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Agni Yoga Society,

32. Psychic energy should be not only studied but consciously applied in life. Such a conscious
cooperation as Brotherhood is in need of psychic energy. It is impossible to harmonize labor without
psychic energy. It is impossible to arrive at mutual understanding without psychic energy. It is impossible
to gather patience and tolerance without psychic energy. It is impossible to rid oneself from irritation
without psychic energy. In everything there must be application of the primary energy itself.
It has already been observed that not only does the presence of an individual have an influence on
the fluctuations of the energy but even pictures of people react upon the subtle energy. One must not only
recognize the sensitiveness of the energy but also keep in mind this phenomenal quality. For people who
have not seen experiments with psychic energy, discussions about the reactions of mere images will seem
like mad fairy tales. However, for such people as these, the energy itself is under suspicion. They are not
averse to talking about spirit or soul, but this very obvious energy will be for them witchcraft.

35. Be not surprised that, speaking about Brotherhood, I mention the primary energy; there are two
reasons for this. The first lies in the fact that approach to Brotherhood requires the development of the
primary energy. Without this, with the centers sleeping, realization of such subtle perceptions is
impossible. On such most subtle vibrations is built Brotherly cooperation. The second thing to be
remembered is that not everyone has read the preceding writings, in which psychic energy is spoken
about. Each book must contain the basic conditions for improvement. It would be cruel not to give even
brief allusions to the preceding, wherein something invaluable has been dealt with.
Let us be attentive to each small circumstance. In the earthly way of life it is difficult to
distinguish where is the small and where the great, where the useless and where the useful. Many pearls
have been swept away with the dust. If you notice that your companion is only partially assimilating vital
principles, help him. In such patient assistance there is expressed a very important quality for

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