The Ultimate Medicine by Nisargadatta Maharaj

28 lipanj 2010

All paths lead to unreality. Paths are creations within the scope of knowledge. Therefore , paths and movements cannot transport you into Reality, because their function is to enmesh you within the dimension of knowledge, while the Reality prevails prior to it.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Excerpts from the book:


Pages: 127-131

VISITOR: What counts only is what we do with the instruction received. The other day Maharaj was talking about Brahmananda and how during dhyana people get absorbed in that. There is something very different about a true sage compared with a yogin who becomes more and more absorbed and otherworldly. Somehow, Maharaj has broken through all that, and his presence seems very ordinary and normal, alert to the environment. At the same time you know he is constantly in a state of bliss, awareness, which is beyond our comprehension, and yet with this paradox of complete release and ordinary appearance. This does not seem explained at all by increasingly subtle absorption, where there is either consciousness of the world or absorption of consciousness.

MAHARAJ: [He has just received some medicine and a list of do's and don'ts from his doctor.] I am not concerned in keeping this life force alive, because whatever disease has come, it has not come on me but on this beingness. So from now on these do's and don'ts will be only according to whatever that life force feels like doing. And I shall not accept either the do's or the don'ts from the doctor. So whatever the life force feels like doing, it will do; and whatever the beingness wants to do it will do.

INTERPRETER: This question of medicines is mentioned by a number of sages who suffered from the same disease, or rather whose bodies suffered from it.

V: The most famous ones in my galaxy all had cancer Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta. Their devotees explained that the reason these sages got the disease was because of what they assumed in terms of karma very crude explanation. Does Maharaj place any credence in that at all? It seems a terrible burden to bear.
M: As far as I am concerned, I have no experience of any kind of birth. Only at a certain stage I was told that this (form) had been born and this is "me." That is what I have been told-hearsay.
The ignorant man will want to live as long as he can. He would like to postpone the moment of death as much as possible. But for a jnani, what benefit of any kind can he expect by existing in the world even one more minute? So the only thing that would be nice is for the (vital) breath to leave quietly and not make a fuss.
The jnani is that principle which dismisses the life force and the consciousness. The consciousness and the life force together may be given the highest name and status; that is atman, Ishwara, whatever; but the jnani is not even that. The jnani is apart from even that highest category.
Having understood what the consciousness is and the life force is, I have never gone to anyone and asked whether my view is correct or incorrect.
Once you have understood the whole point, there is no need for you to stay here any longer. As to myself, having understood this life force and the consciousness, I do not have any interest at all in either one.

People have been coming here and I have been talking. Why have I been talking? Because the life span has to be spent, it has to be used. So even that is merely entertainment. Something has to be done; this is entertainment-whiling away the time, the life span. The name is the giving of knowledge; but what is the game? A game of cards, entertainment. The name is spiritual knowledge; the game is cards.
[Addressing a particular lady in tbe audience] Now that you have understood, you don't have to come anymore. If I ask someone to come, it would be common sense that I want him to do so for some reason. That he may give me some money or write a book about me, or do something which may be for my benefit. Normally, only then would anyone ask somebody to come. But here there is nothing of this sort going on; there are neither worldly nor unworldly benefits involved. So no one needs to come.

V: Tell him we like his entertainment!
M: The name and the purpose is spiritual knowledge. But the game is playing cards. [laugbter]

V: Tell him I am no good at cards!
M: Whatever you have heard, have you understood and will it stay with you? And if it will, honestly, there is no need for you to keep coming. We are not preventing you, but you need not come. However, you may come if you want to ... [The lady in question is pointing to her watch] The lady's spiritual seeking is of a high order; she has golden bonds of filial and family affection. Everything is entertainment.
Are there any questions?

I: Everybody is totally against Maharaj's consuming tobacco. He had one doctor after another telling him so. He says everybody is dead against my consuming tobacco. They say, don't have coffee, don't have this, don't have that; so he says he may reduce it but he is certainly not going to stop it altogether. And for what? Only to be alive a little longer, is it not? He says, even Vishnu, Rama, Maheshwara had a limited life span. Why worry about this?

M: There is no necessity to come here for any blessing. No blessing can be given to you. No change can be made in you. No instruction whatsoever can be given to you. You were perfect even before you came here. And you will be returning absolutely perfect, without even a dent on you.

V: One has to learn through one's mistakes then?
M: Who said that you have made a mistake? When you understand that you are perfect, only then do you know that a mistake has been made. This you can know only when you understand your true position; then you will know that mistakes were made. So when are you going to correct the mistakes? Is there any time?

V: Actually not. There is only the realization of it.
M: Any questions?

I: He is so confident you see, because whatever question you are going to put, you are framing it through your conditioning. And he knows he is beyond all conditions and can therefore answer any question. So he is always ready to answer you, and you are always trying to prepare the question through the conditioning of your mind, through whatever you have learned, acquired, all those things. So put any question you like, because he can answer you very confidently.
He confers such a profound knowledge through the few words which he utters, and he does it all in an extremely fetching manner. Now he says, I am just whiling away the time. I want to pass the time; therefore, I talk. Otherwise, I don't want to talk at all. That is his greatness. To a jnani, giving out the profoundest knowledge is also only whiling away the time, since he knows the truth about everything.
It is all happening in a dream; he is answering you in the dream. You are coming here in a dream. What is to be answered correctly in a dream? And what do you understand correctly in the dream? The moment the dream leaves, everything goes away. You see, he is absolutely certain about the true situation, that is all.

V: Does this means then that everything is preconditioned?
M: Did I sest that everything is preconditioned? Nothing is happening; so where is the condition?


Pages: 53-55

V: Does Maharaj look after his family and other things responsibly?
I: Yes, and more than that.

V: Talking of the vital force, the two aspects of it that we are commonly conscious of are our thoughts and the manifest of thoughts as words. What are the other two aspects of the life force? Do we have to be aware of them in the course of our sadhana?
M: That you are aware of your existence, your beingness, is para and pashyanti-two kinds of expression or speech that I talked about. Awareness of your existence is to be aware of these two kinds of speech. Their meaning is that you are in the three stages, waking, sleep and knowingness. The next two kinds of speech are what you performed in the world, your business, how you carried it out with your mind and its activities.
These four types of speech can always be distinguished in the following way: The first one, para, corresponds to your original state when you don't even know you exist. Then comes this feeling that you are about to become conscious. That is still para, but it is followed by pasbyanti, which is this consciousness-when you say, yes, I am alive, I am awake, I exist. Once having this consciousness that you exist, the behavior in the world corresponds with the two final aspects of the vital force. At this stage, the thought comes, the mind starts working (madhyama) and the words start flowing through the mind (vaikbari).
To recapitulate: First, I am not even conscious; I do not know that I exist, then this consciousness forces itself on that state of unawareness to an extent that we begin to feel that we are conscious. Finally, it forces itself into full consciousness, and I know that I exist, I am there. And that becomes a concept, from which starts the entire world of troubles. In that original state when you are not aware, there is no trouble of any kind. But once this consciousness makes its presence felt, all the trouble starts. This is not mine, I know this is not mine, but it is forced upon me, and then also I begin to say that it is "me"-this is the way that identification takes place.
Earlier, the question arose, when I said consciousness, did I mean the body? I said, no, not the body. For the consciousness to appear, it needs a body, it needs a vehicle, and the body is the food for this consciousness. Without food, the body cannot exist, and consciousness cannot exist without the body. So this body is the food for consciousness to exist. If the body disappears, the food disappears, and then the consciousness will also disappear. Then also it may be asked: Is there any difference between what is termed atman or the self and this consciousness? It is the same thing, but different words are used in different contexts; the content is basically the same. I use the word "taste," the essence of the body; the taste of that essence is this beingness, of being alive, and wanting to be alive. One loves the state of being alive and wants to perpetuate it as long as possible. So the love for this consciousness is this taste.

V: I have one other question. I heard through the translation of what was being said this morning that most of the spiritual practices that we do in a kind of motivated way are attempts to manipulate ourselves. It is just really the play of the life force.
M: So do they have any value, is that what you mean to ask?

V: No, no. My question is, if this is what we do, how is it that the witness state, which seems to be the core of Maharaj's communication to us, can arise at all in the midst of all these attempts?
M: Although time-bound, the practice will unfold itself in the consciousness. The only important thing is its unfoldment. This will happen when through meditation we give it our fullest attention; then, the consciousness which has come upon us and is pure ignorance, will itself show you your true nature. There is no question of going anywhere, arriving anywhere, or doing anything; you are there already.
One has to work in the world; naturally, carry on your worldly affairs, but understand that that which has come about by itself-that is, this body, mind and consciousnesshas appeared in spite of the fact that nobody has asked for it. I did not ask for it; it has come upon me in my original state which is timeless, spaceless, and without attributes. So that whatever has happened is doing this business in the world. The life force and the mind are operating, but the mind will tempt you to believe that it is "you." Therefore, understand always that you are the timeless, spaceless witness. And even if the mind tells you that you are the one who is acting, don't believe the mind. Always keep your identity separate from that which is doing the working, thinking and talking. That which has happened-that is, the apparatus which is functioning-has come upon your original essence, but you are not that apparatus. This is to be firmly kept in mind.
Every sentient being has a guru within himself. Unless the guru were present, the being would not have come about. The beingness itself is the guru.
With respect to the four kinds of speech, they are the result of the vital force. Whenever the vital force is present, there is the atman, and vice-versa. When the force leaves the body, all the four kinds of speech also go, and the atman, of course, is not felt. "I" -consciousness, beingness and all activities happen only because of the vital force. Thus, when this force leaves the body and the "I" -consciousness is no more there, the body falls. Then, I am asking you, who is there?

V: It is nameless. I don't know who is there; it has no name.
M: The existence of the vital force and the "I" -consciousness have the experience of your existence. That is why and how you know that you are; without them you could not know about your own existence.

26 lipanj 2010

David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in Conversation at Project Avalon

The Richard Sauder Briefing

21 lipanj 2010


18 lipanj 2010

Znate sta, ne znam jeli ovo individualni ili kolektivni program, ali ga nosim. Citam dio knjige Pande Andova (Astralwalker) i ostajem poprilicno fasciniran (sta ces, mene je lako fascinirati). Padne mi na pamet, prava stvar da podijelim sa ljudima i stavim na blog. I u tom trenutku pojavi se lijepo identitet... ne znam jeli um to prevodi kao uplaseno dijete (ooo Budak i Zika bi ovo voljeli) ili jednostavno upamcena naredba/asocijacija da se bavim glupostima. Iskreno govoreci, poprilicno sigurno kolektivna u izvoru. No, bilo kako bilo, kao i uvjiek, ja cu to ovdje staviti, samo obratite paznju na sve ideje koje vam padnu na pamet. Jednostavno nevjerovatno koliko debilizma covjek skupi samo ziveci sa ljudima.

Da bar ima neka magicna rijec, a kojom bi se takve impresije jednostavno brisale. A bit ce Boga mi, bit ce, ako nema.


17 lipanj 2010

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Ken WIlber

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04 lipanj 2010

Izgleda li ovako ili ne, nisam siguran, ali citajuci PEAT dubinsko procesiranje, vrlo lako je moguce da izgleda nekako tako. Bas me zanima postoji li negdje to detaljno skicirano.

Ali, zapravo mi se cini da klasicno ciscenje, za ono sto kazu da ide sloj po sloj, ide po jednom lancu, upravo takvom.

Traumatsko iskustvo

03 lipanj 2010

Malo sam promisljao o strukturi traumatskog iskustva i konkretnim primjerima iz zivota. Dapace, cesto sam i sam sebe zapitao i uvjeravao; pa da, normalno je da popizdis tu i tamo... e pa, zahvaljujuci najnovijim dijelovima slagalice (Kristijan Kolega, Samoiscjeljenje, pogledajte na joutubeu), uspio sam skicirati kako sustav zapravo radi. Na papiru to imam skicirano, a skiciranje na racunalu bi malo potrajalo i sa upitnim umjetnickim kvalitetama... ne brinite, pronaci cu Visio pa cu skicirati, ali za sada ajmo redom.

1. Dakle, tu je ono cega smo svjesni, ja jesam, ja postojim. Nazovimo to promatrac u nama.

2. Traumatsko iskustvo nastaje tokom prvih osam godina zivota. Recimo da mi u zivot dodjemo cisti i nevini, neiskvareni, kao list papira na koji ce roditelji zapisati ono sto njima odgovara, okolina, televizija... Do osme godine zivota dijete zivi u svojevrsnom stanju hipnoze. U tom stanju ne postoji dovoljna baza podataka (sjecanja) na osnovu kojih bi intelekt moga zakljucivati sto je za osobu dobro a sto ne. Zbog toga dijete promatra okolinu, odnose roditelja prema drugim ljudima, misljenja roditelja, odnose roditelja prema njemu i medjusobne odnose. Recimo da dijete dozivi sok. Buduci da ono na roditelje gleda kao izvor zivota, sok je ekvivalent smrti (opstanak) i u tom trenutku u podsvijesti, zamrznut u vremenu, ostaje utisak upravo te situacije. Na osnovu toga dijete mora donijeti zakljucke da ono nije dovoljno dobro, da je glupo i da izvor njegovog zivota njega ne zeli... sto se zapravo zavrti djetetu u glavi u svakom slucaju nije za njegovo dobro.

3. Ajmo sad konkretno zakljuciti gdje je podsvijest. Ja zapravo ne znam, ali kad bih znao onda bih rekao da je podsvijest smjestena na fizickom tijelu i energetskim tijelima. Detalje mehanizma ne znam, ali sasvim sigurno vam je otvoreno za kontemplaciju i promatranje. Ono sto jest jest i promatrajuci cete vidjeti sto se dogadja. Recimo da imate vise traumatskih iskustava i da su spremljena na fizickom tijelu. To se automatski reflektira u vasem tjelesnom drzanju (uspravni, pogrbljeni, gleda gore, gleda u pod...), fizickom izgledu (mrsav, debel, nabildan) i ponasanju (o Hajduceeeeee o Hajduceeee, ubij zakolji ooooooo).

Dakle, u fizickom tijelu (moguce u energetskim pa da se to osjeti na tijelu) stvore se energetske tvorevime koje su u biti memorija traume ili direktan link na memoriju traume. Vasa podsvijest (tijelo) je to preuzelo i stiti vas od ponovog prozivljavanja te iste emocije i iskustva. Zasto je to vasa podsvijest napravila? Zato sto imate adaptivan sustav dizajniran za prazivljavanje. Ono sto je ucinjeno je, u datim okolnostima, vama pomoglo da se uklopite u familiju, da vas izvor zivota (roditelji) prihvate. Prihvatili ste da niste dovoljno pametni i dobro, samo da ne biste ulazili u konflikt sa ocem ili majkom. Mozda su vam to govorili stalno pa ste jednostavno morali uzeti to kao cinjenicu. Vidite kud idem? Jeli ugodno o tome i razmisljati? Naravno da nije. To je kao da prozivljavate smrt, na jedan nacin. Zato se citav energetski sustav ustroji tako da energija tece na nacin da izbjegavaa (zaobilazi) ta podrucja.

Neki to zovu energetska blokada, ali pogledajte sto je do nje dovelo! To je poanta i to je bitno. Bez tog znanja, sprovedenog iz osobnog iskustva na nacin da covjek to moze vidjeti kod sebe, apsolutno nikakvu moc vam ne daje. Imas blok, ha ha, crkni gade, tko te jebe! Ja sam pametan, ja vidim da imas blok, a sada pricajmo o meni, jer ja moram biti najbolji i najpametniji pa ce me moj otac ili majka prihvatiti. Ja nisam glup, ne spominji mi to, spomenes li mi da sam glup ili impliciras na to, to ce me podsjetiti na traumatsko iskustvo sa ocem, pa cu ti jebati majku i oca i pasa i magarca!!! Trebam li dalje pisati? :-))) Prosao sam kroz to i vidim kako to funkcionira. Vrijeme je da to podijelim sa vama jer samim ovim pisanjem i meni postaje jasnije sto se tu dogadja.

4. Dakle, pogledajmo na konkretnom primjeru. Imamo traumu iz djetinjstva, pohranjenu na tijelu, negdje u donjem dijelu trbuha, lijevo, desno i u pleksusu. Mislim da uistinu nemamo puno margine za lutanje i mozemo odmah napraviti nesto od slijedecega:

a. Kriviti nekoga za nas problem. Netko drugi je to tu stavio. Mozda je implant vanzemaljski? Da, mozda uistinu i jest, ali pitam ja vas jednu stvar, tko je dopustio da se implant stavi? Jeli to simptom ili uzrok problema? Da, tocno tako, implant, ako i postoji, je iskljucivo SIMPTOM. U redu, maknemo to i idemo dalje. Usput receno, kriviti drugoga je identifikacija sa zrtvom! To je nesto sto se kod Budaka obradjuje na 3cem stupnju TKO i jednom na koji ja nisam otisao... pa sad ucim glavom kroz zid...a znate, treba vremena dok zid popusti.

b. Prihvatiti da je to nase tijelo. Da sami moramo biti odgovorni za ono sto smo si nametnuli i krenuti sa radom.

5. Konaceno, pogledajmo kako se trauma reflektira u svakodnevnom zivotu. Recimo da su vas roditelji posteno izdriblali i da njih krivite za svoje probleme.

a. Netko se ponasa potpuno slobodno i slobodno se izrazava. Vi zapravo ne znate zasto, ali vas lagano pocinje iritirati. Zasto? Zato sto je vama zabranjeno da se slobodno izrazavate. To se zove identifikacija sa zrtvom. Taj osjecaj da vas ta osoba zivcira nazovimo STIT. To je stit koji podsvijest automatski dize kako bi vas zastitila od ponovnog prozivljavanja traumatskog iskustva. Bolje da se dize i takav stit nego da uvidimo da nas netko ne voli, da ne vrijedimo...

b. Recimo da takva osoba ide korak dalje i pocne nas direktno bockati. Nas to dodatno iritira i javlja se bijes. To je novi stit podsvijesti. Vec u tom trenutku pocne niz ideja i svjesni um prevodi ih na razne nacine. U tom trenutku ste sjebani. Opcije su vam da popizdite na tu osobu ili da se povucete u sebe. Pokusajte se natjerati na trecu opciju i budite fini, ako mozete. U konacnici, nista od toga nije dobro. Morate ici na uzrok i tamo raditi.

6. U konacnici, ideja koja mi se vrti vec dva tjedna u glavi jest da covjek MORA VOLJETI SEBE. Kada pocnes voljeti sebe, shvatis da si sam sebi vazan i da su tvoje zelje vazne i da se moras kreativno samo-ostvariti... to uistinu jesu i vase istinske zelje i nema ih smisla zanemarivati.

I onda, jeli ugodno raditi na tome? Nije! Jeli nuzno? Nije! Morate li? Ne. Pitanje je samo volite li sebe. Cim to povratite sebi, sve se mijenja. Uglavnom, sami ste sebi sve iluzije kreirali. Malo je problem izici iz njih, ali recept imate i treba samo upornost i razmisljanje svojom glavom.


02 lipanj 2010

Nije reklama vec pohvala. Ovo, uz Budakov TKO nosi vrhunske rezultate. U osnovi je jako dobar EFT i pitanje zasto me to smeta, uz jasno priznanje da si sam stvorio problem (preuzimanje odgovornosti, u trenutku spoznaje nestaje zrtva). To, sa tapkanjem, jako brzo vodi do uzroka, a nakon toga uzivajte sa Budakovim TKO procesom. Iza toga pod obavezno na kreiranje realnosti i na konju ste. God speed! Sada vas ostavljam sa Nithyanandom, ako pogledate citav video, bit cete si zahvalni!
YouTube kanal

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