Portable Grills For BBQ'ing On The Go

22 rujan 2013

Portable grills are the answer when you want to grill, and space is limited. You can get the same great tastes that you get from barbecuing in a full-sized grill.

You like tailgating? Weekends, a ball game, and friends, and family, and barbeque. Life is good.

But you gotta have a portable grill to tailgate. Eating sandwiches from a cooler just doesn't cut it.

Lucky for me, I have a truck. And I have plenty of room to haul my Coleman portable grill.

For those who doesn't have a lot of room in their car, consider a table top grill. Their smaller, but just as effective. In fact, table top grills are perfect for tailgating. They ride in the back of the truck without complaint, and they don't even need to be tied down. More importantly, they can fit in the trunk of a car if you don't have a truck.

Fire Pit

Furthermore, table top grills work great for camping trips too. I realize that many camp sites have firepits, but there are many occasions when they are incovenient to use because of where you're camping. Table top and portable grills work really well if you like to camp beside your car, or down beside a lake, or at improved campgrounds, a table top grill is the perfect solution.

Another thing too, especially for those who live in apartments with a balcony, a table top grill can improve your cooking situation. Same goes for a portable grill if there's enough room.

Now consider this. Too much wind can be a problem when grilling. You don't want your flame to blow out of course, but there is another issue. If the wind is strong enough, you're grill won't get as hot. This can be a problem when grilling meats that need to get to a certain temperature in order to ensure safe eating.

Table top and portable grills are easy to move around, or behind, or under whatever you need to block the wind enough to get your temperatures where you need them.

Table top doesn't have to mean small. Their height is shorter, but their widths can be the same as the full sized grills; meaning that they can hold as much food as a full sized model.

If you're the type that always grills on your patio, then a full size is fine. But if you like to add a little spice to your grilling, and enjoy some different scenery with your steaks, then a table top grill could be just the thing for you.

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