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ETFOXBORO, Mass. - Don't believe the Patriots' typically comatosesound bites of the last few days. Even if they don't admit itpublicly, you can be sure they, well, couldn't wait for today'sgame against the visiting Jets.Nearly nine months ago, the Jets shred off a 42-point loss inthe same Gillette Stadium over a month before and confounded TomBrady and his offense in a not-as-close-as-it-sounds 28-21 upset inthe AFC playoffs. The win was followed by Jets linebacker Bart Scott'sguttural growl of "can't wait" in a postgame TV interview, a rantthat is considered famous or infamous depending upon which team youroot for.In August, Brady told a Boston radio station that he stillwasn't over that loss, although he had changed his tune byWednesday."I think we've moved on from that game," Brady said in aconference call with Jets' media. "It's a new year forus. It's a different team. It's a different Patriots team, it's adifferent Jets team. We're excited to play. It's a very importantgame for our season. It's a division opponent. We'll be excited toplay when we see them on Sunday."Not surprisingly, Jets coach Rex Ryan didn't use thesame tack.When asked if it is just another game, he replied: "That's nottruthful. Of course, these games have a little extra, there's nodoubt. I think it's the fact you're going against a Hall of Famecoach [Bill Belichick], Hall of Fame quarterback and a team that'swon three Super Bowls and has dominated your division. ... That'sthe one you want to have. This is your archrival and you want toget after them."Running back LaDainian Tomlinson, in his second year with the Jets, said: "You hear about [therivalry] when you're on the outside looking in about how passionatethe rivalry is, but it's obviously a different perspective whenyou're a part of it. Yes, I would say this is as good as any[rivalry] in football."Oddly enough, however, Scott, a Ryan disciple since their daysin Baltimore, sounded more like a Patriots when asked about therivalry Friday."I think it's different to different people in the locker room,"Scott said. "I'm sure it's bigger to guys who have been herelonger. The Patriots have had their number. For me, it's honestlyjust another game. It's a divisional game so you want to win it.But it's not one of those games where I pound my chest, lose sleepover playing the Patriots."But Ryan probably has lost a few winks trying to correct whathas gone wrong the previous two weeks, as the Jets lost to Oakland and Baltimoreon the road, the first back-to-back double-digit defeats of Ryan'stenure in green."We have to get it" fixed, he said. "We have to get it fixed ina hurry."Former Raven Derrick Mason, formerly a part of manyBaltimore-Pittsburgh clashes, said, "We have to go in there andgive them our 'A' game," he said, "because if you don't, it's goingto be a long day."Also new to the rivalry is fellow wideout Plaxico Burress, whohas experience against New England, having derailed the Patriots'perfect season with the game-winning catch in Super Bowl XLII.But that's in the past, Burress said, noting it's "a differentteam and different defense. ... It's going to be good to get backand I expect to get booed by the fans and different things likethat, but it's going to be fun."How much fun remains to be seen.E-mail: pelzmanTerms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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