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Benefits of Social media for small enterprises

When thinking of Social Media Marketing, usually big campaigns by major corporations spring to mind. The cost put aside for social media (or viral) marketing keeps growing every year. Do you think, your company or services are too small for using Social media marketing in the Marketing efforts?

facebook for small business

Even with just a limited budget - or if perhaps you intend to take your time and energy - no investment you may use social media to your advantage.

The important social networks like Twitter or facebook have hundreds of million active users that spend up to an hour per day on the social networking sites. With all the current new fancy smartphones and other cellular devices like tablets and iPad’s - the percentage of users that are on social media marketing sites on the run is increasing drastically. Users will “like” or “check-in” to places, like your business, and tell their friends about it. Therefore it is essential to become section of the new social media marketing world and then use it for your advantage. Already 80% of internet users are checking for reviews and comments online, before they decide where you should get their business.

More advantages of using social media marketing for small businesses:

• Cost effective: One can market to a certain customer group effortlessly and inexpensively when compared with traditional advertising tool.
• Branding: Once you've a loyal following online, it is possible to reach them and let them know in regards to a cool product or service which you offer. You could make a “buzz” online.
• Search Engines love Social media marketing: Should you currently have an existing website, links aimed at your website on Social media marketing Networks will supercharge your ranking and reputation using the leading search engines, like Google or Bing.
• Customer Service: You have a whole new channel of communication for taking customer support to the next level. Communicate with customers on a personal level and developed a fantastic reputation and trust.

facebook check in marketing

In business it mostly comes down to numbers, the bottom line. Here is what smaller businesses have reported after introducing Social media for business:

• 80% of smaller businesses were able to generate more exposure of their business
• 70% could see an increase in traffic to the website
• 45% created new partnerships through social media marketing contacts
• 40% of small business owners reported an increase in sales.

Check out our website to understand more about Social internet marketing for small enterprises.

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