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the chances that they will be interested in a different MLM such as Family IQ?Actually this is probably one of the best classes of leads you can go after since it's a very targeted market. We already know this type of lead likes and believes in network marketing since they already are or were in the industry. So there are no long conversations trying to explain how MLM works, they already believe.Also since the MLM industry is so transitional and attrition rates run 50% to 70% or more, its more than likely that most of your leads are either not happy with their success so far, have already dropped out, or may even be looking for a new deal as we speak.On the saturation issue, the question is that if you have a several thousand Family IQ distributors all using the same software won't they just be recycling the same leads or run the chance of actually running out of this type of lead?Well to answer this question you just have to take a step back and look at the big picture.Estimates of how many MLM companies are in the world currently range from 1500 to 5000 companies and the number fluctuates daily since so may fail every year and so many new ones start up.Big network marketing companies have millions of distributors each, and if we even conservatively estimate that an average network marketing company has 10,000 distributors then you could have as many as 50 million distributors out there as Family IQ prospects.Well I guess you probably are not going to run out of leads any time soon.Now you have leads, what do you do with them?Well that's the next part of the Family IQ sales funnel system, once you have the leads, now you have to get the leads to the Family IQ replicated teleseminar that Rod Stinson does so they can view the information and decide if they want to join.Now the beauty of a using a high volume automated lead funnel system for Family IQ, is that once your prospect views the presentation, they will either be pretty much ready to go, or they won't be interested, there really is no in between when you are using a high volume approach, they either see it or they don't.The two main approaches that the Family IQ system uses to get your leads to the teleseminar are a direct phone approach called Dial & Ditch or an automated approach called Voice Broadcasting.Dial and Ditch for Family IQ leadsWith this approach you will use one of 2 scripts that you will download from Rod's Family IQ training website and then you will actually call the phone numbers with the intention of leaving a short sizzle message on the prospects voice mail designed to get them interested enough in Family IQ to go to your replicated teleseminar website and opt in to view the presentation. That's the Dial part. I taught this same approach years ago to my downline but at the time we called the approach "Phone Drops" and it really does work.Now the ditch part is that if someone actually answers the phone you just hang up. Now since most new reps are usually nervous about directly talking to prospects since they don't know what to say, the idea of not actually having to talk to anyone appeals to them and so they like this approach.Now the one downside of this approach is that it takes time to do all those dials but the upside is that it's free. My advice for anyone who feels confident on the phone is not to do the ditch part but to actually talk to the prospect on the other end of the line and use the same script.I mean you are already spending the time to do the dial so why not use the time effectively and actually talk to your live prospects. Since you will be building rapport with your prospect by doing a live conversation your conversion ratio from lead to Family IQ distributor is going to be much higher.Voice Broadcasting For Family IQNow this is the automated way to use your Family IQ scraper leads. Voice broadcasting is a form of telemarketing that uses a web based autodialer to deliver the same short sizzle message you were using in the dial and ditch approach but does it for you. You just set up an account with a voice broadcast service, record your phone message, upload your lead list to the website, push the start button and boom! The automated system can deliver your Family IQ sizzle message to thousands of prospects in about 20 min or less.Voice broadcasting works, I have taught and used this marketing approach for years and have recruited hundreds of distributors using it. Response rates average from 1% to 5% depending on your message and several other factors but if you have some good training and coaching on using this type of system it a killer approach.You can setup a voice broadcast in about 20 min, it really takes no technical skills, and once you trigger the broadcast you will have leads flowing in that have listened to your message and are highly interested within 30 min.It's fast, efficient, and cheap. The prices vary widely on voice broadcasting from as little as 1.4 cents per connected call to as much as 25 cents or more per connected call. The systems with no setup fee charge more per call and the systems that are the cheapest to operate charge a setup fee of a few hundred dollars upfront.Two things to note here are that generally this type of telemarketing is regulated by the by way of what is called the National Do Not Call list and more recently by legislation that limited the use of these systems to call only consumers who have actually opted in to receive these calls, or business to business sales. The good news is that when you pull a lead off of the internet from a distributors MLM company website, that qualifies as a business listing since they are using that phone to receive calls about their MLM business.Ezine advertising for Family IQThis is another approach Rod's Family IQ marketing system gives some training on, and of course it works. Ezines are the online equivalent of magazines and take many forms, ranging from newsletters to article directories, and many offer free or paid advertising where you can get an ad in front of thousands or millions of potential prospects and then redirect that traffic to your replicated website for Family IQ.One again this approach works well, I have taught and used online advertising for years and of course today that's where the traffic is, online. With a little coaching on copywriting a good ad, you can generate lots of leads to power your Family IQ business.Postcards Marketing for Family IQThis tried and true marketing approach is also included in the Family IQ marketing training by Rod Stinson. Postcards or direct mail have been an effective marketing approach for years, but recently since more and more marketers have switched to online approaches there has been a drop in direct mail which actually makes it more effective than it used to be. Its costs more but it can also be done in small batches to control cost.So in conclusion, these approaches that Family IQ uses do work. The only secret here is to actually do them, do them consistently, keep track of your numbers and adjust as you go.Most MLM distributors are very inconsistent with their MLM lead generation efforts and so even if they use a great marketing approach, if they don't get instant results they throw up their hands and quit.In Network Marketing, the key to success is the result of just a few critical factors, learning the Law of Large Numbers, high volume lead generation, and using effective sales funnels. Used effectively, they can give you the edge to master becoming a successful figure earner in the industry.

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