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utorak, 30.06.2015.

za po noći

dok sam slikala ljubičasto cvijeće,
ovo je nadošlo kao nužna muzička podloga.
pa eto...

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Iz Puta u Ixtlan;
(ovaj ulomak sam htjela staviti još prošlog tjedna,dok je knjiga bila kod mene, ali tko bi to sve prepisivao. I , naravno, na internetu ne mogu naći nego englesku verziju..., stavljam ovdje sve što mi u trenu čitanja zazvoni, -zasvira zapjeva i zapleše- :)))) )

....The party began early. The storekeeper's daughter put a record on the turntable and brought the arm down; there was a terrible loud screech and a high-pitched buzz and then came a blasting sound of a trumpet and some guitars. The party consisted of playingthe records at full volume.
There were four young Mexican men who danced with the storekeeper's two daughters and three other young Mexican women. The Yaquis did not dance; they watched with apparent delight every movement the dancers made. They seemed to be enjoying themselves just watching and gulping down cheap tequila.
I bought individual drinks for everybody I knew. I wanted to avoid any feelings of resentment. I circulated among the numerous Indians and talked to them and then offered them drinks. My pattern of behavior worked until they realized I was not drinking at all. That seemed to annoy everyone at once. It was as if collectively they had discovered that I did not belong there. The Indians became very gruff and gave me sly looks.The Mexicans, who were as drunk as the Indians, also realized at the same time that I
had not danced; and that appeared to offend them even more. They became very aggressive. One of them forcibly took me by the arm and dragged me closer to the record player; another served me a full cup of tequila and wanted me to drink it all in one gulp and prove that I was a "macho."
I tried to stall them and laughed idiotically as if I were actually enjoying the situation.
I said that I would like to dance first and then drink. One of the young men called out the name of a song. The girl in charge of the record player began to search in the pile of records. She seemed to be a little tipsy, although none of the women had openly been drinking, and had trouble fitting a record on the turntable. A young man said that the record she had selected was not a twist; she fumbled with the pile, trying to find the suitable one, and everybody closed in around her and left me. That gave me time to run behind the store, away from the lighted area, and out of sight.

I stood about thirty yards away in the darkness of some bushes trying to decide what to do. I was tired. I felt it was time to get in my car and go back home. I began to walk to Bias's house, where my car was parked. I figured that if I drove slowly no one would
notice that I was leaving. The people in charge of the record player were apparently still looking for the record - all I could hear was the high pitched buzzing of the loudspeaker - but then came the blasting sound of a twist. I laughed out loud, thinking that they had probably turned to where I had been and found out that I had disappeared.
I saw some dark silhouettes of people walking in the opposite direction, going towards the store. We passed each other and they mumbled, "Buenas noches." I recognized them and spoke to them. I told them that it was a great party.

Before I came to a sharp bend in the road I encountered two other people, whom I did not recognize, but I greeted them anyway. The blasting sound of the record player was almost as loud there on the road as it was in front of the store. It was a dark starless night, but the glare from the store lights allowed me to have a fairly good visual perception of my surroundings.

Bias's house was very near and I accelerated my pace. I noticed then the dark shape of a person, sitting or perhaps squatting to my left, at the bend of the road. I thought for an instant that it might have been one of the people from the party who had left before I had. The person seemed to be defecating on the side of the road. That seemed odd. People in the community went into the thick bushes to perform their bodily functions. I thought that whoever it was in front of me must have been drunk.
I came to the bend and said, "Buenas noches."
The person answered me with an eerie, gruff, inhuman howl. The hair on my body literally stood on end. For a second I was paralyzed. Then I began to walk fast. I took a quick glance. I saw that the dark silhouette had stood up halfway; it was a woman. She was stooped over, leaning forward; she walked in that position for a few yards and then she hopped. I began to run, while the woman hopped like a bird by my side, keeping up with my speed. By the time I arrived at Bias's house she was cutting in front of me and we had almost touched. I leaped across a small dry ditch in front of the house and crashed through the flimsy door.

Bias was already in the house and seemed unconcerned with my story. "They pulled a good one on you, " he said reassuringly. "The Indians take delight in teasing foreigners." My experience had been so unnerving that the next day I drove to don Juan's house instead of going home as I had planned to do.
Don Juan returned in the late afternoon. I did not give him time to say anything but blurted out the whole story, including Bias's commentary. Don Juan's face became somber. Perhaps it was only my imagination, but I thought he was worried. "Don't put so
much stock in what Bias told you, " he said in a serious tone. "He knows nothing of the strles between sorcerers.
"You should have known that it was something serious the moment you noticed that the shadow was to your left. You shouldn't have run either."
"What was I supposed to do? Stand there?"
"Right. When a warrior encounters his opponent and the opponent is not an ordinary
human being, he must make his stand. That is the only thing that makes him invulnerable."
"What are you saying, don Juan?"
"I'm saying that you have had your third encounter with your worthy opponent. She's following you around, waiting for a moment of weakness on your part. She almost bagged you this time."

I felt a surge of anxiety and accused him of putting me in unnecessary danger. I complained that the game he was playing with me was cruel. "It would be cruel if this would have happened to an average man, " he said. "But the instant one begins to live like a warrior, one is no longer ordinary. Besides, I didn't find you a worthy opponent because I want to play with you, or tease you, or annoy you. A worthy opponent might spur you on; under the influence of an opponent like 'la Catalina' you may have to make use of everything I have taught you. You don't have any other alternative."
We were quiet for a while.

His words had aroused a tremendous apprehension in me.
He then wanted me to imitate as close as possible the cry I had heard after I had said "Buenas noches."
I attempted to reproduce the sound and came up with some weird howling that scared me. Don Juan must have found my rendition funny; he laughed almost uncontrollably.

Afterwards he asked me to reconstruct the total sequence; the distance I ran, the distance the woman was from me at the time I encountered her, the distance she was from me at the time I reached the house, and the place where she had begun hopping. "No fat Indian woman could hop that way, " he said after assessing all those variables. "They could not even run that far."
He made me hop. I could not cover more than four feet each time, and if I were correct in my perception, the woman had hopped at least ten feet with each leap. "Of course, you know that from now on you must be on the lookout, " he said in a tone of great urgency. "She will try to tap you on your left shoulder during a moment when you
are unaware and weak."
"What should I do? "I asked.
"It is meaningless to complain, " he said. "What's important from this point on is the strategy of your life." I could not concentrate at all on what he was saying. I took notes automatically. After a long silence he asked if I had any pain behind my ears or in the nape of my neck. I said no, and he told me that if I had experienced an uncomfortable sensation in either of those two areas it would have meant that I had been clumsy and that "la Catalina" had injured me. "Everything you did that night was clumsy, " he said. "First of all, you went to the party to kill time, as though there is any time to kill.
That weakened you."
"You mean I shouldn't go to parties?"
"No, I don't mean that. You may go any place you wish, but if you do, you must assume the full responsibility for that act. A warrior lives his life strategically. He would attend a party or a reunion like that only if his strategy calls for it. That means, of course, that he would be in total control and would perform all the acts that he deems necessary." He looked at me fixedly and smiled, then covered his face and chuckled softly.
"You are in a terrible bind, " he said. "Your opponent is on your trail and for the first time in your life you cannot afford to act helter-skelter. This time you will have to learn a totally different doing, the doing of strategy. Think of it this way. If you survive the
onslaughts of 'la Catalina' you will have to thank her someday for having forced you to change your doing."
"What a terrible way of putting it!" I eed. "What if I don't survive?"
"A warrior never indulges in thoughts like that, " he said. "When he has to act with his fellow men, a warrior follows the doing of strategy, and in that doing there are no victories or defeats. In that doing there are only actions."

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popodnevna zafrkancija,
samo dvije slike jer treće nema...

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nedjelja, 28.06.2015.

Pipi Duga Čarapa u zanosu

Stigli smo doma.
Dogodila se je još jedna serija slika paučine...u normalnim uvjetima, ne stavljam veliku količinu slika.
Smatram to manjkom kritičnosti (ne može deset slika biti fenomenalnih,i prikazati bit kao poneka najbolja.................
............zato ću ja staviti devet :-) ) .
Ali te šarene cijevi , tube, niti, i njihovo čudesno presijavanje (kao neke čarape iz najluđih neostvarenih modnih snova)
moram postati puno toga....
(naravno da to nisu sve slike)

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subota, 27.06.2015.

dreamcatcher , snolovac

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petak, 26.06.2015.


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četvrtak, 25.06.2015.


Jučer popodne

(Dokopali smo se mora, jučer navečer...
Dijete je jako žalovalo, pa je taj potez bio nužan.
Dijete si je,
hodajući goluždravo i kupajući se u ledenom moru,
izgleda prehladilo mjehur.
Bila je noćas valjda pet puta na wcu.
Više nisam mogla brojati poluspavajući, polubudna.
Brusnice, c vitamin, čaj.
Jako mi je teško pao taj odlazak na silu.
Tu je ZIMA.
More još nikako nije toplo, bura je sinoć puhala,
deblja odjeća obavezna,
bezveze na kvadrat.
Idemo jako brzo doma, jedva čekam.
Još uopće ne znamo ljetne rasporede doktora i rada,
najradije bih da nema godišnjeg.
Uvijek se sve odvija na silu,
pa i taj odmor na silu sasvim je umjetan.)

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srijeda, 24.06.2015.

Na Ivanje, v Gorčeni proščenje

bonus video,

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utorak, 23.06.2015.

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još džema

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ponedjeljak, 22.06.2015.

živa svjetlost

iskre svjetlosti u vodenoj izmaglici

zapetljano u granju

jelenji rogovi

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nedjelja, 21.06.2015.

Ljeto, 18:38

Ljetni suncostaj, Litha!
Pozdrav svim vješticama i vješcima :)
I svima ostalima :))

-Ono što ti je Genaro rekao svojom pričom upravo je to. Genaro je svoju strast ostavio u Ixtlanu:
svoj dom, svoje ljude, sve za što je mario.
A sada luta uokolo u svojim osjećanjima; i ponekad, kao što je rekao, nadomak je Ixtlana.
To nam je svima zajedničko. Za Genara je to Ixtlan, za tebe biti će Los Angeles; za mene...
Nisam htio da mi don Juan kaže što je to za njega. Zastao je kao da mi čita misli.
Genaro je uzdahnuo i parafrazirao prve stihove pjesme.
-Ja sam otišao. A ptice su ostale, pjevajući.
Na čas sam osjetio kako nas svu trojicu zapljuskuje val boli i neopisive samoće.
Pogledao sam u don Genara i znao sam, da je, budući da je strastven čovjek, zacijelo imao mnoge veze srca,
mnogo stvari za koje je mario i koje je ostavio za sobom. Imao sam jasan osjećaj da u tom času
malo nedostaje da se njegova sjećanja snažno odrone i da je don Genaro na rubu plača.
Brzo sam skrenuo pogled. Don Genarova strast, njegova silna usamljenost , rasplakali su me.
Pogledao sam don Juana. Zurio je u mene.
-Put znanja moguće je preživjeti samo kao ratnik - reče - jer umijeće je ratnika u tome
da dovede u ravnotežu strah od toga što je čovjek i udivljenje zbog toga što je čovjek.
Zagledao sam se u jednog, pa u drugog. Oči su im bile jasne i spokojne.
Podigli su val preplavljujuće nostalgije, i kad se činilo da će se on svakog časa rasprsnuti u gorke suze,
zaustavili su taj plimni val. U jednom sam trenu vjerovao da sam vidio.
Vidio sam ljudsku usamljenost kao golemi val koji se zaledio predamnom,
zaustavljen nevidljivom stijenom metafore.
Moja tuga bila je tako silna da me uhvatila euforija. Zagrlio sam ih.

Put u Ixtlan

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subota, 20.06.2015.

proljeće na izmaku

i bonus sličica

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četvrtak, 18.06.2015.

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utorak, 16.06.2015.

mlađak, 16:06

-Nemoj se mučiti pokušavajući shvatiti u čemu je stvar - rekao je, kao da mi čita misli. - Svijet je zagonetka.
Ovo u što gledaš nije sve što on obuhvaća.
Svijet obuhvaća toliko toga, toliko, da je zapravo beskonačan.
Zato, kad ga pokušavaš shvatiti, jedino što zapravo činiš jest to da ga pokušavaš učiniti bliskim.
Ti i ja smo ovdje , u svijetu koji ti nazivaš stvarnim, jednostavno zato što nam je obojici poznat.
Tebi svijet moći nije poznat, zato ga ne možeš pretvoriti u prizor koji bi ti bio blizak.
Put u Ixtlan

stare fotke od 4.6.,
predobre da trunu u nekom folderu

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subota, 13.06.2015.

ne čeka mi se mlađak

do mlađaka još bezbroj trenutaka
još sto promijenjenih stanja
a ovo je sadašnje
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utorak, 09.06.2015.

posljednja četvrt, 17:43

....Od viđenja jezgre svemira vračevi davnine krenuli su prema viđenju energetske jezgre ljudskih bića. Don Juan je tvrdio kako su ljudska bića ocrtali kao svijetle oblike što nalikuju divovskim jajima , te ih nazvao svijetlećim jajima.
'Kad vračevi vide ljudsko biće' rekao je don Juan, 'oni vide divovski svjetleći oblik koji lebdi, tvoreći pri svojem kretanju duboku brazdu u energiji Zemlje, nalik svijetlećem obliku koji ima glavni korijen što ga zateže.' ...

.... Glavnim je obilježjem ljudskih bića smatrao njihov izgled kao svijetlećih lopti: okrugla mrlja intenzivne svjetlosti veličine teniske loptice koja je stalno smještena unutar svijetleće lopte, čija svjetlost struji na površini otprilike dvije stope unazad od vrha desne ramene kosti.
Budući da sam naišao na poteškoće pri prvom pokušaju vizualizacije don Juan mi je sve opisao, te objasnio da je svijetleća lopta (jaje) mnogo veća od ljudskog tijela, te da je mrlja intenzivne svjetlosti dio lopte energije, te da je smještena u visini ramene kosti, na dužini ruke od leđa promatrane osobe. Rekao je i da su je drevni vračevi nazivali spojnom točkom nakon što su vidjeli što čini....

... 'Don Juan je promijenio temu, te nastavio objašnjavati učvršćivanje spojne točke. Rekao je da je viđenje dječje spojne točke u neprestanom lepršanju jer se kreće u drhtajima , lako mijenjajući svoje mjesto. Zbog toga su stari vračevi došli do zaključka da uobičajeno mjesto spojne točke nije prirođeno, već plod navika. Budući da je viđenje samo u odraslih učvršćeno na jednom mjestu , zaključili su da se posebno mjesto spojne točke podupire posebnim načinom opažanja. Korištenjem ovaj posebni način opažanja postaje sustav osjetilnih podataka koji je podložan tumačenju.

Don Juan je istaknuo da smo od trenutka rođenja po nuždi nagnani da se borimo za prilagodbu našeg opažanja kako bi ono odgovaralo zahtjevima ovog sustava, sistemom koji upravlja našim životima zbog jednostavne činjenice što smo u taj sustav uklopljeni samim svojim rođenjem. Stoga su vračevi bili posve u pravu vjerujući da je čin opozivanja ovog sustava i neposrednog opažanja energije ono što osobu preoblikuje u vrača.

Don Juan se čudio onome što je nazivao najvećim postignućem našeg ljudskog odgoja: zatvaranju naše spojne točke na njezinu uobičajenu mjestu. Jednom kada se učvrsti i postane nepokretnom , naše se opažanje može voditi i upravljati na tumačenje onoga što opažamo. Drugim riječima, možemo se usmjeriti na opažanje sve više stvari unutar našega sustava negoli unutar naših osjetila. Uvjeravao me je da je ljudsko opažanje univerzalno jednoliko jer su spojne točke cijele ljudske rase učvršćene na istome mjestu.'

...' Don Juan je s neobičnom strpljivošću stao objašnjavati kako je naš razbor samo uzgredni učinak uobičajenog položaja spojne točke; znajući, dakle, što se događa, zdravog razuma, s nogama čvrsto na tlu - izvor našeg ponosa i smatrajući sve to prirodnom posljedicom naše vrijednosti - tek su ishodi učvršćenja spojne točke na njezinu uobičajenom mjestu. Što je ukrućenija i nepokretnija spojna točka na takvom položaju, veće je naše samopouzdanje, znatniji naš osjećaj poznavanja svijeta i moći predviđanja.

Dodao je kako je učinak sanjanja sposobnost pokretljivosti i pokretljivijeg ulaženja u druge svjetove razaranjem našeg osjećanja poznavanja ovoga svijeta. Sanjanje je nazvao putovanjem u nezamisliva obzorja , putovanjem koje, nagnavši nas na opažanje svega što kao ljudska bića možemo zamijetiti, navodi spojnu točku na iskakanje iz ljudske oblasti i opažanje nezamislivog.'...

C.Castaneda, 'Umijeće sanjanja'

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utorak, 02.06.2015.


......La Gorda mi je ispričala kako ih je don Juan poučavao o toj bitnoj dihotomiji tonal-nagual. Rekla je da ih je Nagual jednog dana sve pozvao da bi ih poveo u jednu pustu, stjenovitu dolinu među brdima. Načinio je velik, težak zavežljaj u kome je bilo svega i svačega, čak je i Pablitov radio tu bio. Dao je Josefini taj zavežljaj da ga nosi, a Pablitu je natovario na leđa jedan težak stol i onda su pošli svi zajedno. Po njegovom naređenju taj zavežljaj i stol naizmjenično su nosili gotovo punih 40 milja dok nisu stigli na tu pustu visoravan.
Kad su došli tamo, Nagual je rekao Pablitu da stavi stol točno na sredinu te visoravni. Zatim je naredio Josefini da sve stvari iz zavežljaja rasporedi po stolu. Kad je stol bio pun, objasnio im je razliku između tonala i naguala isto onako kako je objasnio
meni u jednom restoranu u Mexico Cityju, s tom razlikom što je primjer koji je njima dao bio mnogo slikovitiji.

Kazao im je da je tonal onaj red koji zapažamo u svom svakodnevnom životu, a isto tako i onaj naš osobni red koji kroz život nosimo na svojim plećima, isto kao što su nosili taj stol i zavežljaj. Nagual je, s druge strane, onaj neobjašnjivi izvor koji drži taj stol
na mjestu i izgleda kao prostranstvo te puste visoravni. Kazao im je da čarobnjaci moraju iz daljine motriti na svoj tonal da bi bolje shvatili što se zaista nalazi oko njih. Poveo ih je do jednog grebena s kojeg su mogli vidjeti taj cijeli kraj. Stol se od tamo jedva vidio.

Odveo ih je zatim opet do stola i rekao da se nagnu nad njim da bi im pokazao kako običan čovjek ne može obuhvatiti onoliko koliko čarobnjak može zato što je običan čovjek tu, na tom stolu, i drži se svega, svake stvarčice na njemu.
Onda je naredio da svi redom, jedno za drugim, pogledaju u predmete na stolu pa je ispitivao njihovo pamćenje na taj način što bi uzeo nešto sa stola i sakrio da bi vidio jesu li bili dovoljno pažljivi. Svi su odlično položili taj ispit. Ukazao im je na to da je njihova sposobnost da tako lako zapamte sve predmete na tom stolu posljedica toga što su svi razvili svoju pažnju tonala, ili, drugim riječima, što su obratili paž­nju na stvari koje su na stolu.

Poslije toga im je rekao da ovlaš pogledaju u ono što je na zemlji pa je potom opet ispitivao njihovo pamćenje mičući kamenje, grančice ili bilo što drugo što se tu nalazilo. Nitko od njih nije se mogao sjetiti što je bilo pod stolom. Nagual je zatim zbacio sve sa stola i natjerao ih da jedno po jedno legnu potrbuške na stol pa da tako pažljivo pogledaju u zemlju ispod stola. Objasnio im
je da se za čarobnjaka oblast naguala nalazi tačno ispod stola. Budući da je bilo nemoguće zamisliti da se mogu baviti ogromnim prostranstvom koje nagual obuhvaća, prostranstvom sličnim toj pustoj visoravni, čarobnjaci su za svoju oblast aktivnosti uzimali prostor točno pod otokom tonala, što je slikovito prikazano onim što se nalazilo ispod stola. To je ona oblast koju je on nazivao drugom pažnjom, pažnjom naguala, ili pažnjom ispod stola. Tu pažnju ratnik može doseći tek kad sve zbriše sa stola. Kada se stigne do te pažnje, rekao je da se te dvije pažnje spoje u jednu jedinu jedinicu, i da je ta jedinica u stvari sveukupnost svakog pojedinca.

Ta pažnja ispod stola je ključ za sve što čarobnjaci rade.....

C. Castaneda, Drugi krug moći
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