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Easter outfit for baby. Chronicles of a baby wise mom

Easter Outfit For Baby

easter outfit for baby

    for baby
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easter outfit for baby - Coogi Boys

Coogi Boys "The Big C" 3-Piece Outfit (Sizes 0M - 9M) - coal, 6 - 9 months

Coogi Boys

Not content to simply rest on its laurels, Coogi is dedicated to bringing your little one the finest in urban style. This 3-piece outfit includes: Button-Down Shirt: plaid, chest pockets, logo embroidery, big "C" graphic. (55% Cotton, 45% Polyester) T-Shirt: contrast collar, ribbed collar and cuffs, easy-change snaps in back, big "C" graphic on chest. (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester) Jeans: elastic waistband, logo embroidery on front pocket, big "C" embroidery on back pocket. (85% Cotton, 15% Polyester) Machine Wash Cold, Inside Out Made in China

84% (8)

216/365 - 10:12 A.M. and it is baby+dog:1...mommy: nothing

216/365 - 10:12 A.M. and it is baby+dog:1...mommy: nothing

Okay, I thought last night was stressful, between the doggy easter chocolate eating extravaganza and baby gone wild...it had NOTHING, nothing i tell ya, on this morning.

I had to bring Hudson, our old dog, to the vet this morning and figured, since he is so mellow, that it would be a piece of cake with the baby...so, so, so wrong...

Hudson took one look at the vet and freaked...he may be 77 in people years, with a bad hind end but it took me, the vet, three technicians ( with a fourth holding the baby) and a muzzle to get through the appointment.

That is bad enough, but then the baby pood through his diaper...and his jeans...and his blanket...right onto my cream cardigan. Right in the office. Prunes, no less.

So then, poo covered, I go to put the dog in the truck so I can go back and pay peacefully...I can not get the dog back in the truck because his back is too sore now...a lady offers to hold my dirty baby ( I warned her) and I still can not get the dog in the truck ( he is 31 kg of "not going in that damn truck" at this point)...I go back in the office, get a technician and another gentleman waiting for his appointment - and a muzzle - to get Hudson loaded up. We do. Finally.

I go to pay, my credit card doesn't work. Baby is still in my arms, poo filled and smiling. Sigh. It finally works and I get outta there, with, um...sympathetic???...laughter following me...

I go to put the baby in his carseat ( figuring at this point I will change him at home as I have nowhere to change him now that the dog is in the truck)...nope. It has travelled all the way up the front and back of my child. "It" needed no further description. Sighsighsigh. Change him sitting up in the front of the truck, into new everything...and finally leave...

They kicked my ass this morning. But I am laughing. Cuz it is funny. And this shit never happens to me. Well, it didn't used to.

Things I learned today:

Vet visits now fall under husband duty
Dogs do not forget vets they have bitten before, no matter how long you wait to go back
Vets do not forget dogs that have bitten them before no matter how long yo uwait to go back
Cream cardigans are not a wise fashion choice with babies
Prunes are not a wise breakfast choice with babies
I need a bigger truck
Or a nanny
Neither of which are going to happen
Old dogs need lots of help
678$ is a lot of money any which way you look at it, no matter how much you love your dogs

Gemma Easter 2007

Gemma Easter 2007

Gemma's first Easter 2007. Grandma Buck buys another beautiful outfit for Gemma.

easter outfit for baby

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