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Hard Knocks a mixture of Bucs

We reported in this week of the meeting of NFL owners in New Orleans as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under consideration for publication in HBO's Hard Knocks this summer.

Again there was no firm decision yet, but the Bucs are a great player in this field. The exhibition offers a detailed look at a team training camp and of course the current employment situation could disrupt or eliminate training camps.

Is it really a good idea for the Bucs?
There are many positives and negatives of some, the coach Raheem Morris.

Very true. Let's start with the positive. The exhibition is enormous, of all teams, the Bucs could not effectively keep increasing its national audience. They do not sell a home game last season alone. Despite the record high of 10.6 last season that surprised even the feeling that many fans in Tampa Bay arent very happy with this team and I heard a step back more fans to discuss next season, a way forward to make.
This is a chance for the Bucs really open their locker room, dining room and meeting room during the camp and on a good show. They've got some potential superstars in quarterback Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and receiver running back Blount Legarreta. Freeman, in particular, is a very beautiful and knows it would be a chance for the world.

Theyve also can be Morris, one of the most entertaining coach in the league.

And that brings us right next to the coin. Morris is a sociable type, and energy. Hes great in a press conference five minutes, but even then sometimes says more than it should. Morris put cameras in most of the time could make all sorts of potential problems.

Morris is very capable and say something controversial. The same is true for most players. The Bucs have a very good group of players in the locker room, but they are the youngest team in football and young people tend not to do or say the right thing. Even a veteran like Kellen Winslow points down. Winslow was the key to good performance and low since his arrival in Tampa Bay. But in general, left the locker room, where the media are of the order. With cameras and microphones on him all day, which could be too much of a window of Winslow.
attended since the last few years, we know that the team highlighted the television team provides access to almost total. Thatsit great way for fans to get an idea of %'€¤hat a team it is. But every team in the NFL, the devil, all major groups of people, has errors and there are certain things that should remain private.

If the Bucs to go this route, there is no privacy. Everything you do will be under the microscope. I'm not saying that the fact the show is good or bad. Their share of both. All the saying is, if the Bucs decide to open the window of his house, come to be better prepared for good and bad.

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