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hey. that's so old he really say Tian Xiong. is not it. "Thank you uncle's praise. athletes must redouble our efforts." After listening to the words of Tian Xiong. Li Jian. his face immediately flashed a hint of excitement involuntary joy. Li Jian Tian Xiong know in the front have to show what kind of demeanor. he will soon be hid up the look. However. although the change in his demeanor is just such a fleeting.

but pandora bracelets fell Tian Xiong's eyes. Ambitions in the field cold smile. when talking about playing instruments. Jian Tian Xiong is very weak compared to him. "Hey. then either your father behind. Tian Xiong and Hedeheneng my main fact of the position competently. Unfortunately. your father died early. but do not worry. your father and I are like brothers. although normally I do not often contact you But I have been in my heart to you as your own. you know what I mean. "Mr Young said Tian Xiong looked.

Li Jian mind sadly. he nodded and whispered. "athletes understand that when his father died in pandora canada lot of enemies to kill my mother and I. if it is remembered with my uncle. your father's period of incense brotherhood. sense of justice shot. I'm afraid I already went to see father and mother. your great kindness to the athletes athletes are afraid to forget forever. Oh. since you know your father and I are like brothers. saying they would welcome. Yes. athletes on that Xu Huayin how do you see.

"Tian Xiong getting what we want answers. satisfied nod. up the pages of mouth showing a faint smile. then looked Jian asked. Li Jian. slightly wrinkled brow. he looked softly Tian Xiong's face and whispered. "I actually know and Xu Huayin not too long. he is a person always gives a feeling of upstart. in addition to lust outside the very self.righteous. good vanity. gain face last time he was spotted CHAN Ho.nam of the woman. was almost CHAN Ho.nam pandora charms destroy. woman in the XG dared CHAN Ho.

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