utorak, 20.12.2011.

The old woman be cry and cry for help.

help."The old woman be cry and cry for help. Troll ferocious running over. I see troll take down this split. The head of the old woman in will be split second before, I grasped the feet of the old woman, will she pull, very not easy to rescue the old woman. I will move to pandora charms old woman behind me."You can escape."The old woman hobbled cross and fled. And then I pull out the sword in the middle road. Hum, watch recruit. Is HeTan territories of the man's, it will do so. I can change the life of a how much time. Is really of. I can now who confessed to my words."Hey, you guys, you think to kill me, how long it would take."Because I have the OPG, so just dare to so foolhardy.

In that time, the old woman don't know whether I have walked away.Also good I have my support. And a man's HeTan cultivates sugimori came running to stand next to pandora bracelets Sugimori don't say two words to draw a sword and waved up. Take this troll arm is in a moment was stabbed a show of the wound. Bones Sugimori low voice cried out."My life is only a very precious. So is unique."Well, well done. Thorn."Ah ah, I not 2 moves" a word without knowledge "."I only the best of a recruit. Troll subconsciously this cut down with the enormous sword, I was hit twice, it arm Khartoum with a land is cut down."Hatem."That guy flurried to move back. But in addition to sugimori positive hostile that a besides, still have another only next to me come from people.

By this time there is a dazzling rays of light in the middle of the flash across.Is the dew li. I saw Iraq's naked with his left hand, pandora australia the short swords rare jianfa. Iraq's pare an apple like dew, like diagonally raised at the troll falling short sword arm, without effort will troll arm muscles like the meat cutting down as cis. This need more robust calm to use such ZhaoShu."DE la DE la cough up.That guy staggered to move back. The wound is healing fast. Damn it, after all, is a troll. I first temporarily this guy come on Iraq's mind, and then have to deal with their eyes that only the guy no arms. That guy's arm is not renewable, but this was not holding the other one arm swinging towards me."Wow."A

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