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Groomsmen Gifts For Fall Weddings
For couples planning fall weddings, they will find that before they know it, the summer is over and their wedding is upon them. What seemed like it would take forever to arrive is suddenly right around the corner, and it is time to wrap up all of the last details. Many couples wait until close to the wedding to select gifts for their bridal party; if you have not done it yet, don't forget to pick out a special gift for the groomsmen in your fall wedding.Autumn is a special time of year. It has a different feeling than the bright summer, and your wedding will probably have a different feeling as well. You will want to make sure that all of the elements of your wedding are unified, and that includes your groomsmen gifts. A gift that might be perfect for a casual summer wedding in the beach might not seem quite right for a more cozy autumn wedding.Naturally, you will want the gifts you choose for your attendants to be something that they will really like. You know your groomsmen well, and so it is a good idea to think about their interests and personalities when selecting gifts for them. When it comes to presents for your attendants, it is also nice if you choose something that will have lasting value. That way, every time that your friends see it, they will be reminded of your wedding and your friendship.For many guys, one of the highlights of the fall season is football. A great idea for a groomsmen gift would be to get high quality mugs or can holders featuring the logo of their favorite NFL team. You can have them personalized with their initials or your wedding date to make the gift even better. As an additional treat for your best man, give him a customized NFL keychain as well. It makes the perfect gift for a sports enthusiast.A lot of grooms will remember the good times that they had with their buddies during their single days. Let them know that you intend to continue spending time together by setting your groomsmen up with high end gear for game night. Start a tradition of a Thursday night poker game. You can give your best man a really nice poker set in a handsome box, and give the other attendants personalized beer mugs to use on game night.Another gift that would be a big hit is to give your guys personalized shot glasses along with a bottle of a very fine single malt scotch or other favorite liquor. A great looking gift for fall would be a tartan plaid covered flask with their initials on it.If your groomsmen are the type of men who love gadgets and technology, there are some terrific gifts available to tie in with that interest. The man who works on a computer all day will love an engraved silver USB flash keychain. He will feel like the sharpest guy in the office when he pulls that out! Another great gift idea is a handsome leather case for his ipod. That is one of those gifts that is great because you know that your friends will get tons of use out of it.Your groomsmen are an important part of your wedding. You will want to show them your appreciation by choosing a gift that is something they can really enjoy. For fall weddings, it is time to make sure that you have all of your gifts selected, so that you won't be left scrambling for something at the last minute.
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Amway Quixtar Compensation Plan & Information Overview
When you register and become an independent business owner you will have access to a great portfolio of products. These products are manufactured by Amway's very own Access Business Group. These 450 products are backed by Amway Quixtars 40+ locations, 300+ Scientists, and 700 patents. The Amway Quixtar products are focused on health and beauty, although they do offer alternative products such as air and water purifiers, personal care products, home cleaners, and much more. Amway Quixtar also provides a 180-day money back Satisfaction Guarantee.The Amway Quixtar Compensation Plan:The Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan dates back to one of the oldest plans ever created in network marketing. Known as the stairstep breakaway. Due to the fact that Quixtar Amways Compensation plan was the original network marketing plan in existence it provides a complicated and less distributor friendly payplans then many newer companies provide. However, those that persevere and overcome the Quixtar Amway bashing that is brought on by many uninformed naysayers and distributors have had fantastic results. With all that being said, it may take a long time to build a substantial downline that results in a substantial residual income.Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan is dependent on the selling or distributing of their products. The distributor earns income from a retail markup on product sales to customers as well as earning additional income from monthly performance bonuses ranging from 3% to 25% depending on business volume and monthly productivity.The Amway Quixtar's Compensation Problem:There are a few problems that can be associated with the Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan. First and foremost is the ability to grow your downline and team. As network marketers the key to success is building a successful and motivated downline that has the ability to market and sell the products themselves. Amway Quixtar relies on old marketing techniques to tell others about the products and services while attempting to get them involved. We call this the 'friends, family, and others' sabotage list. Anyone that has had any experience in network marketing already knows what I'm talking about. The new distributor is told to compile a list of friends, family, and anyone else they ever have made contact with to call and tell them about your product.Now this may be efficient to begin with, but after a few weeks or maybe even months the list will run short and most likely you will be added to the NFL club. The NFL club stands for No Friends/Family Left. Nobody likes to be sold by their friends or family, it just isn't fun turning down what they have to offer and sometimes bad blood can be created as a result.Another issue with Amway Quixtars Compensation plan is the ability to achieve a full time income. When joining a network marketing company it is especially crucial to look at what it will take in order for you to turn your part time home based business into a full time career. How many sales? How many distributor sign ups? So on and so forth. For me, my goal is a minimum ability of $5,000 a month. In order to achieve this kind of success with the Amway Quixtar Compensation Plan you must build a dowline in the upwards of 400-500 people having sales of over $400/month! How viable is that? Do you have the resources to reach out and connect with that many people?The Solution to Amway Quixtars Compensation PlanAs I'm sure you have realized the road to success with Amway Quixtar may be a long and difficult road to follow. You will need to have many active distributors signed up underneath you that are also duplicating the same results that you have experienced. Recently there has been a solution created in the network marketing field, a revolution that allows for you to speak with thousands and thousands of people a day from the comfort of your home. With the internet you have the ability to reach as many people as you want. This concept is known as the automated turn key marketing system via Web 2.0. In a nutshell the turn key marketing system allows for anyone at any point in their internet marketing career to succeed. Whether you just learned how to use the internet, or you are a top notch web designer. By providing a 30 Day Step By Step Marketing guide to success, anyone can achieve these results. The step by step guide teaches you how to market yourself via the internet and how to properly use Web 2.0 technology, even if you have no prior experience.In summary, this automated turn key marketing system allows you to focus on learning, while applying step by step instructions. Once you have applied these step by step instructions you can be earning $1,000 checks daily, not monthly or even yearly. If you are tired of the overhyped opportunities then I am dedicated to teaching you the necessary steps to becoming successful in network marketing. Don't depend on Amway Quixtar's Compensation Plan to make you successful. Plan on a proven system that has taken years of research and development. Information can be found here
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Four Things That I Am Looking Forward to in August
August is only a week and a half away, and now that the Dark Knight has been released and destroyed every opening weekend record I, personally, could think of, and Grand Theft Auto 4 the video game and overall entertainment grossing records, one might think that the remaining 162 days of the year will be nothing but a letdown by comparison. In this case, one would surely not be me, for there are still plenty of things that I am looking forward to. This is my list of those things, and why:Madden NFL 09 from EA Sports (For PS3, X-box 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, PC, mobile phones, toothbrushes, and anything else they can stick it in) - The 20th edition of one of the most recognizable game franchise based off of the most watched sport in the United States. Madden games have an almost cult-like following, including a multitude of tournaments, the annual "Madden Challenge" being the biggest of them all, ESPN had its own version of the Madden Challenge in a reality-style tv show called "Madden Nation," there's even a huge launch party that takes place in Times Square the night the game comes out, at midnight, in front of the largest Toys 'R' Us store in the world. I've been a fan of video games all my life, but I wasn't a big football fan until four years ago, when my older brother convinced me to join his fantasy football league. Ever since, I've been following that and a couple of other sports, and I consider this a must have for me. Sure they don't change much from year to year now that EA owns the exclusive rights to the NFL brand in gaming, but that doesn't mean its not worth it for the tweaks that are in there, plus if you want the most updated rosters available, this is the only way to get it. That and the promise from EA to make more and better advances has me intrigued enough to purchase. Available August 12thStar Wars: The Clone Wars from Lucasflim (in Theaters) - Have to regain my geek cred somehow, right? (Some may argue Madden-ites are geeky enough themselves) I have a similar story to the previous entry for this one. When I was younger, my best friend at the time tried everything to get me to watch the original trilogy, but I wasn't interested. I fell asleep about a half hour in to A New Hope. Then, fast forward a bit to 2000, and I fell asleep a half hour into another Star Wars movie, this time Phantom Menace. However, finally one day I sat down at a good hour and began watching the saga from Episode IV on. Since then, I have considered myself to be a Star Wars fan. Maybe not on the same level with cosplayers and other super geeks, but I was definitely hooked. Clone Wars picks up around the end of Attack of the Clones, and fills in some of the story in between it and Revenge of the Sith. According to IMDb, Its based around the investigation of the kidnapping of Jabba the Hutt's son by a "group of renegades." Who better to investigate such matters than a Jedi and his padawan? Of course police come to mind, but not in this universe! The movie is also said to be the starting point for a new television series featuring the saga, all of which in turn has something to do with the mini-episodes broadcast on television already. I don't quite understand it all yet, but it's got me intrigued. Opens August 15thFamily Guy's Season 7 Premiere from Fuzzy Door Productions (only on FOX) - I have been a fan of Family Guy for quite a while now. I missed the first run of the show when it originally aired on Fox, but have since tracked down and purchased all seasons available on DVD and the movie. Some people may not like the show, but for all its faults, it is still a great source of entertainment for me. According to a commercial aired on Fox, Labor Day weekend is when all of their Sunday shows will premiere their new seasons, so that ought to be a great night of television. Premieres August 31stPenny Arcade Expo 2008 from Penny Arcade (in Seattle, WA) - I am a big Penny Arcade fan. I even once attempted drawing my own comic after finding the website (almost five years ago now) to disastrous results. I am no artist, in fact I draw like a Kindergarten student, but I'm getting away from my point. Since 2004, the guys at PA have hosted in their own backyard one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year, and its grown exponentially each year. This year will be the second year that PAX has taken place in the Washington State Trade and Convention Center in Downtown Seattle. Also, as with every year, the running of the Omegathon shall take place, pitting 13 contestants (better known as Omeganauts) against one another in several rounds of competitive gaming, using a new game each round. I have, quite unfortunately, never had the opportunity to attend PAX due to it being on the other side of the country. I am, however, always excited to look up the videos and photos and news tidbits related to PAX each year. Yes, I am a damn nerd. One weekend only, August 29th through August 31stSo, let us hope that none of these items/events aren't as big a letdown as Spiderman 3. Then again, what can be?
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Are You A Leader Or A Manager?
First of all, I want to define both. Simply put, leadership is influence. This is the best definition of leadership I have ever heard. It comes from John Maxwell's book, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership."A portion of management is leadership, but management also involves planning, coordinating, controlling and organizing resources. This definition comes from an online article, which you can check out for yourself at managementhelp.org/mgmnt/defntion.htmNow, I want to reveal to you the differences between a manager and a leader. The manager administers, the leader innovates. The manager is a copy: the leader is an original. The manager focuses on systems and structure; the leader inspires trust. The manager has a short-range view, the leader has a long-range perspective. The manager asks how and when, the leader asks what and why? The manager has an eye always on the bottom line: the leader has an eye on the horizon. The manger initiates, the leader originates. the manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it. The manger is the classic good soldier; the leader is his or her own person. The manger does thing right, and the leader does the right thing.The above paragraph comes from the online article, "Leadership in the Workplace," by Brooke Sheldon. You can see the entire articles by visiting txla.org/pubs/tlj75_4/work.htmlLet me give you an example of how leadership and management work. I'll put this into football terms. The manager would be the coach, and the leaders would be the quarterback, the veterans of the team and the team captains. Every NFL team has talented players, but why do some teams make the playoffs and most don't? It boils down to the right mix of management and leadership.As a coach (manager), you have to know which players to play and when. Another facet of coaching (managing) is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your players (employees), focusing on those strengths and correcting the weaknesses.The key players (leaders) of the team need to lead by exceptional example. The key players (leaders) need to inspire, influence, affirm, assist etc.The football team scenario is a good example of how a business should run. An NFL team is a business. The team has a President/CEO, board of directors, managers and players. A corporation has the same structure, but the players are the employees.If your business is lagging, you need a change. Management needs to be more effective. Leadership either needs to change or leaders need to be raised up. Hope this articles helps make 2008 a much better year than 2007.
Groomsmen gifts are the gifts that a groom gives his groomsmen (best man, attendants, ushers) for participating in his wedding. These groomsmen don't merely attend the wedding. They are the other guys in the tuxedos. They help the groom by standing up and supporting him during the church service. Another thing they do is dance with the single gals at the reception to keep the party hopping.These guys deserve a gift for their time and effort at your wedding. It need not be an extravagant gift. Anything thoughtful is appropriate and appreciated. If your groomsmen are into football, baseball or golf, selecting groomsmen gifts that are sports related is the way to go. This is not only easy for you, but perfect picks for your buddies.You can select cufflinks, flasks, glass tankards, or rocks glasses with favorite NFL or MLB teams. Most items can even be engraved or personalized with a name and the wedding date. How cool is that? Your pals will use their sports items all the time and love you and their favorite teams. Leather money clip wallets are affordable as well and typically have NCAA, NFL or MLB teams. Personalized pub signs are especially fun if your friends like to drink alcohol.Whatever you buy for your groomsmen gifts, just remember to get something sentimental. Your guy friends have been with you a long time and a thoughtful gift goes a long way. Most grooms spend anywhere from $15 each to $100 for groomsmen gifts. It is entirely up to you. A thoughtful gift is truly more valuable to your friends than an expensive one.
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Giant Effort - Super Bowl XLII
The Patriots went 16-0 during the regular season. Then, they went 2-0 in the playoffs, taking their record to an astonishing 18-0 heading into the Super Bowl. They simply could not be stopped in the regular season. Even when it seemed as if the Patriots were going to suffer defeat, Tom Brady and company always came up with a way to win. So, to stop them short of a Super Bowl Championship was always going to take a monumental effort by the opposing team - a Giant effort if you will.And that is exactly what we got. Excuse the pun, but New York put up a giant effort on Sunday. No one, myself included, thought that the Giants had any shot of winning the Super Bowl. But they did. This was a modern day David versus Goliath. Like the account in biblical times, Goliath caught one right between the eyes.Who was David, though? Well, you could argue that the entire Giants team was in some way or other the hero. But in my opinion there were or handful of players who stood out from amongst the crowd - namely Eli Manning. David Tyree, Steve Smith and the whole defensive line.Eli Manning - Since his debut in the NFL, Eli Manning has seen his fair share of criticism. Besides having his actual performances scrutinized by every "analyst" in the world, Eli Manning has had to deal with the fact that he is Peyton Manning's little brother. "Will he ever be as good as Peyton?" or "Can he survive living in the shadow of his brother?" has come out of the mouth of every football fan alive. During the playoffs, on Sunday especially, Eli Manning proved that he is a fine player. Hopefully now, everyone will stop criticizing Eli and give him a little credit. After all, he did just win a championship.David Tyree - He cemented his place in Super Bowl lore with that ridiculous part hand, part helmet catch. Seriously, are you kidding me?!? Even if he had dropped every single pass thrown his way before that, David Tyree sitll would have been one of Sunday's heroes.Steve Smith - Steve Smith put out one of those performances that come in under the radar, without which wins turn into a losses. Apart from the final touchdown, Plaxico Burress had a relatively quiet night. So too did Amani Toomer. So, who did Eli rely on in time of need? Steve Smith. Yes, he did have a horrific blunder in the first quarter when he gifted the Patriots a momentum-turning intereption, literally cradling the ball into the hands of the defender. But aside from that, Steve Smith made big plays when the Giants needed it most. He is going to turn into an elite NFL receiver.The Giants' D-line - Wow! All I can say is wow! The performances of Strahan, Umeniyora and Tuck were absolutely mind boggling. They sacked Brady 5 times!! Brady had only been sacked 21 times in the 16 regular season games. Apart from the Pats' early-game and late-game drives, the defensive line was all over Brady. When Strahan and company were not sacking Brady, they were hurrying him and hitting him, making it hard to be accurate. Just ask Randy Moss. He was pretty much a non-factor on Sunday because Brady was hurried so often and had to throw short to Welker and Faulk the majority of the time.No one, I repeat, no one thought the Giants had a chance of beating the mighty Patriots in the Super Bowl. Congratulations to the New York Giants for a game well played.
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Harbaugh defends late-game approach
One of the few criticisms the Ravens have encountered after their 37-7 thumping of the St. Louis Rams on Sunday was the decision to have quarterback Joe Flacco run the offense in the last 3 minutes, 10 seconds of the game.Keeping Flacco in a game that had already been decided might have put the franchise quarterback at risk to a season-ending injury, but coach John Harbaugh disputed that notion.The argument about getting Joe hurt, well, I'd like to see the history on quarterbacks getting hurt at the end of games like that, Harbaugh said. I don't think there is much. But it's always a concern. But all of our players are a concern. We could've not thrown the pass on third down -and-10 that resulted in a defensive pass interference call. We could've run the ball and ran the punt team out there, too. We weren't trying to run up the score at all. We were trying to get a first down so that our defense and punt team didn't have to take the field. That's the idea. Then we took a knee. We could run our punt team out there and put our punter at risk, and they had just run into our kicker two plays before. So anybody's at risk in a situation like that or anytime you're taking snaps.Rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith caught touchdown passes on the first three receptions of his career en route to five catches and 152 yards in the team's 37-7 rout of the St. Louis Rams. But some fans have openly questioned why Smith was making his first start three weeks into the regular season and only because Lee Evans was sidelined by a nagging left ankle injury.Coach John Harbaugh said during his weekly briefing Monday that the determination on when to give players opportunities is based on their performances in practice.Sometimes I think people wonder, 'Well, why is this guy playing and that guy's not playing?' and a lot of it is what you see in practice, Harbaugh said. It's not like baseball or basketball or hockey where you play all these games and you really get a chance to develop and grow young players in the games. You really don't get a chance to do that with only 16 opportunities. But we have lots of practice, and that's where you see the guys make the little steps toward those kinds of things.With the New York Jets scheduled to visit M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday night, the potential for verbal exchanges between the Ravens and Jets in the days prior to the game might be high.And while engaging in long-distance dispute could be a distraction, coach John Harbaugh said he has no plans to censor his players this week.We always tell our guys to be themselves, he said. We don't tell them not to say anything. We encourage them to be their best selves, and I think our guys are pretty good guys. Our guys are classy guys. I'm sure our guys will have fun with it. I don't think you hear too much that's malicious coming from our guys. Our guys like those guys. But it'll be good laughs, listening to what's coming out of New York, and we'll be looking forward to it because it's always funny, it's always entertaining, and that makes it more fun.Copyright C 2011 The Sports Xchange. All Rights Reserved. PrintEmail a FriendFacebookTwitterStumbleUponGoogle BuzzYahoo!DiggDeliciousShare

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Hardesty does job in place of Hillis
RB Montario Hardesty replaced Peyton Hillis in the starting lineup after Hillis was sidelined with a fever caused by strep.Hardesty had a very good game. He ran well and showed quickness Hillis lacks in gaining 67 yards on 14 carries. That 4.8-yard average is what a back and an offense want. Hardesty's numbers were held down only because Miami had the ball for almost 40 minutes and the Browns sustained little offensively.Hardesty also had a key fourth-down reception on the Browns' final and game-winning drive. He drew high praise from the coach, and the team has to be a lot more comfortable using him along with Hillis in games.In our running back room we always say that when a guy goes down another one has to step up, Hardesty said. One of our guys was down today, so I knew I had to step up. This is a game I've been playing my whole life, and I have been waiting for the opportunity.WR Josh Cribbs had a bigger contribution as a receiver than he did as a kick returner in the win over Miami.A strained groin muscle that kept Cribbs out of practice on Friday limited his explosion Sunday, so a couple hours before kickoff the Browns decided Cribbs should not return kicks. But they did use him as a receiver.I didn't have my fifth gear, Cribbs said. Without my fifth gear we didn't want to take a chance.In the second quarter, he caught the Browns' first touchdown by outplaying a Miami defender with the ball in the air. The touchdown was a play made almost solely by Cribbs.WR Mohamed Massaquoi did not catch a pass until just more than 3:00 were left in the game. To that point, the only Browns wide receiver who had a reception was Josh Cribbs.But Massaquoi ignited the drive with a 12-yard reception on the first play and ended with a 14-yard touchdown.The touchdown came off a double move, and Massaquoi was just behind cornerback Jimmy Wilson. Wilson leaped to tip it, but McCoy threw a perfect pass, beyond Smith's fingertips. Massaquoi stretched to make the catch, then had the presence of mind to get his feet down in bounds.It's the kind of catch a premier receiver is supposed to make, the kind of catch that gives the Browns faith in their belief the receivers they have will be fine even if they do disappear from games for 57 minutes.I think the message for any player is just hang in there, coach Pat Shurmur said. Because you're going to get your opportunities all the way to the final gun.Copyright C 2011 The Sports Xchange. All Rights Reserved. PrintEmail a FriendFacebookTwitterStumbleUponGoogle BuzzYahoo!DiggDeliciousShare
It was loud and it was full exactly what Hue Jackson had in mind when he took over as Raiders coach and immediately began courting the fan base.A crowd of 61,546 was thoroughly entertained by a 34-24 win over the New York Jets, almost as entertained as the Raiders were by the support.Even Magic Johnson, a fan from the Raiders' days in Los Angeles, was on hand.Magic Johnson showed up. The Raider Nation showed up. The coaching staff showed up, Raiders coach Hue Jackson said. IT should be like this every week. Our players deserve it.Rookie left guard Stefen Wisniewski has played before bigger crowds in the Big Ten at Penn State, but none as raucous as the one he witnessed at O.co Coliseum.We even got a couple of procedure penalties on the Jets because it was too loud and they couldn't hear, Wisniewski said. After two games on the road, it reminded me of how much easier and how much more fun it is to play at home.Strong-side linebacker and nickel pass rusher Kamerion Wimbley thought the fans played a role in the win.We definitely fed off their energy, Wimbley said.Said defensive tackle Tommy Kelly: They were the 12th man. Loud. Obnoxious ... like Raider fans are. I love 'em to death.As both an opposing assistant coach and as offensive coordinator, Jackson made it his mission to get the Coliseum filled. The Raiders sold out just one game in 2009 and one in 2010.I've been here when it's like a ghost town, Jackson said. We can do better. We're one of the best organizations in football. We haven't been lately, but we're going to be again. We're chasing it, and we're not going to stop.In recent years, the Raiders have had some of their biggest pratfalls in well-attended home openers, including prime-time losses to Denver 41-14 in 2008 and San Diego 24-20 in 2009, the latter losing the game on the final drive.Copyright C 2011 The Sports Xchange. All Rights Reserved. PrintEmail a FriendFacebookTwitterStumbleUponGoogle BuzzYahoo!DiggDeliciousShare
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Column: Brady can make mistakes, too
Watch Tom Brady play long enough and you start to wonder if he ever makes mistakes. When he finally does, it's almost a shock, kind of like seeing the Buffalo Bills atop the AFC East.Brady made one Sunday while the Patriots were well on their way to what seemed like an inevitable rout of the Bills, though at the time it seemed to matter little. Then he made three more in the second half, and suddenly it mattered a lot.That's the way it can go in today's NFL, where offenses now rule and no lead is safe. That it can go against the best quarterback in the game and a team that seemed an early lock for the Super Bowl should give hope to distressed teams around the league.Memo to defensive coordinators everywhere: Forget what you've been led to believe. Tom Brady is human after all.It certainly didn't seem that way through the first two games of the season, when Brady put up numbers so stunning they almost looked cartoonish. He was on a pace to throw for nearly 8,000 yards in a league where no one has reached 6,000, and was hitting receivers in the end zone at a clip that even Brett Favre would admire.That didn't change much on Sunday in Buffalo, where Brady threw for four touchdowns - giving him 11 in three games - and 387 yards. What did change was he threw four passes into the arms of guys he wasn't aiming for, matching in just one game his total for all of last season.The result was a come from behind 34-31 win for the Bills, their first over New England in 16 games. Even better, it put the Bills and their Harvard-educated quarterback atop the division, a development that so excited the long suffering fans in Buffalo that security guards were posted to keep them from tearing down the goal posts.Whether the Bills can remain on top is doubtful, though quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is throwing the ball unlike any Ivy League quarterback before him and they are the only team in the modern era to come back from at least 18 points down and win in two consecutive games. Still, there's a long - and unfamiliar - path the Bills must navigate before they meet the Patriots again on New Year's Day in Foxborough in the final regular season game for both teams.As for Brady and the Patriots? Well, let's just say they're not exactly panicking."It's one loss," said Brady, "and it's a long season."In Brady's defense, the four picks weren't all his fault. Had the ball bounced the other way on two of them, the Patriots would have headed home still undefeated and Brady's start would still be the talk of the league.But it didn't, because that's football. And Brady has been around long enough to understand that as well as anyone."Some days the ball gets batted up in the air and it goes your way," he said. "And some days it doesn't."Almost overshadowed by the loss was a career game for Wes Welker, Brady's go-to guy who had 16 catches for a franchise record 217 yards and two touchdowns. Brady and Welker seem to be playing pitch-and-catch at times, unaware that anyone else is on the field with them.Almost unnoticed was that Chad Ochocinco still seems lost with his new team. Ochocinco had the ball thrown to him only four times, dropping one sure touchdown while catching two passes for 28 yards."This isn't just on Tom," Welker said. "It's everybody getting on the same page and understanding that we all need to make plays and we're all accountable for it."Surely, Bill Belichick will press that point this week as the Patriots regroup before heading across the country to play Oakland. They'll do it behind a quarterback whose numbers are still astounding even with the mistakes thrown in.Brady now has 1,326 yards passing in three games, breaking the record of 1,257 set in 2006 by New Orleans QB Drew Brees. He also had his 37th 300-yard career game, moving him into ninth place, one ahead of John Elway. And Brady's four touchdowns gave him 272, one short of tying Joe Montana for ninth place on the NFL list.All good numbers, and all good company for Brady, who grew up with Montana as his idol. Brady is starting to accumulate the kind of stats that put him in the conversation when it comes to the greatest quarterbacks ever, and at the age of 34 he should have years left in the league to add to his legacy.In the end, though, Brady may be judged more on the number of Super Bowls he won than anything else. He would tie his idol, Montana, by winning a fourth Super Bowl this season, and the oddsmakers in Las Vegas are among those who believe they'll be playing for a ring in Indianapolis."We're not going anywhere," Brady said. "We'll be back, and we'll be fighting next week."One mistake filled day in Buffalo won't change that.Tim Dahlberg is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at tdahlbergatap.org or follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/timdahlberg Copyright 2011 by STATS LLC and The Associated Press. Any commercial use ordistribution without the express written consent of STATS LLC and TheAssociated Press is strictly prohibited. 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Steelers battered, but survive Colts' late push
INDIANAPOLIS Ben Roethlisberger had his ups and downs Sunday night, but he staged one final clutch drive when the Pittsburgh Steelers needed it most. Roethlisberger drove the Steelers 60 yards in the last 2:09 to set up a game-winning 38-yard field goal by Shaun Suisham and give Pittsburgh a 23-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium. He did it behind a tattered offensive line that saw right tackle Marcus Gibson leave with a shoulder injury, only to be forced to return at left tackle when Jonathan Scott went down on the final drive because Pittsburgh was down to only five offensive linemen. After starting strong with 10-0 lead, Roethlisberger fumbled twice on sacks and was intercepted - all of which led to Colts??? points and put the Steelers behind. But those turnovers didn't faze him on the final drive. "Bounce back, short memory," Roethlisberger said. The win improved the Steelers' record to 2-1 while the Colts fell to 0-3 for the first time since 1998. Roethlisberger completed 25 of 37 passes for 364 yards, one touchdown and one interception. "It was absolutely awesome to come into a hostile environment and get a road win," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. "We haven't done that much, but we were able to make enough plays tonight to make it happen. We're just happy to get a win." It was hardly the easy Pittsburgh win expected by many against the strling Colts. In fact, the game's final few minutes were as thrilling as any classic Steelers-Colts showdown. With the score tied 13-13, Steelers linebacker James Harrison knocked the football loose from Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback Curtis Painter and safety Troy Polamalu grabbed the ball for a 16-yard touchdown to give Pittsburgh a 20-13 lead with 5:13 left. The Colts weren't dead yet. Painter, who came in for Kerry Collins in the fourth quarter after Collins was diagnosed with a concussion, led a 10-play, 80-yard drive. Painter hit Pierre Garcon on three big passes and Joseph Addai scored on a six-yard run - eluding a Polamalu blitz that nearly disrupted the handoff - to tie the game 20-20 with 2:09 left. "We're still measured around here by wins," Colts coach Jim Caldwell said. "The guys played tough. They played hard. There's evidence we're getting a little better. But the key is we have to win." Roethlisberger's arm strength and touch burned the Colts early in the game when he found his new favorite receiver, Mike Wallace, for an 81-yard first-quarter score. Wallace found his opening behind Colts linebacker Pat Angerer and beat backup safety David Caldwell's late help. The touchdown put the Steelers up 10-0 with 3:29 left in the quarter. Wallace finished with five catches for 144 yards. From there, the Colts defense set the tone until late in the game. The Colts??? much-maligned defense changed momentum in the second quarter on three big plays on Big Ben: two sacks for forced fumbles and an interception. Colts defensive end Robert Mathis nailed Roethlisberger first, giving the Colts the ball at the 50-yard line. The Colts turned that turnover into a short drive and 21-yard Adam Vinatieri field goal, cutting the margin to 10-3. On the Steelers' next possession, it was the Colts??? other defensive end, Dwight Freeney's turn. Freeney dashed past Steelers left tackle Jonathan Scott and nailed Roethlisberger from behind. Colts tackle Jamaal Anderson picked up the loose ball and ran 47 yards for a touchdown to tie the game. The next time Roethlisberger took a snap, at his own 20 following the kickoff, his deep pass intended for Emmanuel Sanders was picked off by Colts backup safety Joe Lefeged. Lefeged returned the kick 25 yards and the Colts added another Vinatieri field goal to take a 13-10 halftime lead. Pittsburgh blew its opening possession of the second half when a 68-yard drive ended empty as Suisham's 36-yard field-goal attempt bounced off the left upright. But they tied it at 13-13 with 12:10 left in the game when Suisham hit a 44-yarder, setting up the game's thrilling finish. Game notes: Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace extended his streak to six games with 100 or more receiving yards. ... Colts receiver Reggie Wayne logged his 800th career reception. ... Steelers receiver Hines Ward entered the game needing 33 yards to pass Don Maynard for 20th on the NFL career list and had three catches for 17 yards. ... The Colts were without injured starters Peyton Manning QB, Gary Brackett LB, Melvin Bullitt SS, Fili Moala DT and Ryan Diem RG.Copyright C 2011 The Sports Xchange. All Rights Reserved. PrintEmail a FriendFacebookTwitterStumbleUponGoogle BuzzYahoo!DiggDeliciousShare
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Can Bills handle prosperity?
Here's a problem nobody expected coach Chan Gailey to be dealing with: prosperity.Yes, the Buffalo Bills - who haven't been to the playoffs in 11 seasons - are the buzz of the NFL sitting atop the AFC East with a 3-0 record.Buffalo snapped a 15-game losing streak last Sunday against New England 2-1, rallying from 21 points behind to score a 34-31 victory on Rian Lindell's chip-shot field goal as time expired.Oakland followed suit with a win over the Jets 2-1, leaving the Bills alone in first place in the division.After his team lost three overtime games a year ago and finished 4-12 overall, his first in Buffalo, Gailey is pleased with the mental toughness displayed thus far.The previous week, Buffalo rallied from 18 points down against the Raiders to win 38-35.Yes, you've got to have mental toughness to play in those games, said Gailey, whose team travels to Cincinnati next. We're getting closer. Now how do we handle prosperity? That'll be the next step for us. How you do handle prosperity.According to STATS LLC, the Bills are the first team in NFL history to have consecutive comebacks from 18 points or more down.The Bills pulled off the trick against New England by doing something few teams do: forcing quarterback Tom Brady into mistakes. His four interceptions, offsetting four touchdown passes, tied a personal high and were his most in a game since 2006.Buffalo turned those four Brady interceptions into 24 points, including a 27-yard touchdown return of a tipped pass by cornerback Drayton Florence. That put Buffalo up 31-24 with 10:22 left, but Brady tied the game on a fourth-down pass to Wes Welker.That set the stage for Ryan Fitzpatrick's heroics. Three pass plays of 29 yards to Donald Jones and 12 and 39 yards to running back Fred Jackson moved the ball to the Patriots 1-yard line. The Bills milked the clock to three seconds left and set up Lindell's winning boot.We've proven each and every week that we're going to play until the end, Florence said. It's time for those past Buffalo Bills memories to fade away. This is a new era, a new day.A new era of prosperity.The Patriots' streak over Buffalo stood as the third longest in NFL history, behind only Miami's 20-gamer vs. Buffalo in the 1970s and San Francisco's 17-gamer over St. Louis in the 1990s.The 15-game hex over Buffalo was a laugher; most of the scores were not close as Brady played near perfect football in most of those contests. But while he was on fire against the Bills once again - he threw for 387 yards - the Bills forced rare mistakes.Florence, Leodis McKelvin, George Wilson and Bryan Scott all finished with interceptions.Copyright C 2011 The Sports Xchange. All Rights Reserved. PrintEmail a FriendFacebookTwitterStumbleUponGoogle BuzzYahoo!DiggDeliciousShare

Lions coming together with 3-0 start
The last time the Lions were in this position, Jim Schwartz was a skinny freshman in high school. Only a handful of his players were even alive.When the Lions play at Dallas next Sunday, they will be sporting their first 3-0 record since 1980.I know Dallas is a tough place to play regardless of our record, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said after the Lions beat the Vikings at Mall of America Field in overtime, 26-23. They have a lot of talent on that team. Last year, when we started 0-3 we knew we were doing the right things in practice and we kept doing them. We believed it. Now that we are winning, we need to keep working. That's what this team is about; we know how to work. We need to realize what got us to 3-0 and stick with it.You will have to grant them a solid 24 hours to savor this one, though. They hadn't won in Minnesota since 1997 13 straight losses and had lost 11 straight road games in the NFC North. And, they were down 20-0 at halftime.I said it before, it's not hope anymore, center Dominic Raiola said. We believe. Nobody freaked out at halftime. Nobody yelled. There is enough talent in this room, enough grown-ups, nobody has to yell. The belief that we have is unreal.We've been through hell and back. We've been 0-16. Can you get worse than that? No. When we go three-and-out, it's like, all right, let's get back up and chop that tree down. By the end of the game we had chopped at it enough that it fell.Quarterback Matthew Stafford was bruised and battered five sacks, eight hits and befuddled for two quarters. The Lions had just four first downs and 50 total yards. But he was able to neutralize the Vikings' aggressiveness with short, quick passes and eventually was able to beat them downfield.Tight end Brandon Pettigrew 11 catches, 112 yards, rookie wide receiver Titus Young four for 51 and running back Jahvid Best five for 74, including a 60-yard screen all helped the offense get back on track until the big dog was able to eat.Wide receiver Calvin Johnson wound up with seven catches for 108 yards and, for the third straight week, two touchdowns 32 and five yards. He is the first player in NFL history to achieve that feat. His 40-yard reception in overtime set up Jason Hanson's game-winning 32-yard field goal.Calvin just does his thing, Stafford said. I don't even know what to tell you. He's an unbelievable player.Stafford wound up hitting 32 of 46 passes for 378 yards.That was as good as it gets as far as testing this team, said Hanson, the last player remaining from the 1997 team. When you get down 20, no matter how good you are, you've just about buried yourself. The guys fought back. It's pretty amazing. That would not have happened the last few years here.Copyright C 2011 The Sports Xchange. All Rights Reserved. PrintEmail a FriendFacebookTwitterStumbleUponGoogle BuzzYahoo!DiggDeliciousShare
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Michael Vick of Philadelphia Eagles practices for first time this week
Vick Cleared To PlayEagles QB Michael Vick has been cleared to play SundayTags: NFL, Michael Vick, John ClaytonVick Cleared To PlayVIDEO PLAYLIST Vick Cleared To PlayVick Cleared To PlayEagles QB Michael Vick has been cleared to play SundayTags: NFL, Michael Vick, John ClaytonVick PracticesVick PracticesSal Paolantonio with the latest news on Michael Vick's status for Sunday's game vs the GiantsTags: NFL Live, Sal Paolantonio, Vick, ConcussionImproved Helmet For VickImproved Helmet For VickMichael Vick's helmet to be fitted with kevlar designed to redistribute and disperse the concussive impacts of a blow to the headTags: SportsCenter, Concussion Reduction Technology, CRT, Sal Palaontonio, Vick Concussion, Concussion, HelmetVick Won't Play Until Fully ClearedVick Won't Play Until Fully ClearedDr. Michael Kaplan talks about Michael Vick's concussion and when he will returnTags: SportsCenter, Dr. Michael Kaplan, Concussion, Vick ConcussionPHILADELPHIA -- Eagles quarterback Michael Vick returned topractice Thursday, just four days after he suffered a concussionagainst the Falcons in Atlanta. During the portion of Thursday's practice open to the media,Vick was seen throwing passes to assistant coaches, jogging aroundwith teammates and participating in all the drills that the otherquarterbacks, Mike Kafka and Vince Young, participated in. The Eagles announced after practice that Vick was a fullparticipant with no restrictions. "He looked good, he looked fine," said wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who had a career-high 171 receiving yards against theFalcons. "In control of the huddle, in control of what was goingon, in control of the offense. "He's in good shape."NFC East blogESPN's Dan Graziano writes about all things NFC East in his division blog.Blog network: NFL Nation Vick's participation showed that he's been cleared by theNFL-appointed independent neurologist, required under the league's2009 concussion policy for a player to "return to footballactivities." According to that policy, a player "should not be consideredfor return-to-football activities until he is fully asymptomatic,both at rest and after exertion, has a normal neurologicalexamination, normal neuropsychological testing, and has beencleared to return by both his team physician(s) and the independentneurological consultant." With a huge media contingent watching, Vick arrived at practicein full pads and a helmet. He watched practice from the sideline onWednesday afternoon, after participating in a morning walkthrough. "He's our leader, so obviously it'll help us and give us thebest chance to win," Maclin said. "Obviously, we want him outthere."In order to help protect against future concussions, Vick is planning to refit his helmet with Kevlar padding, the CEO of Unequaled Technologies told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio on Wednesday.Rob Vito told ESPN that he will meet with Vick in Philadelphia on Friday to refit his helmet to help Vick deal with the post-concussive blows to the head in Sunday's home opener against the New York Giants. "The 100-year-old foam everybody is using in helmets is antiquated," Vito said. "Concussions are the injury of our age and really they should not be happening anymore."Vick became a spokesman for Unequaled Technologies in 2010, when the company designed a Kevlar vest for him after he suffered a rib injury against the Washington Redskins in Week 4. The Eagles (1-1) face the Giants (1-1) Sunday in their homeopener at Lincoln Financial Field. Philadelphia has won the lastsix straight in this classic NFC East rivalry. Vick threw for a pair of touchdowns in the 35-31 loss toAtlanta, but couldn't continue after getting spun by a Falconsrusher into one of his teammates, right tackle Todd Herremans. Vickwas seen on national television spitting up blood on the sideline.The Eagles said later that was caused by him biting his tongue. Vick was replaced by Kafka, as Young, who was signed to be thebackup, missed the first two games with a hamstring injury. "Not to say we don't have confidence in the other guys, we'revery confident," running back LeSean McCoy said. "But Mike Vickis Mike Vick. We're happy he's back." Giants coach Tom Coughlin, in a conference call with the mediaearlier this week, said he expected Vick to play, and that New Yorkwas not putting together a different gameplan without Vick in it. Vick has only played a full 16-game regular season once in hiscareer. He missed three games with a rib injury last year. "He's one of the great leaders on this team," offensivecoordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "He has old-school mentality." Maclin said Vick's desire to get back on the field as quickly aspossible after a fairly serious injury shows what kind of leader heis. "That's what you want out of your quarterback," Maclin said."You want him to want to be out there, you want him to puteverything on his shoulders, and he wants to be the guy to take uswhere we want to go. "We're going to rally behind him, and we definitely want himout there."
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My Week 3 picks for the AFC South Division: A fan's opinion
In Week 2, I broke even with my picks for the teams in the AFC South Division. I correctly predicted that the Jacksonville Jaguars would lose to the New York Jets and that the Houston Texans would beat the Miami Dolphins. I was certain that the Baltimore Ravens would beat the Tennessee Titans and that the Indianapolis Colts would manage a win against the Cleveland Browns, but both of those picks would prove to be inaccurate.Hoping to improve on my .500 mark from Week 2, here are my AFC South picks for Week 3: Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers:The Steelers bounced back from a poor showing against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1 by defeating the Seattle Seahawks 24-0. Meanwhile, the Colts dropped to 0-2 after falling to the Cleveland Browns at home. I will just get right to the point and pick the Steelers to win this game by a large margin, to put it mildly.Tennessee Titans vs. Denver Broncos:With both teams at (1-1), I think this game could go either way. I am not a big fan of Titans running back Chris Johnson, but I am expecting a breakout game from Johnson to show that he is worth the $53 million extension the organization gave him to end his holdout. I know the NFL is a week-to week league, but after beating the Baltimore Ravens last week, I will give the edge to the Titans.Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints:Out all of the games on the list, this one will probably be the most difficult to predict. The Houston Texans now stand in first place in the AFC South following their Week 2 win over the Miami Dolphins, while the Saints improved to 1-1 following a 30-13 dismantling of the Chicago Bears.The Texans looked good in both of their games against the Colts and the Dolphins, while the Saints defense that was picked apart in Week 1 bounced back with six sacks in Week 2. If New Orleans plays with the same type of intensity on defense, it will more than likely win this game. However, I foresee the Saints having a difficult time blitzing at will against the Texans. With that being said, I'm going to pick the Texans to win this one.Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Carolina Panthers:Both of these teams are coming off losses in Week 2. The Panthers were narrowly defeated by the Packers, while the Jaguars looked like they forgot to show up against the Jets. Despite being 0-2, I am going to go with the Panthers in this one. Cam Newton will have another big game and will help his team finally break into win column.James Tillman is a resident of the Chicago-land area who has been watching NFL games for over 20 years. For discussions about the NFL, NBA and MLB, follow him on Twitter jtillman9693.Source: /nfl-win-picks/ Note: This article was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Sign up here to start publishing your own sports content.
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Week Three fantasy tips: TEs
Week Three fantasy tips: TEs Don't be surprised if a lot more balls get thrown in the direction of Vernon Davis(notes) this week after the Niners' tight end took it upon himself to respectfully complain to head coach Jim Harbaugh about his limited opportunities last week (only two targets, with two catches for 18 yards). Davis is too big a threat not to start making his fantasy presence felt in what should continue to evolve into a very TE-friendly offense. It will be tough for Davis to get back on track this week as the Bengals are allowing only 47 receiving yards but one TD per game to the position. Davis makes a middle-of-the-road No. 1 fantasy tight end this week.Aaron Hernandez(notes)'s absence means a few things for the Patriots' receivers. Rob Gronkowski's(notes) value is even higher, now, and he was great in the first two games. Without Hernandez, Gronk is the clear-cut top receiving option in the red zone. Gronk's averaging 6.5 targets, five receptions for 172 yards and 1.5 TDs per game. Hernandez was averaging nine targets, seven receptions for 82.5 receiving yards and one TD per game. Gronk won't see most of those numbers as the other wideouts will gain targets, but he'll see a few extra. He's a No. 1 fantasy tight end this week. Dustin Keller(notes) is one of the league's more underrated tight ends, but he led the Jets in receiving last week with six targets, converting them all into catches for 101 yards and one touchdown. Keller is not just a safety valve for Mark Sanchez(notes) but a legitimate seam threat with a long of 37 yards. He has a challenge this week as the Raiders are only allowing 24 yards and 0.5 TDs to the position per game this year. If Santonio Holmes(notes) and Plaxico Burress(notes) get extra attention from Oakland this week, Keller could have another big game. He's a low-end No. 1 fantasy tight end this week.In an offense that could really be lacking in options at wideout if Lee Evans(notes) (ankle) misses any time, Ravens TE Ed Dickson(notes) could merit a look in bigger leagues. Dickson, who has good speed, has been targeted 11 times in two games and has caught seven receptions for 84 yards and one TD. Only Anquan Boldin(notes) (14 targets) and Ray Rice(notes) (13) have had more passes come their way. The downside is that the Ravens' opponent, the Rams, have allowed 13 yards receiving and no touchdowns per game to the position. Dickson may have an opportunity, but he's still a bench player in all but the largest leagues, where he makes an injury fill-in.Jaguars TE Marcedes Lewis(notes) (calf) returned to practice in limited fashion on Wednesday, and we hear he should be back in the lineup Sunday against Carolina. With QB Blaine Gabbert(notes) making his first NFL start, it is too early to know how often Lewis will be targeted, but tight ends are often a young QB's best friend, and we expect Lewis to make an impact against a Carolina "D" that is without arguably its best two defenders, MLB Jon Beason(notes) and SLB Thomas Davis(notes). You add those losses to the fact the Panthers are allowing 84.5 receiving yards and 0.5 TDs to the position, and one would normally start him. However, let's see how the Gabbert-Lewis connection works out before assuming he's a given weekly start. He makes an injury fill-in this week unless you're a high-risk, high-reward player. If you are, start him and keep your fingers crossed.The Texans' defense has kept tight ends pretty quiet thus far. Colts TE Dallas Clark(notes) had four catches for 39 yards against them in Week One, and the Dolphins' Anthony Fasano(notes) didn't have a single catch vs. Houston in Week Two. That shouldn't keep owners from starting Saints TE Jimmy Graham(notes) against the Texans on Sunday, though. Drew Brees(notes) has targeted Graham seven times in each of the first two games, and he's making catches when Brees throws his way — Graham has 10 receptions. We expect that getting him the ball in the seam vs. Houston will be a significant part of the game plan. Graham is worth starting in all formats despite the fact the Texans are defending the TE position well, allowing only 28.5 receiving yards and no touchdowns per game this year. He should be good for at least a few red-zone targets.Chargers TE Antonio Gates(notes) was held without a catch last week, as the Patriots' defense focused on eliminating him from the Bolts' passing attack. The Chiefs may try that same strategy again this coming Sunday, but don't expect a repeat of the goose egg in the catch column for Gates. He's bound to have a bounce-back performance, and Kansas City has shown already this season to have trouble defending tight ends, allowing them 54 receiving yards and 1.5 TDs per game. However, for his career he's averaging six receptions for 79 yards and one touchdown. The Chiefs know how to contain him. Despite that, he's still a No. 1 fantasy tight end.There is no evidence right now that the Redskins are planning to go away from Fred Davis(notes) now in favor of Chris Cooley(notes). Davis is the team's leading receiver with 13 targets and 11 receptions for 191 yards and one TD. Although Cooley has done it for so long there, Davis appears to be the more dangerous weapon right now and has a great matchup against the Cowboys, who are allowing 75 receiving yards and one TD to the position per game this year.While Lions TE Tony Scheffler(notes) has a TD catch in consecutive games, he's only sixth on the clubs in targets (five). He's converted his five targets into two receptions for 47 yards so far this year but could exploit that as the Vikings are allowing eight receptions for 77.5 receiving yards. However, he's the fourth or fifth receiving option on any given play, making him a bench play this week and every week unless he trends to a TD per week.Don't get too used to Cardinals TE Jeff King(notes), who has TD catches in each of the first two games, as a steadily productive fantasy option moving forward. As the year wears on, both free-agent additions Todd Heap(notes), a real fan favorite in the desert due to his Arizona State pedigree, and rookie Rob Housler(notes) figure to have more opportunities. King remains a blocker first and foremost in the grand scheme of things. He's seeing only 2.5 targets per week, converting that into two receptions for 48.5 receiving yards and one touchdown. His opponent, Seattle, is tough against the TE position, allowing only 31 receiving yards and no TD per week. Outside basic TD-scoring-only leagues, he's a bench everywhere else.
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NFL Preview Capsule: Ravens at Rams
OPENING LINERavens by 4RECORD VS. SPREADBaltimore 1-1; St. Louis 0-2 SERIES RECORDTied 2-2LAST WEEKRavens lost to Titans 26-13; Rams lost to Giants 28-16LAST MEETINGRavens 22, Rams 3, Oct. 14, 2007RAVENS OFFENSEOVERALL (25), RUSH (12T), PASS (25T)RAVENS DEFENSEOVERALL (22), RUSH (4), PASS (28)RAMS OFFENSEOVERALL (18), RUSH (14), PASS (14T)RAMS DEFENSEOVERALL (20), RUSH (27), PASS (25)STREAKS, STATS AND NOTESFirst meeting in St. Louis since Nov. 9, 2003,when Jeff Wilkins kicked 4 FGs to erase 1-point deficit in Rams' 33-22 victory. Rams 0-1 at home after dropping season opener 31-13 to Eagles. Monday nightappearance was franchise's first since 2006. Ravens outscored 16-3 in secondhalf of Titans loss. RB Ray Rice(notes) leads Ravens in yards rushing (150) andreceptions (9). RB Cadillac Williams leads Rams in yards rushing (127) andreceptions (8). Ravens lead AFC with plus-5 turnover ratio. WR AnquanBoldin(notes) has 1,064 career yards receiving vs. Rams with six 100-yard games. LBRay Lewis(notes) has two interceptions and 1 1/2 sacks in four games vs. Rams. DTHaloti Ngata(notes) signed five-year, $61 million contract extension on Monday. Rams QB Sam Bradford(notes) threw career best 331 yards last week, but team has scoredonly two TDs first two games and was thwarted three times inside 10 last week. WR Danario Alexander(notes) had three receptions for career-high 122 yards and TDlast week in season debut. RB Steven Jackson missed last week with rightquadriceps injury, limited to two carries for 56 yards thus far. Jackson has 27career 100-yard games, tied with Marshall Faulk for second in franchisehistory.

NFL Preview Capsule: 49ers at Bengals
OPENING LINEBengals by 1RECORD VS. SPREADSan Francisco 1-0-1; Cincinnati 2-0 SERIES RECORD49ers lead 10-3LAST MEETING49ers beat Bengals 20-13, Dec. 15, 2007LAST WEEK49ers lost to Cowboys 27-24 OT, Bengals lost to Broncos 24-2249ERS OFFENSEOVERALL (31), RUSH (26), PASS (29)49ERS DEFENSEOVERALL (17t), RUSH (1), PASS (25)BENGALS OFFENSEOVERALL (19), RUSH (15), PASS (18t)BENGALS DEFENSEOVERALL (9), RUSH (16), PASS (8)STREAKS, STATS AND NOTESSan Francisco starts weeklong stay in Ohio.Rather than returning to West Coast and coming back for game in Philadelphiafollowing Sunday, 49ers will work out in Youngstown next week. SanFrancisco's 10-3 series advantage includes pair of Super Bowl victories. WRBraylon Edwards(notes) had a surgical procedure on right knee and is sidelinedindefinitely. 49ers defense hasn't allowed running back to gain 100 yards inlast 24 games. San Francisco has NFL's top run defense, allowing 54.5 ypg. Defense has forced 10 three-and-out series this season, most in league. QBAlex Smith has completed 70.5 percent of passes, second in NFC. SanFrancisco hasn't lost a fumble. Bengals had so many tickets left for homeopener they announced last week it won't be sold out. Rookie QB Andy Dalton(notes)trying for third straight game with passer rating above 100. Rookie WR A.J.Green(notes) has caught touchdown pass in each of first two games. He had 10 catchesduring loss in Denver last Sunday, first time in NFL history a rookie QB and WRcombined for 10 completions in a game.
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NFL Preview Capsule: Jaguars at Panthers
OPENING LINEPanthers by 31/2RECORD VS. SPREADCarolina 1-1; Jacksonville 1-1 SERIES RECORDJaguars lead 3-1LAST MEETINGJaguars defeated Panthers 37-6, Dec. 9, 2007LAST WEEKJaguars lost to Jets 32-3; Panthers lost to Packers 30-23PANTHERS OFFENSEOVERALL (2), RUSH (29), PASS (2)PANTHERS DEFENSEOVERALL (26), RUSH (19), PASS (26)JAGUARS OFFENSEOVERALL (28), RUSH (6), PASS (30)JAGUARS DEFENSEOVERALL (5), RUSH (5), PASS (14)STREAKS, STATS AND NOTESPanthers and Jaguars made franchise debutstogether at Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio in 2005 preseason BlaineGabbert(notes), No. 10 overall pick in draft, makes first start at Carolina, becomingthird rookie quarterback to start this year. RB Maurice Jones-Drew(notes) averaging92.5 yards rushing per game and aims for third straight game with 100-plusrushing yards against NFC. He has three 100-yard rush games in past five roadgames WR Mike Thomas(notes) has two TDs in last three games against NFC teams TE Marcedes Lewis(notes) needs two TD catches to surpass WR Reggie Williams(notes) forthird-most in franchise history (Jimmy Smith(notes) 67, Keenan McCardell, 30) LBPaul Posluszny(notes) leads team with 12 tackles. CB Rashean Mathis(notes) postedfranchise record 30th career INT last week CB William Middleton(notes) recordedfirst career INT last week. Panthers, who finished last in the league inoffense in 2010, lead NFC in yards per game (476) and passing offense (403.5)No. 1 overall pick QB Cam Newton passed for single-game rookie record 432 yardslast week and is first in NFL history with back-to-back 400-yard games to begincareer. His 854 pass yards are most ever by player in first two NFL games Inpast five games at home with 15-plus rushing attempts, RB Jonathan Stewart(notes) has624 rush yards (124.8 per game) and has 100-plus yards in all five contests. Inpast nine games vs. AFC, RB DeAngelo Williams(notes) has rushed for 834 yards (92.7 pergame) and five TDs. WR Steve Smith leads NFL with 334 receiving. yards. WR Brandon LaFell(notes) is No. 3 receiver but has more catches (8) than starting WRLegedu Naanee(notes) (3) TE Jeremy Shockey(notes) had seven catches for 82 yards in lastmeeting vs. Jacksonville in 2006 as New York Giant. DE Charles Johnson(notes) aimsfor fifth game in row with sack vs. AFC Panthers have given up TD passes of49, 55, 70 and 84 yards.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP)Even though Desmond Bishop(notes) was penalized, Green BayPackers coach Mike McCarthy says the linebacker's hit on Carolina Panthersquarterback Cam Newton was an example of perfect tackling form.McCarthy says coaches showed video of Bishop's hit to the team as a "aclassic example of a perfect tackle." Miles Austin Jersey , Authentic Buffalo Bills Jersey, Cheap Jaguars Jerseys, Eli Manning Jersey Authentic, Chad Ochocinco Replica Jersey, Replica Chad Ochocinco Jersey, Jaguars Jerseys, Authentic Buffalo Bills Jerseys, Authentic Eli Manning Jersey, Official Bills Jersey, Chad Ochocinco Jersey Premier, Eli Manning Authentic Jersey, NFL Jaguars Jerseys, Chad Ochocinco Premier Jersey, Official Miles Austin Jersey, Miles Austin Jersey Blue, Miles Austin Authentic Jersey, Jaguars Jersey, Authentic Miles Austin Jersey, Miles Austin Jersey Authentic, Premier Chad Ochocinco Jersey

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Why Should You Buy Cowboy Tickets Now?
The National Football League preseason has already started and people are ecstatic about it especially that the regular season starts on September. Every football fan is excited to watch their favorite team. They have prepared their shirts, printed their banners, and even placed their bets.For sure people from Texas can't wait to see the Dallas Cowboys on the NFL regular season. Great news for all the Cowboys fans because the team will still have a preseason game on September 2nd against the Miami Dolphins at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX.People can now buy their Cowboy tickets from any selected stores or through the internet. Cowboy fans have most likely made their reservations by now. Some may probably have bought their Dallas Cowboys ticket few weeks ago.In fact, everyone can buy their NFL tickets for all the games this season. Promotional packages are being offered by some websites at a lower price. So everyone can now buy their Cowboy tickets for all the games of the Dallas Cowboys held in Texas. So if you think that you can watch all their games in Dallas, then you should avail of the promotional package now.Apparently, people want to buy their Dallas Cowboys ticket at a low cost that is why many are searching for it in the internet. There are a lot of websites that give different promotional offers. They give discounts, extra services, or lower prices for multiple purchases. Buyers should make sure that they are making a transaction with credible websites.Some may be wondering why you have to buy your Dallas Cowboys ticket a month before the game starts. First reason is that you can have more seating options. You can choose the best location where you will be able to watch the game up close. Second reason is that a lot of football enthusiasts and fans want to watch the game. So you will surely don't want to end up watching the game in your television because all the tickets were sold out already.Best thing to do now is to check the schedule of the National Football League for the whole season and see when you can have a chance to watch any of it. Next best thing to do is to clear your schedule - reserve the dates of the game and make no appointments on those days. It will be a good idea to ask some of your football-lover friends or colleagues that you watch the games together. It will be a whole lot exciting if you go all together.In case that you will not be able to use the ticket you bought because something important came up, just sell it to other people. If you can't find a buyer, find a website that will help you sell your ticket to other people online. There is almost no risk at all if you buy your Cowboy tickets too early.

The Arizona Cardinals Need to Get Kevin Kolb
The Arizona Cardinals recently talked with their best player, Larry Fitzgerald about who he wants to throw him the ball in 2011. His top two choices were reportedly Kevin Kolb and Marc Bulger. How he came up with Bulger, no one is quite sure. The Rams cut him before they even drafted Sam Bradford.Kolb would be a much better choice. He's younger and better than Bulger at this stage in his career. Kolb will be 27 when the season starts and has shown a lot of potential when he's played. He hasn't taken the hits of starting QBs his age like Matt Ryan, but he also lacks the game experience of the Matt Ryan's who have started for 3 years. The Cardinals won't be able to find an available QB his age with his stats in the game's he's played in. The last talented QB that found himself stuck behind Vick was Matt Schaub. Schaub was 18-27 for 208 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs with most of the action in a Week 17 meaningless loss in 2006, his last year before going to Houston.Kolb is the best QB prospect any team could hope to find with some NFL experience that is available before his prime. He was up and down in 2010, up when he got to play, and down when he got a concussion, then the Eagles turned into the Michael Vick show. He won a couple games for the Eagles with a high completion percentage and kept it close in the losses. He has three 300 yard games in his limited career. If he can find a similar system or play with an elite receiver like Fitzgerald, he should end up as a solid top 15 QB in the league next year, much better than the 32nd best starting QB in the NFL, which is what the Cardinals had when any of their QBs suited up on Sunday.
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Why I Refuse to Become a Highly Paid Sports Star
I have contemplated becoming a highly paid sports star, but when I see all that's happening to them in their personal lives, well, no way for me. If I were to become, say a really rich NFL quarterback or very successful PGA golfer, I would risk being exposed to a lifestyle that would insure my downfall. I would become the talk of the Web in story after story about my evil ways. I can not risk that.I am a family man, after all. To put my wife and son through all the stress of being under the microscope examining every little transgression of mine would be torturous. I will not sacrifice our happy little home just to be a legend. No sir. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" is not for me. Take your big cash and give it to somebody else.Even though I'm pushing 60, I know I could still start and prosper as a pro athlete, but I'm not taking the bait. If any NFL team or the PGA were to call, I would have to immediately decline any and all offers. Sure, I'd be grateful and gracious about it, but I can't risk having my name attached to lurid scandals. It's just not who I am. Why, you look around at the news these days, and it's like it's becoming a rite of passage for the top-shelf pro athlete. The bigger your contract and acclaim, the better your chances become to be sucked into the dark side.I can not, and will not allow myself to be attractive to every beautiful woman that comes down the pike. Sure, I'd be very appreciative, but I am too resolute in my beliefs to fall for any of that nonsense. So, color me a poor working sot not interested in the sports highlife.

Who Did Sonny Jurgensen Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?
Sonny Jurgensen was one of the best quarterbacks of his era. This was a time when the emphasis in the league was still on running the ball and many teams were just opening up to the idea of the passing game being a huge part of a team's offensive game plan. Even with that mentality holding true across the NFL, Jurgensen was able to add his name to the list of the truly great quarterbacks.Jurgensen started his career with the Philadelphia Eagles before finding his way to the team where he would gain the bulk of his fame and name recognition from, the Washington Redskins. He played on some great Redskins teams and following his career he was thought of very highly by Redskins fans and others around the league.Jurgensen played in some of the biggest games in Redskins history. He accumulated 255 career touchdown passes during his long career. During this very successful career though, who did he throw the most touchdown passes to?The player who caught more touchdown passes from Sonny Jurgensen than any other was none other than wide receiver Charley Taylor. During their time together, they hooked up for touchdowns 53 different times.Charley Taylor had a great career with the Redskins and was also an important player during many of their good seasons. He and the other players who caught touchdown passes from their quarterback played a big role in exactly how good Jurgensen's numbers ended up looking by the time he retired.

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Indy Invaded As Patriots Poised For Playoff Run
Through 10 weeks in this NFL season, few teams have performed with the efficiency of the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. In the marquee match up of the Sunday lineup, New England will find itself in position to make a significant step toward favorable playoff position as they take on the unbeaten Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium.Despite a couple of hiccups in the loss column this season, New England is a team that appears to get better and better with each passing week. Unsure at the beginning of the season how quarterback Tom Brady would perform coming off an entire season off due to injury, the Patriots heard their answer loud and clear Sunday afternoon as Brady carried New England to a solid 27-17 win over the Miami Dolphins. Coming into week 9, the pieces were in place for a New England let down; a week 8 bye week, their trouncing of opponents by a combined score of 94-7 to the inferior Bucs and Titans, a lack in production by star receiver Randy Moss. However, throughout the contest, New England's resiliency rang true, and Moss came alive, connecting with Brady for 147 yards, and a key third quarter touchdown and two point conversion that gave them a seven point advantage that the Patriots would not relinquish.Meanwhile, In Indianapolis, all is right with the world. At this point in the season it seems the Colts are the team of destiny, finding any way they can to win games, even if they need help from the opposition. Down by three with one second on the clock, Houston Texans kicker Kris Brown pushed a 42-yard field goal attempt wide left, handing the Colts their 8th win of the season. It was a historical day in Indy as quarterback Peyton Manning hung 318 passing yards on the Texans secondary, the 7th 300+ yard day for Manning this season, and the most 300+ yard games through the first eight games of any teams season in the history of the NFL. As if that weren't enough for the history books, the Colts also secured their 17th straight regular season win, tying the 1933-34 Chicago Bears for third most regular season victories in a row. The only team with more consecutive regular season wins? That would be the '03-'04 (18 wins) and '06-'08 (21 wins) New England Patriots.This match up will showcase what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. New England has been firing on all cylinders thanks to Brady's ability to rally from last season's injury, and will need him to match up throw for throw with Manning for the Patriots to be able to steal one on the road. However, the true test will be the rushing attack for both teams. Laurence Maroney and Fred Taylor have been an effective combination for the Patriots, though they have only 5 touchdown runs between them, but the biggest spotlight will be on the Colts rushing threat Joseph Addai. With 5 rushing touchdowns of his own, Addai has been a jack-of-all-trades, working his way into the passing game with 2 receiving touchdowns, and even having a touchdown pass on his highlight reel this season. The Colts will live and die on Addai's production, and with that being the case, I like the Colts marching on to 9-0 for the season, and setting the table for an epic AFC title game against the Patriots come January.Final Score: 24-20 Colts
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Plaxico Burress Will Not Be Missed
After an impressive week one NY Giants victory over the Washington Redskins one thing was clear, Plaxico Burress was not missed.I am not trying to be a hypocrite and act as if I didn't wish as a Giants fan that we had his talented services. After watching Eli manning spread the ball around to his young core of receivers I was not only impressed but felt at ease with this upcoming NFL season and it's potential. Mario Manningham scored a great touchdown where he displayed his big play ability and speed. The rest of the receiving core was solid as well lead by a young veteran in Steve Smith.When I say that Plaxico will not be missed it pertains to several factors on and off the field. Again his talent is unquestioned. Burress is a very tall and strong wide out that creates all sorts of matchup problems for opponents. He also has the ability to catch any type of ball thrown near his wingspan. Sometimes Eli Manning throws flutter balls other times he will throw a nice spiral, no matter what is thrown Plax had the ability to go and get it high or low. Big Blue fans will always be thankful for his contributions especially during Super Bowl XLII.With all that being said let us not forget all the baggage that came with this talented player. He was truly lazy not only during practice but sometimes on the field during a game. I watched Plax so many times take a play off when it was clearly not coming to him which would of course tip off opposing players. He was always whining or complaining, not as bad as T.O. but still a distraction. The Giants rewarded Burress with a huge contract extension making him one of the highest payed wide receivers in the game and how does he show his appreciation? By not showing up to practice with an excuse that he had to drop his kid off somewhere. He began last season with much attitude and a sense of entitlement, which I guess came from becoming a mega star after his game winning catch in the Super Bowl. Even with all his talent his previous team the Steelers opted on letting him go to free agency instead of trying to retain his services. They knew what type of player he was and they were not willing to put up with it.I was watching ESPN a few months back and Tim Hasselbeck a former Giant back up QB who played with Plax said he was a "disaster", his complete statement was:"When you're looking at Plaxico Burress, there's no doubt that he can be a dominant receiver at times on Sundays," Hasselbeck said. "We've seen it. But with that being said, I played with the guy. I was in the locker room with him for two years. He's a disaster as a teammate. He's a disaster as a guy that you have to coach."And what do I mean by that? If you want to wait for a guy to show up to meetings, if you want to have to beg a guy to run full-speed in practice, if you want a guy that would disappear in games because he doesn't get the ball early -- then look, Plaxico Burress is your guy."But if you don't want those distractions, and you don't want to deal with the other headaches that come along with Plaxico Burress, then you better stay away from him."Those are pretty strong words coming from a former teammate, just that quote alone should give us all some insight on what type of an overall distraction he was for the team.For people who say that he was being prosecuted for being a celebrity, I say bologna. The minimum sentence in the state of New York is 3 years. He was carrying a loaded unlicensed handgun into a club. He shot himself in the leg but he could have very easily shot someone else and maybe even killed someone by mistake. I have zero sympathy for him, a pampered millionaire who had everything he could possibly want but that was not enough for him. I may be a little bitter due to the fact he probably cost us a chance to repeat as Super Bowl champs in 2008 but even if I put myself in a position of being open minded about the situation I still think he got what he deserved.He did not want to do any jail time and his comments during the days after the shooting displayed his arrogance. He tried maneuvering his way into a no jail time sentence and wanted a slap on the wrist for his crime, at one point even stating that he would have his lawyer delay everything so that he could make a few millions before the proceedings. He actually thought he would play football and make money while he waited for the trial to start, but the NFL Commissioner was not playing to that tune. Roger Goodell quickly put out a statement informing all teams that Plaxico would be suspended a minimum of 8 weeks if not more if any team signed him.All leverage was gone after that statement and reality seemed to have set in quickly as Burress took the deal offered by the prosecution on the very last day it would be available and on the table.So now it is a new season, the drama from the past year is behind us and it is time to look forward. The NY Giants have a great team, the only question mark is the receiving core. It is too early to tell if they will become an elite group but yesterday they displayed the ability to move the chains and even to create a big play here and there. Big Blue has a very good team, strong offensive line, excellent running game, good quarterback and an awesome defense, with some small contributions from our wide outs we should be able to excel and go to the Super Bowl this year.
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Sports Apparel - Pick Your Team and Show Your Colors!
What's your favorite sports apparel?Oh, come on, you probably have a lucky Yankees hat or maybe an LA jersey that is your absolute favorite. Most people do. It's pretty interesting to see all of the different sports apparel that is available today. It's also interesting to see all of the different types of people wearing them. What used to be a "man thing" has grown into a universal thing that has men, women, young, old and even babies donning sports apparel of all kinds.People from Carolina to Los Angeles and everywhere in between are buying hats, , tee shirts and even sports related accessories. It seems everyone has a favorite team that they want to support. It doesn't even necessarily have to be their local team! Take a look around some day while walking down the street or in a local shop. Notice how many people have on at least ONE item that is sports related.It isn't just the big league teams getting the attention either. You can find NCAA apparel everywhere now days. That is especially true in places like Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and other places that have loyal fan bases.The NFL has a huge following and believe me, there is sports apparel for their fans too! The most popular item for the NFL fanatics seems to be the . MLB; hats and are the most popular items. Oh, and of course there are the shoes. Reebok even has sports lines. Jackets are pretty popular too. There is no getting around it, sports apparel isn't going to fade as a fad anytime soon. In fact, by this time it's not a fad at all but more the norm. Sports apparel may well become the "What was worn" of the 1990's into the 2000's.You know, kids could get a real geography lesson by just keeping up with the different states and names they see on the sports gear worn by those around them. Seattle, Minnesota, Carolina, Chicago, New York...and the list goes on. Who knows, sports apparel can be the next big teaching tool.Prices vary on the different sports wear that is available but all in all, it is pretty reasonable. Depending on where you shop, of course! Stores try to keep their racks and shelves stacked with the most popular and you can usually find all of the teams at specialty sportswear shops.Game days are interesting. Everyone dons their team apparel for game day regardless of whether they are going to the game or not. You can see babies with tiny team cheerleader outfits on or grand parents with their tee shirts or caps proudly displaying their team spirit. Of course, some areas have more than one team so the population is divided. Still, team spirit is team spirit! There doesn't seem to be much conflict though, as long as you are supporting one team or another. Of course that may not be the case when we are talking about, say, Boston and New York!
I am a former NFL quarterback and today I want to talk about some more quarterback training.Recently I had a chance to speak with Coach Rob Spence the quarterback coach for Syracuse University. I asked him what he qualities he looks for in a high school QB when out recruiting. The number one skill he looks for is passing accuracy.We talked about the ability to throw at set targets when they have passing workouts. He talked about aiming at the left shoulder or right shoulder or the chin on the receivers face.So quarterbacks should concentrate during your throwing workouts on accuracy. Not how hard you throw it!Make sure when you go through your passing tree throwing routine to imagine throwing to your correct target.When throwing to your right aim for the left shoulder if the receiver is running an out or comeback or flag. And aim for the right shoulder if your receiver is running a slant or hitch, post route or a go route.The same is true if you are throwing to your left. Everything is just the opposite. So concentrate on all of your quarterback training throwing workouts on passing accuracy.If you are in high school quarterback I recommend throwing no more than three times per week. If you are a QB who is under 8th grade, don't throw more than 2 times per week.Just for the record coach Spence guided Toledo offense when he coached there to over 474 yards per game and over 35 points per game!If you want more information please go my quarterback training website listed below.
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16 rujan 2011

Following the exit of four assistant coaches and Scott Pioli the vice president of players' personnel, the England patriots are involved in a process of recruiting a new squad.The assistant coach Shane Waldron has been promoted as a tight ends coach. The assistant director for college of scouting Jonathan Robinson was also promoted to the post of director, a post that had been vacant since January 2008, since the departure of Thomas Dirmitoff who left for a post of general manager in the falcons.Waldron becomes the second assistant coach to be appointed during this off season by Coach Bill Belichick. He joined the England Patriots the previous season after working as an offensive graduate assistant at Notre Dame for a period of three seasons, where he worked under former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.Wide receivers Coach Bill O'Brien has also been promoted to quarterbacks coach replacing offensive coordinator coach Josh McDaniel's, who left for a position as head coach to the Broncos.Head coach Belichick also replaced special teams coach Brad Seely with Scott O'Brien, a former special teams coach in Cleveland, and Dom Capers with Boyer, a move seen outside as promoting those within or those he has ever worked with before. Monti Ossenfort who is making his eighth come back season in NFL and a 5th with the patriots was also given the position of a national scout.There is also news on England patriots signing a contract with franchised QB Matt Cassel which will mean that Tom Brandy stays on bench following his knee surgery rehabilitation. Cassel remains the most valuable in market for now as long as Kurt Warner remains in Arizona which is expected to happen.The patriots set a record of 11-5 the past season thanks to Cassel who came to their rescue after Tom Brady suffered a knee injury during the first week of the season. In December, England missed the playoffs after losing 4-0 making the ravens and the dolphins qualify.With most coaching positions filled up, the patriots now have to concentrate on quarterback situation which is very vital to the team. They also have to make the difficult decision of using Cassel basing on Brady's health condition, and make up their mind if they are willing to pay him the expensive amount a franchised player gets or sell him to another team and make money out of that move. Cassel is expected to get 14 million dollars if the patriots decide to use him.However it will be hard for the patriots to keep both Cassel and Brady in the team bearing in mind that NFL does not permit any team to spend money any how which makes it impossible to keep the best players on the field.For a long time the patriots have not been successful in getting a replacement on the free agent market which made them lose many touch down passes last season. The patriots still remain with 18 unrestricted free agents of which they have to choose from.
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The NFC East is proving to be the best division in the NFL. It has the reigning Super Bowl Champs, the NY Giants. It has the team that a lot of people were saying is the favorite to win it this year in the Dallas Cowboys. Donavon McNabb and the Eagles are playing great ball, although they do have a 2-2 record. And how about those 'Skins?Let me explain why I am picking the Washington Redskins to win this division. First, I don't think there is any way that the Giants will win the division. Sure they are undefeated. And they did beat Washington week 1. They blew out St. Louis in week 2. But they strled at home against the Bengals. In my opinion, last year the stars aligned perfectly for them. They don't have a shot to repeat that this season. Their defense is nothing special. Plaxico is already causing some trouble. Remember this is the same Eli Manning who threw 20 interceptions last year. Not exactly what you would normally expect from a Super Bowl contending team. In my eyes they are the third best team in their own division, at best.Now let's talk about the Eagles. McNabb is finally healthy and it is showing. He is playing at such a high level and it is fun to watch. He had been plagued by various injuries for the past three seasons and many thought that he was finished. There were the off-season reports of him being traded to his hometown Chicago Bears. But Reid decided to stick with him and the results so far have been great. His top receiver from last season, Kevin Cutis, will be back very soon too. That will only help Donovan and this offense. McNabb doesn't seem to mind who he throws the ball to though, as long as they catch it. Donavan has grown fond of rookie DeSean Jackson. Jackson sure has been a very nice surprise. He looks to be the playmaker the Eagles have been looking for. He is a very dynamic speedster on the outside. All they need is a healthy Brian Westbrook, because this offense really does revolve around him. But I do get the feeling that injuries may continue to hold them back and they will lose some games that they shouldn't. Just like they did last week against the Bears.The Cowboys are the cream of the crop. This team is built to win now. They have their star quarterback, Tony Romo. There are so many weapons on this offense. There is outspoken T.O., the top tight end in the game in Jason Whitten and touchdown machine Marion Barber. They also have spark plug rookie Felix Jones who offers a great change of pace. I believe their were 13 Pro Bowlers on the Cowboys last season alone. That was more than the Patriots! Somehow, with so much talent on both sides of the ball this team can not win a big game when it matters. From Romo botching the hold in the playoffs in 2006 to getting knocked out by the Giants last year. I believe that this will haunt them again. The Redskins ran right at them last week and hit 'em in the mouth. Other teams will try to follow that gameplan. Don't get me wrong, the Cowboys are still one of the elite teams in the NFL but they will fold under pressure once again. Similar to the New York Mets in baseball.So here we are with the Washington Redskins. They have improved immensely every week. Jason Campbell seems to be grasping Zorn's new offense really well. He is scanning the field and making plays downfield to both Santana Moss and Randel El. Campbell is really looking comfortable in the pocket and is also now changing play at the line. Through four games he has yet to throw an interception. Chris Cooley is also proving to be as reliable as always. I think that he is the most underrated tight end's in the NFL. He can really do it all and flies under the radar. Clinton Portis is playing like he is 23 years old again. I am not sure when the wheels will ever fall off for guy? Portis is in his 7th NFL season out of Miami and has been a true workhorse. As long as Portis remains this effective and continues to run hard, this offense will be more than fine. The passing game/play action passes all revolve around their efficient running game. The defense has also been solid. They have played four teams with good offenses, Giants, Cards, Saints and Cowboys, and has fared really well. I believe this is the year for the Skins to win this division. The defense will continue to play well and keep the team in games. And this offense will also keep getting better. Jim Zorn has the team going in the right direction. They play in Philly this week and then 3 very winnable games. Can anyone say 7-1?
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It's hard to see this team putting together a winning season with upper management undergoing polemic. The word on the street have bounded the Oakland Raiders coaching staff and have annoy in the hearts and minds of the Raider nation since the close of the regular season.So, Rob Ryan has been fired? or Ryan has not been fired?. Lane Kiffin is miserable and going to walk away? Other than some news implicating that Rob Ryan has not been fired; the Raider organization has been quieter than the Pontiac Silverdome back in 70's. That quietness has only feed the theory broaden. After all, reporters at the Senior Bowl got remarks from both Lane Kiffin and Rob Ryan that appear to amount to not much more than don't ask!!Where should we start? Let's see, head coach Lane Kiffin tried to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who directed over the No. 26 scoring defense in the NFL last year, but owner Al Davis outlaw the move. Then, it began to seem that Kiffin was on his way out, showing up for public events not displaying any Raiders gear and commonly giving unclear responses (or no replies at all) when asked about his future. Kiffin made it to training camp with his job in one piece, but you'd find few folks determined to bet that he'll make it all the way through 2008.Another debate appeared when the Raiders splurge a load of cash in the free agent period, but spent it remarkably.They gave unreasonably massive deals to regular defensive tackle Tommy Kelly and wide receiver Javon Walker, both of whom come carrying injuries on their backs from last season. Davis also dealt for Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall, whose comments and friendship with Michael Vick gave a lot to talk about in Atlanta.There were a few strange moves, like the signing of unrecognized safety Gibril Wilson, a key part of the Super Bowl Champion Giants' defense and the selection of dazzling Arkansas running back Darren McFadden with the No. 4 overall pick, but the bad still overshadow the good by a wide border and it's hard to believe a team that made slight progress under Kiffin last year will have a chance to truly jell with so much insecurity leaking the group.If this team's play does indeed stand firm to whatever Davis' prophecy is, we might be wrong and finally see some good changes approaching the 08-09 campaign.Now, as a fan and writer who cares about the game, should I be worried about the rumours? Or maybe focus on the fact that Rob has a contract with the Raiders and he'll be the coordinator for the season, or maybe just think that the media is confused and they made up some untrue story. These rumours have been the talk of the Nation for a good while, yet Kiffin hasn't heard them. Maybe we should send him daily reports and updates to show him "information" is not just a word, but a daily chapter in sports.
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The New England Patriots lost something the final month or so of the season. The steam in the Patriots' engine, the one that rolled NFL opposition like they were junior varsity the first batch of the NFL calendar, slowed down to where the rest of the NFL caught them in their sights, finally overtaking them a minute from perfection.This New England Patriots team will go down as the team that "almost." Almost was perfect. Almost was 19-0. Almost won the Super Bowl. It looked for all the world like they had done it again, striking with just over two minutes left from Tom Brady to Randy Moss. The New York Giants bid farewell to the Patriots best-laid plans with a wicked, Elway-sian drive to crack the goose-egg in the Patriots loss column that had been hatched around Labor Day.History will not look kindly on these New England Patriots, I can just feel it. The venom NFL fans spewed at the Patriots when Eli Manning registered a comeback for the ages, speaks of a team that was too arrogant for our American tastes. Our people are one of, "Be good...great even, but don't forget where you come from." The American public just loves watching underdogs peeling that kind of arrogance off that kind of team, very slowly, layer by layer.These Patriots smelled of not remembering where they came from. Tom Brady, the untouchable quarterback with supermodel girlfriend. Randy Moss, a year removed from exile, slowly returning to obnoxious form at times, and Bill Belichick, Spygate guru. Coach-could you not have waited another five seconds before going off the field?18-1 forever, steam running out one minute short of perfection.
Football is America's number one sport, and dogs are our best friends. Finally the day has arrived for our furry companions to show their support for our preferred NFL or college team, with the availability of officially licensed football for dogs! Pet are extremely popular and are available in every size, with everything from team colors, names and player numbers boldly displayed on the back of the jersey.Owners must closely measure the girth of their puppy's neck, back and chest to guarantee a good fit. Almost all pet are sewn with 100-percent polyester. Football for dogs are easy to wash and normally fit dogs as large as 70 pounds. Measuring the dog's chest size is generally the most important measurement in determining the size of the football jersey. Owners will want to measure their dogs from behind the front legs to the back. Accurate measurements definitely make the difference in whether the dog will be able to comfortably walk in the jersey. Football for dogs usually exhibit the official team logos, and any fan should obtain officially licensed .Owners had better measure their dog's back, from the neck base to the base of the tail. Measurements around the neck will also determine fit. So, the next time you grab your remote and watch the big game in your official team jersey, consider allowing your dog to chew a bone on the floor next to you, decked out in pet configured just for him. Football for dogs are an amusing way for pet lovers to demonstrate support for your team and keep your pampered pets in duds that are sure to be the hit of the tailgate party!
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Without a doubt, the SuperBowl is this countries singe biggest day for Advertisers. This years SuperBowl spots are running a cheap $2.7 million for 30 seconds. With companies paying such large amounts of money for these ads, you would think everyone would be a hit. But that's not the case with 2008. In fact, many people are saying 2008 SuperBowl commercials may be the worse in years.Here's a review of the popular commercials that will air on SuperBowl Sunday. Godaddy stated back in August that they would not be airing a SuperBowl commercial this year. However, it looks like they changed their minds as they will have a SuperBowl commercial directing people to go their website and view a racy Danica Patrick video. Godaddy says Fox rejected the ad because it's too racy. I don't think their current commercial is all that great. If I'm Godaddy, I'm getting Danica Patrick in front of SuperBowl watchers anyway I can, even if it means she's dressed in Grandma clothes with no makeup! Pepsi is airing a commercial about a couple deaf guys trying to find their deaf friends house. It's not the funniest commercial this year, but I guarantee you many people will be checking to see if they accidentally hit their mute button. Hyandai isn't airing a funny commercial. They're airing a commercial "to make people thing" according to a corporate press release. "Earth to Hyandai, the last thing people want to do during the SuperBowl is to think." It will be interesting to see if people like the Hyandai commercial. Bud Light, the mainstay of funny SuperBowl commercials, have several in store for viewers. I've seen them and they're "okay" with a couple funny ones, but nothing as good as the ones they've had in years past. Doritos has a SuperBowl commercial that was chosen by Internet voters. It's all about musicians without a recording contract. The winning commercial gets the SuperBowl spot. I'm not sure how Doritos thinks this will increase sales, only time will tell. Gatorade is coming back to the SuperBowl commercial spots with commercials for their two new drinks called G2 and Gatorade Tiger (named after Tiger Woods, who helped develop the product). They're not my favorite of this years crop of SuperBowl commercials. Car.Com will be a newcomer to the SuperBowl commercials. I saw the preview and wasn't impressed. I doubt many others will be also. KFC is getting on the wrong side of the NFL this year by offering the first player that does the "Chicken Dance" in the endzone $260,000. NFL said this is undermining the dignity of the Game. Yeah, like many of the Bad Boys of the NFL involved in juicing, crime and drugs aren't undermining the dignity of the game? C'mon NFL, you can do better than that! Pepsi is using Justin Timberlake to push their soda on this years SuperBowl spot. It has been remored that Justin did his own stunts. That still doesn't make this SuperBowl commercial a hit. Garmin has a new ad ready for this years SuperBowl. I have to tell you, I wasn't impressed with last years entry and this one isn't much better in my opinion, but some of you might find it funny.That's the big players in the SuperBowl commercial runs this year. I'm sure there might be a few surprises. If there are, I hope they're a lot better than this years crop of SuperBowl commercials. At this rate, our Wives and Girlfriends may stop watching the Game with us because the SuperBowl commercials are lousy!
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13 rujan 2011

Jackson leaves with leg injury
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 2:19 AM ETST. LOUIS (AP)Steven Jackson hurt his right leg while running virtually untouched on a 47-yard touchdown run on the St. Louis Rams' first offensive play of the season and will undergo an MRI exam Monday.

Steelers' Roethlisberger had Ravens by nose
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 12:27 AM ETSteelers quarterback BenRoethlisberger on Sunday returns to the stadium where last seasonhe tossed a game-winning touchdown pass after sustaining a brokennose.What stands out to Roethlisberger about the hit by Ravensdefensive tackle Haloti Ngata that left him bloodied but unbowedlast December is what transpired after the Steelers' first possession.Nobody, Roethlisberger said with a laugh, would tell him how badhis nose looked. Or that he had broke it.Team doctors said his nose was "a little crooked,"Roethlisberger recalled.Roethlisberger asked for a mirror, but his request, like one of16 passes he threw on that frigid night in Baltimore, fellincomplete."They're like 'No, it might be (broken). We just can't tell,' "Roethlisberger said of the team doctors. "Guys were looking at mekind of funny. I was like, 'All right, fine, let's stop thebleeding. Let's go play.' "Tony Yates, one of the Steelers' doctors, popped the noseback into place. Cotton swabs helped stop the bleeding, andRoethlisberger didn't miss a snap with first place in the AFC Northon the line."It definitely hurt like crazy," Roethlisberger said. "Everybodywas looking at me, but nobody would say anything, and I remembergoing in at halftime and (my nose) was plastered to the side of myface."I went to the doctors (laughing), and I was like, 'Really? Youdidn't know if it was broken?' They said, 'We didn't want to freakyou out.' I'm like, 'Freak me out? You guys know better than that.'"Roethlisberger completed 22 of 38 passes for 253 yards in the Steelers' 13-10 win. Two playsbefore throwing a 9-yard touchdown pass on third down with lessthan three minutes left, Roethlisberger turned in one of his mostimprobable escapes ever.It came when he wriggled free of Terrell S' grasp and gotaway from the Pro Bowl outside linebacker long enough to fling theball forward for an incomplete pass.His touchdown pass to running back Isaac Redman might not havehappened without that play.And Roethlisberger would have never tormented the Ravens withmore fourth-quarter heroics had the hit that later cost Ngata$15,000 knocked him out of the game."You could tell something was going on," right guard RamonFoster said after Roethlisberger got hit in the face. "Ben, thetough guy that he is, acted like nothing was wrong with him."When asked if he ever considered coming out of the game,Roethlisberger said, "Are you kidding me? Unless they take me outon a stretcher, which has happened before, I don't ever want tocome out of a game, especially a game we had to win. If my guys areout there, I want to be out there with them. That's the kind ofleadership I try and exemplify."

Newton tops 400 yards in loss
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 2:05 AM ETGLENDALE, Ariz. (AP)Cam Newton began his NFL career on the same field where he ended his collegiate one and was spectacular. His 422 yards passing are a record for any rookie in his NFL opener and tied Detroit's Matt Stafford for most for a rookie in any game.Yet Newton didn't leave a winner.
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Smith gives skeptics a little to think about
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 6:25 AM ETHallmark is rushing to Bay Area stores its new line of greetingcards. Look for 'em under the heading, "Sorry, Alex!" 49ers. Harbaugh's debut, Smith's newlife, the possibility of losing the opener to the truly challengedSeahawks.Smith completed 15 of 20 passes for 124 yards and had a passerrating of 90.4. He ran an offense that turned the ball over zerotimes.Yet Smith's game had something for everyone. For the hard-corehaters, his offense was 1-for-12 on third-down conversions, and thethird quarter was wretched - six total pass plays that resulted inminus-2 net yards passing.But Smith's drive just before halftime? Yessir. Five straightpassing plays, four completions for 29 yards and an 11-yardscramble, then his 1-yard touchdown plunge.So there's plenty of ammo for both sides in today's water-coolerdebates.Here's the thing you should know about the guy, though: It'salmost eerie how unaffected by the haters Smith seems.Other quarterbacks in his situation might have developed ashoulder chip the size of Alcatraz. Other quarterbacks might haveused Sunday's victory as a forum to sest where the haters couldstuff their negativity.Not Smith. Either he somehow has ignored the criticism, he is afantastic actor, or he has a Teflon hide that deflects slings andarrows. Is he really such a nice, well-balanced young man that hecannot be simmering over all the bad stuff?Asked after the game if this win gives him a measure ofvindication over the doubters, Smith looked almost puzzled."I don't know about vindication," he said. "It's 1-0 - that'sgreat. The biggest thing for a quarterback is getting the win, finda way. Defense helped a lot tonight, special teams ... "If you're wondering what the heck Harbaugh saw in this guy togive him another shot in San Francisco, there's a clue. Smith canshut out a lot of outside bullcorn and focus on football. That's askill Harbaugh also possesses.They're both driven by a desire to play really good, efficient,winning football, not by a need to prove the world wrong.After all Smith has gone through - and, yes, after all he's putyou fans through - he's still the engaging, intelligent, likableguy next door.It's significant that when Smith scored on that 1-yard scramblewith time running out in the first half for a 16-0 lead, Harbaughgreeted him on the sideline with a hug. Yes, the 49ers' coach is channeling his innerTommy Lasorda.Clearly, these two men are in sync. Harbaugh is the voice inSmith's helmet radio before every play. Apparently, Smith respondsto logical, intelligent, creative input."I think it's just great to have the direct line with coachHarbaugh," Smith said. "You get the little things here and there,the little reminders."Harbaugh's voice has to be soothing reassurance to Smith,something new for him.It worked out great Sunday, although there were times theSeahawks didn't look so much like a team that was poorly coached aslike a team that was uncoached. For the 49ers, the road gets rockier nextweek against the Cowboys.Smith and Harbaugh will quickly move on to that challenge, butSmith left no doubt that this win meant something deep."It was special," he said, "to be able ... to hold up your endof the deal."This will be an intriguing ongoing story - Smith versus theleague and Smith versus the local doubters/haters/skeptics.One thing Smith knows is that you can't always be on top andthat you have to keep the faith. As he walked out of Candlestick onSunday, he was wearing a Giants ballcap.Of the quarterbacks who were the first QBs taken in the past 10drafts, only Smith and Matthew Stafford played and won onSunday.Smith, a Seattle native, has feasted, relatively speaking, onthe Seahawks' defense. He's had a 90-plus passer rating in 16 ofhis 55 career games 29 percent. But against Seattle, he's 5-of-9 56percent.
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Season starts with a verdict for the defense
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 6:26 AM ETThe Redskins' offense was in a lose-losesituation entering Sunday's season-opener against the Giants. RexGrossman & Co. could have shined against the injury-depletedNew York defense and elicited a huge so-what?The Giants' starting middle linebacker was third string a fewdays ago. Two of their best defensive linemen spent the day instreet clothes. Their top defensive back went down with aseason-ending knee injury in the preseason.Under those circumstances, you'd expect Washington to crank outsome yards and put up some points. If so, big deal. Conversely,failing to produce against an injury-ravaged unit wouldn't bodewell for the new-look 'O' and their much-maligned QB. And theywould have heard about their ineptitude all week long.But the Redskins' defense wasn't going to begraded on a curve for Sunday's effort. There would be no pointsdeducted for holding down an undermanned foe. Instead, coordinatorJim Haslett's troops had an unadulterated chance to make a positiveimpression and begin their road to redemption after last season'shorrific performance.Statement delivered. First step taken.They pitched a shutout in the second half of Washington's 28-14victory, yielding just one drive longer than 15 yards. Rookie RyanKerrigan returned an interception for a touchdown, and fellowrookie Chris Neild contributed two sacks. Linebacker LondonFletcher and cornerback Josh Wilson stuffed halfback Ahmad Bradshawon fourth-and-1 with the Redskins clinging to a seven-pointlead.Everywhere you looked, the Redskins were making plays ondefense. Some were drafted last April, like Kerrigan and Neild.Others were holdovers, like Fletcher and safety Reed Doughty, wholed the team with eight tackles. Still others were free agentacquisitions, like Wilson and defensive end Stephen Bowen, who wascredited with a sack and two quarterback hits.When we last saw the Redskins' defense, it was finishinga season in which it ranked 31st out of 32 NFL teams, a sharpdecline from its top-10 ranking the previous three seasons."We went from a 4-3 defense - and a very successful 4-3 defense- and making the transition takes awhile," Fletcher said. "Lastyear, some of the plays the Giants ran today would've been bigplays. But this year, having the scheme under our belts and theaddition of the new guys makes a big difference."Maybe it's just that simple, where a little more familiarity, alittle more talent and a little more youthful energy equals a wholelot more improvement. Maybe coach Mike Shanahan's vision of anactive, ball-hawking, havoc-wreaking defense is en route tobecoming a reality. One game is too early to tell for sure, but Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofieldisn't waiting for additional evidence. His verdict is in."We're convinced of that," Cofield said, asked if his unit canrank among the best. "That's what we believe and that's whatHaslett preaches. We compare ourselves to the great 3-4 defensesacross the league, compare ourselves man-to-man at every position,and we don't sell ourselves short."They certainly came up short early in the game, yieldingtouchdown drives of 70 and 85 yards through the Giants' first fivepossessions. Doughty and cornerback Kevin Barnes were burnt on a68-yard pass from Manning to Hakeem Nicks, setting up the Giants'first score. And Manning went 4-for-4 for 58 yards on New York'sother scoring drive, late in the first half.But that pretty much concluded the Giants' highlight reel.Washington gave up just two first downs after intermission beforelinebacker Brian Orakpo blocked a field goal attempt with 5:04remaining. On the previous play, Doughty tackled Bradshaw for a2-yard loss on third-and-1.Orakpo said aside from the newcomers, the defense is pretty muchthe same with "a few tweaks here and there," and they're justfocused on themselves - not outsiders' impressions. He said hisunit wasn't fazed when Grossman took a sack and fumbled, setting upa short field for the Giants' would-be game-tying touchdowndrive."We were laughing when the 'O' turned the ball over," he said."We were ready to go."They proved it by holding the Giants to three-and-out, forcingthem into the blocked field goal attempt. There would be no letdownagainst the team that has dominated the rivalry recently. It was agreat day for the defense, but beating the Giants was the mostimportant outcome, by any means necessary."It was a good test for us because they've had our number,"Orakpo said.The defense passed its test and has begun posting some (good)numbers of its own.
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Newton answers questions about his game - for now
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 2:48 PM ETCHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)Questions regarding Panthers rookie Cam Newton have turned fromif he'll be a good NFL quarterback to how good he'll be.At least for now.In his NFL debut, Newton ignited a Carolina offense thatfinished last in the NFL in total offense, passing yards andscoring last season by throwing for 422 yards - the most ever by arookie quarterback in his first career start. His passing total wasone yard shy of the team record set by Chris Weinke and thefourth-highest opening day total in NFL history.Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Monday that Newton ''exceededexpectations'' on Sunday, but cautioning that there will be toughertimes ahead for the Heisman Trophy out of Auburn.''We still have some things to work on,'' Rivera said.Newton threw touchdown passes of 77 and 26 yards to 32-year-oldSteve Smith and ran for another score, although his bid for agame-tying drive in the final minute fell a yard short and thePanthers lost 28-21 to the Arizona Cardinals.''He's just one of those guys when he gets in the game, there'sjust something about him,'' tight end Greg Olsen said. ''There'ssome guys that have it, and some don't.''Newton had it on Sunday.He completed 24 of 37 passes, answering lingering questionsabout his accuracy issues. Newton completed just 40.4 percent ofhis passes during the preseason.Smith said Newton answered a lot of questions.''He did everything everybody didn't expect him to do. He was onpoint,'' Smith said. ''He made some great runs, some great readsand some fantastic throws. He made some throws out there that,honestly as a receiver, it made it easy to catch them.''It's clear the Panthers' offense won't look like it did lastyear under offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson.The Panthers weren't afraid to go to the air on third downs andregularly took shots down the field, one resulting in Newton's77-yard hookup with Smith, who finished with 178 yards receivingand two touchdowns.Newton may have made a believer out of some of this critics, buthis teammates have always been in his corner.''Everybody believes in him,'' two-time Pro Bowl left tackleJordan Gross said. ''We're never looking around wondering who'sgoing to make the play. I know our receivers believe in him aswell. He's our quarterback and he's taken that by the reins and ledthe charge.''Newton downplayed his own success after the game, continuallyturning questions about his success into talk that he needs toimprove.''There's going to be a lot more things I can look back on ...after I watch the film,'' Newton said. ''One thing I know right nowis you have to capitalize. When you're in the red zone you can'ttake a sack, you can't digress. You have to capitalize and getpoints when it matters.''Smith said this is just the beginning of what the Panthers canaccomplish as an offense in Rob Chudzinski's new scheme.''I think it could be better,'' Smith said. ''We were off atsome times. This is the disadvantage of having a lockout.''Added Gross: ''I mean he did all of that and he didn't evenreally scramble and do anything with his legs. That will come. I'mexcited to be on a team with him. Our offense is much improved andI expect us to get a lot better next week.''That's a strong statement about Newton and the Panthers, whohost the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers in theirhome opener at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday.But Gross said he was impressed, but unlike some others, notsurprised with Newton's early success.''He's had the world on his shoulders for a year now and I thinkhe's sort of getting used to it,'' Gross said. ''It was a toughgame. He got hit a lot and there was a lot of crowd noise. He hadincredible composure against all odds. He was as advertised.''Despite all the excitement about Newton's performance, thePanthers lost. And the rookie QB will face a complex scheme led byPackers defensive coordinator and former Panthers head coach DomCapers.''We performed well, but not well enough to win. That's astinger, but we have a lot to build on,'' Smith said. ''You don'twant to be hangdog, but you also don't want to walk around andstrut your stuff.''We've got a lot of work to do.''
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Bengals relish breakthrough win, unsure on Dalton
UpdatedSep 12, 2011 6:34 PM ETCINCINNATI (AP)A quick-snap touchdown has the long-suffering Cincinnati Bengalsthinking that their karma has finally changed.The Bengals caught the Browns in a brain-lock moment Sunday,allowing A.J. Green's 41-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarterof a 27-17 win. It's the kind of breakdown that's been more typicalof the Bengals during their 20 years of futility.A change, perhaps?''That's something we didn't do last year,'' defensive tackleDomata Peko said. ''Last year in the fourth quarter, we fellapart.''The Bengals (1-0) won only four games last season, repeatedlyblowing chances at the end with mind-boggling moments. One of theworst came when the Saints induced them into an offside penalty bypretending they were going to snap the ball - a gambit the Saintscall ''No-Brainer Freeze.''This time, the Browns (0-1) had the brain freeze, failing toleave the huddle while the Bengals lined up and snapped the ballfor a go-ahead touchdown. And the Bengals had a rare, happybeginning.Even coach Marvin Lewis, who usually is reluctant to readanything into one win, recognized the importance of winning theopener the way they did - with a backup quarterback throwing to arookie receiver while the Browns hesitated.''It was a great lesson for them to learn and to see somethingthey can believe in and really hang their hat on,'' Lewis said onMonday.The most positive sign was how rookie quarterback Andy Daltonhandled his debut on the road. The second-round draft pickcompleted 10 of 15 passes for 81 yards with a touchdown and nointerceptions, leading Cincinnati to 13 points before gettinghurt.Dalton took a helmet to his lower right forearm near the end ofthe first half and didn't return because he had trouble grippingthe ball. Bruce Gradkowski finished the game.Dalton was scheduled to see a specialist on Monday. The Bengalsare hopeful that he can start next Sunday in Denver, whereCincinnati hasn't won since 1975, dropping eight in a row. Daltondeclined to talk to the media on Monday.Left tackle Andrew Whitworth had a protective boot on his leftfoot following the game in Cleveland, but walked without it a daylater. Lewis declined to provide updates on players' conditions,except to say everyone was better on Monday.Heading into the season, there was speculation that the Bengalscould be one of the NFL's worst teams because it's starting arookie quarterback and a rookie receiver. The victory in Clevelandshowed they're not even the worst team in their own state.Second-year defensive end Carlos Dunlap understands why fans arestill reluctant to give them much credit.''Maybe because we're young and they don't feel we have thatexperience,'' Dunlap said on Monday. ''I'd say we have experiencetogether.''Asked about the low expectations for his team, Lewis strayedfrom his normal practice of keeping answers short and went on formore than 300 words to answer that one question alone.''I don't know why we have so many naysayers,'' Lewis said.He noted that Cleveland fans seemed upbeat about their five-winteam before the season opener on Sunday, in contrast to fans inCincinnati. The Bengals have only two winning records in the past20 years.''It's like the opposite,'' Lewis said. ''I thought we wereabout to play the '68 Packers. It's an unbelievable difference, theattitude and the thing - aura - the way it was there in Clevelandprior to Sunday compared to, for whatever reason, ours is here.''But we can't worry about and dwell upon that.''
  Not everyone was ready for season's kickoff
     UpdatedSep 12, 2011 5:56 PM ETIt didn't take long for the lockout's impact to hit home. Whereit struck most prominently on the NFL's opening weekend was a bitstunning.Four teams, all 2010 division winners, flopped so badly onSunday it makes you wonder if they realized these games counted.Most notable was how the Pittsburgh Steelers were torn apart inBaltimore. The NFL's most physical and violent rivalry turned intoa tame stroll along the Inner Harbor on a late summer Sunday forthe Ravens.The defending AFC champion Steelers, a group that always comesto play, looked woefully unprepared, their vaunted defense allowing385 yards, including 170 on the ground. There are some months whenthe Steel Curtain doesn't yield that many yards rushing.The offense couldn't bail out the Steelers, either, not whilecommitting seven turnovers - five by Ben Roethlisberger, who hadwon his last seven starts against the Ravens.''We got beat into submission,'' linebacker James Farriorsaid.We got handled in all three phases,'' added Steelers coach MikeTomlin. ''We accept responsibility for the plays we made and didn'tmake. We compliment them at the same time for the way theyperformed. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do.''A lot of that work didn't get done during training camp and thepreseason, in part because many veteran teams - and the Steelerscertainly have their share of vets - didn't want to push suchplayers. Better to save them for the regular season, allowing themto work their way into ''football shape.''But avoiding the pitfalls of preseason games has its drawbacks,too. That manifested itself in Baltimore, where the Steelerscouldn't keep up.''It was like we were a step slow all day,'' Farrior said.''From the first play of the game, they had their foot on the gaspedal and we couldn't stop it.''Ditto for the Falcons in Chicago, where the stats wererelatively even, but the performances hardly were.Chicago was the more-inspired team in a 30-12 romp that couldhave been worse. Anyone who expected Matt Ryan, Michael Turner,Roddy White and John Abraham to be the best players at SoldierField instead saw Jay Cutler, Matt Forte and Brian Urlacher -especially Urlacher - take charge.''We've got a lot of things that have to be corrected,'' Falconscoach Mike Smith said, noting the high number of penalties, threeturnovers and sloppy tackling - all symptomatic of poorpreparation.''In terms of how we're going to do that, we'll get back outthere, get on the horse, jump back into the saddle and get back towork.''Cliches notwithstanding, maybe the Falcons needed to ride thehorse more during training camp and the preseason.The horse strling the most resides in Indianapolis, which isunderstandable considering Peyton Manning's absence after necksurgery. Seeing the Colts lose at Houston wasn't unprecedented -they were routed there a year ago, with Manning, and still won theAFC South.Seeing the Colts manhandled all over the field rather thanbonding together without Manning was shocking.Yes, the Texans finally might be a legitimate playoff contender.Still, it wasn't as if the folks in Indy didn't have an inklingthat Manning no longer was indestructible. If any team should havehad a backup plan, and been prepared for all contingencies comeopening kickoff, it was the Colts.''We had fumbles, sacks, penalties, any way you could shootyourself in the foot, we did it,'' center Jeff Saturday said. ''Butto be truthful, I don't think if Peyton was back there it wouldhave been much better...''Now that truly is frightening for Colts fans.One team that was ready, willing and able Sunday was Washington,which upset the injury-battered Giants 28-14. Perhaps coach MikeShanahan had it right after the lockout when he went with hisstarters in preseason games much more than in the past - andcertainly more than the Redskins' opponents. Among those opponents:the Steelers and Colts, who essentially mailed in theirperformances in those exhibition matches.Not much changed for Pittsburgh and Indy in the season openers,either.---AP Sports Writers Joseph White in Washington and David Ginsburgin Baltimore contributed to this story
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09 rujan 2011

NFL Wild Card Weekend
Seattle over New Orleans. No one saw this coming and I mean no one. The Seahawks scored one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history by defeating the defending NFL champs. Matt Hasselbeck played like he found the fountain of youth lighting up the Saints defense with four touchdown passes. Marshawn Lynch clinched the game and become an instant playoff legend with a tackle breaking 67 yard touchdown run over seemingly the entire Saint defense. The Seahawks showed offense fire power that had not been there all year. Hasselbeck was on the money overcoming a early interception. They ran the ball effectively and the Seahawks won even without getting any big plays out of return specialist Leon Washington. The Saints scored enough to win but on defense they were inept in every way. The defining moment was when Tracy Porter who scored the game clinching interception in the Super Bowl was stiff armed into the field turf during the Lynch touch down run. The Saints which on paper had been one of the a top ranked defense all year was non existent the entire game. They played like the spent the entire week preparing for this game by drinking too many hurricanes on bourbon street. They were hit by long touch down passes and were fooled by the old fake block then slide wide open in the end zone play. A terrible effort sending the defending champs home early.New York edging Indianapolis. The Jets won on a last second field to defeat their playoff nemesis. The Jets overcame a hype up Mark Sanchez who seem to overthrew wide open receivers all game long, and went old school in the second half and pounded the Colts into the ground and keeping the ball away from Peyton Manning. The key to last second comeback besides the game winning kick was Antonio Cromartie's kickoff return to mid field. And Sanchez's back shoulder pass to Braylon Edwards to make the field goal attempt shorter. Their defense which has been exploited in few games recently kept the Colts and Peyton Manning off balance for most of the game, except for the one long touchdown pass. Darrelle Revis held down his island holding Colts standout receiver Reggie Wayne to a measly one catch and one yard. The Colts just didn't have enough at the end. Too many injuries throughout the season finally caught up to them. At the end they were playing with Manny, Moe and Jack on defense. They wore down in the second half and could not stop the run. Manning played well playing mistake free football, but the key for he and the Colts was not getting one more first down before Vinatari's kick to take off more time off the clock. One minute was too much time with a defense loaded with guys recently signed off the street.Baltimore blasting Kansas City. In the only blow out of the weekend Joe Flacco and the typical Ravens defense outplayed and outclassed the not ready of the big boy football Kansas City Chiefs. Flacco who is not quite an elite quarterback moved well and the pocket avoiding the relentless pass rush of the Chiefs and found a go too tight end Todd Heap all game long. The Ravens controlled the clock for over two thirds of the game, keeping their defense off the field. When the Ravens defense was on the field they created turnovers and made Matt Cassel wish he was back in college as a back up quarterback. The Chiefs kept it close but could never get untracked outside of a 41 touchdown run by Jamaal Charles. They never found a way to cover tight end Todd Heap. Basically they were boys playing against the men and it was no contest.Green Bay edging Philadelphia. The Packers lead by Aaron Rodgers error free football and rookie James Starks (who is he really?) gained over 120 yards helped the Packers defeat the Eagles. Rodgers played his usual solid game, he didn't force the ball down field, his late second quarter pass to James Jones that was dropped could have blown the Eagles out at the point, changed the momentum of the game but he and the Packers recovered. This biggest surprise was the new found running game that has been missing for most of the season. Starks was elusive, and more important did not fumble. The Packers defense lead by Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson played it's typical great game and put the clamps on the explosive Eagle offense for most of the night. Tramon Williams last second interception was the clincher, but it was a game saving ankle tackle by linebacker Desmond Bishop on DeSean Jackson in the last minute that saved the day. Jackson was shifting into high gear and would have easily scored. The Eagle were outplayed and out hit for the most of the game, but still had a chance to win at the end. The offensive line which was dominated from the start prevented them from running the ball and Vic was often running for his life. But it was too many dropped passes and missed field goals by the reliable David Akers that did them in. Still the Eagles almost won this game. Jackson getting barley ankle tackled by Bishop will run through his mind the entire off season. Vic last pass was the perfect call, it just wasn't executed. Vic pumped faked the safety and had one on one coverage on then outside, a receiver Riley Cooper who was several inches taller than the defensive back, Vic just did throw the ball high long enough to give Cooper a chance. A stunning ending to a remarkable and exciting comeback season for Vic.
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Satellite TV and the NFL Sunday Ticket - Football Without Borders
Americans have always felt the need to move about; some historians argue that it's one of the most basic components of our collective psyche. The pilgrims fled Europe, the settlers struck out in their covered wagons towards the Midwest, and John Steinbeck's protagonists chased the elusive dream of California. You could say it's what makes Americans American.Of course, life today is no different. Jobs, relationships, and family obligations seem to constantly pull us away from home. This begs the question: what's a die-hard football fan living in a distant city to do? Luckily, technology has provided the answer with satellite TV and the NFL Sunday Ticket. This package brings every regular season game right into your living room.The result is astounding. Don't be surprised to wander into an apartment in Boston only to find born and bred Giants fans closely huddled around an HDTV. Of course, they'll have to keep a low profile- wearing an Eli Manning jersey in Cambridge could spell disaster after the Patriots' last minute defeat in Super Bowl XLII.As any true football fan will tell you, each Sunday afternoon between September and December is a holy 8-hour stretch that completely revolves around the pigskin. Monday Night Football is available for the masses, and local stations almost always carry the home team's games, but that doesn't mean much to the displaced fan far from home. The NFL Sunday Ticket is about as close to the stadium as that lonely enthusiast can get without a plane ticket.This satellite TV package also does wonders for your social life. If you take the plunge and sign up, don't be surprised when your living room turns into party central every Sunday afternoon. If you add a high definition television to the mix, you may want to consider installing a deadbolt on your door. Your friends are sure to come knocking frequently.What about the football fan that's in it solely for the love of the game? Most of these folks would agree that there's nothing more frustrating than network coverage. It seems like the producers behind the scenes just never get it right, keeping the cameras focused on the local team's blowout while two intense rivals do battle somewhere else. With satellite TV and the NFL Sunday Ticket, you can easily flip between the games that are actually exciting!As the season progresses, you'll also want to keep a close eye on the standings. In the waning weeks of December, two teams playing in a different conference across the country can make or break your squad's playoff chances. With satellite TV, you can keep a close eye on that game; just flip back during the commercials. As long as you've got the remote in your hands, you're in charge.All of this amounts to nothing less than a revolution in the way Americans watch the game. Gone are the days of waiting for ESPN to flash highlights of your favorite team. With the click of a button, you'll have access to more football than you can handle, thanks to satellite TV!

Lessons From a NFL Game (and How the Jets Coach Can Redeem Himself)
This was a busy weekend for me. I was in a two-day 16 hour seminar on the knee and low back. So besides that I didn't get up to a whole lot. Although I did get out to see the Bodyworks exhibit. If you haven't seen it you should go. Other than studying functional anatomy, assessment protocols and corrective exercise strategies I didn't get a whole lot done.Which obviously means I didn't catch much NFL football. But I did see one play. It was during the Jets-Dolphins game. The Dolphins were punting and one of their players ran down the field in coverage.This player ran out of bounds slightly and then hit the ground hard. It turns out this player was tripped by one of the Jets coaches.On purpose.It doesn't matter what your sports background or preference is, this play evoked an emotion in everyone.Since the game this Jets coach has admitted to purposefully sticking out his knee to trip the Dolphins player. He has since been fined and suspended without pay for the rest of the season by the Jets.So what lessons can we take from this situation? Here are three to consider.1. Respect thy opponentWhen you play a sport against an opponent you don't have to like who you're competing against. Sometimes coaches will even try and instill a hatred for the opponent to invoke more motivation and determination. Personally I don't buy it. You should be able to get up for every game regardless of your opponent. But that's not really the point.The point here is that while you don't have to like your opponent you do have to respect them. And you show them respect by playing them aggressively and fairly.Think about a pick up game where the worst player on one of the teams doesn't even get guarded. Nobody respects this guy as a threat and therefore leaves him unguarded. So you show respect by covering someone and playing them tough but fair.When you take a cheap shot at an opponent however you are disrespecting them. And this leads to the second point, playing fair.2. Keep it between the sidelinesThere's an expression in every sport about fair play that relates to leaving the competition on the field of play. Athletes understand that they need to be as aggressive, tough and difficult to play against on the field. But they also have to be able to understand when to reign it in and stop. In football you may hear the expressions about 'playing between the whistles' or 'keeping it between the sidelines'. This simply means that when a play is whistled over or a play goes out of bounds everything stops. Unfortunately for this coach the play went outside the sidelines and he, as a spectator not a player, influenced a play outside the sidelines. This leads to my next point which is to play in control.3. Stay in controlThis is so much easier said than done. You never want to get too high after a success or too low after a disappointment. When you can stay in control of your emotions you will do a better job of fulfilling your assignments during the game and be an asset to your team's success. On the flip side when your emotions get out of control you do things that are detrimental to your team. You put your own personal vendettas ahead of team success. In this case this coach was not in control of his emotions and reacted poorly to a situation.4. Let how you deal with setbacks define youThe guy screwed up. He admitted what he did was wrong. He is getting fined heavily. $25 grand is a lot of dough for millionaire players. It's a heck of lot more to a guy making substantially less than that.But now there is an opportunity for this coach. You see I believe your character is defined by how you handle setbacks. What do you do when the chips are down? How do you redeem yourself in the eyes of the ones he has let down?One idea would be to go and help the ones he has let down the most. Young kids are being told to win-at-all-costs and 'if the ref doesn't call it, do it'. Maybe he need to make things right with the kids who will see what he did and not understand.What about donating his time and talents (he is a NFL s/c) to put on a football clinic for young kids in the Miami area. He could show kids the right way to get ahead in the game rather than the wrong ways such as what he did.I'd be curious as to whether he'd be up for the challenge. But if he is truly sorry and wants to redeem himself this may be a great opportunity.What do you think? Can this coach redeem himself? Will he coach in the NFL next year? Let me hear what you think.
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The NFL Shares America's Grief
The September 11, 2001 attacks that definitely rocked the world were especially painful to America and were felt by everyone throughout the great nation. And as every American tried their best to recover from this surreal nightmare, the National Football League also wanted to help bring America back on its feet by channeling strong patriotic sentiments through the continuation of their 2001 season.The rescheduled Week 2 games were barely just a few weeks after that monstrous tragedy, but despite the notion of a reeling America, people surprisingly came in droves to watch the games. And the NFL didn't disappoint them. To share their grief and to show an overflowing sense of patriotism, the NFL distributed small American flags to those in attendance. The players were also given flag decals to be placed at the back of their helmets. Pamphlets containing the lyrics to "God Bless America," "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful" were also handed out. And amidst all the heartfelt flag-waving and singing, players, coaches, and fans alike were suddenly emotionally united by this overwhelming gesture to honor those who had fallen, those who had lived, and those who had rendered their own heroic acts to help during this dire moment in the history of America.And throughout the series of games featured that week, there were no real losers among the NFL teams that played because they were not playing for the score but for the pride of a nation that was strling to show its resolve to the world. And the NFL, in its own little way, helped in turning that moment of grief into a moment of unity.

Madden NFL 10 Strategies
Madden NFL 10 is not a straightforward contest. When you compete against real life opposition, you have to take every thing to get a notch up on your competition. There are many sestions you can take to gain an up that your opponents may not be doing. If you do these sestions, you will have a smooth one up on anybody you go against.Have a go to team. If you play with 1 club and get adjusted with the intricacies of them, you will have a huge advantage. You will know what each player is talented at so you can have a one up. Analyze at each of your teams details and then use them to your best. How long does your quarterback throw with accuracy? Is your RB better at juke moves or hurdles? Can you receivers pull down balls in traffic or are they better to get in the open?Create audibles. If you have presnap adjustments where you can move to certain plays from your favorite alignments, you can adjust on the move and be able to beat almost any D. If you stay to route adjustments and new audibles, your adjustments will never be as good as you want them to be.Glance at your competitions depth chart prior to contest. If you analyze at every three deep and are aware of your own, it should be smooth to know where you can attack the defense just like an adept and intelligent offensive coordinator. If you just go into it without considering, you will inevitably come up before the goal.
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3 Biz-Marketing Lessons to Learn From Attending an NFL Game
Over the years I've attended my share of live sporting events, but I must say there's a lot to like about live NFL games. In fact, I'd like to share 3 of those lessons below that you too can use to build your business.1. Know what business you're REALLY in. Think the NFL is just about football? Think again. The NFL is in the entertainment business and yes the NFL is well aware of that.At least for the Arizona Cardinals (it might be different at other stadiums) but along with the cheerleaders and a big red bird running around, they also have lots of scheduled little skits throughout the game. Considering how many commercial breaks you sit through when you watch a game on TV, it's remarkable how little downtime there is during a live game.So, what business are YOU really in? And chances are, you're NOT in the business you think you're in. For instance, you may think you're a coach and you're in the coaching business, but truly, do your clients really want a coach? No. They want the results they're getting from your coaching. (Think about it, people are busy enough, do you think they really want to carve out the time each week or month to talk to you? They're doing it because they see the value and are getting the results. They're certainly not doing it because they have an extra hour laying around they don't know what to do with.)Focus on what business you're really in, and you'll have a much easier time attracting clients.2. You can't bore anyone into buying your products or services. Now, I agree the NFL has it a little easier since they're in the entertainment business. But what about you?I'm not saying you need to dress up in a red bird costume and run around acting silly. But you do need to be at the very least interesting to your ideal clients so they want to stick around and listen to what you have to say. If you bore them, they won't be sticking around.What can you do to more interesting (or, better yet, entertaining) in your marketing?3. Pay attention to the little things. Again, this just might be Phoenix, but I must say this city has it together when it comes to moving large numbers of people around. (I also experienced this during my marathon participations.) I'm amazed at how fast you get in and out of the games and the parking lots. (They even set up a row of additional bathrooms next to the parking lot in case you didn't want to wait in line inside the stadium.)While that may seem like a small thing -- after all, you're not going to a game because it's easy to park -- it really does add to the whole experience. How nice it is to know you can attend a game without being stuck in traffic for hours having to go to the bathroom.So what "little" things can you offer your clients? What intangibles can you give them that seem small but make a big difference? Maybe you have some great forms or templates you can gift them. Or maybe you attract a wonderful community and you allow your clients to network with each other.Think about some things you can offer your clients that don't cost you much in time or money but can really make a difference in how they feel about working with you.

Topps Football Cards - NFL Class of 2006 Topps
2006 Topps Football cards, one of the best classes to come out of the NFL draft, in quite some time.Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Jay Cutler, D'brickashaw Ferguson, Maurice James-Drew, Brandon Marshall, to name a few. 2006 Topps Chrome Football cards was one of my favorite sports cards to collect that year.Originally, there was some confusion with the special edition version of Topps Football cards in the packages of 2006 Topps Chrome Football, but eventually people realized that there was a distinction between the two except on the versions of the "refractor cards". Unfortunately some people were fooled into paying higher amounts for these cards, thinking that perhaps they were a short printed item.The cards were never numbered, or short printed.The 2006 Topps Football product was absolutely loaded with rookies, you were able to pick your rookie out and collect with vigor. What a marvelous class the 2006 NFL draft had. Rookies were excelling at high levels, all over the NFL. The Tennessee Titans, won the sweepstakes of the draft by having rookie of the year honors, with Vince Young. Reggie Bush was not far behind in the voting, and did not win but none the less was just as explosive in the NFL in 2006 during his inception to the league, as he was with USC never missing a major beat. Reggie Bush is a proven winner.Brandon Marshall teamed up with Jay Cutler on the Denver Broncos staff and began to click and are sure to be a formidable tandem for many years to come, especially under the expertise coaching of Mike Shanahan. D'brickashaw Ferguson will be a mainstay on the NY Jets offensive line for many years to come and blocking for Brett Farve won't be the same than Chad Pennington.Overall the collation on this product is pretty good, take it from me I busted about 15 boxes of this product and made quite a few sets, and compared to 2006 Football card products from other companies, namely Upper Deck, the boxes give you a higher completion percentage than say Upper Deck SPX. Also the cards are much easier to grade, of the 40 or so autographed cards from the set that I have submitted to Beckett and PSA, many of the cards came back mint or better.The 2006 Topps Chrome Football product also does not chip as easily as the Upper Deck SPX product, which is printed on thicker stock paper. Making this a top choice to collect if 2006 is your year for football. There is still much of this product out there and it is fairly inexpensive, compared to some of the other product from 2006. The health issues of Vince Young and Reggie Bush doesn't help the product, but this is temporary. These high performing athletes, will rebound and you can expect the product to gain interest again. If you are interested in know more about this product feel free to contact me. I will send you any information you need. Collect for fun, collect for money, just collect!
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Model Your Home Based Business After the NFL, Seriously!
Let's discuss how the NFL is a great model to structure your home business opportunity after.Not only is this the perfect way to think about your network marketing business, but it also relates to any of you that have a team to rely on.Since most of you agree that the Dallas Cowboys are the first that come to mind we'll use them. (Wink) Most teams that regularly succeed over the long run in the NFL have strong ownership. The owner usually has great passion for the game, and will do anything to help his team succeed. The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones goes out each year and pays his players that have stepped up beyond expectations. He desperately wants to win at all costs!If you are a MLM business owner you should have first & foremost chosen a legitimate home business opportunity that has great leadership at the top. Who started your network marketing company, are they ethical, and do they care about your success? Do they reward you with trips or a car allowance? This is critical for any legit home business opportunity in any MLM company.Clearly the NFL has some of the best athletes in the world. These dudes are bigger, faster, and stronger than any other sport top to bottom. They market their product which is the actual game in so many ways it's ridiculous. You can buy your favorite player on your favorite team's jersey. You can join a fantasy football league and run your own team. The star players do appearances and interviews all throughout the season.Ask yourself this, does your MLM home based business have great products and can they be marketed in different ways? Great products do sell and you will need customers in your home based business that only want to use that which they enjoy. So if you want repeated purchases your product better not suck.The NFL has the best football coaches known to man. These guys are brilliant leaders and have created massive skill in their careers that enable them to win. It's absolutely mind boggling that half of these men each year fail, and fail bad. But guess what, this is the best and most competitive sport in the land so what do you expect?The MLM industry is also stupid competitive and you had better be ready to stand out. So who are your network marketing trainers, who are the Mack Daddy leaders of your company? Are they teaching you the systems and strategies that help make them completely free of time & money?In football you have different positions, all of which are critical to the team's success. I need you to stress the word team ok. If somebody isn't doing their job and doesn't have their head in the game then the whole teams does not succeed. A Quarterback leads the team, he directs players where to go, and must always remain calm when things go haywire in a game. Running backs, Receivers, and Defensive players all play key roles in team chemistry.Who is your MLM team Quarterback, who is going to lead you into battle and pick you up once you get knocked down? You will get knocked down in the network marketing business I promise you.Will you get up?Will you quit like most do?Will you even take action or are you to scared to pursue your dreams?Who are the role players on your network marketing team? If you are a role player then do your part. Not everyone is going to be a superstar, nor will everyone have massive network marketing success.I hope you take this comparison and think about all of the similarities of your home based business opportunity and the NFL. It's one heck of a money making business model and if you use it the right way you too can start writing your own checks, just like Jerry Jones.

Factors Which May Determine NFL Team Status In The Upcoming Football Season
There are a few different factors which may help to determine how a team is going to do in the upcoming NFL season. Although these factors are not ironclad with regard to predicting team status in the upcoming season, they are factors which help to show how a team might do the next year.Entry of New PlayersThe entry of new players on an NFL team may help critics and sportscasters to predict how a team may possibly do in the upcoming football season. If the team made some good trades in the off-season, then their likelihood of playing well is increased. In the alternative, those teams who may have chosen questionable players may find that their positive chances of success are diminished a bit.Player DeparturesOne should also consider what NFL teams lost what players in the off-season. This will also help to determine how a team might do in the upcoming season and whether they are Super Bowl worthy.Past StatisticsLastly, past statistics of an NFL team will also help individuals to guess as to how a particular NFL team is going to do next season. By looking at their records, one can have a good idea as to how the team might progress next year.SummaryThese are just a few factors one should consider when trying to predict the future success of an NFL team in the upcoming football season. They should be viewed in light of one another to obtain the best possible picture.

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06 rujan 2011

   Demaryius Thomas of Denver Broncos back after Achilles injury
  ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Demaryius Thomas was intent on making it back into the Denver Broncos' lineup by Halloween.That goal has changed.The big receiver's recovery from a torn right Achilles' tendon, which his surgeon originally warned might sideline him for the entire season, has gone so Packers Clay Matthews Jersey well that he didn't even start the season on the physically unable to perform list.AFC West blogESPN's Bill Williamson writes about all things AFC West in his division blog.Blog network: NFL NationOn Monday, Thomas, the first receiver selected in last year's draft, practiced for the first time since undergoing surgery in February to repair the tendon he tore during offseason workouts in Atlanta."He's running around. He's been cleared medically," coach John Fox said. "There was an option there to put him on inactive PUP, but according to our medical people he's good to go and he's obviously a talented player that we're looking forward to getting on the field."When he'll play in a game is anybody's guess, but the Broncos must figure he'll be ready soon enough to make it worth their while not to replace him Clay Matthews Jersey Black on Packers Clay Matthews Authentic Jersey the roster for the first six weeks of the season, especially because they're already keeping a roster spot open for defensive tackle Ty Warren, who is out until at least November with a torn triceps.The task now is getting Thomas into "football shape, pad shape," Fox said. "And that would have been true whether he started the season on PUP or not. There's going to be a window of time to get him in football shape and that's what we're doing now except that we're doing it earlier."Thomas' inclusion on the 53-man roster was the Broncos' biggest surprise of cut-down day. He had learned of the Authentic Eli Manning Jersey Red possibility last week when he passed a physical, but he kept it a secret even from his teammates, with his only hint coming in a tweet Friday that said, "Swear the man above do amazing things.. im feeling good cant wait to get back to what i love doing.""We were looking at some of the game film during training camp and seeing some of what he was doing (last year) and I was like, 'Damn, like, we're going to be without that?'" Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Lloyd said. "And so it's exciting to see him out there because I totally was not expecting that today."Thomas ran routes Monday but didn't overdo it on his first day back."He was out there running around today and looked good. He was out there making plays, so he's challenging us," wide receiver Eddie Royal said.Thomas said he was able to do everything the other receivers did during practice, just not as much."I'm excited for him, and I'm excited that he's back," Lloyd said, "but I'm definitely going to be the voice of reason with him and making sure he's coming back and he's feeling great and is 100 percent, making sure he's technically sound so he doesn't do anything to hurt himself further."Because it's great having him now, but I want him at the end of the season."Thomas said he could hardly lift his right heel off the turf when he reported to camp. Three weeks later, he started doing some running and lateral movements and things progressed quickly from there.As to when he'll be game-ready, Thomas won't venture a guess."Well, basically, it's beating a defender and getting my cardio back is the first thing, because I feel like my leg is strong," he said. "But beating a defender, cardio, reading defenses, it's just the mental things.  Once I get that down, I feel like I'll be fine."Thomas was the first receiver selected in last year's draft at No. 22, three spots ahead of the Broncos' other first-round pick, Tim Tebow. But he had a rough rookie year after leaving Georgia Tech following his junior season.He was just starting to flash his athleticism and mobility, using his 6-foot-3, 230-pound frame to out-jump defenders Eli Manning Jersey Red when he re-injured his surgically repaired foot early in training camp. He was knocked out of one game with a concussion while returning a kickoff and was also sidelined for the final five weeks of the season with a sprained ankle.Thomas ended up playing in 10 games, starting twice Eli Manning Jersey White and finishing with 22 receptions for 283 yards and two scores. He also returned 16 kicks for a 24.9-yard average.Then, in February he was doing lateral footwork and conditioning drills at his alma mater when he felt the pain in his right heel."Last year, it was the foot and then it was the ankle and now it's the Achilles'," Thomas said. "I was like, 'If I can get over this, hopefully I won't have any more injuries.'"Game notes Another player making his debut at practice was CB Jonathan Wilhite, who was ditched by the Patriots last week in their Authentic Eli Manning Jersey Blue first round of cuts. ... Fox on why the Broncos didn't claim any of the 900 or so players they had scouted in anticipation of Reebok Jairus Byrd Jersey them getting cut over the weekend: "Well, there was only a few guys that we had interest in and at the end of the day it wasn't enough interest to retrain a guy for a guy that's already had five weeks of training in our systems." ... S Quinton Carter (hamstring) didn't practice.

                Bob Stoops of Oklahoma Sooners on super-league -- Way 'the world's going'
  Pac-16 For Sooners?Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops comments on the possible expansion of the Pac 12Pac-16 For Sooners?VIDEO PLAYLIST Pac-16 For Sooners?Pac-16 For Sooners?Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops comments on the possible expansion of the Pac 12Pac-12 Talking ExpansionPac-12 Talking ExpansionDavid Ubben discusses the possibility of Oklahoma and Texas joining the Big 12Tags: Pac-12,  David Ubben,  expansionMack Brown: Fun Night For LonghornsMack Brown: Fun Night For LonghornsMack Brown talks about the Longhorns big win over Rice and who the Most Valuable Players wereHornsNation BYU LookaheadHornsNation BYU LookaheadCarter Strickland and William Giants Eli Manning Replica Jersey Wilkerson lookahead at the week to come.Tags: Texas Longhorns,  BYU CougarsBob Stoops and Mack Brown shape the direction of the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns football programs, powerhouses that allowed the Big 12 to stay together for at least one more season when they recommitted to the league last summer.But both Giants Eli Manning Authentic Jersey coaches insist that -- while a Packers Clay Matthews Premier Jersey super-league may be the wave of the future, as Stoops said -- they're staying out of the decision-making process as school officials again discuss a possible jump to the Pac-12."I'm for whatever the president and athletic director feel is best for the University of Oklahoma," Stoops said Monday of David NFL Cedric Benson Jersey Boren and Joe Castiglione, speaking to media during the Big 12's weekly conference call. "And as long as we get to play I'll go play where we need to go play. So I've got great faith in them. So for me to say what I'd prefer wouldn't be at all right to do." The opportunity to join the Pac-12 Reebok Cedric Benson Jersey is up to Oklahoma and Texas, and the schools realize the ball is in their court, a source close to the situation told ESPN's Joe Schad last week. The concept of a Pac-16 regained steam after Texas A&M said it would leave the Big 12 by July 2012 if it Packers Clay Matthews Replica Jersey can find another home, preferably in the SEC. More from SoonerNationEverything Oklahoma, from recruiting to news to game coverage, is available in ESPN's SoonerNation blog.More: ESPN Recruiting coverageESPN's Big 12 blog"It seems that's the Clay Matthews Jersey Blue direction that the world's going," Stoops said of the prospect of a super-conference. "So if it is, so be it. But my job right now is we're getting ready for practice today and start working for Florida State. That's what I'm spending my time on this morning."Brown also deferred to his school's president and athletic director when asked about the Big 12's future."I really just left that NFL Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey up to Bill Powers and DeLoss Dodds," Brown said. "Gotta get our football program back to where we want it to be."Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Saturday the conference isn't seeking expansion partners, but acknowledged that "schools have reached out to us.""Very honestly, haven't talked to them Reebok Clay Matthews Jersey about it," Brown said of Powers and Dodds. "We went through all this last year and we talked about it daily. We were in the Pac-10. At that time it was gone, we were done. And then the next day we were here. So it was all over the place." Reebok Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey With half the Big 12 heading into an off week, after all 10 teams won their openers at home, there are more questions about the future of the league.Big 12 blogESPN's David Ubben writes about all things Big 12 in the conference blog.Blog network: College Football Nation"It seems like there's about five different scenarios out there that everybody thinks are guaranteed to be the case," Brown said. "So I've got my hands full with Brigham Young on Saturday night, and I know we're in the Big 12 until the end of the year."After trimming down to 10 teams with the losses of Nebraska (Big Ten) and Colorado (Pac-12), the Big 12 hadn't even opened its new season before Texas A&M last week formally announced its Eli Manning Jersey Blue intention to leave the league.Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman grew tired last week of constant questions about realignment and the Aggies' likely move, a storyline piqued by Wednesday's official announcement."We never paid a whole lot of attention to any of the other stuff," Sherman said after Sunday night's 46-14 victory in College Station. "We focused pretty hard on SMU. They warranted our undivided attention. That's all we NFL Jairus Byrd Jersey talked about."The Aggies are expected to apply for membership to the SEC as early as this week when they are one of the teams with an open date."I did not think it would come up again," Brown said. "I thought it was over for at least 10 years."More from HornsNationEverything Texas, from recruiting to news to game coverage, is available Authentic Eli Manning Jersey White in ESPN's HornsNation blog.More: ESPN Recruiting coverageESPN's Big 12 blogESPN Dallas' college blogThere had been interest from the then-Pac-10 last summer of Texas and Oklahoma, along with Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, heading West as potentially part of a 16-team league. But there is more uncertainty for teams such as Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Iowa State should the Big 12 crumble.Second-year Kansas coach Turner Gill insists he is not too concerned and has confidence in Big 12 leadership, including the presidents and chancellors of the league's schools."I believe that the Big 12 Conference will be standing strong at some point in time," Gill said. "How it all shakes out, I don't know, but I do have confidence that there will be a Big 12 Conference."Two days after Oklahoma State billionaire booster Boone Pickens said he didn't think the Big 12 will last much longer and believes the Cowboys Cedric Benson Jersey Orange eventually will end up in the Pac-12, coach Mike Gundy said he hopes that's not necessarily the case."I would hope that our league could somehow stay together and survive. Giants Eli Manning Jersey I guess it doesn't look like that that is going to happen," Gundy said during his weekly availability on the Stillwater campus. "Or maybe somebody could come in because I like the Big 12. I like this part of the country, I like the recruiting aspects of it. I'm not afraid to say that. I like the rivalries that we have in this league."Kansas State coach Bill Snyder said he has addressed his team about the situation, telling them to take care of "what is really significant" for them on the field playing games.Pac-12 blogESPN's Ted Miller writes about all things Pac-12 in the conference blog.Blog network: College Football NationSnyder shared with his players some of the history of Kansas State, from being part of the Big Cedric Benson Jersey Black 6 Conference that started in the 1920s, to the evolvement into the Big 8 and later the Big 12."You can't afford to get caught up in the politics of what's taking place in our conference," Snyder said. "That's for somebody else."Baylor's Art Briles, whose team is coming off a 50-48 opening win over defending Rose Bowl champion TCU, said he isn't really thinking about what might happen since he can't change it. The coach doesn't plan to talk to his players about it unless they ask, NFL Clay Matthews Jersey and none of them have asked."I have absolutely no control over what's happening," Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said. "I'm just going to focus on our big game this week against Arizona State."While Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Texas Tech all have open dates already, Missouri and Oklahoma State have short weeks of preparation.Before Missouri plays at Arizona State on Friday, Oklahoma State is home Giants Eli Manning Premier Jersey Thursday against Arizona. At least for the Cowboys, they have a rematch of a team they beat 36-10 in the Alamo Bowl last December.

Replica Clay Matthews Jersey Black

  New York Giants' Mark Herzlich turning page on cancer for NFL  New York
  EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Mark Herzlich is putting his battle with cancer behind him and looking to a new chapter in his life -- as an NFL player with the New York Giants.Week Replica Eli Manning Jersey White 1: Giants at RedskinsWill Big Blue return to the playoffs? The quest begins: Giants Center  Blog The recently turned 24-year-old linebacker is never going to forget cancer. That's impossible.There's a titanium rod in his left leg as a constant reminder of the rare form of bone cancer that Hakeem Nicks Jersey White caused him to miss the 2009 season at Boston College. If that isn't enough, Authentic Cedric Benson Jersey Orange there are memories of the draining effects of chemotherapy Replica Clay Matthews Jersey Black and radiation, and those lingering doubts about life.It's always there. Things like that never go away.But Herzlich doesn't want the past to define his Terrell Owens Jersey Orange life. It's time to move on and play the game he loves, and Monday was the official first day of his NFL career."I want to go from Replica Eli Manning Jersey Red being a feel-good story to making an impact on the field," said Herzlich, who talks about his fight with Packers Greg Jennings Premier Jersey cancer without hesitation, while giving clear hints that he would rather be discussing football.That's his life now, and that's his focus.Still, Herzlich can't deny he has beaten the odds. The 2009 Atlantic Coast Conference defensive player of the year got back on the field last season with the Eagles, and he made the NFL despite being passed over in the draft.The Giants signed him as a free agent and he impressed everyone in training camp and in four preseason games. The final step was surviving the cuts that reduced the Giants' roster to 53 Packers Greg Jennings Authentic Jersey players Saturday. He Reebok Stevie Johnson Jersey did that, too.Herzlich spent Monday getting ready with his teammates NFL Stevie Johnson Jersey for the season opener against the Redskins in Washington Sunday."I got through today, so that's one day," Herzlich said. "I don't think anyone tries to make the NFL for a day, so we'll see how the career goes."The 6-foot-4, 246-pounder expects a lot out of himself. If he makes a bad play, he expects Premier Cedric Benson Jersey Black to be booed. He doesn't want anyone's sympathy."I expect them to be (angry) at me if I make a bad play," Herzlich said. "I'm Premier Clay Matthews Jersey Blue (angry) at myself if I Terrell Owens Jersey Black make a bad play."I don't think your story is ever over. When you talk about this story that's actually my life; yeah, it's a Replica Eli Manning Jersey Blue story, maybe the book is getting toward the end of the chapter. But that's my life and that's going to keep on going."Lots of changes are going to happen, whether as related to football or what," Herzlich added. "It's time to start a new chapter."Herzlich doesn't know whether he will be active for Premier Eli Manning Jersey Red Sunday's game on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. If he does, his job will be on special teams, an area in which the Giants have strled in recent years."I think we have a lot to prove. I think that that's what it is with the special teams," Herzlich said. "We want all three phases of the game to be the best that they can be. You said (the special teams play Hakeem Nicks Jersey Red was) sporadic. You saw great things on film from our special teams and then you saw some things that didn't go our way a little bit. We need to shore that up."While the workout on Monday was only a walkthrough, Herzlich noticed the intensity and speed had increased."I think this week it's all about business," he said.This past weekend was more about waiting, hoping and eating to pass the time away. Herzlich and some fellow rookies -- safety Tyler Sash, linebacker Spencer Paysinger and fullback Henry Hynoski -- all went to breakfast at IHOP."We tried to get Premier Eli Manning Jersey Blue our minds off of it by gorging ourselves with pancakes," Herzlich said. "Then I went to Chili's and sat by myself for the afternoon watching the BC football game because I couldn't find it Premier Clay Matthews Jersey Black on TV anywhere else. So I just sat there Premier Cedric Benson Jersey Orange by myself, tried to keep my mind off of it."When Herzlich didn't get a telephone call from the coaching staff by 6 p.m., the deadline to make cut, he waited Authentic Cedric Benson Jersey Black another three minutes and then tweeted to all his friends that he was still a Giant. He gave himself roughly 90 seconds to celebrate and enjoyed all the emails and tweets wishing him well."Then you realize anything can happen from now on," he said. "It's a great feeling to make it this far. I have to keep working and working and working and try to stay on the team."Defensive captain Justin Tuck smiled when asked about Herzlich."It's very hard for me to say anything good about him because he went to BC," said Tuck, a former Notre Dame star. "But you always root for guys like that. He's accomplished so much with all the things he went through. I paid attention to him in college and hopes he returns to that form when he was at BC and help this football team out."Guard Chris Snee, a former Boston College player, said Herzlich was someone who benefited playing in four preseason games instead of two, which some owners wanted in exchange for an 18-game regular season."Everyone knows what Mark has overcome," Snee said. "It just speaks for what type of guy he is and how strong he is."Tackle Kareem McKenzie was impressed with how Premier Eli Manning Jersey White far Herzlich has come since being diagnosed."That's says a lot for anybody to take the worst Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey Black of what life has to offer and to make the best of it and take advantage of the opportunities you are given," McKenzie said. "He definitely has a great work ethic and an unbelievable determination."

                Everette Brown, 2009 second-round pick of Carolina Panthers, waived
  CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  The Carolina Panthers have waived third-year defensive end Everette Brown and claimed defensive tackle Marcus Harrison and four others off waivers.NFC South blogESPN's Pat Yasinskas writes about all things NFC South in his division blog.Blog network: NFL NationBrown was Packers Greg Jennings Jersey the Panthers' second-round pick in 2009 but he never developed into the pass-rushing threat they hoped he'd become. Brown appeared in 28 games (starting Replica Clay Matthews Jersey Blue three) for Carolina and had six sacks and 47 tackles.The Panthers on Sunday claimed Harrison from the Bears, wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu from the Chargers, safety Stevie Brown from Packers Greg Jennings Replica Jersey the Raiders, cornerback Josh Thomas from the Cowboys Hakeem Nicks Jersey Blue and defensive end George Selvie from the Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey Blue Rams.Carolina also signed free agent offensive lineman Max Jean-Gilles to a one-year contract, according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Jean-Gilles spent the past five seasons with the Eagles, but was cut in the offseason. He signed with Cincinnati but was cut again on Saturday.

Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey Green

    Donald Jones: No. 2 Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey White Role for Bills Confirmed
  Update:Jones (head) says he's fully cleared to play and that he's Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey Green been told Packers Charles Woodson Jersey he's the No. 2 wideout, BuffaloBills.com reports.Recommendation:This spot has been up in the air ever since Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey Blue Lee Evans(notes) was traded to Baltimore, but it'll now be Jones' to run Authentic Carson Palmer Jersey Black with. This offense likes to chuck it around a bit, so Jones isn't a bad pickup if he was overlooked in your draft.

                Panthers bring back OL Hangartner
  CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP)The Carolina Panthers brought back a familiar nameMonday, signing offensive linemen Geoff Packers Charles Woodson Premier Jersey Hangartner(notes).Hangartner spent four seasons with the Panthers from 2005-08, starting 27games and playing in 54 before signing as a free agent with Buffalo in 2009.                                                                                                                                                            Hangartner was cut Saturday by the Bills.He'll have a chance to start at right guard along with five-year veteran MaxJean-Gilles(notes), who was Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Premier Jersey signed on Sunday. Jean-Gilles has stated 25 games over thepast three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.Those moves help offset injuries to Geoff Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey Schwartz(notes), the starting rightguard, and valuable reserve Garry Williams(notes). Schwartz's season ended with a hipinjury Premier Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue in training camp, while Williams broke his Authentic Carson Palmer Jersey Orange ankle in Thursday night'spreseason finale against Pittsburgh.Both players were at practice Monday, along with the team's five new waiverwire pickups: defensive Premier Brandon Jacobs Jersey White tackle Marcus Harrison(notes), cornerback Josh Thomas, safetyStevie Brown(notes), wide receiver Seyi Ajirotutu(notes) and defensive end George Selvie(notes).The team also signed five players to the practice squad: wide Replica Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red receiverDarvin Adams(notes), running back Josh Authentic Brandon Jacobs Jersey White Vaughan(notes), linebacker Lawrence Wilson, tight endGreg Smith(notes) and defensive back Kendric Burney(notes).

                Maurice Morris: (Hand) Ditches the Cast
  Update:Morris practiced Monday without a cast on his right hand for the first time since breaking a Premier Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red bone in his hand last month, the  Detroit Free Press reports.Recommendation:With Jahvid Best(notes) not known as the most durable back around, Morris and Jerome Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Replica Jersey Harrison(notes) are worth keeping on Charles Woodson Jersey Blue the radar, as one or both of them would likely step into an expanded role in the event of an injury to Best.

  Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Authentic Jersey
                Report: Redskins will start Grossman Charles Woodson Jersey Green in Packers Charles Woodson Authentic Jersey opener
  Report: Redskins will start Grossman in opener                   table.MsoNormalTable{font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", "sans-serif";} table.MsoNormalTable{font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", "sans-serif";}>Rex Grossman(notes) will start at quarterback for the Redskins in Week One against the Giants, according to an NFL.com Replica Brandon Jacobs Jersey White source.Head coach Mike Charles Woodson Jersey White Shanahan told Grossman and John Beck(notes) of his decision over the weekend, according to the source. The two had been battling for the No. 1 job throughout the offseason and preseason, but Beck had been hampered by a groin injury and he Authentic Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red was inconsistent in the final preseason game.Shanahan is expected Packers Charles Woodson Replica Jersey to monitor the QB situation throughout the season and could make a change at any time.

                Rex Grossman: Named Week 1 Starter
  Update:Grossman will start for the Redskins Replica Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue on Sunday against the Giants,  NFL.com's Jason LaCanfora Authentic Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue reports.Recommendation:This immediately boosts Grossman's value in QB-heavy leagues, but one has to think that the Redskins wouldn't hesitate to turn to John Beck(notes) if Grossman strles at all out of the gate.

Bengals Marcell Dareus Replica Jersey

           Who will take advantage of Manning absence?
  Attention, AFC South also-rans!Peyton Manning(notes) Bengals Fred Jackson Replica Jersey won't play in the season opener. (Hint: If the Colts say he's doubtful, then he's not playing at all). Bengals Fred Jackson Replica Jersey One report had Manning on the shelf for a month or more.With all due respect to Kerry Collins(notes), Bengals Fred Jackson Premier Jersey that means Aaron Rodgers Jersey On sale the doors is finally wide open for the Texans, Titans and Jaguars to finally make a move and break Indy's stranglehold on the division.                                                                                                                                                              Since the AFC South's inception in 2002, the Manning-led Colts have won the cheap Aaron Rodgers Jersey division every Bengals Marcell Dareus Jersey year but two, when the Titans finished ahead of them.The Colts actually started to look mortal last season, stumbling through the first three-fourths of Bengals A.J. Green Jersey the season with a 6-6 record before reeling off four wins in a row at the end to Bengals A.J. Green Replica Jersey claim yet another AFC South crown. The question is, which team, if any can take Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red advantage of Manning's Bengals Marshawn Lynch Authentic Jersey absence and potentially ascend to the AFC South throne.Most would probably say the Texans, who get the first shot at the Manning-less Colts on Sept. 11. But they still have to prove themselves by having a winning season before anyone is going to take them seriously. Only once in nine years have the Texans finished above .500, and, there are questions that abound this year. Can Bengals A.J. Green Authentic Jersey Wade Phillips take a 4-3 team and turn it into a 3-4 overnight and have success? It probably hinges on how quickly the defense's best player Mario Williams(notes) can make the conversion from powerhouse defensive end to outside linebacker, something that has apparently been cheap Aaron Rodgers Jersey a strle.The Titans Bengals A.J. Green Authentic Jersey found themselves behind the eight-ball Aaron Rodgers Jersey Outlet as training camp started,but now have Bengals Carson Palmer Jersey a quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck(notes), their holdout running back returning in Chris Johnson and their best receiver Kenny Britt(notes) avoiding suspension.Still, there are a lot of working Aaron Rodgers Jersey Free shipping parts for new coach Mike Munchak, Bengals Marshawn Lynch Premier Jersey who is Bengals Marcell Dareus Jersey charged with cleaning up Jeff Fisher's mess,to fit together coming off a season in which the lockout ruined any early chance at team chemistry and the learning of the offense Bengals A.J. Green Premier Jersey and defense.As for Jacksonville, Coach Jack Del Rio is in must-win mode entering the last year of his contract. The Jaguars drafted a quarterback of the future in Blaine Gabbert(notes), but theirs and perhaps Del Rio's fortunes Bengals Marcell Dareus Replica Jersey may hinge on how well veteran David Garrard(notes) plays this year.For the first time, the Colts might Bengals Marcell Dareus Authentic Jersey not be the prohibitive favorite to win the AFC South, but Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red the question lingers, which, if any, of the other three teams are capable of knocking them off?Follow me on Twitter TitanInsider247 and terrymc13Terry McCormick covers the Titans Aaron Rodgers Jersey Outlet for TitanInsider.com

                Falcons bolster secondary with Sanders, Hayden
  FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP)Excuse Kelvin Hayden(notes) if Bengals Carson Palmer Premier Jersey his head is spinning abit.He's buried himself in an unfamiliar playbook. He's trying to becomefamiliar with different terminology. He's strling to learn everyone's name onhis new team, including the coaches for the Atlanta Falcons.The cornerback called up one of Bengals Fred Jackson Authentic Jersey the assistants a couple of times over theweekend, going over calls and Bengals Fred Jackson Authentic Jersey formations. Now, if only he could remember who wason the other end of the line."It's a challenge," Hayden said Monday, standing in front of a locker thatwas identified as his by a Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue handwritten placard. "I'm still learning thecoaches' names."                                                                                                                                                              Hayden is one of two experienced defensive backs signed last week by theFalcons to bolster their thin secondary, another step toward building a teamthat can make a run at the Super Bowl. In the very next locker was safety JamesSanders(notes), who landed in Atlanta under similar circumstances.Both were dumped by their previous teamsHayden in Bengals A.J. Green Replica Jersey Indianapolis, Sandersin New Englandmore for Bengals Marshawn Lynch Replica Jersey salary cap reasons than their performance on thefield.Hayden starred in the Colts' Super Bowl win in 2007, clinching the victorywith his return of an interception for a touchdown. Sanders started 49 games forthe Patriots and is coming off a season in which he set career highs with threeinterceptions and six passes defended."You can't coach depth. You can't coach experience," Falcons linebackerMike Peterson(notes) said. "Anytime you get a Bengals Marcell Dareus Authentic Jersey chance to add that to the mix, it's aplus."Given their resumes, both could eventually challenge for extensive playingtime, maybe even a starting job. The Aaron Rodgers Jersey On sale current starters look forward to gettingpushed by the newcomers."They are two proven players in this league," safety Thomas DeCoud(notes) said."Competition always breeds success. It will make Bengals Carson Palmer Authentic Jersey us better as a team and asindividuals."First, Hayden and Sanders have to learn the ropes with a new organization.They only signed with Bengals A.J. Green Jersey the Falcons in time to watch the final preseason game fromthe sideline. They practiced for the first time Monday, a dreary day in theAtlanta area Brandon Jacobs Jersey White as the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee made their way northward."Of course, I want to get out Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue there and play," said the 27-year-oldSanders, who got Bengals Carson Palmer Replica Jersey a locker right beside Hayden Bengals Marcell Dareus Replica Jersey and had lunch with him beforepractice. "But right now, my focus is on learning the playbook and this team.Without that, there's no way I can even be Bengals Marshawn Lynch Premier Jersey on the field."Sanders was quickly scooped up by the Falcons after being Bengals Marshawn Lynch Jersey cut by thePatriots. The 28-year-old Hayden took a little longer to find a new job, havingmissed the final four games last season with a neck injury that reportedlyscared off Bengals Fred Jackson Jersey some teams.Hayden said he's fully recovered from the latest in a series of injuriesthat have kept him from playing a full season since 2007."My neck is fine," he said. "I feeling good and ready to go."The Falcons lack significant depth behind DeCoud and William Moore(notes).Second-year player Shann Schillinger(notes) is the only other safety on Brandon Jacobs Jersey White the roster, soSanders should get Bengals A.J. Green Premier Jersey extensive playing time once Bengals Carson Palmer Premier Jersey he's familiar with the system.Pro Bowler Brent Grimes(notes) and Dunta Robinson(notes) are set at Bengals Carson Palmer Authentic Jersey the cornerbackpositions, but Hayden could fill a valuable role at nickel back. Chris Owens isstill on the roster, but has yet to live Bengals Carson Palmer Jersey up to expectations heading Aaron Rodgers Jersey Free shipping into histhird season. He was picked on mercilessly by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers(notes)in Bengals Marcell Dareus Premier Jersey Green Bay's playoff romp over the Falcons.After a winless preseason, Atlanta opens the regular season Sunday atChicago in a matchup of division champions from 2010."I'm trying my best to get out Bengals Marshawn Lynch Authentic Jersey there," Hayden said. "I might miss thefirst game, but then I feel like I'll be ready Bengals Marcell Dareus Premier Jersey to go."Sanders was pleased to wind up Bengals Marshawn Lynch Jersey with another winning organization afterleaving the Patriots."This Bengals Carson Palmer Replica Jersey is a good, young, up-and-coming Bengals Marshawn Lynch Replica Jersey football team," he said. "They havegreat players, great management, everything you could want in an organization.I'm thankful for the opportunity to be Bengals Fred Jackson Jersey here. I'm thankful to be an AtlantaFalcon. I look forward to helping us win some games."Notes: The Falcons filled out the last remaining spot on their practicesquad Monday, signing tight end Marquez Branson(notes). A day earlier, the team broughtback quarterback John Parker Wilson(notes), safety Rafael Bush(notes), offensive guard AndrewJackson(notes), offensive Bengals Fred Jackson Premier Jersey tackle Jose Valdez(notes), linebacker Robert James(notes) and receiversKevin Cone(notes) and Drew Davis(notes).  With Wilson demoted to the practice squad,Atlanta plans to open the season with only two quarterbacks on the activeroster: starter Matt Ryan(notes) and Chris Redman(notes).

Meriweather starts fresh with Bears

Meriweather starts fresh with Bears
LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP)Released by New England, Pro Bowl safety BrandonMeriweather(notes) is looking forward to a fresh start with the Chicago Bears.Meriweather says he has "a lot of respect" for the Patriots and coach BillBelichick and was not stunned that they released him Saturday, even Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey though hewas coming off back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons. He agreed to a one-year deal with Chicago a day later, joining a team thatwon the NFC Authentic Brandon Jacobs Jersey White North at 11-5 and advanced to the conference championship game.He says the Bears are "a first-class organization." He hopes to be readyfor the opener against Atlanta on Sunday and sidestepped the question when askedif he expects to move into a starting Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey Green role at some point.

Peyton Manning: Doubtful for Opener
Update:Manning will stop practicing due Premier Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red to soreness in his back and is doubtful for this week's game at Houston, the team's official web site reports.Recommendation:After multiple reports over the weekend that had Manning out for Week 1 Premier Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue and possibly headed for more surgery, the Colts released an official statement.It's interesting that this report only mentions the back issue, which may be compensation for the neck ailment, and not a setback to the neck ailment itself.That raises some hope he Premier Brandon Jacobs Jersey White won't need additional surgery, but that may just be an overly optimistic view.In any scenario, fantasy owners need to be prepared to be without Manning for at least a week Replica Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red and probably longer.The entire Colts offense likely needs to be downgraded as well with Kerry Collins(notes) at the helm.

Chad Greenway hits it big with Vikings
Chad Greenway(notes) became the latest linebacker to cash in with a big deal.The Minnesota Vikings have Packers Charles Woodson Premier Jersey signed the strong-side performer to a $41 million, five-year contract, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a deal that includes $20 Charles Woodson Jersey White million guaranteed. That"s the reality Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Authentic Jersey of dealing with a player who has the franchise tag Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Premier Jersey collar. "Now, we can just go play football," Greenway said.The team"s leading tackler for the last three seasons, Greenway needed a hefty guarantee because the franchise tag was to pay him $10.9 million this season. Now with Greenway taken care of, Authentic Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue the Authentic Brandon Jacobs Jersey Red Vikings need to Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey Blue turn their focus to running back Adrian Peterson.And in Chicago, when practice at Packers Charles Woodson Replica Jersey Halas Authentic Carson Palmer Jersey Orange Hall ends, Lance Briggs(notes) will take notice Authentic Carson Palmer Jersey Black of Greenway"s deal and probably turn up the volume in his bid for a new contract. The Charles Woodson Jersey Blue six-time Pro Bowl performer is halfway through Bengals Ryan Fitzpatrick Replica Jersey a $36 million, six-year deal.Follow me on Twitter: BradBiggsBrad Biggs covers the Bears for the Chicago Tribune

Osi Umenyiora: (Knee) Iffy Early On
Update:Umenyiora (knee) was not on the Charles Woodson Jersey Green field for Monday's practice, the Daily Packers Charles Woodson Authentic Jersey News reports.Recommendation:The report goes on Replica Brandon Jacobs Jersey Blue to speculate that there is "not a chance" that Umenyiora will be ready to Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey White play Sunday, with Week 2 looking pretty iffy for him as well. Look Replica Brandon Jacobs Jersey White for Jason Pierre-Paul(notes) to continue to fill in for Umenyiora while he Packers Charles Woodson Jersey is out.

Authentic Devin McCourty Jersey Red

01 rujan 2011

Panthers place ORG Schwartz on I.R. The Panthers placed OG Geoff Schwartz(notes) on injured reserve Tuesday as the team got its roster down to 80 players.Schwartz started all 16 games last season. He suffered a hip injury on Aug. 7 and hasn't practiced since."That's a tough one," said head coach Ron Rivera. "We hoped that he would react positively to the treatment. He's been out for a long time, and we have to move forward with this season, unfortunately."Backup ORG Mackenzy Bernadeau(notes) has been battling a turf toe, sending Garry Williams(notes), who started most of last season at right tackle, to right guard in practice. The Panthers also waived/injured QB Tony Pike(notes) and OG Duke Robinson(notes). They released LS Chris Massey(notes) and placed TE Gary Barnidge(notes), WR David Gettis(notes) and OL Zack Williams(notes) on injured reserve.The way we see itThe Panthers are low on depth on the right side of the O-line with Schwartz on the shelf, Bernadeau suffering from turf toe and Robinson having been waived.

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