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According to knitwear producing and digesting features of classification

(A) classification of wool knitwearbelstaff outlet online
1. By raw ingredient
(1) wool sorts (including wool blended type Class): could possibly be divided into sweaters, cashmere, camel sweater, lamb curly hair (short hair) shirtbelstaff boots men , rabbit wool combination sweater, camel wool combination sweater, wool, yak curly hair combination dragon spruce.belstaff clothing
(2) Blended categories: could possibly be divided into wool / acrylic, rabbits and sheep / acrylic, mohair / acrylic, camel curly hair / acrylic, wool / nylon combination sweater, cashmere / silk blended dragon spruce.
(3) Pure fibers sorts (including substance fibers blended classes): nylon T-shirt could possibly be divided into elastic, elastic polypropylene shirt, extend polyester shirt, acrylic bulky sweater, acrylic / polyester, rayon / nylon combination dragon spruce.
(4) Interwoven categories: could possibly be divided into wool acrylic, acrylic fur, wool and cotton woven dragon spruce.
2. Classified with the spinning process
(1) combing class: The combing treatment of knitting wool spinning, good wool, thick wool sweater weave a broad range of system, thickness within of the wool dragon spruce.
(2) Carded categories: using engineering spun carded yarn to knit plan of lamb sweaters, cashmere, rabbit sweaters, camel sweater, sweaters, etc. Shenandoah.
(3) Flower yarn sweater: using color knitting wool (loop yarn, knot yarn completely free yarn, and pull the yarn) weave sweater color system. These sweaters glimpse strange, extraordinary style, artistic sense.
3. Classification by type of knitting machine
Sweater material is generally weft material type, there is in actuality round apparel and knitting apparel product or provider two.
(1) Round Product: refers in the direction of the earliest round knitting apparel cylindrical woven fabric, reduce after which sewn in to the sweater processing.
(2) Knitting apparel products: shows using hand-knitting apparel knit garment blank, after which processed suture designed of sweaters. Could possibly also refer to non-public computer flat knitting apparel woven fabric, sewn right into a sweater with the slicing process.
4. Classified according in the direction of the organizational framework of gray
generally divided into single, Sipping, scales, jacquard, pull flowers, cross-stitch, twisted flowers and other.
5. Pattern classification by modified
Can be divided into printing, embroidery, applique, Presented, Zhu Hua, disk flowers, napping, falling, gilded leather, embossed, etc.
(1) printing sweater: The sweater pattern printed for the printing treatment utilized to acquire the target of enhancing beautification effect, may be the sweater using the brand new varieties. Printing pattern has covered printing, the predecessor of printing, regional printing, etc., the appears of beautiful, artistic sickness and strong, great decorative.
(2) Embroidery sweater: sweater for the way in which by hand or apparel embroidery on the broad range of flower pattern. Delicate pattern of tiny, colorful, with blouses and children's suit on as much. A character embroidered sweaters, embroidered sweaters plain, Caxias sweater, needlepoint sweaters, silk embroidery sweater, gold and silver embroidered sweaters and so on.
(3) Picking sweaters: the garment ma y be woven in to the sweater product handled with the roughening process, the material layer within of the surface area uniformly dense curly hair out. Picking fluffy sweaters really feel soft, cozy brightness wear.
(4) Decreased curly hair shirt: also acknowledged as shrink wool sweaters, woolen sweaters are usually subject make any difference in the direction of the milling process. Appropriate after falling the texture appropriate after the near thick sweater, soft, plump, dense surface area good hair, suit on cozy and warm.
(5) relief sweater: a sweater within a powerful new types of art, will be to shrink right down water-soluble resin pattern printed for the sweater, then a complete sweater for milling processing, printed for the shrink-proof agent pattern on the milling does not create the phenomenon, displaying a material surface area milling as relief embossing velvet with indented like flowers, then decorated with relief printing, the flowers possess a powerful three-dimensional, stylish and gorgeous flowers, to provide new eye-catching feeling.
(B) The classification of cotton knitted garments
1. Classification based on producing material knitted fabrics according in the direction of the mode of producing is divided into two key groups of warp and weft.
2. Classification according in the direction of the organizational framework within of the material warp knit material of solo comb part by warp weaves the basic organization, sorted out with the satin, the velvet organizations. However, in genuine production, for example a coat or shirt as well as a complete great offer more normally double comb warp organization. Double comb by means of the wider utilization of knitting using the set is by velveteen, the flat slope organizations and compiled with the oblique chain organizations. Basic organizational weft knitted fabrics are weft flat needle tissue (commonly acknowledged as "Jersey"), rib (commonly acknowledged as: "Stretch"), double rib (also acknowledged as dual the front organization, normally acknowledged as "cotton cloth"), double adverse tissue (also named "Code Pearl"), etc. There gasket organization, arranged stitch, terry organization, pineapple tissue, gauze tissue, corrugated tissue; plush plan lining sorted out with the weft color organizations, with one another with other complicated organizations.

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