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  • Balkan PLL Group

    Dear dearest Shanti!!!
    We, from the Balkan PLL (peace, love and light) group hear what you say about our region and we were talking about your statement. We decieded (especially me and my women coleuge from France, town Ren) to panish you........You will be said that you are born!!!
    Our message actually our friendly advaice to you is: stay there as longer as you can because....
    I'm not sure, I think that you still have time to apoologize but I don't belive that will help you!!!Please don't be suprise if you are going in the wood or in the mountain and you meet somebody or something with whom you are not extremly happy to be.....
    That will be sweet message from the Balkan!!!
    Your dearest friends....for your good


    11.10.2006. (13:45)    -   -   -   -  

  • Balkans PLL group from Re

    Dear Shanti,
    I,as a representator of our warm PLL Balakns group, want to confirm the statement of my colegue from Skopje. As we read in your "Shetnjica thing", that you "lafish losho za nas" or translated " you talk dirty talks" about your dear fat balkan friends and fellowship, so yes, its true, we decided to punish you very strictly and , as my colegue says," YOU WILL BE SAD, (not said) THAT YOU WERE BORN!"
    My colegue is very soft and even now he talks not so bad to you, but , i'm not so soft and i will tell you the truth.
    If you ever, come back( but better don't, as my colegue says), we will take you to baklava, we will make you eat so much untill you fall unconscious, and than we will take you to the mountain Kitka, and there, we will throw you in the forest to the volfes to eat you ("kje te frleme vo shum'ta, na v'cite da te jadat")
    I hope you uderstood our sweet-sherbet message.
    And something else, we think(espeacilly me and my colegue from Skopje) that you lie to us about the supermarket. Thare are no supermarkets in the vilages.
    You can stay tehr and collect swiss 0,05 franks.....but don't forget this: At the BALKANS, in the supermarkets you get CHEWING GUMS instaed of a change, and they forgive you sometimes more than 2 denars......
    So, you choose...our dear Shanti!
    For you good!


    11.10.2006. (15:23)    -   -   -   -  

  • Balkan PLL Group

    BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!
    BRAVO for my coleuge from FR...
    Marvelous!!! Especially this part with the baklava and the wood of Kitka with volfs....
    Listen, psss, listen = Our poor friend from very, very rich Switzerland is guiet like a death. I think he is not breathing. He is so scared. Or maybe he and his cirlcled body already jumped from some high rock.....
    Life is cruel and brutal sometimes....


    12.10.2006. (10:34)    -   -   -   -  

  • Šetnjica

    My dears "Dear", "Dear dearest", and "Bravo", members of PLO, PLL, Fatah, Hamas or whatever you call yourselves - I was just wandering why it is so quit on my meadows, knowing that I have so many genious brains hidden in the bushes of The Net, reading this gibberings of mine. And, now, you proved me wrong (as our dear Prophet Abu Aziz says: VRONG). I am very happy 4 that, and will drop a few words soon. Just for your info: probably due to your curses and threats, I had the far craziest 5 days of my life. More news after commercials.


    12.10.2006. (17:26)    -   -   -   -  

  • Rimini

    Shanti, ti sakaj si go samo Rosi!


    20.10.2006. (16:05)    -   -   -   -  


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