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  • kamini

    Dear Shanti, let the Gods of Ultra Warm Dzempers guide you through the woods of Swiss...
    I wish you perfectly harmonized meals and idilic cow-meditations i temoj bolim te da se gubish po to shumita tamo, ne daj boze, kje sogazesh nekoj....!A kaj e sega Rosance-Rosance, da ti pishe shtom tolku te saka...! Samo napred drugar Shanti!Never surrender, never!


    05.10.2006. (21:22)    -   -   -   -  

  • Olga Kalashnikova

    YES - the province of Neutralistan is beautiful and rich. Even I learned to acknowledge and praise the delicate opulence of prügeli and gipfeli, rueblitorte and chäschüechli .... Especially now, when my company moved to the countryside and we all sit in a 100% transparent glas building with endless fields of cabadge surrounding us (it smells lovely when it starts to rot). I can see cats playing in the field and I hear beards singing their lovely songs - just from time to time a loud BANG disturbs the contemplative silence when a young eagle or falcon missed its usual route and flew against our glas building ... in this case - we charge the bird 1000 CHF for entering private poperty and add it in a stuffed version to our exhibition zoo named "rare animals of our country".
    So - receive my best greetings from the country of warm relationships! (After 5 years in one company my boss finally for the first time said "good morning" to me. I feel blessed!!!!)
    So - my dear warriour for piece and joke - let us join balkan heart and crazyness with the quality standard of Swiss watches - as long as their are still birds left in Switzerland....
    tchilp! Olga


    06.10.2006. (10:08)    -   -   -   -  

  • Šetnjica

    Trukarke Kabini, te postrafuvam i fala nogu za upatstvata - vcera fo sumata kje pandaf preku eden konj i mu viknaf: i i i i... konj nieden!!! Ihihihi...


    06.10.2006. (11:13)    -   -   -   -  

  • Šetnjica

    Privet Olga! Your descriptions of the "beauties" of Spruenglistan are utterly correct, by Allah Almighty! Especially by charging the bird 1000 CHF. Here, little bit more South, people are much "warmer" and if you take one single apple from their endless apple trees, the tent of the Morning Star Ibn Al Khrischtine will be labeled as "the thief home" for the next 10 years, only... But also, for the Allah's sake, do not mention chaeschueeschli and chuechaeschli and other irresistable baklawa-like sweets - my heart will drown in sadness... But I am happy to meet Your Divine Schaschawness tommorow, inshallah, if you dare to visit the desert tent of Sheikh Antique Bin Triple Drama in Allahmadingen for the annual feast of all harem members. Taib, I send you in addition one of my best desert falcons to deliver you few of my scriptus to your private suit.


    06.10.2006. (11:31)    -   -   -   -  


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