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The Difference Between Taking Guitar Lessons Online Versus a personal Instructor

Learning to play your guitar on the internet is quickly catching on and lowering the number of students who enroll to take private guitar lessons from local teachers and instructors. This is nothing new of course since the Internet has been changing the way you do many things in the last decade. However, if it came to visual demonstration of things such as guitar or piano lessons it took a while for the technology to trap up.

Early tries to provide online guitar lessons failed because of slow Internet connections, expensive video production equipment and lack of software to well make things look great.

Go forward ahead to today there are thousands of people who are taking guitar lessons online and more following suit every day. Whether you pay for any membership to an online guitar course or learn from free guitar lesson videos there are some main differences that beginners should be aware of before they decide to go the route of teaching themselves via the web.

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Lesson Structure

When you take private guitar lessons it's not necessary to worry or even consider what you are going to learn next. After all that's why you're paying $15-$20 a week for you lesson right?

There is great structure found whenever you take lessons from a quality teacher. Of course there are several instructors lack structure too. As we compare that to online lessons you will find that many of the membership websites available give a ton of lesson content however they lack the structure some beginners need. This sometimes mean that beginners are left with gaps in their knowledge later on because they missed a key concept.

Practice Routines

Like lesson structure receiving a practice routine means all you want focus on is exactly what you're told. Your instructor lets you know to practice the C major scale until you can fluently listen to it Ten times without errors. Which means you go home that week and each day you practice the C major scale trusting that you have a valid reason why your instructor has asked you need to do so.

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With guitar lessons online you are not always given a routine to practice. You're often left up to your personal to determine what topics are important enough for you to practice each week, and just how much time you should spend watching new videos versus practicing the material you've already watched.


While lesson structure and exercise routines are more a mechanical part of lessons this last difference is really about mindset.

Whenever you take private guitar lessons you're paying another person to show you how to experience your guitar. There is a built in accountability there for many. Nobody wants to look like a fool before their teacher when they haven't even acquired their guitar all week to rehearse. Not to mention your weekly lesson fee begins to be a huge waste of cash. This accountability helps keep beginners on the right track and also pushes them through the often boring and tedious beginner topics of learning notes on each string, scales and mastering scale shapes.

With online lessons it does have a special kind of person to achieve the self motivation and discipline to teach themselves and stay with an exercise schedule. After all alone you're responsible to when you teach yourself is you.

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