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Color: Black
Material: Horsehair

The shoe features the ever-present, original Doc Martens bouncing sole and a thick, protective plain rubber welt. Fully-lined in soft leather and finished with a matching black lace, they are a comfortable and durable combination of function and style.





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The salesgirl recommended another pair of Christian red sole heels for me. Oh my god. It caught my eyes completely and dazzled me. Just when I was thinking about which one to buy, my friend was trying on another skirt. Then she told me that she wanted to buy all the three. And I decided to buy all the three too. Oh my dear. It cost me nearly 20,000! I will not do the same thing next time!
Another friend who is in her honeymoon is also a Christian fan. She affected me. She never forgot my favorite even when she was in a honeymoon. We have known each other for more than ten years. And we are the best friend of each other all these years. I was her bridesmaid on her ceremony of marriage.
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