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četvrtak, 04.10.2012.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicAnyone who is involved in farming is familiar with harmful insects. Managing ecosystem is very challenging task in today’s world. Today we use harmful pesticides to get rid of these harmful insects from our field or garden area. There are plenty of reasons not to use such harmful pesticides in field cultivation or in our gardens. These pesticides are very harmful for human health. This is proven by experts today that they can create lots of disease in your body. Reason number one is they can make water unhealthy. When we use those pesticides in your field, you spray them on plants and some goes on the ground soil too. These harmful pesticides can then travel to reach beneath water and make them unhealthy. Even rain can take such chemicals to near lake or river where life of fishes and other living beings will be in danger. After mixed with water those chemicals are very unsafe for health. Reason number second pesticides are deadly for human health. They can damage our lungs and circulatory system. Intake of such chemicals increases the chance of cancer as well. In females if they are pregnant, the effects of such chemicals can reach to little baby as well.

Reasons not to use chemicals:

Reason number three is our children can suffer from these chemical very easily. Usually our children have weaker immune systems compare to the adults. They can suffer from the health problem easily compare to the adults. It is very important to keep children away from the contact of such chemicals. Pets can also suffer from the contacts of such pesticides. When they will drink such water dissolved with those harmful chemicals they will get sick easily. Another big reason not to use such pesticide is they weaken our earth’s atmospheric layers. Apart from the health issue, pesticides used to kill insects can damage the earth’s all atmospheric layers. During the spray some chemicals mixed in the air and cause damage to atmospheric layers. They can be responsible for weather changes as well.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pesticides can be found anywhere in your locality. To stay healthy and safe you can choose to stay away from pesticides and pesticides products. Say no to those foods which are grown by the use of pesticides. If you are yourself a farmer, you can stay away from pesticides and use natural way such as spreading ladybugs and other useful insects to keep harmful insects away from your crops. You can get those insects from your surrounding or just you can buy ladybugs from icbugs.ca . This is online store where you can get useful insects such as ladybugs to safeguard your fields and crops. By visiting on icbugs.ca you will be able to find all the useful insects in affordable price . They ship to you in two or three days your useful beetles. Just can keep them in the tank and make that tank a perfect habitat for them. They grow very quickly and once they will be out in your field and garden they will do the job for sure. You can simply click to here to find ladybugs bcbugs.ca. Help guide is also available on icbugs.ca.

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