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About this blog!

How fun that you found this blog Welcome!
My name is Maria Gracanin and I'm a Medical student at the Medical University Of Split School Of Medicine.
Where I started October 2013.
In this blog I will write about my journey as a medical student so I in 6 years can look back and read of all the fun/boring/hard stuff I went through!



One week

19.01.2014., 11:27

Omg I haven't been writing for a whole week now. It's crazy how the days just flies away.
Anyhow, during this week not much have happened, really. I got my bed and couch fixed, I washed some clothes, went to the library and to the mensa, I studied, and I went to Marina's prom! She was so beautiful!!
Today will probably be another day with studying, but to be honest, I am looking forward to it. Yesterday I was reading about the heart and how to read the impulses on a ECG (electrocardiogram), every line has its own meaning, which I didn't know. And that we use Einthoven triangle to calculate the impulses in the right possible way. How cool!!!

SO this is how it looks like when looking at a ECG :

Cool, right?

Yes and not to forget, today Kiki will come to me and study! yeeey! :) I'm so happy, I really missed him! And we will eat some tortillas! :D

// Mia <3

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Sunday, why do I hate you?

12.01.2014., 22:10

There was always something that I hated about Sundays. I still hate them.
They are so boring, everything is closed and there is always something you have to do to prepare for Monday.

Well, nevermind. Today I didn't do very much, I played with my guinea pigs and studied a little bit.
And now I will read a little bit more and actually watch a movie and load with new energy for tomorrow.
I feel like I study less lately, but I think it's just a slump/depression period. I think I need to go home to Sweden to hug that piece that I feel is missing. My family.

That's it for today! Now I will go and read the last chapter!

/ Mia. <3

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Back on track!

08.01.2014., 18:23

So last exam I didn't pass.. Eh whatever I will next time!

Yesterday we started a course in Biophysics. I must say it is really hard, but actually quite interesting! I think it is amazing how Physics, Chemistry and Biology can interact with each other and form what we today call "life". Us!
Today we had a exercise at the Nuclear Department at the hospital with, I must say, one of the best professors I've ever met. We studied radiation (not as much fun since we only tested amount of radiation per minutes which got boring after 14 tests ).
After the exercise the professor showed us around the department. It was so coooooool!!!! OMG, every time I visit a hospital a realize how much I love medicine. We human created so much with our own minds, it's fascinating. And we can today heal the most ill ones.

The day went, and when I came home Kiki and I made tacos. And he wanted to try to make a protein cake, that... Hmm, well it speaks for itself! haha :) (I'm kidding, Kiki, it was delicious)

And my guinea pigs are enjoying in their paradise. They love their new house Kiki's dad made for them! Wonderful!

Now I will study and on Friday we have seminar and oral exam!

/Mia <3

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Mia+Histology=<3 ??

05.01.2014., 10:47

No, I would not think so!
It's hard to feel that I'm always complaining about something. Maybe it is just the period I'm going through now. Eh, it will be better soon I hope!
So today I will study, clean and go for a coffee with Kiki on riva. I'm looking forward to that.
And today a new home will be given to my guinea pigs. A BIG, BIG house. I am so excited!!! :D

Isn't Split just beautiful?

/ Mia <3

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3, 2, 1....

03.01.2014., 17:50

AND now my panic attacks for the exam starts!
I have so much to read and zero motivation!
What should I do!?! I just want to rip my hair off! And I am hungry, but too lazy to go to the store. ahhh

Maybe I should try to breathe in one of these?

Or drink one of these?

Or just slap myself and then everything will be fine! haha!

/ Mia <3

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Good Morning!

03.01.2014., 11:10

Nothing feels better then waking up inhaling fresh air. I think spring sooner or later will start!
I just fed my guinea pigs and put them out on the balcony, I have to clean their cage today. They STINK! haha
But they are cute and they are mine (and Kiki's <3). It is so fun to see them grow, makes me happy!

Marvin and Zoran!

Unfortunately Marvin is no longer with us! But we got a new one called "Akilles". Just as cute as Marvin was.

Now I will open my books and start to study! I have so much to go through! How will I make it?

Well, I will!

As one said; "If you want to success as bad as you want to breathe, you will be successful!"


/ Mia <3

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2nd of January!

02.01.2014., 21:24


So this is my first blog on a Croatian website. This will be fun!
My aim with this blog is to update about my days as a medical student here in Split and what my days in Split has to offer me. :)
I thought this could be something fun to do, so I later on can look back and read about everything I went through!

And I was thinking on writing on English instead of Swedish so I can practice my writing skills.

So did anything interesting happened today?
hmm well, nothing special. Kiki was here, we ate lunch, he helped me with my header and outlook of the blog and I must say I am very satisfied :)
Right now I'm studying for my exam I have next Tuesday, in histology and embryology.
I hope it will go well, as long as I have the "eye of Horus" on my side.

/ Mia <3

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Welcome to my blog!

31.12.2013., 00:40

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