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#Roberto Cimetta Fund for individual travel grants

he Roberto Cimetta Fund is an international association promoting artistic exchange and the mobility of professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and visual arts within the Mediterranean area.

In the Mediterranean region, the frontier region between the Arab, European and Turkish worlds, mobility is an historic reality and an absolute necessity today. It is essential to give shape to the concept of « the dialogue between cultures » and to ensure that individuals really meet ; more concretely this means to make financial resources available to facilitate travel, to capitalise on the opportunities for professional gathering, but also to recognise the free circulation of culture professionals as an integral part of their work. These are amongst the objectives of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.

Arts mobility, travel, meeting with other professionals are all aspects of artistic vitality. In a region where artists are often confronted with economically difficult situations, the Roberto Cimetta Fund supports and encourages travel which allows culture professionals to find the opportunities, partners and means to realise personal or collective projects; thus facilitating networking, exchanges of experience and cultural and artistic cooperation.

In collaboration with the European Cultural Foundation, the Roberto Cimetta Fund has set up a programme for awarding individual travel grants. These cover travel and visa costs for trips such as attending professional cultural network meetings, workshops, artist’s residences, festival, symposiums etc. The programme is intended to operate simply, flexibly and quickly. Selections are organised regularly (every 5 to 6 weeks).

ursaries are individual, which means that we attribute them to one person in particular and not to an organisation. The request must be written and sent by the applicant himself/her

The process is quite simple and fast (about one month).
- to know in advance the date of the coming session : check on webpages www.cimettafund.org or contact the coordinator.
- Use the standard form on www.cimettafund.org
- Fill it in French or English.
- Send it by e-mail.

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