Generals Try to Stop Imminent World War III

30 listopad 2008

A most stunning report is circulating in the Kremlin stating that some of the most Senior Generals in the United States Military are ‘pleading’ for ‘immediate’ help from both Russian and European Military to prevent their current President from starting World War III in the coming weeks.

Even more shocking, this plea for help by the America Military Establishment came from their most senior military officer Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, and who in an unprecedented secret meeting, held this past weekend in the neutral country of Finland, met with General Nikolai Makarov, the head of Russia’s General Staff.

This meeting between the United States and Russia’s top Military Officials followed an equally unprecedented meeting held also this past week in the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State between these US Generals and all of the top Military Officers and Staff of Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands and South Korea.

According to these reports the American Generals have stated their ‘firm belief’ that the United States and Europe are under an ‘imminent threat’ for large scale attacks by nuclear weapons prior to the US elections, due to be held on November 4th, that will completely destroy both America and the European Union in a bid to establish upon both these Nations a new ‘Forth Reich’ modeled upon the former German Nazi Empire.

Russian Military Analysts state in these reports that the fascist forces currently in power in both the United States and European Union already have in place all of the necessary laws and private paramilitary forces needed to accomplish such an astounding coup of virtually the entire Western World.

This new ‘Forth Reich’, these reports continue, is planned to ruled from the ‘new’ Western capital cities of Denver, Colorado and Vienna, Austria as Washington D.C. and nearly all of Europe’s main capitol cities will be destroyed in this planned attack.

As we had, also, previously warned, Russian Military and Political Forces have been on ‘high alert’ over the planned destruction of the United States by those factions within it who see that their days are numbered but will not allow their most guarded secrets to ever be revealed to their citizens, even to the extreme of aligning themselves with dissident European factions currently engaged in the destruction of the entire Global financial system.

Equally as critical to the Europeans is the rapid ascent to power of their new ‘fascist masters’ in Vienna who though mourning the ‘accidental’ death of their most popular right-wing Nazi leader, Jörg Haider, are also rejoicing that for the first time since the defeat of the Germany Nazis in World War II all of their right-wing parties are now aligned and completely control Austria’s government.

With the right-wing power blocs currently placed in both America and Europe one can readily see the grave concerns being expressed by America’s Top Generals as with these planned fascist attacks bringing down the entire West our World will, indeed, be plunged into Total Global War.

However, the American Generals plea appears to have been answered as reports from Austria are stating that a successful attack was made upon that Nations most elite commando unit codenamed ‘Cobra’ by the piloting of an as yet unidentified drone aircraft and may have, these reports say, destroyed the planning for the nuclear attacks upon European capitals these fascist forces were tasked with carrying out.

It is important to note that the planned fascist destruction of the United States should come as no surprise to the American people as their very President and his family have long standing ties to the Nazis and were instrumental in funding the rise of Adolph Hitler.

Also, since the ending of World War II the American supporters of Nazism were instrumental in bringing to the United States the main architects of German fascism to recreate their ‘One World’ dream and began the changing of American law to reflect those of the German Nazi Empire in 1968 when they enacted new gun laws that were ‘word for word’ taken from the Nazi German laws enacted in 1938.

And as incredible as it may seem, the American fascist forces currently in control of their Nation had virtually no fear in duplicating Nazi Germany’s 1933 Reichstag Fire, which enabled Hitler to assume dictatorial powers and robbed German citizens of all of their freedoms, with the planned attacks of September 11, 2001, and which like the Nazi’s saw the enacting of new laws which have enslaved the American people in a police state which is now more efficient than the Gestapo ever was.

To the American people not protecting themselves from the catastrophes due to fall upon them it can only be said that these truths are so enormous and chilling in their implications that they believe they could not possibly be true. This was a sentiment the German people once had too.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]


25 listopad 2008

Do you know the truth about the EU?

Nisam istražio još, samo prenosim sa The Unhived Mind.

1. The Queen has signed 6 of the 7 EU Treaties.

2. The 6 treaties define and build the EU as an unelected dictatorship.

3. The EU's laws give it the powers of a police state.

4. The 7th EU treaty will complete the abolition of Britain as a nation

- the Queen could sign it in as little as two years.

5. Thirty three years inside the EU - have you noticed how our democracy is being withdrawn?
The EU has already denied us that most basic of human rights - the right to vote against the EU and to keep our own nation. A majority of us don't want to be in the EU. We are being forced in against our will.

Do you feel you've become powerless, unable to influence events, or your vote is worth less? The six treaties are gradually removing our democracy; and 70% of the laws now passed by our Parliament are EU laws, not ours. Isn't the real reason people have lost interest in politics precisely because the EU has taken away our ability to change things?

Common law, where the government was our servant, is now largely replaced by the EU's Corpus Juris, which puts the government above the law, and we don't participate. We have already lost most of our rights (including habeas corpus). The power of government grows unchecked, as does that of large corporations. Politicians continuously lie about the EU, pretending its not significant.

6. Massive EU corruption
The EU's auditors have found the fraud is so widespread they've refused to sign off the EU's accounts for each of the last ten years. Whistleblowers like Marta Andreason, the EU Budget Director, who in 2005 found the EU couldn't account for 95% of its Ł66 billion budget, are simply fired for telling the truth.

7.The bribing of our Politicians by the EU
Europe works by bribing politicians with huge salaries and expenses to vote for Europe, against the best interests of their own voters.

As a result all three parties are in favour of the EU - Westminster acts like a one party state of politicians: the Lib-Lab-Con. The parties are run top down and implement the policy of their leaderships, not that of their members. (unfortunately UKIP is run in the same way). If you have voted for the Labs, Cons or Lib-Dems since 1969, you have voted for the EU dictatorship.

8. EU corruption is now exploding through our Civil Service, our local government, and our 7,000 quangos.
A shadow EU government lives inside our bureaucracy, headquartered in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM.) It includes many parts of government including the RDA and the Regional Assemblies. Common Purpose, an EU organisation, the UK branch also headquartered in the ODPM, has members across many government organisations including some city and county councils, the Land Registry, the police and the NHS, which it is destroying from within.

Common Purpose is the glue that enables fraud to be committed across these government departments, most of it lining the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats. It often involves the sale of public assets such as land to friends of politicians or their businesses. (The RDA -The EU Regional Development Agency, is a major player in this type of fraud.) And the handing out of plum government non jobs with big salaries and expenses to members of Common Purpose, all of it involving the theft of our money as taxpayers. The Chief Executive Officer of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton of the ODPM.

9. Businesses closing under EU regulation
The EU's 107,000 regulations will close hundreds of thousands more businesses when fully enforced, and control our private lives more closely than those of Soviet citizens. (In a Parliamentary answer to Lord Stoddart in January 2003, the government admitted there were 101,811 EU regulations)

10. The EU costs us Ł200 billion pa, 20% of our economy
According to the government's Better Regulation Task Force, complying with EU regulations now costs our economy over Ł100 billion a year. Economists say we lose Ł80 billion pa by associating with the EU's inferior economies. The EU took our fishing industry, which costs us Ł5 billion pa. EU damage to other industries (like forcing us to close the Rover Car Co) a further Ł20 billion. Our EU contribution is Ł10 billion.

Before we joined the EU we had an even balance of trade with them. Now EU regulations have fixed it so we lose Ł22 billion year trading with the EU on our balance of payments. We'd be enormously more wealthy if we left.

11. Our counties to be abolished
The Queen signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which adopts the EU Regionalisation Plan. This will abolish England's 48 counties and replace them with 9 European regions, each with their own Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels, not to Westminster. This effectively obliterates the country of England. For example the County of Cornwall is replaced by the South West Region, which stretches from Lands End and includes Gloucestershire and Wiltshire; its regional capital is Exeter. As this move is unpopular it is being kept low-key and will not be implemented until the seventh treaty is signed, when we lose our right to object.

Why Wont The Bail Out Work?

22 listopad 2008

North American Army created without OK by Congress

Posted: February 24, 2008
1:45 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

In a ceremony that received virtually no attention in the American media, the United States and Canada signed a military agreement Feb. 14 allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis.

The agreement, defined as a Civil Assistance Plan, was not submitted to Congress for approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of a wide range of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots or terrorist attacks.

In Canada, the agreement paving the way for the militaries of the U.S. and Canada to cross each other's borders to fight domestic emergencies was not announced either by the Harper government or the Canadian military, prompting sharp protest.

Smak svijeta

17 listopad 2008

Majanski kalendar je ovo odavno predvidio!

16 listopad 2008

T. Budak ima novi članak - Bog?

14 listopad 2008

They got lies so big
They don’t make a noise
They tell’em so well
Like a secret disease
That makes you go numb

With a big ol’ lie
And a flag and a pie
And a mom and a Bible
Most folks are just liable
To buy any line
Any place, anytime…

People, wake up
Figure it out
Religious fanatics
Around and about
The Court House, The State House,

The Congress, The White House
Criminal saints
With a „Heavenly Mission“ –
A nation enraptured
By pure superstition

Frank Zappa – „When The Lie's So Big“1

U svome spisu „Tao Te Čing“ gigant duhovne misli Lao Ce rekao je slijedeće:

„Kad se veliki Tao izgubi, ljudi slijede samilost i osjećaj dužnosti prema svojim bližnjima.

Kad se mudrosti odaje počast, u svijetu se množe diletanti.

Kada se prekinu obiteljske veze, na njihovo mjesto dolaze dužnosti djece i roditeljsko razumijevanje.

Kad je svijet pun nezadovoljstva, na svim mogućim mjestima nađu se domoljubi“.2

Zvoni li ovo nekome? Možemo li povući crtu s domovinskim ratom, strankama na vlasti i prevladavajućom duhovnom strujom u Hrvatskoj ili u post 9/11-ovskoj Americi? Vjerojatno ne. Ili možda da? Usuđuje li se netko prepoznati ovu istinu primijenjenu na suvremeni model vlasti? Na određen način, veliki Tao (sveopći Duh ili Bog) odavno je napustio Hrvatsku, ali i okolne države – vjerojatno i cijelu planetu. Ili kako bi to narod rekao, Bog je ovdje davno rekao „laku noć“. Istinsku duhovnost, poštenje i ispravnost zamijenio je lažni patriotizam pod čijim se okriljem država rasprodaje bjelosvjetskim kriminalcima. Vlada naše republike stavila se u službu mafijaškim strukturama zapadnoga svijeta i kao sitni „uguzičar“ dodvorava se dekadentnim „velesilama“. NATO u Hrvatskoj dobiva sve moguće ovlasti, orwellovska „EU“ postaje primarnim ciljem naših sitnih poltrona, a narod je sve siromašniji i u sve većem kaosu. O ubojstvima usred bijela dana na zagrebačkim ulicama ne treba trošiti riječi – ona su odraz kompletne društvene degradacije i kolektivne psihopatije koja je zavladala. Bolja budućnost nikako ne stiže – investicijski fondovi su opljačkani, cijene nafte rastu iz dana u dan, a prijetnje lažnim „terorizmom“ opravdavaju sve veće gubitke osobnih i društvenih sloboda.

Donosi si li nam ovako izrežirana budućnost ikakav pomak na bolje? „Isch don't think so“, rekao bi „Bruno aus Wien“, modni komentator u interpretaciji Sache Baron Choena. I Barack Obama želi osvojiti vlast pod sloganom – „Change“ (promjena), ali riječ je o ispraznoj retorici koja ne znači ama baš ništa. Obama je vuk (maneken) u janjećoj (crnačkoj) koži i uvest će Ameriku, jednako kao i McCain ili bilo koji drugi kandidat, u svjetski rat, upravo onako kako je to još 1871. planirao Albert Pike u svome pismu Giussepe Mazzini-ju. I dok se hrvatska „inteligencija“ na sve načine dodvorava vlasti (umjesto da ga pita nešto o njegovim satovima, „književnik“ Miljenko Jergović radi „veliki intervju s premijerom“ za režimske novine, postavljajući mu najblaže rečeno stupidna pitanja), država polako tone u potpunu apatiju. Vjerojatno „Bog tako želi“ – kako drugačije opravdati trenutno stanje?

Barack Obama - novi „spasitelj“?

Međutim, čini se Bog nema nikakve veze s tim. Bog u kojeg se kunu kršćani, muslimani i ostali religiozni ljudi postao je jedno od glavnih opravdanja za globalnu degradaciju. „Božja volja“ odavno se koristi kao izgovor za kojekakve laži kojima se opravdavaju i najstrašnija zlodjela. Evo primjera - u ime Boga vodili su se i još uvijek se vode najkrvaviji ratovi na ovoj planeti. Zapadni svijet „brani svoje vrijednosti“ i način života u Iraku. Isus je na našoj strani – tko može odbiti njegov poziv da branimo „American way of life“? Iako se retorika koja opravdava napade na sve države koje još uvijek nisu pod vlašću zapada koristi vrlo pažljivo, bez direktnog uplitanja vjere i Boga, sve je ipak jasno kao dan. Jedan „War On Terror“ uopće nije vjerski rat, to je samo rat protiv terorista. Slučajno muslimanskih. Koji su grozni fanatici. Oni su oteli avione i srušili ih na WTC tornjeve i Pentagram, pardon – Pentagon. Arapski teroristi su to učinili, njih devetnaest koji su jedva naučili voziti male avione i onda srušili par Boinga na birane ciljeve u Americi. Opravdana odmazda za ovakva djela napad je na do tada nepokorene muslimanske države, u ime Boga, Isusa i zapadnog (američkog) načina života. A taj je način života stvarno fenomenalan – evo što proizvodi.

Nadalje, Bog nas osuđuje na vječito prokletstvo ukoliko ne slijedimo njegove dosadne, patrijahalne i prilično retardirane regule. No, kako bi to rekao nedavno preminuli komičar George Carlin – „Ali Bog nas voli!“ Promatra nas s nebesa i sudi našim postupcima. Određuje tko će gdje nakon smrti. Sudi nam prema djelima. Kažnjava prema zlodjelima... No, stanimo malo – kako to da onda zlikovci vazda prolaze nekažnjeno? Bush je u Iraku poklao stotine tisuća nevinih, a Hrvatska država kao buduća članica NATO-a oslobađa američke vojnike sudskog progona! Izgleda da „Bog“ ima dvostruke kriterije. Mali čovjek na nemilosrdnom je udaru „zakona“, a veliki kriminalci stoluju državama. Da li je ovdje uopće riječ o „Bogu“? Možda je jednostavno riječ o čovjeku koji se koristi najstarijim arhetipom kako bi preko njega vladao ostatkom populacije. Bit će da je prije riječ o ovom drugome jer činjenice uvelike govore u prilog takvom scenariju. No, prije negoli se krenemo baviti iskrivljenom percepcijom Boga, evo nekoliko riječi o tome što bi Bog mogao biti (iako su riječi krajnje neadekvatno sredstvo ovakvog tumačenja).
Link 2

Brown: Use This Crisis To Create New Financial World Order

British Prime Minister sells globalization as the saviour

Steve Watson
Monday, Oct 13, 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for a new Bretton Woods system, saying that the financial crisis should be used to make world leaders agree to fresh rules and regulations under a long planned new global financial order.

"Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to agree that what is obvious and should have been done years ago, can no longer be postponed," Brown told an audience earlier today.

Speaking at Thomson Reuters' editorial headquarters, Brown called for "a new financial architecture for the global age", stating that the Bretton Woods system devised after the second world war was out of touch with the new world order.

Brown said: "This crisis demonstrates beyond doubt that a global capital market requires much stronger global cooperation and supervision. And we need to ensure that we have an effective global early warning system to alert us across continents to economic and financial risk."

Brown contended that the current financial system is "too clouded with opacity, conflicts of interest, irresponsible risk-taking, and when problems occur countries have tended to look inwards and deal with them in isolation when it is clear they should look outwards and join in international co-operation."

"We are proposing a world leaders' meeting in which we must agree the principles and policies for restructuring the financial system across the globe," Brown added.

His speech came after the UK government announced it would bail out three high street banks - RBS, HBOS and Lloyds TSB - to the tune of Ł37bn. Since that announcement, shares in the banks have plunged on the stock market.

Brown's call echoes that of elite figures such as CFR member Jeffrey Garten and Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who have both recently called for a "new global monetary authority", a de-facto global financial dictatorship, operating across borders and forcing nations and corporations to register and adhere to strict monitoring and regulations.

The call is also similar to plans recently touted for a new centralized system of financial supervision across the EU providing greater regulatory powers.

Alex Jones Tv: Zeitgeist Addendum "The Review"

10 listopad 2008

Pola sata zanimljivih primjedbi, ali čovjek ima smisla. U nekom zamišljenom scenariju, vidim 2012tu, potrese i nepogode. Dio ljudi se skrije pod zemlju, u unaprijed pripremljena skloništa, od dobre i naklone im vlade. Potom im se proda priča o renoviranju društva i slijedi kontrola kroz tehnološku utopiju. Naravno, ovo je samo mašta, u stvarnosti ima još figura na šahovskoj ploči. :-)
Moja primjedba na Zeitgeist; kada polja (matrica) počne govoriti umjesto nas, a takav je onaj utopija djedica iz dokumentarca, trgni se. Prvi dio filma mi se sasvim sviđa, predstavlja problem. Sredina filma već izaziva našu reakciju, a do kraja nam u ruke gurnu i rješenje. Hvala, taj dio možemo i sami.

Time Wave Zero - Terence Mckenna

08 listopad 2008

The TimeWave graph is supposed to depict the ebb and flow of novelty and habit in the universe. When the timeline climbs up, habit (routine, convention, ruts to get stuck in) increases. When the line dips down, novelty (creativity, connectedness, weird shit) increases. A built-in feature of the wave is that at a certain point it hits the bottom of the graph — it goes off the scale. Novelty is maximized, as far as the variables of this system (the universe) go.

With this graph in his hands, McKenna tried mapping it onto the historical record, looking at key points where things seemed to have really taken off, and matching them to the big dips in the line. Specifically, he opted for the bombing of Hiroshima as an unarguably novel event. The structure of his TimeWave dictated that extremely novel events unfolded in cycles of 6 x 64 x 64 = 24,576 days (67.29 years). [64 being critical to the I-Ching.] Adding this sum to the date of Hiroshima gave him an end-date in November 2012 A.D.. It was well after settling on this date that he found out someone else had come to a very similar conclusion. The calendar of the time-obsessed Mayan culture appears to come to the end of a 5,125-year cycle on 21st December (the winter solstice) of the same year, and McKenna adjusted the end-date to conform with this venerable tradition.

As it stands, the TimeWaves predictions for the run-up to 2012 A.D. are staggering. Comparing our own age... we can see that the start of the 90s resonates with the emergence of life onto land 400 million years ago, and the hominids debut 4 million years ago. Furthermore, McKenna states that, due to the acceleration of noveltys ingression, about half of the total evolution of our 72-plus-billion-year old universe will occur in the last 0.3 seconds before 6:00 am on 21/12/2012 [December 21, 2012]! If we take the formation of the cosmos, the rise of life, or the discovery of language as examples of key barriers that universal evolution passes through, McKennas calculations tell us that thirteen such barriers will be passed in the last 0.0075 seconds!!
According to the timewave graph, great periods of novelty occurred about 4 billion years ago when Earth was formed, 65 million years ago when dinosaurs were extinct and mammals expanded, about 10,000 years ago after the end of the ice age, around late 18th century when social and scientific revolutions progressed, during the sixties, around the time of 911, and with coming novelty periods in November 2008, October 2010, with the novelty progressing towards the infinity on 21st December 2012

Plotirao sam graf za ovu godinu, ono sto je ostalo od nje. Kritican izgleda 2gi mjesec 2009. Ako uhvatim vremena, napravim screenshotove pa stavim na blog.

'Into The Fractal Core: Get Ready For The Shift'

07 listopad 2008

The fractal spiral is the evolutionary movement of consciousness through the universe. Each iterative resolution of the fractal is encoded with the whole, meaning that every element and compound, from a hydrogen molecule to a Beethoven symphony, unfolds from the same elegant rule set and is capable of connecting to, or becoming, anything else in the universe. Every holographic fragment contains the big picture. It is the frequency of one’s own channel of consciousness that determines how deeply we can go.

Consciousness traces the logarithmic spiral arcs into ever higher dimensions of being, or more precise configurations of energy, as you prefer. It is useful to visualize the spiral as a three dimensional object, a cone. As we move towards the point, each augmentation of the fractal indicates an exponentially higher level of density and complexity. More information in less space, deeper awareness in less time, all accumulating from each previous resolution. This continues as we progress through the spiral, which becomes denser as we approach its singularity point, where no further complexity or geometric enfoldment is possible. This represents a natural completion and integration stage. A dimensional shift. We are at one of these points now.


There is much information at the moment concerning major events coming in October 2008. Dates of the 14th October recur, as do the 7th & 13th October. There are 10 commonly discussed scenarios. (1) large scale false flag terror, (2) nuclear exchange, (3) fake alien contact, (4) real alien contact, (5) messianic return, (6) incoming 'planet x'/nibiru, (7) coronal mass ejection from the sun (knocking out anything electronic), (8) magnetic pole shift, (9) physical pole shift, (10) comet strike. If one doesn’t scare you, another one will. If one is improbable, another is probable. Belief or no belief, a full spectrum eruption of paradigms is with us right now – today - and is melting the ignorance of the modern inauthentic life. The polarity consciousness model has had its day. Study into these subjects certainly takes more energy than it gives. Without sufficient psychological grounding and context, it’s easy to understand why the newcomer would reject this material in favour of easy-to-swallow sugared pills of media distraction. Nevertheless, it seems the universe has the next level of the game ready to roll for earthlings.


The only real preparation is spiritual preparation. Psychological and emotional balance, together with a real, deep connectedness with oneself and the natural world has never been so important. Be who you really are. Dissolve inauthentic behaviours and attitudes. Allow the universe into you. The chrysalis that we thought was the whole world, is beginning to crack open. Examine the photograph, above. The small lifeform on the left is about to leave its entire world behind. Perhaps better to stay put. But the nature of the universe is evolution. The great fractal spiral. So it emerges a different form of consciousness than before, not the same being at all. When the transformation is complete, it stretches its newly created wings in an entirely different dimension of existence.

Greater dimensions of being await. Observe non-attachment. Do not cling to anything, and there shall be no suffering. Easier said than done, some may say, but take the first step. Know in your heart that all is one. Feel the impermanence of all things. Know the indestructibility of your soul. We have chosen to be here now, in this time of revelation, unveiling and transformation. Stand at the centre. You are the change.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

06 listopad 2008

Drug Switch javio da je izašao novi Zeitgeist. Evo ga...

The Federal Reserve: The Greatest Scam In History?

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913-1914 in order to bring stability to the economy and yet almost every major crash, including the great depression, can be attributed to the Federal Reserve.

We are going to take a look at the history of the Fed and what prominent historical figures have said about the organisation.

Firstly, from 1837-1862 there was a system of national banks in the USA but then in 1913-1914 a consortium of 12 privately held banks got together and formed the Federal Reserve Bank, an entity that is not part of the US government. These banks then purchased notes from the US Mint for printing costs and lent them out through member banks charging interest.

The Federal Reserve came into being after its supporters paid for the Presidential campaign of US President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson signed the bill that transferred the US currency to twelve regional private banks Wilson regretted his decision later saying:

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

The Myth Of German Culpability

The 2nd World War
The True Sequence Of Aggression

By Michael Walsh

One of the great mysteries of life is that despite the evidence to the contrary millions of otherwise intelligent people still believe that Germany was the all powerful aggressor during the 2nd World War. Nothing better than these myths illustrate the mind-bending power of propaganda.

The provable facts sest that Germany was the victim and not the perpetrator of naked neighboring aggression. The subsequent allied military triumph was followed by the triumph of the propagandists whose pressing need was to depict the victor nations as being the victim.


"Germany is too strong. We must destroy her."
- Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936.

"In no country has the historical blackout been more intense and effective than in Great Britain. Here it has been ingeniously christened The Iron Curtain of Discreet Silence. Virtually nothing has been written to reveal the truth about British responsibility for the Second World War and its disastrous results." - Harry Elmer Barnes. American Historian

"The war was not just a matter of the elimination of Fascism in Germany, but rather of obtaining German sales markets." - Winston Churchill. March, 1946.

"Britain was taking advantage of the situation to go to war against Germany because the Reich had become too strong and had upset the European balance." - Ralph F. Keeling, Institute of American Economics

"I emphasized that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit." - Samuel Untermeyer, The Public Years, p.347.

'Sukhavati - Place of Bliss: A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell (Video)'

Nešto da vam razveseli ovo, chemtrailima prošarano :-(, jutro.

Renowned author, philosopher, and mythologist Joseph Campbell presents this program, an exploration of primal mythical images. Campbell traces the mythological symbols left to us by the ancients, revealing the drama played out across the screen of the universe. Primal mythological images evoke a sense of the experience as well as the spirit of the great story that so excited Joe. Filmed around the world, SUKHAVATI is a journey of transcendence and illumination. By casting his sharp critical eye on the images and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity as well as the ruins of Ajanta or Ellora in India, Eleusis and Delphi in Greece, and Stonehenge, Campbell sets off on a journey filled with visual poetry to find the land of bliss.

Martial Law in the USA and Economic Terrorism

04 listopad 2008

Rep. Brad Sherman says Congress threatened with Martial Law if bill is not passed

Alex talks with Rep. Brad Sherman about his "martial law" comment on the floor of the House.

Jeli toliko teško spojiti dva i dva?

There's No Difference Between Martial Law and the Threat of Martial Law

If a bully threatens to beat up a skinny kid if he doesn't give him his lunch money, and the bully doesn't have to follow through because the kid does fork it over, does that mean that the aggressive kid isn't a bully?

Of course not. He's a bully because he threatened to beat up the skinny kid and used coercion to get his way.

Well, Congressman Sherman said that congress was threatened with martial law this week. Specifically, he says that Congress was told martial law would be imposed if they didn't pass the Paulson bailout proposal.

Martial law means that the separation of powers which the Founding Fathers enshrined in the Constitution are destroyed, and an all-powerful executive branch calls the shots.

Is the threat of imposing martial law any different than actually imposing it?

No. Congress is just like the skinny kid.

Just because it forked over $700 billion or more in our lunch money based upon coercion by the thugs in the executive branch doesn't mean that the thugs are still following the separation of powers or anything else in the Constitution.

Remember that, for years, Congress has operated under "martial law" provisions which force Congress members to vote on legislation without having time to adequately read and review it.

Remember also that the U.S. has been in a declared state of national emergency for 7 years, and normal constitutional provisions were probably long ago superseded.
As University of California Berkeley Professor Emeritus Peter Dale Scott has warned:

"The systems of checks and balances established by the U.S. Constitution would seem to be failing.

To put it another way, if the White House is successful in frustrating [Congress' requests], then [the declared state of emergency] has arguably already superseded the Constitution as a higher authority."

And remember that U.S. troops are being stationed inside the U.S. to suppress "civil unrest".

Whether or not there is martial law in name, there is martial law in fact.
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The Beginning Of A World Centralization Whirlwind
by Stefan Fobes

To solve global problems we need global solutions, and we must work together even when there are differences in our political systems. - Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission President speaking to the Chinese Communist Party Central School in Beijing on November 27, 2007

As the climb towards a world government continues, several things need to be done first, and one of them is centralization of all regulatory bodies, governments, and anything that affects our daily lives to even the smallest degree, the signs of which are too great to be ignored when reading on world events is done. 2008 seems to be the start of a turning point of this race for control, and those running things behind the scenes aren’t pacing themselves to conserve energy anymore. So, I will concentrate here on what appears to me at the moment to be the three main things that that are in the beginning stages of or will soon be quickly centralized right now around the planet.
The Banks

So here it is. Everything I said three weeks ago before the crap really really started to hit the fan that about the banking and housing situation proved to be correct, unfortunately. I’ll do a recap of the overall steps that have led the financial world to this point.

Banks and investment houses were lending out loans to people who clearly didn’t have the income to pay. They could legally treat the cash flow from the loan itself as an asset and it seems the risk to them was so great since they were issuing so many of them, they combined them into packages called asset backed securities and collaterilized debt obligations, and then sold those to investors, who then traded them on the open market for profit.

Prime Minister Harper officially endorses North American Union

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s appearance at the New York City based Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) on 25 September 2007, was an official endorsement and expression of solidarity on the North American Union agenda.

Harvard University educated CNN Veteran anchor Lou Dobbs, has further confirmed the official endorsement of the Stephen Harper Minority Conservative government on North American Union, or “New America”.

Mr. Harper has been apparently directed by the principal funders of the Conservative Party of Canada, which are ideologically linked to the CFR, to assimilate Canada into a new “Fortress North America” which is controlled by the U.S. political-military-industrial complex by no later than 2010.

Building a ‘North American Community’

Indeed, the Stephen Harper government has been reported to be in the process of getting various Canadian government departments and agencies to “harmonize”, with U.S. governmental agencies, to expedite the assimilation of Canada into the neo-conservative vision of a “Fortress North America”.
The Council of Foreign Relations has indeed published a book on its North American Union manifesto entitled “Building a North American Community”.

John Manley, former Deputy Prime Minister in the Paul Martin Liberal Government is a co-author of this book.

Yes, my fellow Canadians, that is why Stephen Harper with ONLY a minority government, has been able to easily pursue North American Union, with what Mr. Lou Dobbs has referred to as a cabal at the CFR.

I na kraju, predvidjanja iz Kamelota (pogledajte datum posta)...

Orchestrated financial collapse initially...then, leading to worldwide calamity, and all the attending disintegration of society on all levels to make way for the NWO larger agenda/ Roths empire building.

Gold for large scale protection of previous paper assets and silver for day to day trade for other commodities, underground transactions to evolve amongst them/us commoners ...The current down trend is also orchestrated for further consolidation via fear liquidation from various large holders of metals.

The Internet is going to be restructured, and the format and infrastructure is already in place, with the monitoring systems in place as well. Any dissident activities will be corrupted, and eliminated.

All I will say about the "seeming" hierarchy changes is that such changes are to expedite (not necessarily change or reverse) the numerous transitions into a more controlled state. There is only one controlling team, and we are not on the team..

THE AGENDA schedule is as planned on target, and all events are transpiring as planned. There are no mistakes or accidents, or miscalculations. Hard to believe, but you must understand the network involved that knows not only what the right and left hands are doing, but in fact instructs them to perform in their functions... all performed to "persuade and manage" the majority into believing that what is happening is right and the best for all involved. Watch... you will see more each day, in some cases, changes by the hour prevail as October approaches.

The October event(s) will be the coup d’état of human life as we have known it in this century.

I am leaving now, and will not be back for a good while, perhaps never.

It is our opinion at Project Camelot that we are witnessing a controlled demolition of the global economy: a Financial 9/11.

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