četvrtak, 31.05.2007.

Pozdravi jednog legionara...

Ovaj tekst napisao je momak koji je trenutno u LE, 2 REI ekipi na forumu.

Di ste pizde jebo vas cale, ma salim se...bio sam malo nadrkan prosli put a evo me tu sam jos uvijek jucer sam usao u svoju compagniju s 3 caporala me stavili u sobu ne da ce mi jebat ozon nego neznam jebo im ja mater!
aj idem navecer do montpelliera imam dogovor s bad boyem i ostalom ekipom lijepa se ekipa skupila ima nas blizu desetak sigurno, al se zapili prosli vikend bog te jebo potrosio 400 eura...francuska je goli k*r*c sa 100 eura nemozes se napiti sam u kaficu jebo majku odu pare u picku materinu, uhvatio neku picku al nisam jebo bio pijan ko sleper al nema veze dobro je krenulo bit ce nesto danas mozda

ajd cujemo se idem

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četvrtak, 09.11.2006.


Former legionary, never forget that you fought together and for the same cause! You do not forsake, remain plain for the best as for the worst. Honour your fatherland, honour France and especially keep the high head!

1. Old of the Foreign Legion, I am proud to have been useful with with "Honor and Fidelity".

2. Each old remainder my comrade in arms, whatever his nationality, its race, its religion.

3. I always express the narrow solidarity to him which must link the members of the same family.

4. Faithful to my past with the Foreign Legion, honesty and fidelity are the permanent guides of my control.

5. My behaviour and behavior are exemplary while remaining modest, I refuse the facility and the drive in the abuses all kinds incompatible with human dignity.

6. I avoid implying the Foreign Legion in any political action.

7. In my city, I am proud that my relations say ego with consideration: it is one "OLD LEGIONNAIRE"
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četvrtak, 02.11.2006.


Pročitajte zanimljivu priču o Srbinu, dotičnom Stevanu Pavliću, pripadniku Legije stranaca.
Priča je skenirana iz časopisa pa ćete morati kliknuti na slike i čitati s njih.

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Hvala BechiR-u (admin na forumu www.legijastranaca.tk) na scanovima.
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nedjelja, 07.05.2006.


A new opportunity for a new life ...
Whatever your origins, nationality or religion might be, whatever qualifications you may or may not have, whatever your social or professional status might be, whether you are married or single, the French Foreign Legion offers you a chance to start a new life...

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Join the 7655 legionnaires and non-commissioned officers hailing from 136 different countries, including France. Build yourself an exceptional future in which "honour" and "fidelity" are fundamental values.

The French Foreign Legion today
A total strength of 7655 men, made up of 411 officers, 1731 N.C.O.S. and 5513 legionnaires divided into 10 regimental formations.

Be a part of the news that makes the headlines!
By joining the French Foreign Legion, you are sure to be a part of the news that makes the headlines either in France on manoeuvres, or on external operations in Frances territories abroad... (French Guyana, New Caledonia, Mayotte, la Reunion, the French West Indies...)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

External operations
Whether restoring or keeping the peace, or exercising crowd control, the Legion has been able to adapt to all situations in all theatres of conflict (the Gulf War of 1990-1991; Kampuchea, Somalia in 1992-1993; Rwanda in 1994; Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia in 1993 to 2003; Central African Republic in 1996...)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Today, the legionnaires are engaged in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Chad, the Ivory Coast and anywhere else that they might be needed by France.

The legionnaires code of honour guides him wherever he may be asked to serve, in France or on operations abroad.

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Copyright © 2006 Légion etrangere
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subota, 06.05.2006.


Napravili su malene izmjene na Legionarskom kodeksu časti ovog mjeseca:

La mission est sacrée, tu l'exécutes jusqu'au bout, dans le respect des lois, des coutumes de la guerre et des conventions internationales et, si besoin, au péril de ta vie.

The mission is crowned, you carry out it until the end, in the respect of the laws, the habits of the war and the International Conventions and, if need be, with the danger of your life.

La mission est sacrée, tu l'exécutes jusqu'au bout et, s'il faut, en opérations, au péril de ta vie.

The mission is crowned, you carry out it until the end and, if it is necessary, in operations, with the danger of your life.

Samo je promijenjen 6. članaka kodeksa časti.
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utorak, 02.05.2006.


Dakle došlo je do redizajna službenih stranica Legije stranaca. Pogledajte na www.legion-recrute.com i http://www.legion-etrangere.fr/fr/
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utorak, 04.04.2006.


Groupement des commandos parachutistes (GCP)

Structure of command to the orders of the General ordering the 11 LP (Brigade Parachutist) whose state major is in Toulouse, the GCP align under their ten-new commands teams of commandos parachutists made up each one of ten members. All the elements are patented and resulting from the 11éme LP which is composed of:
1er RCP
3e et 8e RPIMa
2e REP
1er RHP
35e RAP
17e RGP
1er RTP
11e CCTP

All moments its groups are ready to intervene in all the corners of the world and generally they are nearest possible to their barracks not to risk a problem of last minute, which will delay the departure of an aircraft. The teams organize themselves by bearing and thus the others can rest for their next active periods. Each team is generally composed of 5 sub-groups. In the event of major crisis and of a massive need men all the CP can be called thus at each time the men are in alarm and have at the head which they must be able to give up their civil occupation in a few minutes.

At their head is an officer chief, under associated officer, a soldier specialized in the communication and the transmission, and three binomials. In each team all the binomials have a precise role first is charged with the collection of information, and crossing. The second when with him has explosives and is in charge of the sabotage and the operations of penetration in force. The third group with a mission of cover and remote neutralization since it is composed of marksmen. Made that the men arrive of different regiments is enriching for a group, some will have acquired additional knowledge for example in navigation and others in mine clearance. Nowadays the GCP counts about 200 elements. The principal missions of its teams is the collection of information in hostile territory. The investigation and the search for enemy groups in seen to neutralize them or seek it "I will say" more restricted of individual with trackings as that is done by American units in Iraq or Afghanistan with the tracking of Ben Ladden and more largely of the Talibans.

The Grouping of the Commandos Parachutists makes also party of the units of the second circle of the COS and thus can come in support from other regiments on the ground they can also make research on enemy sites and transmit them to the state major which thereafter will make the decision to send or not large troops. They are the advanced eyes of the state French major one can as 13éme RDP even if its last are specialized much in the field of the information. Generally the teams are sent by airborne means, released very high altitude not to be made locate. The teams of commandos can also take actions of harassing of the enemy positions i.e. actions short but very violent on very precise and strategic positions. Generally they will tackle behind positions for thus destabilizing the adversary which will have to reorganize its forces to balance its rows

The GCP can also break the means of communication enemy by sabotaging the antennas or more often the vehicles transporting of the systems of transmission. Following its actions the men must is to release themselves from the place by their own means is as quickly as possible or then to prevent the special helicopters which will exfilteront them in bunch. The CRAPS are very proud to be chuteurs OPS. To train a good parachustist one needs 1 year and half, and to form a GCP it takes 2 years. All the members passed the training course 55 501 SOGH. The patent commando is also essential and is given after a passage to the national center of drive commando (CNEC) and the success of the tests. For the targeting the men have TR-PP 18, TR DP 24 and of URC 2000. of stations UHF/VHF last generation. The parachutes are G-9 Aerazur of French manufacture and which allows the carrying of a mass of 200 kilogrammes. Sheaths of transport EL-56 and collective sheaths from 180 to 200 kilos CACHOPS.

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ponedjeljak, 03.04.2006.


Detachement d'Intervention Operationnelle Subaquatique (DINOPS)
(Underwater Special Intervention Detachement)

DINOPS is a parachute trained combat diver unit assigned to the Legion Etranger's 1 Regiment Etranger de Genie (1 REG- 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment). The unit is assigned to the Regiment's Recce and Support Company. It is tasked with conducting underwater explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), conducting beach reconnaissance missions, conducting sabotage attacks, and assisting in river crossings.
Unit members undergo some of the most intensive training in the French armed forces, undertaking both the Navy's combat swimmer course, and the Army's parachute school. Unit members receive additional training at a number of Foreign Legion and Army technical training schools. They are trained in the use of closed circuit diving systems, EOD, and hydrographic survey techniques.

DINOPS "para-sappers" are capable of being inserted by aircraft, submarine, surface or subsurface swimming, inflatable boats, or by the use of two man Klepper kayaks.

During the Gulf War, DINOPS operated in support of the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division, and provided its EOD services to the division. After the cease fire took hold they conducted a joint mine clearing operation along side an Australian Navy Clearance Diver Team.

Because of its specialized mission DINOPS has access to a number of weapons and equipment not normally found in an engineer unit. They are armed with FAMAS assault rifles, HK MP-5 series SMG's, Barretta 9 mm pistols, and various explosive devices, depending on the mission requirements. For transportation they use Zodiac inflatable boats, and Klepper two-man kayaks. They are extensively equipped with night vision devices. For diving they are equipped with wet suits, SCUBA gear, and closed circuit diving oxygers.

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subota, 01.04.2006.


But, the Legion can be a nice place...

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Laetitia Casta s Legionarima iz sastava 2eme REP...
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Yes, the Legion can be a violent place...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Prva slika pokazuje trening borilačkih vještina i samoobrane, a druga Legionara koji je dobio udarac od svog Caporala jer nije šutio dok je nadređeni govorio...
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