utorak, 16.10.2007.

Windows XP <-> Linux installation

Linux installation went without any problems and quickly. From the moment I put the openSuse 10.3 DVD in to the moment I was finished installing astronomy software I use, only 2hrs and 45mins passed. My input was required for the full 45mins out of that total time. The only glitch was that the new texlive provided with openSuse 10.3 doesn't include fancyheadings.sty, which I use in my thesis. I had to spend 2 extra minutes to get it from the internet and install it manually.

For those who have laptops, here's my laptop (HP Pavilion dv1275EA; similar to all dv1000) hardware specs and what is supported (just works) out-of-the-box for
Windows XP and openSuse 10.3:
namcor means that I either had to install drivers or tweak the existing ones
thumbup means that I didn't have to do anything to get it working...

Windows XP SP1
OS cost: ~$150 (?); I got mine with the laptop
Installation time (total): 5 hrs
Installation time (user input needed): 4 hrs
System reboots required: 22
Hard disk space used: 8.5GB
14.1'' wide screen (1280x768, WXGA): namcor (works in 800x600 resolution until the graphics drivers get installed)
Intel 855 graphics chipset: namcor
REALTEK network card: thumbup
Intel PROWireless 2200BG: namcor **
Bluetooth: namcor **
Intel 82801 sound card: namcor
Modem: namcor
Multi-card reader: namcor
Hotkeys: thumbup
** bluetooth and wireless are integrated in my laptop which caused problems while installing drivers - bluetooth drivers screwed up wireless. I had to reinstall the wireless driver and tweak the bluetooth one to get it all working properly.

openSuse 10.3
OS cost: $0
Installation time (total): 2hrs and 45 mins
Installation time (user input needed): 45 mins
System reboots required: 3
Hard disk space used: 5.7GB (my astronomical libraries and programs take up 1.5GB of the total used space in Linux)
14.1'' wide screen (1280x768, WXGA): thumbup
Intel 855 graphics chipset: thumbup
REALTEK network card: thumbup
Intel PROWireless 2200BG: thumbup
Bluetooth: thumbup
Intel 82801 sound card: thumbup
Modem: thumbup
Multi-card reader: thumbup(with xD and CF)
Hotkeys: thumbup (in GNOME; in KDE only wifi button works out-of-the-box)

Still missing in Windows - Office suite, compilers,...

Software that I had to install manually to get *everything* working in Linux: mplayer (has codecs for everything, supports all windows codecs, flash video, divx , xvid...) and Skype. Other IM programs are supported out of the box in Linux (MSN, Yahoo, IRC,..) but I don't use them. Compilers are provided in Linux by default, I just have to choose the less used ones for my work (fortran, python extras).

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