Caribbean travel and music

After the holidays I plunged first into the pesky obligations held by the re-entry into society for a ready: insurance, taxes, career prospects , apartment - just some of the topics that I replaced over the past 15 months happy and successful have. Now it was time to address these issues and again. It was back in the middle , has the serious side of life in a blink of an eye under control.

The time to let it or offered it to yourself , I visited in the period following a few friends in the half republic and did what I wanted to leave behind me, I was back on the road again and lived out of his pocket. This time not from the large backpack because this was still unpacked in the house of my parents. Finally once again to take a testament to my desire , after all this time, other clothes , or at least an indication that I 'm not really arrived? In the first quiet moment that I really should have only about three weeks after my arrival , I began to sift through some pictures of the trip. Alone behind closed doors. It was then that I realized that although I am now here again, but I am not yet arrived long ago and looked at P&O Ferry Dover Calais offers.

It all worked. If not today , then tomorrow. Or the day after. Life follows its own rhythm here. The work is done , but more important than the day's work seems to be the Limen. That form of“ relaxing" - have a beer and talk for the sake of entertaining -. Whether it can be with friends or strangers blind eye and the love God a good man , because you know exactly the world continues to turn , we can. no valid cite statistics , but we are firmly convinced that there is hardly anyone suffering from burn- out syndrome or even die from a stress-related heart attack.

This way of life is in the reggae music expression. We were never big reggae fans , even if I 'm after a diligent search also determines a CD of Bob Marley see my collection. The music just does not fit to Germany , but in the Caribbean will not get you past it. You just will not fit anything else. Reggae is here more than the expression of an attitude to life , reggae philosophy , reggae religion.

We can not say it. We saw little of the individual Caribbean countries , it had the opportunity to spend more time with the people there. We experienced and learned so much about the culture and way of life , what was important to us in this moment than to see the umpteenth fishing or beach. Nothing more , despite we were both of us agree: We love the Caribbean , if one can ever say that. Because, as mentioned above, not all Caribbean states thrown into a pot and we have also left out a lot, so that a conclusion actually prohibits. But at least we have seen and experienced enough that we are sure we will be back when I go on my next DFDS Ferry Dover Dunkirk trip.

Latin America is associated with music, typical food and lots of color. Both foreigners and German see every day in Germany brought about the beginning of the holiday season to let the cold and the rain behind and to enter Latin American soil. But did you know that you can not have too much money to travel far into the distance, in order to feel like in Latin America?

The word comes from the Cologne dialect and means“good relations or contacts,". And the word“culture clique" in Cologne has a very special meaning. It is the name of a cultural program, under which both German and foreigners are invited to learn about different countries, cultures, and even entire continents closer.





Visting Vineyards and mountains

With a comfortable boat it goes up the Mekong River for two days, once again we see fascinating river landscapes and tropical forests, before we say goodbye to Huay Xai in Laos and the Lao people and the first thing that will be noticeable to us in Thailand, is that drivers honk again!

This saying of Thai souvenir dealer has managed not only to the T- shirts, it's also something in it. Thai and Lao languages are very similar, but not quite the same, the curry are sharp in both countries, but Thailand still a sharper tooth. The people are relaxed in Laos and Thailand loves you it to be active at night. Also crossing Ferry Belfast Liverpool trips can be good.

We have three beautiful days cycling in the north of Thailand and here it is once more through dense forests, but also almost steppe-like landscape. We again have the opportunity to visit a number of temples and the highlight here is the Wat Soithep in Chiang Mai. On the way we will have the opportunity to ride an elephant camp in a round on the elephants and watch them play in the water. In 2 months I will also go on crossing Ferry Belfast Cairnryan trips.

In Chiang Mai, we come right to the Sunday market and here you can also get then the last souvenirs that you would no longer needed and, of course, is a great place to go eat anywhere, I love the hundreds of stalls in the temple area near the Sunday market, here you can to sautees and fried fish and spring rolls out flexible search to a feast.

These are just a few of the highlights that await us once again and I look forward to accompany you through the three countries if all Verwandetn and acquaintances grumble at home on the inhospitable weather and try peace in the family for three days to preserve then we can find almost meditative calm when cycling under palm trees or simple monks in their monotonous singsong in the prayer halls of the temple watch. Also crossing Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam offers look nice.

A very special event, visitors to the 823 Port of Hamburg on 12th birthday Expected in May 2012: the port of Hamburg is the newest ship of AIDA Cruises, which are baptized AIDAsol and accompanied by the two identical sister ship Aida Luna and AIDAblu for baptism. Such a ship parade is a first in the entire cruise history.

After the baptism, the maiden voyage of the new cruise ship follows. Go on the trip is the Aida Luna, who AIDAsol and AIDAblu be up to 13 May remain in the port of Hamburg. With this ceremony AIDA is once again a spectacular sign of the cruise in Hamburg. Together with the person being baptized, the AIDA Cruises fleet will then comprise nine cruise ships and thus leave nothing to be desired.

At Wente Vineyards brownfields were established in which rare species of birds have settled. While driving on the other side of the estate carts through the green and arriving busloads of new wine tourists, birdwatchers watch for hours with binoculars these rare species: In California, even the organic farming makes for a remarkable show.





Travels with Greenpeace

Sustainability is in the public much less an issue as climate and environmental protection. In other words : The social, cultural and economic aspects of environmental issues are too little discussed. The focus is thereby also strongly on the negative aspects, to threat, crisis and disasters. A fuller representation in terms of sustainability, which is journalistic expensive and complex, but it could mean that the social opportunities are discussed, which stuck in the green started changing. The focus of Greenpeace would be on the other, the concatenation of the issues more visible.

Environmental reporting is often focused on climate change, as it is one of the most pressing global issues in recent years. The great attention to climate change has meant that other environmental issues to be further developed, associated with it. Sometimes it is so managed to regard climate change as a sustainability issue - and so to address its various dimensions. But most of the coverage focused, and in their run-up to the policy on the major climate conferences are addressed to the real expectations of salvation. Also crossing Ferry Cairnryan Belfast looks good.

The trend towards green issues is a victory for the ecological thought. Especially the splitting of the subject into new topics, be flowing into many areas of society is to be welcomed. On the other hand it should not cause you rest the politics and the strle for sustainable living alone is outsourced to the company this. Or that the policy instruments are softer and perhaps only limit itself only to accompany the trend - without him really push forward with tough laws. However, exactly what happens in part - as long as no major disasters like Fukushima generate pressure from the outside. I also talked about this on crossing Ferry Dublin Holyhead.

The policy is therefore required. And in order to remind them, we need citizens, in addition to all the green efforts in daily life, to put pressure on them. On the road, in elections, in voting at the municipal level, in public, the media, whatever.. It is so important, because it would be in fact a self-deception to believe that the society alone can handle the change. He says it clear: She still has too few carriers.

In addition, it often goes only to the individual, especially in the media. But the feel slightly overwhelmed in the face of crises and disasters. And then maybe put your head in the sand. The group, ie the municipality, the club or the neighbourhood, must more and more attention. And the successes achieved there. Then creates more motivation, change, and creativity, as if concentrating the public, or every man for himself, only the individual behaviour.

It would be a mistake to assume that the different levels of action would have to be ruled out. On the contrary : they are all used, interlock: Due to individual behaviour and changes in the small important characters can be set. Join together to succeed and create a group acting trends, is still effective. And shows politics and business that the company wants to can - and calls. Also when he is on crossing Ferry Cairnryan Larne.

Direct Demanding, in whatever kind, is the third step. He is public, political, controversial. And yes is gone more often. Suppose the large anti-nuclear demonstrations in this year and last year. They have also played their part in ensuring that the policy is now pivoted around historical.





New at the University of Berlin

If one tracks the media in recent weeks, one might almost think that now everywhere conservationists and wind power protesters lurking that will block the energy change immediately. Safe: As a major societal conflict comes to us, has already begun. But how much is it actually there behind this media image of green anti- green protest Republic? The Sustainability, by the way, has a great web site has anything useful done: asked -known protest researchers as they assess the energy revolts, so added to the back so technical debate an important social dimension and looked at passenger Ferry Dublin Liverpool.

The sociologist says you still do not know whether the citizen protests have increased with new energy projects. These would be available no figures. Counter new wind turbines, he says, have always been given in Germany local protests. Only had hardly been reported nationally about it.

Also, the political scientist at the Free University of Berlin finds that the media, the protests currently represent exaggerated. At the same time they talked about the the encouragement and commitment of many people for the energy turnaround. Nationwide support for the energy transition is significantly higher than the sporadic resistance to renewable energy systems or high voltage lines. Later this year I will go to passenger Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland.

The teaching in Dresden and Berlin political scientist not hold the current media coverage of citizen protests against new equipment and masts, however, for exaggerated : " The protests are increasing. The policy, he advises not to delegate the handling of such protests on commissions. Needed is more direct democracy.

The time now is indeed been a few days. But it bothers me still, especially because of this, yes, I would speak of scandal has gone down in the current news flow. And because the sample also shows how Fukushima is already forgotten. The EU countries have decided in the first week of May to cancel the safety tests for European nuclear power plants is much weaker than planned - after all that has happened, after all the public pressure. This I read when I took my passenger Ferry Holyhead Dublin trip.

How could this happen ? There was no great debate about only thin messages like this one. If I had a lot of time, I would now go to Brussels and as a journalist researching this story. For it is clear that as very shrewd puppet masters were at work and the nuclear industry is a real feat of lobbying.

The EU has already contributed much to the development of a green society, it is an - often invisible because unknown. But it also diluted, dammed it up. Often, because there are harsh deficits in democracy and the public. And because the EU countries still do much among themselves, without the involvement of parliament and monitoring of citizens.

The Airbus A340 was at this time already east of Moscow, nevertheless, the pilot opted not to make an emergency landing, but decided that all the way back to fly back to Switzerland. It is considerably more complex, rebook passengers in Moscow when flying back, said a spokesman for the Swiss airline. The two men were arrested still in the airplane after landing in Zurich -Kloten. Its more than 200 passengers spent at the expense of the Swiss the night in a hotel and broke the next day with flights operated by other companies towards Beijing.





On the way to Alaska

The farther we came to the north, the more was our trip to the expedition. We were often for weeks and even months at a time without contact with civilization. From experience, we know how much we need supplies or where we need to plan for a larger reserve, for example, in critical river crossings. Do we need more time than planned for a stage, the provisions simply rationed assumed he is never us. We complement our provisions always enjoy from nature - dandelion or sorrel in salads, fresh fish and of course berries. But we could not live solely by the nature in our nomadic life and take travels on price Ferry Liverpool Dublin.

In Alaska, we had just as in the two preceding years in northern British Columbia and the Yukon supply depots to create. In Alaska, we had just as in the two preceding years in northern British Columbia and the Yukon supply depots to create. Because on our route through the wilderness, we passed no villages. The route planning and setting up the supply depots, we are dependent on the help of local people. Above all, Hunting outfitters who supported us by example, they have brought our provisions to their hunting camp and stored there bear safe for us.

I personally do not care too much about what can happen on the trip everything. I have the basic trust myself that I 'll be able to me always to find a solution for every problem. That may sound arrogant, but for me this is a basic setting, without which I would not break. Especially in Central America, in the tropics, it's the little animals that can make life really uncomfortable and heavy.

Because they transmit diseases. And so it happened every now and then, that one of our team - human or horse - became ill, and we sometimes had to wait for months until they were all healthy again. In the wilderness of North America we had a satellite phone with me. Previously I could not afford it, but in recent years this emergency phone now become affordable. Nevertheless, we must not be careless and you have to be able to help themselves.

No question is so often asked how after the financing. The funding is only one of many problems that one needs to get a grip. I had saved up for the entire journey to bridge not enough money, but it was enough to start it. The rest, I was convinced, would arise later. Then I looked at price Ferry Pembroke Rosslare.

I was ready to give up anything that is unnecessary to make do with little money. On the way I worked repeatedly for food and a place to camp. I live today from my books and lectures. It is useful to me even today, that I have learned to get by with little money.

Here I leave Disney say, " Anything you can dream that you can live also. " To avoid a lifetime remains a dream, you must sometime dare the first step once simple. This is not a decision in the matter of life and death, but it is also a bold decision because you have a little bit out of his comfort area out.





Coast trip to Andalusia

The next morning I felt better , then I took a light breakfast to me and of course this was a tactical error. But on the horizon was an island to see and Torsten told me that this was Grenada, our new target. So close. My life had meaning again. The wind had carried us in the night far to the west. As the catamaran has little depth, we had to oppose the drift a little. " This thing is not a ship that is a fucking raft " he grumbled. I proved him right and looked at BBC.

When I asked what had broken, a flood of technical terms and obscurities about me , which hit me hard on the stomach spilled. I saw the bow , saw the thick and wider , solid wooden board that the two nose cones joined together , and that was broken clean in half. The network between the two hulls go into the water and the wood panel that was to served as a wonderful ride. At each wave , it brought a big load of water on deck..

When he described to me the night , as his curses poured down on the excessive load and the bad weather over me , I realized that did not bother me. Neither had I fear drowning , yet I was angry about the fact that we would probably do it now barely up to Union Iceland. Our primary goal. The fishing boat that would take us from there to Martinique , we would never reach him. None of this bothered me. All I felt was a kind of peace. For when the wind and waves take our boat half apart, so I thought, then I need also to have a bad conscience , to be a bit seasick like when I was at crossings ferry liverpool belfast.

In the evening we came to Grenada before , to me it was already dazzling again , since we sailed in shallow waters , and somehow we found Ruby. When we were all four on Ruby and our captains immediately fell into bed , and I sat peer outside , ate noodles and looked at the lake and a beautiful sunset beyond. " Is not that wonderful? " Peer sighed , visibly excited and deeply happy.

"Absolutely," I agreed with him. " The coast is great. Only there is something uneasy. " " Uh-huh , I 've heard that you're down.

In contrast to our unsuccessful search in Indonesia, became apparent at this time, that we could have a little more luck. The sailors in the marinas were friendly and helpful. Even if they themselves could not take us out of time or space, so they made us courage: It is the high season for sailing in the Caribbean and we should not worry, we would find a boat like the crossings ferry Rosslare Cherbourg.

This time, however, we seemed to be weighed Fortuna. Since we had no luck with the sailors at the first attempt, we headed to the local port, where some smaller cargo ships lay at anchor. We spoke to a weather-beaten man, sitting on the railing of a rusty barge in the sun and asked for boats that would go during the week to the north.

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