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30 listopad 2009

Izabrana vijest...

Mother of Darkness Trigger?

Folk singer Taylor Mitchell was killed by two coyotes in a national park in Nova Scotia, a province in Eastern Canada. She was walking alone when she was attacked. Her screams were heard by other hikers who then alerted park rangers. The rangers arrived on the scene and shot one of the animals, scaring the other one away. The coyotes were described as "extremely aggressive" when the rangers arrived on the scene.

"Coyotes are normally afraid of humans. This is a very irregular occurrence," said a spokeswoman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Even biologists say that attacks by coyotes are extremely rare because "the animals were usually wary of humans."

This particular article also says coyotes are also known as "prairie wolves"—a term I have never heard before, and as a former farmer, coyotes are an animal that I am quite familiar with. Coyotes are scavengers, not hunters, so this is another reason why this attack is so unusual.

The picture of Ms. Mitchell that accompanied the article is extremely dark—her hair looks black, her eyes are in shadow, and her clothing appears black. She just turned "19" two months ago—this is the age when Mother of Darkness programming is often installed in young women. This sounds like a ritual killing meant to trigger others with the same type of programming.

29 listopad 2009

Rupert Sheldrake - The Morphogenetic Universe


27 listopad 2009

Kakvi to debili sebe zovu novinarima? Pazite ovo...

- Gripu imamo, ne tražimo više odakle je došla, ona je naša, domaća, kazuje doktor.
Krizni stožer za zaštitu od pandemijske gripe objavio je kako je do sada prijavljeno 184 oboljela na području Splita i okolice, no za vjerovati je kako je taj broj barem za deset puta veći, što Splitsko-dalmatinsku županiju stavlja na neslavno, vodeće mjesto u Hrvatskoj po broju oboljelih. Epidemiološka služba apelira na liječnike primarne zdravstvene zaštite da svaku sumnju na gripu prijave. Isto tako preporučaju da kada se krene sa specifičnom zaštitom – cijepljenjem, da svi oni kojima se preporučuje takva vrst zaštite – to i prihvate. Riječ je, ponavljamo, o starijim osobama i onima koji pate od kroničnih oboljenja.
A sto su to simptomi svinjske gripe? Treba ocito jedna svinja sa titulom da bi se mogla prepoznati.


Listen carefully

Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing |10-13-2009

26 listopad 2009


1000ti post

23 listopad 2009

Tko voli nek searcha dalje...


22 listopad 2009

Pogledajmo sto dolazi u kina ubrzo...

Disclosure je 'najavljen' za 27.11.

Komentari suvisni...

PS pogledajte komentare na jubitou, sve je prekrcano simbolizmom! Jos jedan u nizu planiranih koraka svima nam "drage" masonerije.


Galactic superwaves are intense cosmic ray particle bombardments that originate from the center of our Galaxy, and that last for periods of up to a few thousand years. Paul explains that astronomical and geological evidence indicates that the last major superwave impacted our solar system around 12,000 to 16,000 years ago, and produced abrupt changes of the Earth's climate.

The land animal extinction episode which occurred during this interval was the worst in several million years, and Paul estimates that approximately one or two superwaves strong enough to trigger an ice age are presently on their way to us from their birthplace at the galactic core... 23,000 light years away. Paul states that there is a real chance that one such event could arrive within the next few decades. Importantly - because they travel at the speed of light - we would not see them coming.

Paul explains that less intense superwaves, which recur with considerable frequency, could also pose a threat. He cites evidence that the galactic center has erupted as many as ten times in the last 2,000 years, the most recent event occurring about 700 years ago. While these low intensity events could have passed unnoticed in earlier centuries, today they could be extremely hazardous. The EMP [electromagnetic pulse] accompanying such a superwave could knock out electrical power grids and communication networks on a global scale. Consequently, argues Paul, study of this phenomenon deserves a very high priority, and he founded The Starburst Foundation to do this.

Of some considerable interest is the testimony from our insider source Jake Simpson, who told us in October 2008 that there was a 'wave' coming - but that it would not arrive here for quite a few years: possibly around 2017-2020. When asked how he knew, his response was that highly advanced and classified superluminal [faster-then-light] craft had been out to "take a look", and had then returned to report back with the information. Jake told us that the effect could either be cataclysmic, or "just a puff of wind"... and that exactly what would happen, and when, was simply not known.

'Farrakhan Says H1N1 Vaccine Is Tool Of Depopulation'

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan told an audience in Memphis on Sunday that they should refuse to take the H1N1 vaccine because it is a soft kill weapon designed to reduce global population.

Farrakhan has never shied from controversy and has previously spoken out on 9/11 being an inside job and how the international central bankers control the U.S. government.

“The Earth can’t take 6.5 billion people. We just can’t feed that many. So what are you going to do? Kill as many as you can. We have to develop a science that kills them and makes it look as though they died from some disease,” Farrakhan said, adding that many wise people won’t take the vaccine,” reports United Press International.

“The black community has become toxic and must cleanse and restore peace from within,” Farrakhan added.

As we have documented previously, the use of vaccines to sterilize minority populations and induce abortions is on the record.

Anna Hayes

21 listopad 2009

Odlican blog

20 listopad 2009


Izabirem ova dva videa sa tog bloga:


Tko voli nek pogleda. :-)

2 / 6
3 / 6
4 / 6
5 / 6
6 / 6


19 listopad 2009

Naivno tvrdim da se ovo moze desiti samo onome tko je u svijesti baziran ispod trece cakre. Zasto? Tako mi je netko jednom davno rekao, ali vjerujem da nije daleko od istine. Iako citava stvar za mene ostaje zamagljena i nejasna. Ako mi netko moze pojasniti sve, samo naprijed.


Za procitati

Moja poruka za sve ljude koji 'rade na sebi'. Rad, red, disciplina, plan, rezultat. Ne zato sto nam je tako 'doslo' nego zato sto nemamo izbora.

So you can do blessings all day long, but you are not doing it guys. I hope that you will understand this the right way.

As stated in the first page of this thread, the Dark Side will try to finish this before Nexus arrives. There are indications that swine fly{flu} vaccines will produce a genetic mutation from inside turning human population into something similar to what is depicted in the movie with Will Smith – I’a m Legend.

It’s not an easy task but people need to understand that if the Dark Force physically eliminates humanity – it does not matter – the life force inside the astral dimension will be reached by the Nexus and the DNA change will be complete.

The only way that Dark Force can win is this way – depicted (on purpose) in I’a m Legend.

Lets hope so, the Watcher never allow this to happen.

Advice – do not take the vaccine at any cost.
Da ja ne skracujem i izvlacim informacije, molim pogledajte postove AstralWalkera -> LINK.

Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination )

18 listopad 2009

The Coming Stock Market Wipe Out!

Some things are preventable, others are just another part of the plan. If you remember nothing else, remember this: Poor people have pitchforks, rich people have laser guided missiles.

The stock market is not that difficult to understand. It is a place where people can buy shares of ownership in someone else's business. Buy enough shares and you end up owning the company yourself. As an Investment, stocks only make sense:

1. When a business is making money.

2. When someone else wants to pay more for your stock in the future.

It is important to understand this concept for numerous reasons. Among them are:

* Mutual funds, Pension Plans and Insurance Companies have traditionally been the biggest investors in the stock market. They all get their money from you.

* Real Unemployment is almost 20%. That means that 20% of the population is cashing in their stocks, retirement, insurance and pensions just to survive. They are taking money out of the market, not putting it back in.

* Derivatives Contracts, which are naked put options against a pool of money have already cost big investors like AIG trillions of dollars. It is estimated that 1000 trillion dollars in derivative contracts are still outstanding. The global economy is only 56 trillion dollars. They have taken the big pools of money and shipped them overseas or converted them to hard assets like gold. Just ask General Motors.

* Corporate Profits are down, so why would you pay more for their stocks?

The big money has left the stock market. So why is the Dow climbing back up like a crazy Zombie buried under a concrete slab? It should be dead, right? The answer lies in the "Plan" or the "Agenda" of those that rule over us. These people are at worst Satanists and at best Luciferians. Would you buy a used car from these folks?

* Poor people do what they are told without asking too many questions. They embrace change. They want more government and more wars. After all, somebody did this to us! (Must have been the Muslims).

* Money is power. They have stripped us of our homes and our businesses. They have stripped us of our jobs and careers. They want all the money, because they want all of the power. It makes it easier slaughter the sheep after you steal their wool. Just tell the flock, "Its nice and warm in the barn."

* Their motto is "From Chaos, Order". They will create the chaos and then they will create the "New World Order". Hungry people can get pretty chaotic. I believe that 25-30% unemployment is "critical mass" for riots and looters. All social service and safety nets will be overwhelmed and bad things will start to happen.

So, what does this have to do with the stock market?

16 listopad 2009

Bilo kako bilo

15 listopad 2009

Izgleda cool...

'FEDERAL JUDGE Carter sets Trial Date for Obama's Eligibility!!!'

14 listopad 2009

A California judge today scheduled a trial for Jan. 26, 2010,for a case that challenges Barack Obama's eligibility to be president based on questions over his qualifications under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution. If the case actually goes to arguments before U.S. District Judge David Carter, it will be the first time the merits of the dispute have been argued in open court, according to one of the attorneys working on the issue.

In a highly anticipated hearing today before Carter, several motions were heard, including a resolution to long-standing questions about whether attorney Orly Taitz properly served notice on the defendants, which she had.

'I Will Not Sign Lisbon Treaty, Says Czech President'

'The President of the Czech Republic has no intention of signing the Lisbon treaty, a move that might allow David Cameron time to hold a British referendum on Europe. President Klaus, the fiercely Eurosceptic Czech leader, is the last obstacle for the agreement after its ratification in the other 26 EU states but he has told supporters that he will never sign, The Times has learnt.'

Swine Flu Fallacy by Dr Rauni Kilde

13 listopad 2009

Jos malo 'razotkrivanja' - Wilcock na Coast2Coast

12 listopad 2009

Ovu kartu ce igrati samo onda kada im bude najvise odgovarala. Vidjet cemo...rekose slijepci. :-)

At about the 8 minute mark here, he says not only are his "insiders" within the intelligence community telling him the government plans FULL DISCLOSURE before the years end, but that there is a 2 hour, international TV spot reserved for this event...But that's not even the most incredible "out there" part: He also says that these intelligence agents are saying that this disclosure and international TV broadcast will introduce us to HUMAN-LOOKING ET's THAT ARE HERE!

Evo playliste...vjerujte mi vrijedi poslusati!!!

Vakcina je smrtonosna

10 listopad 2009

Informacije iz Svicarske...izvor ne smijem odavati. :-) Vakcina sadrzi nano elemente metala (nisam siguran tocno, mislim aluminij i jos nesto, morao bih pitati) i nakon 2 cijepljenja respiratorni sustav zakaze. U prijevodu prestanete disati i umrete! Elementi nisu vidljivi pod mikroskopom (mozda elektronskim?). Jeli ovo objava 3. sv. rata?

Video ispod nije povezan sa ovim gore, ali me podsjetio.

Danas Mjesec a sutra? Bluebeam?

Da, skoro pa sutra.

Da, jako interesantno. Jos 6 tjedana, 22.11. kaze. Ako svinjska gripa propadne, nema problema, tu je deus ex, doslovno. Sad vi samo popusite, a vecina hoce.
Inace, jako mi je bilo interesantno kako sve vise i vise guraju nlo vijesti u medije. Ukratko receno, manipulirali su nas do sada, a i dalje ce.

PS Jesam li ono procitao da je OBAMA dobio Nobela za MIR?????? WTF? I iza toga upalim NASA tv, da vidim kog vraga izvode... a tamo Obama glumi dobrog strica, a djeca ispred njega slusaju kao hipnotizirana. {Umetni psovku po volji}.

Meditation - Trip with the Shaman drum

08 listopad 2009

Trebali su samo maknuti ovog nezainteresiranog crnog lika. :-)

Za citanje

David Icke - Melbourne 2009

07 listopad 2009

Playlistu cete moci uskoro pronaci ovdje.

Projekt Kamelot - lazi i obmane

Evo kako to izgleda... nekada bih i ja ovo POPUSIO, ali sada znam bolje. UFO zajednica je uvijek bila hrpa neukih budala koji su zeljeli vjerovati (ja ukljucen).Link

Dr Zoran Kocic 1/7

Aghoris-The Naked Truth of Life

Navodno "najbrzi put"... oni slabog zeluca, ZAOBIDJITE (kanibalizam) !!!

Besramno i po planu

Crkva spremna za crnog papu

Idući papa mogao bi biti crne boje kože, rekao je kardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson iz Gane. On je na sinodi afričkih biskupa u Vatikanu upitan je li pravo vrijeme za crnoga papu, u svjetlu izbora Baracka Obame, na što je Turkson odgovorio: "Zašto ne?". Objasnio je da svaki čovjek koji se zaredi za svećenika treba biti voljan postati papa. "Ako bog bude htio da crnac bude papa, hvala bogu", rekao je kardinal. AP, Reuters, IOL...Permalink(06.10.2009.)
Monitor - Link 1
Link 2
Link 3


Danas, 21 sat.


Evo i jedna glazbena zelja (moja :-)):

06 listopad 2009

The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

02 listopad 2009

Zanimljiva knjiga u svakom slucaju; Download.

Za istraziti

Ja ne stignem, ali netko sasvim sigurno hoce. Evo Linka.

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