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Prepaid mobile wireless internet. Linksys wireless n adapter usb. Logitech wireless headset drivers

Prepaid Mobile Wireless Internet

prepaid mobile wireless internet

    wireless internet
  • Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance that manufacturers may use to brand certified products that belong to a class of wireless local area network (WLAN) devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. 802.11 the most widely used WLAN technology.

  • Provides shared access to the Internet with up to 128 Kbps or greater (depending on service purchased) of throughput via a Wireless Local Area Network connection. It comes with a single Private IP address (DHCP) and provides a single connection to a single computer.

  • Wireless Internet Protocols are the suite of wireless protocols after Wireless Application Protocol 2.0 (WAP). It includes XHTML Basic, Nokia's XHTML Mobile Profile, and future developments of WAP by the Open Mobile Alliance.

    prepaid mobile
  • A prepaid mobile phone (also commonly referred to as pay-as-you-go, Pay & Go, or prepaid wireless ) is a mobile phone for which credit is purchased in advance of service use. The purchased credit is used to pay for mobile phone services at the point the service is accessed or consumed.

Mobile history

Mobile history

Used quite a few sim cards in the last years. Ranging from subscription to prepaid for data and/or usage abroad.

Bloglines mobile

Bloglines mobile

Opera Mini Browser runs on my old Nokia 6100 (but it's quite expensive with my Simyo prepaid contract)

prepaid mobile wireless internet

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Sirocco wireless home audio bridge : Microsoft wireless comfort desktop

Sirocco Wireless Home Audio Bridge

sirocco wireless home audio bridge

    audio bridge
  • A device used in audioconferencing that connects multiple telephone lines. Audioconferencing: Voice only connection of more than two sites using standard telephone lines.

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • radio: medium for communication

  • transmission by radio waves

  • Sirocco is the second album from Australian rock band Australian Crawl. It was released in July, 1981 and on August 3, it topped the Australian charts where it remained for six weeks, the band's first of two albums to hit #1.

  • Sirocco is an Australian music group that began in 1980 with three musicians: Bill O'Toole, Guy Madigan and Andrew de Teliga. In 1981 Michael Atherton joined and the group recorded their first album Paths of the Wind.

  • A hot wind, often dusty or rainy, blowing from North Africa across the Mediterranean to southern Europe

  • dust storm: a windstorm that lifts up clouds of dust or sand; "it was the kind of duster not experienced in years"

  • Relating to one's own country and its domestic affairs

  • at or to or in the direction of one's home or family; "He stays home on weekends"; "after the game the children brought friends home for supper"; "I'll be home tomorrow"; "came riding home in style"; "I hope you will come home for Christmas"; "I'll take her home"; "don't forget to write home"

  • Of or relating to the place where one lives

  • home(a): used of your own ground; "a home game"

  • Made, done, or intended for use in the place where one lives

  • provide with, or send to, a home

2034 Audio Logs S2E19: Dead again?

2034 Audio Logs S2E19: Dead again?

Hey guys! Today's log is a bit different, as it's from someone else's perspective...

Master Sergeant Remi Nicholson
January 2nd, 2034

I winced at the “Kodiak” HMG’s recoil. Ears ringing, I continued to put a few rounds into the oncoming Urags.
“Where the hell is Cryptid?” I barked. I contemplated whether or not I should send someone to look for him, but decided against it. The fire was too heavy; they would get shot down in an instant. But I didn’t even have to say anything to get Mac leaping over cover, bound for the artillery facility.
“Damnit kid!” Havoc bellowed. “Don’t try to be a fuckin’ hero!”
“Aw, shit! Give him some covering fire!” I barked. “Bridge, get me another chain!”
He tossed the long chain of bullets towards me, and I hastily slapped them into the massive machine gun. But before I lit it up again, I noticed a small gleam at the side of my vision. Selbz dove into cover beside me, shooting blind over her shoulder.
“Selbz! I thought the Wolves’ were scattered!” I roared, ducking behind the machine gun.
“They are! Chief’s badly wounded, last saw Dagger fighting alone with some now dead soldiers, no idea about his status!”
“Well, I don’t know about Cryptid either. He’s in that artillery station the Urags commandeered, risking his ass with blowing it up!”
She didn’t reply, just continued shooting at wild over cover. The Kodiak started rotating again, and then with an ear piercing roar it continued to embed more bullets into the attackers.
Mac was obviously in the facility now. I hadn’t noticed him go in. But now I was watching him sprint out, carrying a wounded figure in his arms, who I soon recognized as the Russian doctor, Chakswaus. But where was…?
One of the Artillery cannons fired upward, causing the massive metal slug to soar through the air, arcing, and igniting it’s own facility into an inferno of orange flame. But….I never saw Cryptid leave the building….
“Remi-wait!” Mac called as I sprinted past him.
“No! He’s not doing this to me again!” I bellowed, with Selbz and Havoc at my heels.

Audio Log 2 December 9th 2034

Audio Log 2 December 9th 2034

For some reason, things have been quiet lately, and I don't like it. No Rag airstrikes or attacks, we've only been encountering small patrols. Earlier we encountered on of the bastards patrols, me an Ripper took the low level, while Slash an Drag attack from above, the bastards never knew what hit em.

This vig looked better in my head :P

Also, Brickdude, I changed your fig a bit, cause the helmet/hood was bothering me. I you want I'll post a pic.

sirocco wireless home audio bridge

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Wireless Audio Headphone

wireless audio headphone

  • Headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers, or less commonly a single speaker, with a way of holding them close to a user's ears and a means of connecting them to a signal source such as an audio amplifier, radio or CD player. They are also known as stereophones, headsets or, colloquially cans.

  • (Headphones (band)) Headphones is an American indie rock band with members David Bazan (formerly of Pedro the Lion), Frank Lenz of Starflyer 59, and Nick Peterson (formerly of Fleet Foxes).

  • earphone: electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds; it is held over or inserted into the ear; "it was not the typing but the earphones that she disliked"

  • transmission by radio waves

  • radio: medium for communication

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

  • Sound, esp. when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced

  • the audible part of a transmitted signal; "they always raise the audio for commercials"

  • an audible acoustic wave frequency

  • sound recording: a recording of acoustic signals

Sky Gnome Wireless Audio

Sky Gnome Wireless Audio

Now I can take the radio from the satellite set-top box around the house, alternatively I can plug in headphones and pipe TV audio straight into them when I'm in bed.

While it may not win any awards for design, it's rather good for something that was discontinued in 2007.

Hama Bluetooth Headphones

Hama Bluetooth Headphones

We are using these Hama Bluetooth Headphones to build a wireless speaker that allows you to skip tracks using iTunes.

wireless audio headphone

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Wireless Data Device

wireless data device

    wireless data
  • Describes a service that allows users to use their mobile device to transfer data across the TELUS Mobility network.

  • A service that allows you to send digital data over a cellular phone. Analog phones require a cellular modem; digital phones do not. Not offered by all providers.

  • A bomb or other explosive weapon

  • A thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, esp. a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment

  • something in an artistic work designed to achieve a particular effect

  • an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"

  • The design or look of something

  • any clever maneuver; "he would stoop to any device to win a point"; "it was a great sales gimmick"; "a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen"

We will fight on the beaches

We will fight on the beaches

"This week saw the first potential financial crisis fought by BlackBerry on the beaches of some of the world's most exotic locations, as the electronic handsets became the essential accessory to keep many top investment bankers in touch with the unfolding events that rocked the markets." - Financial Times, August 11 2007.

Well in our case we were fighting business crises other than the ones referred to by David Oakley and Paul J Davies in their FT piece, and our weapon of choice was a Nokia E70 rather than a Blackberry device - but the concept was pretty much the same. Thanks to GPRS coverage finally having become widely available in many exotic destinations, we didn't have to choose between taking a vacation and being able to solve business issues in real time.

Wintec GPS bluetooth logging device

Wintec GPS bluetooth logging device

Wintec GPS logging device, self-contained unit for geotracking. As soon as you turn it on, it starts picking up the satellites and logs stuff into memory, and as soon as the memory gets full it purges the older data. Download data via bluetooth or USB. The batteries last about 24 hours, but is only rated for 18 or so.

Shown with 7-layer dip and tortilla chips for social context and physical attribute comparison.

wireless data device

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Wireless Video Mic - Linksys Wireless Web Camera - Connect Hidden Wireless Network.

Wireless Video Mic

wireless video mic

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • transmission by radio waves

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

  • radio: medium for communication

  • A movie or other piece of material recorded on videotape

  • (computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display

  • the visible part of a television transmission; "they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone"

  • video recording: a recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)

  • The system of recording, reproducing, or broadcasting moving visual images on or from videotape

  • A videocassette

  • Micah

  • (MIAS) The Montreal International Auto Show (Le Salon International de l'Auto de Montreal in French) is an annual auto show held in for 10 days in mid-to-late January in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It usually takes place at the Palais des congres de Montreal.

  • The Book of Micah is the sixth book of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew and Christian Bible.

  • Microphone; To put one or microphones on or in; to use or place a microphone

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

Maxed Audio Input

Rode SVM picks up clearer and more directional Stereo signal where cam sees.

The XLR connection helps get a more precise audio from standard Mics that could run over longer cables eliminating static noise crucial for productions.
Wireless Lavalier receiving signal could also be inserted to the AUX insert from the back of the DXA-2S with Level Control.

Sony DCR-SR300 with wireless mic

Sony DCR-SR300 with wireless mic

This camcorder has a wireless microphone accessory that will come in handy when recording training sessions and other programs at our libraries.

wireless video mic

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Leviton Wireless 3 Way Switch

leviton wireless 3 way switch

    way switch
  • A light switch that allows a person to turn the light on or off from either end of a hallway or stairway.

  • radio: medium for communication

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

  • transmission by radio waves

  • Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc., is the largest privately held manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment in North America.

  • three: being one more than two

  • three: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

  • A performance appraisal, employee appraisal, performance review, or (career) development discussion is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time) typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor .

The only controls you'll need

The only controls you'll need

Before explaining the 5 "tones" of the T5, its worth mentioning that there are 3 pickups in the guitar. One is a stacked humbucker underneath the neck, the visisble stacked humbucker, and a high-frequency body sensor inside the guitar.

The T5's 5-way switch toggles between these 5 modes:

1. Acoustic - by enabling special, extra sensitive body sensor (for the highs) and the neck pickup hidden (for the "body").
2. Neck humbucker all by itself - similar to the first, but without the body sensor; you get a warmer-rounder tone.
3. Bridge humbucker all by itself - this already is basically how an regular electric guitar would sound.
4. Neck and bridge pickups in parallel.
5. Neck and bride pickups in series.

The two last positions are just a matter of "voicing." Suffice to say, the 5th is the fullest fattest sound. Of course there are also uses for the 4th. Personally, the 4th for me is great for getting the "a more defined, less rounded sound" which is useful for making rhythm tracks "cut through the mix" - as opposed to the "fat full" sound of the 5th which is useful for solos or uber heavy rhythm tracks.

There are indeed uses for all positions.

4 Way Switch Circuit

4 Way Switch Circuit

I saw a 4 way switch in a new house and did not know, at first, how this could be accomplished with standard switches. This schematic came to me in a dream (almost). "How many other dreams have died in the dark"?

leviton wireless 3 way switch

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Trouble With Linksys Wireless Router

trouble with linksys wireless router

    wireless router
  • Wireless routers are actually routers with Ethernet plus wireless access points so that they have both wired and/or wireless at the same time.

  • A wireless router is a device that performs the functions of a router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point. It is commonly used to allow access to the Internet or a computer network without the need for a cabled connection.

  • A networking device that is a combination of an access point and a router.  These devices are usually used in private homes where client PCs can be anywhere in the house (and thus use WiFi to connect), and the network is a broadband connection provided by an ISP.

  • Cause distress or anxiety to

  • a source of difficulty; "one trouble after another delayed the job"; "what's the problem?"

  • fuss: an angry disturbance; "he didn't want to make a fuss"; "they had labor trouble"; "a spot of bother"

  • Cause (someone) pain

  • Be distressed or anxious about

  • disturb: move deeply; "This book upset me"; "A troubling thought"

  • Linksys by Cisco, commonly known as Linksys, is a brand of home and small office networking products now produced by Cisco Systems, though once a separate company founded in 1995 before being acquired by Cisco in 2003 .

  • Manufactures the WRT54G3G cellular router.



Troubled is probably how these folks felt when they looked outside and seen some random guy taking multiple pictures of their home :)



trouble, oh trouble set me free

eddie vedder - trouble

trouble with linksys wireless router

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Wireless video rocker. Samson stage 5 wireless microphone. Best wireless earpiece.

Wireless Video Rocker

wireless video rocker

  • transmission by radio waves

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

  • radio: medium for communication

  • A thing that rocks, in particular

  • an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle

  • A rock song

  • a performer or composer or fan of rock music

  • A person who performs, dances to, or enjoys rock music, esp. of a particular type

  • a teenager or young adult in the 1960s who wore leather jackets and rode motorcycles

  • the visible part of a television transmission; "they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone"

  • The system of recording, reproducing, or broadcasting moving visual images on or from videotape

  • video recording: a recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)

  • A videocassette

  • A movie or other piece of material recorded on videotape

  • (computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display



My husband armwrestling with his niece. (The t-shirt was a gift from me, reading I'm a Rocker. I rock out.)



The rocker isn't even the best part of the pic. There's the stalker lady behind the seats...

wireless video rocker

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