• i dobroošli =3

    Lee: "if I cannot lift my friends 1,000 times then it is 5,000 sit-ups. That was the deal."
    Kankuro: "Why am I at the bottom with the brow-kid?"
    Shikamaru: "how troublesome. Can you put me down now?"
    Akamaru: "Arf!"
    Kiba: "Geeze Hinata! Your boobs must have made you heavy!"
    Hinata: *gasp!* "Kiba kun!!"
    Chouji: "Why is everybody's knees on my shoulders!?"
    Neji: "Damnit who's ass did I just grab!?"
    Chouji: "MINE!:fork:"
    Ino: "Get your knee out of my back billboard-brow!"
    Temari: "Sai get your hand off my ass!!!:
    Sai: " No way I'm taking advantage of this while I can!"
    Sakura: "Naruto! Your crotch is rubing againt my shoulder!"
    Ten Ten: "OMG i'm gonna fall!!"
    Shino: "Naruto, please move your ass a little to the left."
    Naruto: "Yea! Top of the pile! Datte bayo!!
    Gaara: "You are all morons."