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#CRUSH - short choreographic pieces, Salzburg

This is an open call for all artists – individual choreographers and dance companies - to submit their work proposals to be presented as a part of CRUSH showcase

CRUSH – short choreographic cuts
After the pilot project Markier dein Revier finished in November 2007, Tanzbüro Salzburg continues with its activity and invites you to join CRUSH – short choreographic cuts on 20th of June 2008 in Salzburg’s ARGEkultur!

This is an open call for all artists – individual choreographers and dance companies that find themselves recognized in CRUSH idea to submit their work proposals to be presented as a part of CRUSH showcase (or request more information) to following e-mail address:
before 26th of May 2008.

What is CRUSH?

CRUSH… …is the moment between two secure points when we don’t know what will take place. It is those rare instants when something completely unknown enters into consciousness, it is something completely new.

… starts from the thesis that performance is everywhere, in cultural performance and performance management, in the process of creating identity and in political activism. To experience is a matter of performing in the world, and to change perspectives.

…is a project imagined to open continuous spaces for Salzburg based active dance producing individuals and their guests to work, research, invest, invent and share expertise, tools and knowledge in relation to performance, choreographic and dance practices and theory.

…is a place where sharing and an open source like environment seems appropriate, and where each individual independently of background, expertise or age have the same right to propose, criticize, invent and play.

…would like to investigate innovative perspectives of performance through various practices and pioneering platforms of exchange, process and production.

…can also be understood as an open forum, an open space, where works and different points of view are laid out open for use in a multiplicity of ways - a field instead of a path.

…is a project that appears in various formats, but is not yet another festival.

…is created to question modes of production and presentation.

…is an opportunity for making art our every day practice and an opportunity to open artistic dialogues making it our artistic choice.

…is supporting contemporary dance artists living and working in Salzburg and wants to make wider audiences aware that there is an active arts scene existing in the city.

… wants to change behavior, which requires that we rewire our brains for progress and invention. The only way in which we can assure this change is by practicing.

…is free of charge, but gives no fees or special production conditions for the artists, due to its small budget. The works shown are not expected to be finished.

CRUSH showcase makes no selection, as its concept proposes, it wants to be an open stage and exchange possibility for all interested dance professionals from Salzburg and out of it. But it does require your application / registration in order to provide good production of the project in general, time planning and advertising.

If you are interested to show your short work, work in progress, an excerpt of a work that you are currently developing, a physical study or a presentation form of your work (like video or a short lecture), please fill out the application form and send it by email to the following address: office@tanzbuero.net

Time limit is approx. 15 minutes – depending on the number of interested participants.

Marcus Hank has offered us ARGEkultur theatre saal for a day, 20th June 2008. Crush organization team is providing a stage with basic technical support included, short rehearsal on the day of the performance and advertising of your project, but cannot arrange specifics such as props etc. for individual artists.

Please, take in consideration that your time to build up the stage is as well very limited.

Our basic technical support includes: stage with the black dance floor – size 10 x 10 m, open sides; general light; sound system; video projector; white projection screen; warm up studio; 2 backstage rooms and technicians to run your showing.

Discussions and or debates might be opened on the theme of presented works and current situation of Salzburg independent dance scene. Crush organization team will as well invite several dance producers and theoreticians from the country and abroad to join the event of CRUSH showcase.

All artists currently involved are working free of charge and those who will join should also not expect to be paid. We are doing this not only as individual artists but also for the independent contemporary dance arts scene in general to fight for visibility in Salzburg.

Download application form

Source: IETM

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