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Lost & not found

If my spirit could
have a name, or sound,
It would probably be
signed by words: lost & not found.

Looking for my self
in this desert of time,
Feel like everything becomes
darker, and there is no more rhyme.

Is there anyone in this space
who could tell me who I am?
Someone who could understand
my feelings and think about them

I wanna someone! I wanna
scream, and be bound…
…but nobody can hear me,
'cause I'm still lost & not found

evo pjesmica je napisana 8.11. godine ove.
I objavih ju sam jer su neki ljudi prilično dosadni! A i nemam ništ drugo za pisat pa…
Anyway, lady, sretna?????

Post je objavljen 07.12.2004. u 22:42 sati.