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Haraj Cars: Jeddah

It needs training, skill, along with experience. There are many whom practice PDR techniques who crack or flake the paint, or perhaps who create ripples inside metal.

The PDR products in love with TV do the same.

No! Not even near. There's no good alternative to the art of PDR.

Scratch and reduction repair are the same thing.

No. A reduction is a small indent, which can often be restored via paintless dent restoration procedures. A damage is an actual burglary the surface of the clear coating or paint, requiring traditional body shop methods, or touch up coloring.

It's easy to learn how to fix dents on vehicles.

Maybe for some, but it's a skill that few master. Dent Wizard offers a great training program. The management and employees are top notch.

What's the best car dent taking away protection plan?

Money in your bank account!

A new yr beings with it a great deal of new interior design styles, and we've got some cracking tips to help you liven up an old room and provide your house a fresh lease of life. Find comfort in the old rooms by having some accessories to back up the the chic developments of 2012.

Psychedelic 70s

The 70s are back (again) with a retribution and groovy patterns are popping up everywhere in the interior design world. Believe bold, bright and also fabulous colours - funky wallpaper, Seventies print cushions - be careful not to go overboard, you wish to achieve a contemporary Seventies look rather than a unpalatable one. Velour sofas, shag stack rugs and grayscale against bold along with bright colours are perfect ways to create the 1970s vibe.


Industrial furniture is one of the biggest trends regarding 2012, and is featuring everywhere. Rustic, aged, second-hand and vintage furniture is in so get going to those car trunk sales and old-fashioned furniture shops to grab yourself a bargain along with trend-setting piece. Industrial home furniture includes the likes of outdated children's lift way up lid school desks with inkwells, draughtsmen's drawers as well as factory-style furniture. Scratched material tables from business kitchens vintage routes are also key interior design pieces this year.


Stripes can look quirky, or perhaps they can look unassuming - depending on in which you put them. Stripey wallpaper is quite a la method this year, especially side stripes. try stripey safety net covers if you're not very ready to take the stripey picture plunge.

Animal Prints

Pets prints have been a favorite choice for the last few years : zebra and leopard prints in particular but now it's time to branch out and choose all sorts of jungle styles. Make a bold statement with tiger print, or perhaps a bit of giraffe?


The 2010 motif is the monk, and they are lurking concerning everywhere: fox ornaments, foxes on cushions along with duvets, on lunch boxes, on bowls and plates, herbal tea towels and cutting up boards. Grab yourself the foxy accessory to back up the 2012's fox motif pattern.

Getting Crafty

Homemade projects have made a massive recovery in the past year or two, this economic collapse has turned us handy, designing home use to save money, but it's also an enjoyable hobby to get into. haraj cars, haraj, haraj cars

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