi decki svirali Manowar-ovu stvar "Hail And Kill" :-) U ovom postu moci cete saznati i kako je nastao MANOWAR, te njegove pocetne clanove. Drugi dio posta donosi jedan od prvih intervjua sa Ross The Boss-om, jos iz davne 1982 !


They were dubbed in music journals throughout the world as the Barbarian barons of brazen metal sounds. The idea of MANOWAR first came to light while lead guitarist Ross The Boss was playing in the French band SHAKIN' STREET, who were opening for BLACK SABBATH on a European tour. It was during one of the gigs in England that Ross met bassist Joey Demaio who was working for SABBATH as a pyrotechnician.

As well as serving time with SHAKIN' STREET and New York's LYRE, Ross The Boss is probably best known as being a founding member of the mid-seventies punk/metal outfit THE DICTATORS. Where he gained a reputation for having the hottest repertoire of guitar licks in rock. Joey Demaio too has learnt his trade playing in numerous New York rock bands and at one time played alongside guitarist David 'Rock' Feinstein of THE RODS fame, and Ronnie James Dio in the now legendary ELF. It was whilst playing in a band called THUNDER that Joey Demaio's music career nearly went up in smoke quite literally, when during his bass solo a row of flash and smoke bombs went off prematurely setting on fire his fringed costume. Demaio suffered severe burns which put him in hospital for two months, during which time he underwent countless hours of physical therapy before his hands were supple enough to play his bass guitar again. In comparison vocalist Eric Adams musical career started with a bang, when as an 11 year old his band THE KIDS, had a Number One hit single in Spain of all places. Adams portrays his wild man of rock'n'roll image both on and off the stage. He spends much of his spare time in the woods hunting wild game, a hobby which probably stems from his former occupation of a butcher and meat cutter. Drummer Scott Columbus is the newest member of MANOWAR. He replaced Donnie Hamzik who beat the skins on the "Battle Hymns" album. To say that Columbus, who is said to have been kicked out of all his previous bands for playing too loud, was brought up on Heavy Metal would be an understatement as he used to work in a foundry pouring liquid aluminium heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit!

ROSS THE BOSS Intervju dijelovi (1982 KERRANG MAGAZINE)

"If your sound is smooth, inoffensive, and runs into all the
other songs played on the radio every day, then you're safe. The end result
is this 'faceless' music played by all these 'faceless' bands who've got no
identity and no balls!"

"We felt we had to make a statement with
our name," Ross explains. "If we didn't it just wouldn't be right. Once we
heard Manowar we knew it---it was us. It describes the way we are."

"The fact is Manowar is a 'mannish' band founded on
'mannishness'---believe me!"

RE: Such curious terminology. What the hell is 'mannishness'?

"Mannishness is something that's gone in this country and it's basically the
spirit we have. To me, a lot of the great ethics of Heavy Metal have been
negated. Heavy Metal is the most powerful music in the world---it's the
most glorious next to classical. Great metal will never die!"

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