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  • :bernard

    Evo što su generatori izbacili... LoL
    - Piessa is a stubborn old fisherman with golden brown hair and violet eyes.
    - This man is tall, with limpid grey-green eyes and unruly flaxen hair worn very short. He is wearing a grey shirt and seems flighty.
    - Elf je...
    - This is a singlet of blue wool covered with interlocking shapes. With it is a marigold satin cloak.
    - This gown is of emerald gauze tinged with coral. Its tiered skirt and sheer sleeves are trimmed with silver braid. The effect is ravishing.
    - Njegovo ime je Gorkknocker.
    Kad se sve to spoji u jedno... dobija se jedno opasno čudovište :D


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