PlayStation Blog Wants Your Votes For Game Of The Year

19 prosinac 2012

With 2012 all but wrapped up, now is the time we can expect all sorts of “best of” lists hitting all manner of magazine, website and blog, letting gamers know which titles said venues consider the cream of the crop. Over at Sony, though, their hosting themselves a little poll to let the gamers themselves pick their favorite titles of the past twelve months. If there's a game you've been in love with this year, now is the time to have your voice heard.

Sure, it can be a lot of fun to peruse your favorite site's “best of” lists to see which games those writers have been enjoying most over the past year. It's just as much fun to see one of your own favorites make the cut as it is to get ticked off about said title being overlooked or, “Oh, come ON, Call of Duty? REALLY!?”

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2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata vs 2013 MINI Roadster Cooper S

18 prosinac 2012

Starting with the design, the MX-5 is not off to a good start. While it may have a general shape that’s more in keeping with what a sportscar should be, there’s little else to recommend it. It’s lines convey little in the way of emotion and if the Miata’s reputation as a “chick car” wasn’t enough to keep the testosterone-endowed out of the driver’s seat, Mazda’s smiley face front bumper will.

The MINI on the other hand is fashion forward. In fact, it’s likely the brand’s design characteristics are far more important for the majority of owners than it’s fun-to-drive nature. One could easily bestow the “girls car” moniker upon it, though outfitted in Cooper S trim with some nice racing stripes and larger wheels helps give it a slightly more masculine appearance.

Switch over to the interior and the same themes carry forward, though with differing results. The MX-5 (a base Sport model in our test) is definitely simplistic. As a result, however, it’s incredibly easy to use with every button and switch where it should be.

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