BlueBeam preparacije

15 kolovoz 2013

Zakljucak visednevnog mozganja i citanja vijesti... blue beam projekt je u finalnim preparacijama. Kako kaze suspicious observer na jubitou, stay safe everyone.

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09 srpanj 2013

Pozdrav svima! Dosta je i vremena prošlo. Da ne dužim sa pričama gdje sam bio i što sam radio, mogu samo reći da nastavljamo dalje, gdje smo stali.

Osobno mislim da vremena puno i nemamo i da su informacije i osobni napor jedino što nam preostaje. Stoga, sve nove informacije, a koje smatram validnima, stavljati ću i ovdje.

Svijet ide u qrac. Agenda globalizacije i dehumanizacije se ubrzano provodi. Političke igre se igraju sa lijeve i desne strane i nešto se gadno sprema. Misliti pozitivno i nije neka utjeha, ali misliti negativno sigurno nije utjeha. Dakle, tko se može aktivirati, neka se aktivira na najprikladniji način. Treba nam što više mudrih, pametnih i suosjećajnih ljudi, jer nam je vrijeme skoro pa odzvonilo.

Za početak, Antić ima novije izdanje Istorije Galaksije, moja preporuka: Knjiga. U paketu je i knjigica nazvana Rubno Znanje Za početnike, pa preporučam da i nju pogledate. Upravo preko te knjige sam došao do stranice i malo prelistao. Kada usporedim ono što se u svijetu događa sa ovime što na prvi pogled izgleda kao znanstvena fantastika, zaprepastim se, čak i ja.

Evo malo copy pejsta:

Alien Intro

What we call “aliens” are hyperdimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perceptions and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to live here, mostly in underground bases. Some “aliens” helped genetically engineer the human race, while other factions later crippled human genetics in order to turn mankind into little more than a source of physical and etheric food. Today, those interacting with humanity via abductions have a negative orientation and intend to create a race of human-alien hybrids capable of ruling over humanity while having total allegiance to the interdimensional alien empire. Literature tends to identify these negative “aliens” as the reptilians, grays, mantids, and some hostile nordic factions. There exist positively oriented beings as well, notably the more positive nordics, but they respect the law of freewill and do not engage in physical abductions. Rather they exist as a spiritual brotherhood lending their service to protect and guide those of us who seek freedom from the limitations of this 3D matrix control system, prison/school earth.

Hostile “aliens” are 4D and 5D dark entities:

Consist of beings who have evolved beyond limited three dimensional linear time status. They exist at a level of reality beyond our five senses, the back stage to our reality so to speak.

Preside over all elements of the lower hierarchy of the matrix control system, from the individual to entire human organizations. They are beyond linear time and thus can do this.

Fourth density beings have the physical form related to whatever animal species they originally evolved from. All present on earth are humanoid in nature. Some look human, some reptilian, other insectoid. Their form is temporarily alterable due to the variable physicality of fourth density.

They are part of interstellar and interdimensional empires, seeking conquest. They take over entire worlds and races for genetic, physical, and spiritual resources. This is done patiently over thousands of our years, but because they are beyond linear time it does not hinder them.

They seek energy, and earth has been molded into a farm for them. This energy consists of human life force, emotional and spiritual and sexual energy. Being hyperdimensional, they can suck this directly via telepathic connection, or via the many agents or portals they have instated among the general population.

They have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, and have long ago altered the human genetic code to reduce us to our most primal levels, we are spiritually crippled because of this.

Above them are nonphysical entities of demonic nature, dark occult overlords who are supreme in their dark wisdom and knowledge. While 4D entities are rough around the edges and serve more as minions and henchmen, 5D entities are the commanders, Luciferian in nature. They are advanced enough to appear in whatever form they want, and can thus appear human. Some of the hostile red-haired nordics are of this category.

They are locked into their own mode of existence, and above them in the hierarchy is only the logos or thought center, the black sun, the spiritual black hole that inevitably sucks all self-centered consciousness into it. To stave off this spiritual death, they need increasing energy from those below in the hierarchy. In fact, all dark practitioners seek to avoid the metaphysical consequences of what they do, which is why they are into physicality and prolonging life while physical, they can do what they want and delay paying the debt.

Rather than being misguided or unevolved, these beings are highly evolved but in an entropic fashion. They have great knowledge and wisdom concerning how to serve the Creator within themselves at the expense of the Creator within others.

They have weaknesses:

They are prone to wishful thinking due to their narrow probable reality range. Hyperdimensional beings occupy a bandwidth of probable realities whose spectrum corresponds to their soul frequencies. So those of a negative nature who vibrate at a lower and more restricted rate tend to operate within a more limited range of probable realities. This makes them blind to certain outcomes (probabilities) that are not within their perception.

They are very practical, so they seek the easiest route. This is because they must economize their energy and strategy. The nature of self-serving evolution involves conquest over finite resources, so efficiency and calculation are necessary.

They cannot easily deviate from their plans — all is calculated. It takes them a while to adjust to new evasive tactics employed by a target. Part of this is due to them attacking from outside linear time, meaning they send in their attack simultaneously along the past, present, and future. So what appears to us as an attack spanning several days or weeks is for them a single instant, and so they appear slow to respond to our improvisations.

The lower entities cannot deal with complexity easily unless pre-calculated. Most of what they do is geared toward optimizing success, which usually involves moving along the probable reality that best fits their end goals. But there is always a freewill factor which throws things off, and if a target uses freewill to be unpredictable, this adds incalculable complexity to the range of branching probabilities and therefore disorients them.

They think they always have the advantage, so they get careless; many times they don’t expect resistance because they think their agenda is secret and beyond human comprehension.

Lack of unity among them disrupts the spiritual coherence of their collective and therefore disintegrates what energy they collect, meaning they have to keep collecting more, thus they are like black holes needing more and more energy like a hyperdimensional pyramid scheme.

They preside over lower (human) levels of the control system:

Every individual in an STS (service-to-self) hierarchy is both predator and prey. Predator to those below, prey to those above. Likewise, anyone who is predator or prey participates in the STS hierarchy.

Humans of strong STS orientation incarnate to heighten their negative polarity and carry out missions and agenda. They are of low spiritual frequency and tend to be born into positions of power. These form the elite of the world, who are ultimately directed by the alien powers heading the STS hierarchy.

They incarnate primarily into associated bloodlines because DNA and soul tend to correspond. So tracing bloodlines can show potentiality of destiny. Bloodlines like these arise via genetic modification by alien factions, or by mutation in response to the soul frequency of ancestors who made negative soul pacts with higher dark powers. These bloodlines have a physical and spiritual symbiotic relationship with their alien counterparts.

Their function is power and conquest, and right now we are in the final phase of their conquest. Negative hyperdimensional forces want total control over mankind. Their influence upon mankind at large can be termed the Hyperdimensional Control System.

Prvi post završavamo sa linkovima i videima, uživajte.

Alex Jones Youtube Kanal

Bill Deagle interviju

George Norry i Alex Jones


Nije dosta? Ajmo pogledati onda malo i službene vijesti.

Stvaramo li superrasu? Birat ćemo im boju očiju, spol i bit će zdravija


26 kolovoz 2010

Svemu dodje kraj, pa i blogu. Ako se budemo citali opet, budemo se citali, ali kako sada stvari stoje, vjerojatno necemo! Zbogom narode i sretno! Kao naruceno, Budak je napisao novi dopis.

Dear friends,

It seems that strange and fascinating energy shift, which will influence the whole planet, took place on August 22nd. I usually do not write about those kinds of experiences because I don’t consider myself a medium for these sorts of messages. So far, my mission did not include being a voice for extraterrestrial intelligence, ascended beings or Earth consciousness – at least not directly. But this time the global energy shift I sensed on last Sunday was so intense, deep and profound that I felt I better share this with others in order to induce response from those who have had the same experience, but also to help articulate what is going on and how to relate to the change this shift brings. Firstly I just shared my feelings and visions with my partner and a group of intimate friends, but when I received an e-mail from a student of mine asking me about her dream where I was announcing a new laser-like light ray being completely purified and stabilized on Earth, I just had this strong inner pressure to write a short report on the subject. The moment I finished and posted this report the pressure mysteriously vanished…

Although I’m not a “mass spiritual messenger”, I do have contacts with otherworldly beings. When it comes to spiritual work, I rely primarily on myself and my personal efforts, but I definitely am under protection and guidance of some of the well known “ascended masters”. One of them, an entity responsible solely for the development of my cosmic consciousness, started sending me messages that “an important thing is going to happen very soon”. It is funny how this intelligence also gave me a kind of a proof that I wasn’t imagining things – I was on Vis, another beautiful Croatian island, and had a strong urge to enter a particular store selling swimsuits and Ipanemas. Since I didn’t find anything interesting in there, I went out and then noticed that the name of the store was an obvious, easily recognizable, anagram of the name of that entity…

Anyway, I did accept the announcement, but later almost forgot about it. Then on last Sunday I suddenly felt great for almost no reason – I was on the beach and my girlfriend was reading aloud an article about extraterrestrial presence on Earth in "Nexus" magazine. It was something about some humanoid giants, good looking and with a great sense of humor, making contacts with humans in Italy, back in the fifties. I immediately saw and felt what their aim was, knew how they felt and what the type and character of their consciousness was. Then I felt being gently hit by a laser-like ray which catapulted me into a fantastic state of mind, but also of wonderful perception of outer reality. All residues of worry and tension vanished (I didn’t even know I had them) and the world seemed absolutely perfect. I felt like a super-conscious being that had been re-born into a new world of crystal light, filled with conscious and loving beings, capable of doing anything they imagine. My energy body became crystalline and I felt that from now on this is going to happen to anybody who wishes to accept this cosmic gift. It was a kind of initiation Earth was going through which started on August 22nd, but is going to continue until the whole system is affected.

Why August 22nd? I really don’t know – many things are happening these days according to Mayan calendar, but I am not a student of it and didn’t check whether it had something to with it. But, I am a student of western astrology and can offer an explanation from this perspective. Viewed astronomically and astrologically, on that day we had an exact conjunction of our Sun and a so called “fixed star” Regulus from the constellation of Leo. However, this conjunction happens every year around this date but initiations like this one happened only this year. What caused that and why this year – probably because of the transformation Earth goes through and the speeding up of that process with each new cycle. So, in this case the Sun-Regulus connection appears to be not the true cause of the initiation, but just the filter for energies coming from deeper space and probably having their root in the global ascension process. I will, therefore, try to interpret only this filter.

Regulus can influence us in many different ways, but is most famous by its “royal” characteristics – when you find it having an important position in somebody’s astro-chart it promises high positions in any field of life, great achievements and high level of creativity. Most “celebrities” have it in their charts, although lots of them misuse its energies. Regulus finds its place on the last degree of Leo, also a “royal” sign. So, when a cosmic initiation happens on the day Regulus conjuncts Sun in Leo, it could indicate that humanity is on its way to re-establish its royal qualities. Those who, until now, considered themselves “little people”, with no personal power, will have an opportunity to change their position and “become Lions again”, to put it as David Icke did. It also means that we are going to need to accept more responsibility for our lives and establish new forms of discipline in order to be able to cope with new qualities of Earth’s energy field.

The final goal of this initiation seems to be extremely ambitious. Information I received during the initiation was that this process will not be finished until the “gates of Hell” are completely closed and sealed. All holes and leaks in Earth’s aura need to be healed and the assemblage point of Earth needs to be moved and returned into its healthy position so that the planet can enter “golden age” again. If this is true, then there are many things that would have to be done both on global and personal level, and some of them are going to be hard and unpleasant.

The lower astral realms who try to hijack Earth are going to be strongly hit by the new level of Light infused into Earth’s aura. This will produce some “strong disturbances in the field” because those who are on the “dark side” are going to resist strongly any kind of positive change. It means that we can expect “darkers” to strike back in many different ways, just to bring the frequency of the global field down. Wars, natural disasters caused by secret weapons, economic depressions, epidemics – anything that causes fear and chaos will be used against the change. On the other hand, all of us having inner impurities will have to purify them. Our imbalances will be shown to us mercilessly and we will no longer have time for endless excuses. This is sometimes going to be very painful, but the process is for our good – if we follow it, we will be protected and there will be no reason for unnecessary suffering.

The world conspiracy is going to be exposed even more rapidly, thoroughly and brutally – even by the mainstream media. Many of politicians will have to resign or even end up in jail. This will also happen on smaller levels – lots of opportunistically oriented business people will no longer be possible to do wrong and get away with it easily. It seems that we have to be prepared for shocking events both on global (social) and personal levels. The apocalypse is in its final stage, and if we consider the original meaning of the Greek word (apocalipto = revealing), than it is no wonder that an age of apocalypse brings all which was hidden to light.

On the other hand, there are going to be wonderful changes on DNA level – even more light in the global energy field is going to make our DNA adapt to it by perfecting and purifying its structure. Spiritual experiences will be easy to reach and healing processes are going to become more rapid, easier and successful. Things are going to get easier generally and people who will go with the new flow will find their projects be accepted more easily by others. There will be less guilt, shame, shyness or victim-like behavior – people will start opening up and expressing themselves easier than ever. Many new inventions will be made and free energy will soon become available to us. Human beings will start joining the cosmic community of enlightened and responsible beings, so we shall probably establish open contact with extraterrestrial beings… and so on.

As you have already noticed, I didn’t say anything that other people haven’t already said about the oncoming times. My contribution could be in interpretation of emotional, energetic and spiritual aspect of the shift. Therefore be careful – your weaknesses will be under heavy attack. The hardcore aspects of your character are going to be transformed, whether you like it or not. This is going to be quite a task for many of us because we cling strongly to our old behavioral models, sometimes defending them with our lives. But what we see as our “personal uniqueness” can sometimes be our worst weaknesses. To change a character has always been the most complicated aspect of personal development – doing it rapidly is even more difficult. So don’t resist (in this case resistance is futile, you will be assimilated…) – do everything you can to adapt yourself to more conscious and spiritually active lifestyle.

Here’s a list of possible immediate effects of this shift, noticed by me and my friends so far:

- no more lying, pretending, denial or excuses

- no more drinking alcohol extensively, smoking or taking recreational drugs as you did before (your body will not be able to cope with poisons and toxic stuff)

- find ways to get “high” naturally, explore your energy body and learn how to use energy centers on auric level, haric level and core star level

- no more junk food – start eating more raw food

- no more laziness, procrastination or compromises

- do what you always wanted to do, do your own thing, don’t wait for another life to realize your potential

- start new projects, do something you have never done before

- stop contributing to the destructive global system of manipulation and deceit – say no to its craziness (vaccines, microchip, draft, corporate power, pyramidal structure and so on)

- discover your multidimensional nature by meditating regularly, find a way to purify yourself karmicaly

- increase your interaction with the clearest and purest aspects of spiritual Light, dive deeper into the Spirit

- learn how to activate your DNA and influence intentionally your body on cellular level

- sort out your relationships, dissolve toxic bonding and create healthy partnerships

- stop supporting members of your family who stubbornly resist change

- leave friends who constantly complain, suck your energy or play victim-roles

- meet new people – organize events as opportunities for meeting interesting people

- change city or region, move somewhere else, don’t be stuck in same old surrounding forever

- celebrate and party more than ever

- don’t worry, be happy…

If you find this interesting and have the same experience please do comment and send this information to anyone you think might benefit from it.

Good luck!


23 kolovoz 2010

Project Camelot - Stewart Swerdlow

22 srpanj 2010

Ostatak potrazite na joutubeu.

Malo prizemnosti

16 srpanj 2010

Banke probile rekord u zaplijeni domova u SAD-u

Banke su u drugom kvartalu zaplijenile rekordan broj američkih domova, ali su malo usporile sa ovrhama jer se na tržištu pojavio poremećaj zbog povećane ponude. Tržište nekretnina u SAD-u je i dalje u krizi sve dok postoje problemi nezaposlenosti i smanjenja plaća. U ovoj godini očekuje se milijun zapljenjenih kuća i stanova, javlja

Atisha: Započni razvijati od sebe

13 srpanj 2010


Atisha: Započni razvijati od sebe

...Radije nego da počneš uzimati svu nesreću svijeta, i apsorbirati je u srce, započni sa svojom vlastitom nesrećom. Nemoj letiti u duboko more tako brzo, prvo nauči plivati u plitkoj vodi. Jer ako počneš upijati bijedu cijele egzistencije, to će ostati samo eksperiment u špekulaciji. Neće biti stvarno. Biće samo verbalno.

Ti možeš sebi reći, "Da, ja uzimam nesreću cijeloga svijeta" - ali šta možeš znati o bijedi cijeloga svijeta? Nisi iskusio ni svoju vlastiti jad.
Mi nastavljamo izbjegavati vlastitu nesreću. Kada se osjetite jadno, uključite radio ili TV da se angažujete. Počnete čitati novine da bi zaboravili svoj bol ili idete u kino, ili ideš svojoj ženi ili mužu. Ideš u klub, kupovinu, samo da se na bilo koji način udaljiš od sebe, da nemoraš vidjeti ranu, da nemoraš gledati koliko te boli iznutra.

Ljudi nastavljaju izbjegavati sebe. Šta znaju o bijedi? Kako mogu uopće zamisliti jad cijele egzistencije? Prvo moraš započeti sa sobom. Ako se osjećaš jadno, dopusti da to postane meditacija. Tiho sjedi, zatvori vrata. Prvo osjeti tugu što je moguće jače. Osjeti povredu. Neko te je uvrijedio. Sada bi najjednostavniji način bio da i ti njega uvrijediš i postaneš okupiran njime. To nije meditacija.

Ako te je neko uvrijedio, osjeti zahvalnost da ti je dao priliku da osjetiš duboku povredu. Otvorio je ranu u tebi. Rana možda potiče od puno ranijih uvreda od kojih si patio cijeli život; on ne može biti uzrokom svih patnji ali je on pokrenuo proces.

Samo zatvori sobu, sjedni tiho, bez ljutnje prema osobi ali sa punom svjesnošću osjećaja koji se javio u tebi - povrede, osjećaja da si odbačen, da si uvrijeđen. A onda ćeš ostati iznenađen da nije samo taj čovjek tu: počinješ se sjećati svih muškaraca i svih žena, svih ljudi koji su te ikada uvrijedi.

Nećeš ih se samo početi sjećati, počet ćeš ih oslobađati. Ići ćeš u neku vrstu prvobitnog, primalnog. Osjeti povredu, osjeti bol. Nemoj ga izbjegavati. Zbog toga se pacijentima u mnogim terapijama kaže da ne uzimaju nikakve droge prije početka, iz jednostavnog razloga što su droge način bijega od tvoje vlastite bijede. One ti ne dopuštaju da vidiš vlastite rane, one ih potiskuju. One ti ne dopuštaju da ideš dublje u patnju, a dok god ne odeš unutar patnje nećeš se uspjeti osloboditi njenog zatvoreništva.

Naučno je savršeno odbaciti sve droge prije odlaska na grupu - ukoliko je moguće čak i droge kao što je kafa, čaj, pušenje, jer ovo sve su načini bijega.
Jeste li posmatrali? Kad god osjetite nervozu zapalite cigaretu. To je način da se izbjegne nervoza, postanete okupirani pušenjem. Ustvari to je vrsta regresije. Pušenje vas navodi da se ponovo osjetite djetetom - nezabrinut, bez odgovornosti - jer pušenje ne predstavlja ništa drugo nego grudi. Vrući dim te jednostavno vraća natrag u dane kada si dojio majčino mlijeko, i toplo mlijeko ulazi; bradavica je sada postala cigareta. Cigareta je simbolična cucla.

Kroz regresiju nastojite izbjeći odgovornost i bol bivanja odraslim. A to je isto što se dešava sa mnogim drogama. Moderni čovjek je drogiran kao nikada prije, jer moderni čovjek živi u velikoj patnji. Bez droga bi bilo nemoguće živiti u takvoj patnji. Ove droge kreiraju barijere, drže te drogiranim, ne dopuštaju ti dovoljno senzitivnost da znaš svoj bol.

Prva stvar za uraditi je zatvoriti vrata i prestati sa svim vrstama okupacija - gledanje TV-a, slušanje radija, čitanje knjige. Zaustavi sve okupacije jer i to je suptilna vrsta droge. Samo budi tih, potpuno sam. Nemoj se niti moliti, jer i to je ponovo vrsta droge, postaješ okupiran, počinješ pričati sa Bogom, počinješ se moliti i bježiš od sebe.

Atisha kaže: Samo budi ono što jesi. Bez obzira na jačinu bola i bez obzira na patnju, dopusti to. Prvo ga osjeti u punom intenzitetu. Biće teško, biće kao cijepanje srca. Možeš početi plakati kao dijete, možeš se početi valjati na podu od dubokog bola, tijelo ti se može izvijati. Iznenada možeš postati svjestan da bol nije samo u srcu već u cijelom tijelu - boli svuda naokolo, bolno je svukuda, da tvoje tijelo nije ništa drugo do bol.

Ako to možeš iskusiti - to je neizmjerno važno - onda započni to absorbirati. Nemoj odbaciti. To je tako dragocjena energija, nemoj je odbaciti. Upij je, popij je, prihvati je, zaželi joj dobrodošlicu, budi joj zahvalan. I reci si,"Ovaj put je neću izbjegavati, ovaj put je neću odbaciti, ovaj put je neću rasipati. Ovaj put ću je piti i primiti kao gosta. Ovaj put ću je probaviti."

Može vam trebati nekoliko dana da je budete sposobni probaviti, ali onog dana kada se to dogodi, vi ste prošli kroz vrata koja će vas odvesti stvarno daleko. Novo putovanje je započelo u vašem životu, krećete se ka novoj vrsti postojanja - jer odmah, u momentu kada prihvatite bol bez imalo odbacivanja, ta energija i njen kvalitet se mijenjaju. To više nije bol. Ustvari svako ostane iznenađen i ne može vjerovati, jer to je prosto nevjerovatno. Ne možete vjerovati da patnja može biti transformirana u ekstazu, da bol može postati zadovoljstvo.

Ali u svakdonevnom životu niste svjesni da su suprotnosti uvijek zajedno spojene, da one nisu suprotnosti već da se nadopunjavaju. Jako dobro znate da vaša ljubav u bilo kojem momentu može prerasti u mržnju, kao i da mržnja u bilo kojem momentu može postati ljubav. Čak ukoliko mrzite sa punim intenzitetom, potpuno, to će svakako preći u ljubav...
Osho, Knjiga Mudrosti

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