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Opis bloga

dark, dark & dark

...o mEnNy...

Neka mala totalno sjebana u glavu.
Voli sve što je crno, noć, vampire, krv...
A najviše od svega muziku...
Mrzi Britney Spears, umišljene i nezahvalne ljude, svoj život...
Sluša black, death, trash, melodic, heavy i sve druge žanrove metala, a to bi bili
Children Of Bodom,
Dimmu Borgir,
Cradle Of Filth,
Iron Maiden,
Dark Tranquillity,
Iced Earth,
Linkin Park,
System Of A Down,
Judas Priest,
Rolling Stones,
Guns N' Roses,
Lost Horizon,
Deep Purple,
Led Zeppelin, i puno drugih sranja što joj dojdu pod ruku.

Piše blog da joj projde vrime i da se bar na tren makne od svita što je oko nje i napokon ujde u svit koji je ona stvorila.
Piše gluposti, sere iza glave a komu se čita neka izvoli.
Mail adresa joj je death666angel@net.hr
i msn - bodom666child@msn.com
pa ako ko oće što napisati ili pitati neka slobodno izvoli.

When will people understand that words can cut as sharply as any blade, and that those cuts leave scars upon our souls...

The closer we are to the soul, the further we are from perfection. Why settle for honesty when you can breathe a perfect lie?

Several hours past now
My hands still trembling
From that rush so divine
I need my medicine
Look at your eyes they seem so cold
As if there's nothing there
Wash your bloodstains of my shirt
Oh lord I've done it again
I've done it again

Living in a dream of a dirty mind...
Playing with a friend called suicide...
Laughing to herself to the end of the line ...
It really doesn't matter if its wrong or right...

As long as we have hope,we have direction,the energy to move and the map to move by. We have a hundred alternatives, a thousand paths and an infinity of dreams. Hopeful, we are halfway to where we want to go, hopeless, we are lost forever.

Once Again Waiting For The Darkness...

...tamni posjet u hladnoj noći...

Poison Ivy
*zaboravljena mala*
I am a maggot... kaLu
Sweet dreams are made of these...
miruj! u smrti se sniva
...Mirror Of Madness...

Nema raja za vjecni zivot
I nema pakla gdje se gresnici peku
Ovdje i sada je dan naseg trpljenja
Ovdje i sada je dan nase zabave
Ovdje i sada su nase prilike i mogucnosti
Izaberi ovaj dan, ovaj sat, jer drugog izbavitelja nemas...

Iznad malog sela nadvila se tama, čuju se razni zvukovi, jauci, krici nedužnih, zvukovi stopa sve su mi bliže... Bježim, ali ne mogu, osječam njegovu blizinu, blizinu Gospodara Tame... Stoji pokraj mene... Trnci me prolaze... Strava je posvuda oko mene... Iznenada osjetim blaženstvo... Dio sam tame... Dio smrti... Dio Gospodara Tame!

Your embrace has warm intent
But your nails are sharp as knives
Piercing my back and breaking my bones
Your words echo through my heart
And knock the wind out of my soul
As I fall back into the pit
Of everlasting depression
The seams that held the world together
I see now that they never were
It is just ragged tattered scraps
Sloppily attached by safety pins
I hope with a heart that can not love
I cry with eyes that can not see

It’s taking over
Blackening my heart
Steeling my soul
My songs and art
Heavy burden
Too much to bear
Completely consumed
There is nothing there

Ne želim uspomene, ne želim sjećanja na te savršene trenutke, ne želim misliti... Želim samo usputne stanice s usputnim "prijateljima"... Ne želim više nikad nikog izgubiti, a to ću uspjeti jedino ako nikad nikoga nemam...

Nakon vlastite krvi, najviše što čovjek može pružiti, jest suza...

Tell Me... Am I Still Dreaming Or My Dream Is True?
četvrtak, 31.01.2008.

I let out
With a razor blade
I watch floor
Becoming red
From my pain
And misery
And there's nothing left
Sorrow and despair
Everything seems to fade away
In black
In emptiness of my dark soul...

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Alone I Break...
srijeda, 30.01.2008.

Zar su na mene zaboravili?
Hoću li cijeloga života biti rokerica koja sluša metal?
Metalka koja sluša black?
...ili alternativka koja sluša progresivu?
Ja nisam sama,
samo sam neshvaćena...
Lako mi je biti prijatelj
ali me je teško razumijeti...
Jer ljudi ne znaju...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Will I Ever Find What I'm Looking For?
ponedjeljak, 21.01.2008.

god's playground, my life

Is this life this degradation
this pointless game, humiliation
Born to die, we're born to lose
and not once choice we make we choose
And when this life is at an end
we find that Death's our only friend
Must we suffer trough your games, oh Lord?
Can God really be so bored?

We waste our lives destroying, hating,
while beneath our flesh a skull lies waiting
Blind to beatu blind to love,
we fear of our lovin Lord above
Some live their lives to play their games,
some live as wictims, the insane
Your experiment oh Lord has faild
and I trust that when we meet you will forive us

It's futile so I'll end this note
and find a knife and slit my troat
and come to track you down oh Lord
you better watch your back,
be sure that when we meet you'll be surprised
no loving praise, no glee filled cries
Just pain and hate and tear filled sighs
and the question in the end is "Why?"

Ovu pismu san našla na blogu "in goth we trust". Samo ću reći da su pisme stvarno predivne, stihovi koji će takniti i najcrnje srce. Ova je samo jedna od stvari koje su na me ostavile poseban dojam.

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Something mine...
ponedjeljak, 14.01.2008.

I wake up in the pound of my own blood
And realise I'm no longer among the living
No one I once knew or loved
Just shadows of night that weep over my dead body
I'm in the middle
Vampires nurse my blood open veins
Crows carres my long dead eyes
And I see...
And feel
Pain, hurting me
A feeling so incredibly beautiful
so liberating
Like a glue to my broken heart
And cure for my poisoned mind
I finally found what I have always been ...
Something more than human
And I found what I never could
But always wanted ...
The Underworld

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They told me to honour life, but what therein I'll find, BUT If all I see is darkness, let me die and wake up blind...
ponedjeljak, 14.01.2008.

Što je ostalo od života? Zar samo izbijedljeli ideali nagomilani u crnini ove tužne noći... Noći pune bola, pune suza i tuge? Noći crvene od krvi?
Gdje je nestala radost? Sjaj u mojim očima gotovo je isčeznula... već nalikuje na pepeo nekad davno ugasle želje.
Guši me...
Moje tijelo više nema snage za borbu, a ova neumorna tmina tako brzo vuče me na dno.
Ne mogu disati...
Nalazim samo ostatke svoje ljudskosti. Groblje svojih nekad davno željenih, danas već izgubljenih snova. Groblje svog postojanja.
Gdje je nestalo svijetlo?
Gdje je nestala ljubav?

Gdje li sam nestala JA...?

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