Portable Grills For BBQ'ing On The Go

22 rujan 2013

Portable grills are the answer when you want to grill, and space is limited. You can get the same great tastes that you get from barbecuing in a full-sized grill.

You like tailgating? Weekends, a ball game, and friends, and family, and barbeque. Life is good.

But you gotta have a portable grill to tailgate. Eating sandwiches from a cooler just doesn't cut it.

Lucky for me, I have a truck. And I have plenty of room to haul my Coleman portable grill.

For those who doesn't have a lot of room in their car, consider a table top grill. Their smaller, but just as effective. In fact, table top grills are perfect for tailgating. They ride in the back of the truck without complaint, and they don't even need to be tied down. More importantly, they can fit in the trunk of a car if you don't have a truck.

Fire Pit

Furthermore, table top grills work great for camping trips too. I realize that many camp sites have firepits, but there are many occasions when they are incovenient to use because of where you're camping. Table top and portable grills work really well if you like to camp beside your car, or down beside a lake, or at improved campgrounds, a table top grill is the perfect solution.

Another thing too, especially for those who live in apartments with a balcony, a table top grill can improve your cooking situation. Same goes for a portable grill if there's enough room.

Now consider this. Too much wind can be a problem when grilling. You don't want your flame to blow out of course, but there is another issue. If the wind is strong enough, you're grill won't get as hot. This can be a problem when grilling meats that need to get to a certain temperature in order to ensure safe eating.

Table top and portable grills are easy to move around, or behind, or under whatever you need to block the wind enough to get your temperatures where you need them.

Table top doesn't have to mean small. Their height is shorter, but their widths can be the same as the full sized grills; meaning that they can hold as much food as a full sized model.

If you're the type that always grills on your patio, then a full size is fine. But if you like to add a little spice to your grilling, and enjoy some different scenery with your steaks, then a table top grill could be just the thing for you.

Amy Acker

28 siječanj 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

Directed by Joss Whedon. Starring Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Fran Kranz
A modern retelling of Shakespeare's classic comedy about two pairs of lovers with different takes on romance and a way with words. Directed by Joss ‘He’s so hot right now’ Whedon and starring alumni of his cult TV shows, Much Ado is sure to be a highlight of JDIFF for many.

read more: http://www.movies.ie/Articles/JDIFF_2013__The_highlights


07 siječanj 2013

When did it become okay for horror to stop scaring us?

The genre’s trended toward forsaking the unknown for the familiar, embracing recognition that’s helped make Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees as identifiable as Mickey Mouse. Horror, pertaining mainly to America’s output, has become our weakest genre (minus a few notable exceptions) – subjected to franchise treatment time and again, with filmmakers opting to riff on what’s come before in opposition of building any mystique inherent with original material.

Tobe Hooper’s 1974 masterpiece, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, wasn’t scary for what lurked beneath the veil. It was the sestion of awfulness that could’ve existed beneath. Why horror continues lifting that veil, peeling off the meat until it’s bone dry and making off with the naked skull to pawn it off for pittance is becoming a ritual of ever-increasing transparency.

read more: http://www.chud.com/121984/review-texas-chainsaw-3d-tims-take/

Former drunks make unstoppable runners

Many drunks won’t be swayed by the symbolism of a turned calendar page. But each year, plenty of chronic drinkers and strling alcoholics figure that January is a chance for a fresh start. To them, I say run. You’re already pre-programmed to chew up the pavement—even tackle a marathon. In fact, you’ve spent a good chunk of your bleary-eyed, morally dubious days and nights developing the perfect toolbox: single-minded focus; endurance; tolerance for mental and physical distress; prowess at spending time alone; aptitude at navigating embarrassment. You can use these tools to build a new house, rather than deepening the ditch. So for the newly sober, instead of fretting about how far you have to go, here are eight reasons why you should think, “look how far I’ve already come.”

1. Stamina

You know how to keep your eye on the prize. You’ve gutted out hangovers and sweated through anxiety-ridden mornings—all while trying to ignore the song of that first cool sip, the delicious sigh waiting in the cooler case or kitchen cabinet or bartender’s hand. Just get to noon, to 1 pm, to the somewhat respectable hour of 3 pm (that’s when the school day’s done, after all). On the other side of the coin, you’ve danced full-tilt boogie through weekend benders, uncapping and uncorking on waking, passing out and then hitting repeat, often on little food and water. This stick-to-itiveness will serve you well during the long miles of a marathon. You’ve run into doors, pavement and all manners of immovable objects and kept on going—so you’ll be ready when the marathon’s wall starts cracking its knuckles around mile 18.

read more: http://www.salon.com/2013/01/06/former_drunks_make_unstoppable_runners/

Fracker Ad Clashes on Screen With Damon’s ‘Promised Land’

Before many Pennsylvania movie-goers settle in for Matt Damon’s film about the fight over natural gas drilling, they will see a message from the energy industry offering “straightforward facts” about hydraulic fracturing.

The unorthodox, on-screen pre-buttal of “Promised Land,” which opens nationwide today, is part of an industry campaign aimed at heading off criticism about the process, also called fracking. Instead of direct attacks, which the industry used against the documentary “Gasland,” they are trying to paint Damon’s movie as derivative, condescending and cliched.

Taken together the industry campaigns -- at Pennsylvania movie theaters, on a website and using social media --underscore efforts to combat negative perceptions about the practice, deal with persistent questions about the risks of pollution and head- off calls for more oversight and regulation.

read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-01-04/fracker-ad-clashes-on-screen-with-damon-s-promised-land-.html

PlayStation Blog Wants Your Votes For Game Of The Year

19 prosinac 2012

With 2012 all but wrapped up, now is the time we can expect all sorts of “best of” lists hitting all manner of magazine, website and blog, letting gamers know which titles said venues consider the cream of the crop. Over at Sony, though, their hosting themselves a little poll to let the gamers themselves pick their favorite titles of the past twelve months. If there's a game you've been in love with this year, now is the time to have your voice heard.

Sure, it can be a lot of fun to peruse your favorite site's “best of” lists to see which games those writers have been enjoying most over the past year. It's just as much fun to see one of your own favorites make the cut as it is to get ticked off about said title being overlooked or, “Oh, come ON, Call of Duty? REALLY!?”

read more: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/PlayStation-Blog-Wants-Your-Votes-Game-Year-50482.html click here

2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata vs 2013 MINI Roadster Cooper S

18 prosinac 2012

Starting with the design, the MX-5 is not off to a good start. While it may have a general shape that’s more in keeping with what a sportscar should be, there’s little else to recommend it. It’s lines convey little in the way of emotion and if the Miata’s reputation as a “chick car” wasn’t enough to keep the testosterone-endowed out of the driver’s seat, Mazda’s smiley face front bumper will.

The MINI on the other hand is fashion forward. In fact, it’s likely the brand’s design characteristics are far more important for the majority of owners than it’s fun-to-drive nature. One could easily bestow the “girls car” moniker upon it, though outfitted in Cooper S trim with some nice racing stripes and larger wheels helps give it a slightly more masculine appearance.

Switch over to the interior and the same themes carry forward, though with differing results. The MX-5 (a base Sport model in our test) is definitely simplistic. As a result, however, it’s incredibly easy to use with every button and switch where it should be.

read more: http://www.autoguide.com/car-comparisons/2013-mazda-mx5-miata-vs-2013-mini-roadster-cooper-s-2327.html

more here http://diecastcarscollector.com/datsun/datsun-240z-diecast-cars-for-sale-on-ebay/

Monica Yant Kinney: A.C. open for business, despite reports

26 studeni 2012

Sometime this week, you're going to start spending money. A lot of money. It's inevitable.

You'll whip out your credit card for leather jackets and distressed jeans, a Coach clutch, Geox sneaks, sweats by Juicy Couture, dolls by Disney.

You could buy most of these gifts anywhere. So why not cruise the shops in Atlantic City and perform retail therapy as post-Sandy charity?

So goes the urgent (but, hopefully, not unseemly) seasonal message from A.C. caretakers contending with a superstorm of misinformation.

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Sandy struck, 41 percent of Americans polled erroneously believed the Atlantic City Boardwalk had washed away; 21 percent had heard the Jersey Shore was still closed to travelers.

read more: http://articles.philly.com/2012-11-22/news/35258981_1_liza-cartmell-atlantic-city-alliance-trump-casinos click here

Alyson Michalka

15 studeni 2012

In April 2010, The CW announced Michalka was cast in the main role of Marti Perkins on the cheerleading drama series Hellcats. The show premiered to September 8, 2010 to 3 million viewers.[citation needed] Despite a successful premiere, ratings failed to remain high with the series finale reaching a low 1.19 million viewers. In May 2011, The CW announced the show was not renewed for a second season.[7] In 2010 and 2011 respectively, Michalka had major supporting roles in films Easy A and The Roommate. Michalka is set to star in the independent drama film Long Time Gone alongside Eva Longoria, Virginia Madsen and Amanda Crew. The film is set to be released in 2012.

read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aly_Michalka

Brandon T. Jackson to Play Eddie Murphy's Son in CBS' 'Beverly Hills Cop'

Brandon T. Jackson has been tapped to star in the network's Beverly Hills Cop pilot, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The dramedy from Last Resort executive producer Shawn Ryan centers on Foley's son, Aaron, a cop working in Beverly Hills as he does his part to escape his famous father's shadow. Murphy will reprise his role as the wisecracking detective in the pilot and could recur should the project go to series.

The potential series is described as an hourlong crime procedural with comedic elements, with Ryan (The Shield, The Chicago Code) on board to pen the script and executive produce along with his MiddKid Productions partner Marney Hochman and Murphy.

read more: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/beverly-hills-cop-brandon-t-jackson-eddie-murphy-cbs-383166

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