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Udobno ste smješteni u blogu: Les Jours Tristes. Navigacija su mali trokutići koji će se pojaviti kada mišem/kurzorom prijeđete preko ovog teksta.
That Rainy Night
The last few days had been rainy, but that night, the rain was especially heavy. It had gotten dark faster than it should've at this time of the year and it was like the weather changed from sunny late summer heat to the biggest rainstorm the city has ever seen in just a few seconds.
It didn't bother him. In fact, he prefered this kind of weather, since it matched the mood he was in most of the time. He leaned on the cold glass of the car window and listened to the rain banging against it. These were one of the rare moments when he could relax for a bit. From time to time, these were also the moments when dark memories would creep up on him, but before that could happen that day, the car suddenly came to a halt. He sat up straight while his driver hurried out of the car to tend to a figure illuminated by the car's headlights. He watched for a few moments, as his driver pulled out his phone and the figure waved its hand in a panic. As he got out of the car he heard his driver ask, „are you sure you're okay?“.
„Yes, yes, I'm really fine“, a female voice said. She smiled apologetically.
„Wouldn't it be better if you stood up, rather than sitting in the rain?“, he asked and her look shot up.
„You're right“, she answered as she got up, her voice still apologetic.
As if she were the one who almost ran him over.
Now that she was standing, he could get a better look of her. She had a pair of running shoes on her feet, that definitely weren't appropriate for this kind of weather, dark blue skinny jeans and a burgundy sweater. A small black bag on a long strap was dangling from her shoulder and he noticed an expensive gold watch on her wrist. Her short hair clung to her face like a helmet. She was soaked.
When she noticed how he was analysing her, she bowed.
„I'm really sorry for jumping out in front of your car like that. I'm really fine, so-“, she suddenly stopped as her hand shot up on her stomach and she almost fell on her knees if the driver hadn't caught her.
„As I thought, we should really call an ambulance and-“
„No no no, I really, absolutely can't go to a hospital right know“, she interrupted, with slight panic evident in her voice.
„Then let us at least drop you off at your home or wherever you were headed“, the driver insisted.
„I... wasn't headed anywhere specific...“
He noticed that she started looking anxiously behind her, as if she expected someone to run out of the same dark alley she ran out of.
„Then why were you-“
„You will explain who you are and what happened. Isono, call Yamada and tell him to come to the mansion. He'll take a look at her over there.“
„Understood“, the driver said and immediately started dialing the number.
„Huh? I'm telling you, I'm really-“
„It seems to me that we don't have the time for you to explain yourself out here, so get in the car“, he cut off.
The girl was hesitating for a moment, but then opened the door and sat. When the driver also sat in the driver's seat, he informed them that the person called Yamada would be there in about 15 minutes. He just nodded approvingly.
The rest of the ride was only accompanied by the sound of the rain.

Nešto što bi trebalo biti dugačko oko 5 chaptera, ali tko zna hoće li ikada doći do prvog.

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