petak, 20.06.2008.

da da
jos san ziv na moju i vasu zalost

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petak, 15.02.2008.

Ovo sam napisao za jednu meni dragu osobu...

Open your heart it's that simple
just do that cause I can't wait no more
I'm too tired of waiting for something I only dream

I give you everything I am
you reveal the best in me
I need something to hold on
(I don't want to die alone)

My hungry heart seek for more
hear my voice frome the mouth so dry
join the revolution of life
there is nothing for me outside from the day I meet you
closed doors and darkened sun that burns the skin of me
maybe something we missed from the start
but now is another place and time

I give you everything I am
you reveal the best in me
I need something to hold on
don't give up yet it's not too late for love (to love)

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nedjelja, 23.09.2007.

to my special friend

you release the pressure
you brake the strongest
you make the scy weip
you're the ragest
you' re the outcast of withering fire
you are the keaper of worlds apart instant and intacht link
sun is circling you and night edmires you
stories of endless missery wanish before you
the world is better place with you in it
words i'we spoken are true
and it's all cause it is just you, you and you

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nedjelja, 02.09.2007.

some things you just don't ask the reason why...
lost in bitternes of life, all the time something is standing you in your way
strangers, money, love...
they just test you in their own selfish way
don't try to understand them just walk by but don't ever turn your back cause the little inocent things can stab you in back
take your life in diferent sphere and live throuhg days like it's your last
cause life's just to short to stand by side and watch it passing you by...

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petak, 24.08.2007.

I don't know what to say anymore
all my words seams don't reach nothing
only nothingnes is there
cold as ice waiting for imortal soul to freze in time
now when I'm left alone to stray
without fear I bow to god and tell him to put me to sleep
all that I charished
all I loved
all I lived for is lost now
cause there's no reclamation for life

my time seams to expire
I'm leaving this worl without a witnes to tell my sory
nothing I ever achived in my life
and nothing I'll cary to the other world
only me and my restless soul

and I say farewell to the world
for my time is come
now I'm just an shadow that's carying his burden trough fogs of hell

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četvrtak, 16.08.2007.

ovo je nesto sta san bija napisa za nekog...jos jedna nedovsrena stvar...

I went one more time to sleep
just to see you one more time in my dreams
for that is the only way I could reach you
and as I fell to sleep I died with your face infront of me
and now I'm just another man wundering in dreams
wundering for a lifetime searching for love
in death embraced dream with no hope to fly above gray clouds
and finish without mistakes that I made trough my life

for you I'm drownong in endless pool of grace
for you I give up everything
for you I lived
for you I died
for you I'll always be there
you make me whole once again
cause you're my mistress of painful love

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nedjelja, 05.08.2007.

in the divine pits of hellful life we seek the justice and senece to live
nothing seams to be right no mater what we do no mater where we go
shame of thing called life is drowning us in dark days and cold nights
not to make us stronger but to suficate us with things that have no name a people fith face of
something that you thought is new and reborn as good with loittle time becomes shallow and cold
last will to live is sucked from us in dead night
soon the world will stop to exist and our poor souls will be trowed to hell to burn for lifetime
nothing is worth living in this world

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ponedjeljak, 30.07.2007.

there was something that day
when I saw it I stayed speachles
no wordrs to say the beauty of first sight
sometimes I wish I was there from the begining
only then I wouldn't suffer so much
pain is eating me day after day
I just can't go one anymore
maybe one day I'll be free and find what I'm looking for
but till then my only hope is to dream and try to reach it
as I go on in life my every minute is like last on this planet
closed sights, closed doors no room for me
all my stories and prays were blownend away by mighty wind
no one to hear my cream
nothig is there to be ment for something that people seek
only visions in the night that shine the scy
in glorious wishes of something that is never ment to be

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petak, 27.07.2007.

no time for me
no time for myself
all alone walk through life
nothing and noone to follow my steps
theres gray doors that leads to death
it sound slike salvation form this missery
nothing makes it seasy
but life is just so heavy burden for me
I just can't stand this anymore
life in a lie
life in a nightmare fuorfilled with false hope
that daoesnt have no end
mininles words that someone whispers in the cold night
wind just cares them away
cold is this night that I walk alone
the end is near
I'm going to die and reborn
not to live but to die again and again...

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subota, 21.07.2007.

the day of reckoning is come
and they who were blessed will uncover the tirany of life
nothing will be qoick as their deaths
the cursed ones will be set free to walk earth one more time
in ritual quest for their redemption in purgatory
quest for souls that seek eternal resting place
nothing will stand on their ways...
as day turnes to night collectors are trashing their peace in this world
and in the next one they will pend on their mercy in hollow grounds
sumoning the pagan gods they will find themself in undicowered land
where time stops still yet runs so fast
sorry of their lifes is turned to a noghmare and they can't woke up
ressles are the souls that guard them in the journey of imortal sorrow
and ressles will they become too
only the strongest ones will survive the yourney and hunt their land of freedom
and mujo & haso were there fishing and they didnt catch nothing...

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nedjelja, 08.07.2007.

last night the words are spoken that cannot be unturth
you said that all what is given is now lost
is tihis the last things we do together
something keaps some unbrakeble distance betwean us
it's so hard to talk with you
noting can compare to this...
just another carazy thought of mine...
an ilusion something like a dream
woken up this morning by the cryes of mutilated people
I realized that all this is just another crazy dream of my cold soul
that is wanishing from this reality every second peace by peace...
my spirit forever shall be...

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petak, 06.07.2007.

''last night I dreamt what my life will become...
the endless fealds of hope and nothing else''

Insomnium - Bitter End

The silent moment right before the
Dusk fades away
I open my eyes but the darkness
Nightfrost covers the brittle flowers
Around you
I realize that what I dreamt is true

Beauty beyond words
My dearest one
Her light burns my eyes
She is all mine

By these frosty waters I rest by
Your side
I hold you in my arms for the last
If only I could tell you how I need
Your love
If only you had seen what I kept in
My heart

Now it's the time of grieving
Reign of sorrow in my heart
All i have ever wanted
Is today forever gone
Bitter is the nightly silence
Bitter till the end of time
The sky grown ever darker
Through now she''ll always be mine

I hold you on my arms so tight
I kiss your frozen lips for this last
For the first time

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subota, 30.06.2007.

evo ja se vratija cisto onako jer mi je doslo ili sta vec
uglavnom eo jedan post povodom nicega ka i obicno
jos jedna pizdarija mog pomracenog uma...

uscrvale zvijeri ce da nas muce u snovima, a kada se probudimo onda ce zivi mrtvaci bacati na nas teske rijeci prastarih kletvi koje ce nam samo pomoci da brze odemo sa ovog nesvrstanog svijeta punog sranja i lazi...
bića iz davnina nas vrebaju gdje god mi isli jer mi smo ipak oni koi hodaju okolo sa dusama punim grijeha koje oni cekaju da ih muce u tamnicama 9. kruga... u glavama smrtnika se rađaju nove nede za necim sto bi trebalo biti dostojno zivota kojih zivimo...
kako cemo zavrsiti znaji samo oni koje nemozemo pitati, one koji su kada ih tribamo i zovemo nedostupni...
a oni koji su tu kraj nas, koje svaki dan gledamo i slusamo sa nevjericom jer znamo da iz njihovih usta ne izlazi istina
oni samo cekaju svoj trenutak kada ce nas pogaziti u jos jednom od svojih osvajackih pohoda za koje smatraju da su put do savrsenstva i vjecnog zivota izvan zidina ovog svijeta...
pogled u unutrasnjost duse samo govori da si zgrijesio samo zato sto si se rodio i hodas ovim putevima zamaljskim koji vode samo u jednom smijeru...
otkrijes da nista nije namjenjeno tebi i da nista nije namjenjeno tebi osim praznine i samoce...
sve sto se govorilo dok si bio dijete je bila samo jedna velika laz i priprema za putovanje iz kojeg nema povratka
samo je jedna stvar ostala cista i bez grijeha a njeno ime se ne govori naglas niti se sapce jer jednom kada se izgovori onda se osuđujes na mucenje, patnju, bol, tugu...

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