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ETFOXBORO, Mass. - Don't believe the Patriots' typically comatosesound bites of the last few days. Even if they don't admit itpublicly, you can be sure they, well, couldn't wait for today'sgame against the visiting Jets.Nearly nine months ago, the Jets shred off a 42-point loss inthe same Gillette Stadium over a month before and confounded TomBrady and his offense in a not-as-close-as-it-sounds 28-21 upset inthe AFC playoffs. The win was followed by Jets linebacker Bart Scott'sguttural growl of "can't wait" in a postgame TV interview, a rantthat is considered famous or infamous depending upon which team youroot for.In August, Brady told a Boston radio station that he stillwasn't over that loss, although he had changed his tune byWednesday."I think we've moved on from that game," Brady said in aconference call with Jets' media. "It's a new year forus. It's a different team. It's a different Patriots team, it's adifferent Jets team. We're excited to play. It's a very importantgame for our season. It's a division opponent. We'll be excited toplay when we see them on Sunday."Not surprisingly, Jets coach Rex Ryan didn't use thesame tack.When asked if it is just another game, he replied: "That's nottruthful. Of course, these games have a little extra, there's nodoubt. I think it's the fact you're going against a Hall of Famecoach [Bill Belichick], Hall of Fame quarterback and a team that'swon three Super Bowls and has dominated your division. ... That'sthe one you want to have. This is your archrival and you want toget after them."Running back LaDainian Tomlinson, in his second year with the Jets, said: "You hear about [therivalry] when you're on the outside looking in about how passionatethe rivalry is, but it's obviously a different perspective whenyou're a part of it. Yes, I would say this is as good as any[rivalry] in football."Oddly enough, however, Scott, a Ryan disciple since their daysin Baltimore, sounded more like a Patriots when asked about therivalry Friday."I think it's different to different people in the locker room,"Scott said. "I'm sure it's bigger to guys who have been herelonger. The Patriots have had their number. For me, it's honestlyjust another game. It's a divisional game so you want to win it.But it's not one of those games where I pound my chest, lose sleepover playing the Patriots."But Ryan probably has lost a few winks trying to correct whathas gone wrong the previous two weeks, as the Jets lost to Oakland and Baltimoreon the road, the first back-to-back double-digit defeats of Ryan'stenure in green."We have to get it" fixed, he said. "We have to get it fixed ina hurry."Former Raven Derrick Mason, formerly a part of manyBaltimore-Pittsburgh clashes, said, "We have to go in there andgive them our 'A' game," he said, "because if you don't, it's goingto be a long day."Also new to the rivalry is fellow wideout Plaxico Burress, whohas experience against New England, having derailed the Patriots'perfect season with the game-winning catch in Super Bowl XLII.But that's in the past, Burress said, noting it's "a differentteam and different defense. ... It's going to be good to get backand I expect to get booed by the fans and different things likethat, but it's going to be fun."How much fun remains to be seen.E-mail: pelzmanTerms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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ETLOSING a top wide receiver like Andre Johnson, the catalyst ofthe Texans offense, is like dropping the turkey just hours beforeTh a n k s g iv i n g dinner. Stepping into the leading receiverrole likely will be Jacoby Jones, which is like replacing thatturkey with a Cornish hen. And some added production from KevinWalter might be an extra helping of ham. But what you don't have isthe big, fat, juicy turkey.Luckily, however, the Cornish hen is matched up against a looseRaiders pass defense. And with the improved health of Arian Foster,you can look for Oakland to shift its attention from stoppingJohnson to containing the running game. That should leave Jonesopen, as well as Walter. Just make sure to monitor Jones' soreknee, though he is expected to play.If Johnson is out for an extended period, look for tight endOwen Daniels also to see a rise in his production, which alreadyhas been impressive over the past few weeks. But put that notion onhold for at least a week, because the Raiders have done a solid jobcontaining tight ends thus far, including the previouslyunstoppable Rob Gronkowski last week vs. the Patriots.Until Johnson returns, downgrade QB Matt Schaub to a second-tierstarter in the class with Eli Manning, Josh Freeman and MattHasselbeck - behind Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, RyanFitzpatrick and Tony Romo (who is on a bye this week). Expectdefenses to focus on Foster, limiting his ceiling, though we dolike his prospects this week. And upgrade Jones from a bye-weekfill-in to a flex option, and put Walter on the map if you'redesperate for bye-week help.BIG WEEKSJulio Jones, WR Falcons, vs. Packers As bad as Green Bay's passdefense has been, it has kept opposing top receivers out of the endzone. If that holds, expect WR Roddy White to get plenty ofyardage, but the TDs to come from elsewhere.Mark Ingram, RB, Saints, at Panthers The Saints would becomfortable in a shootout with anyone, but why give Panthers QB CamNewton extra opportunities? Run the ball against a weak rushdefense and keep the Carolina offense off the field.Titus Young, WR Lions, vs. Bears Four games are a small samplesize, but it looks like Young will provide the type of productionwe were expecting from Nate Burleson. And the No. 2 WR option in anoffense as explosive as Detroit's can still rack up fantasy points,especially vs. a Bears D yielding more than 300 passing yards agame.Scott Chandler, TE Bills, vs. Eagles Look for Chandler and QBRyan Fitzpatrick to exploit weak Philadelphia linebackers, inbetween long Fred Jackson runs.SMALL WEAKSMatt Hasselbeck, QB Titans, at Steelers His rip-roaring start ismusic to the ears of Music City fans, but the Steelers allow aleague-low 157.5 yards per game through the air.Wes Welker, WR, Patriots vs. Jets The Jets defense may be strling, butthose strles are primarily defending the run. Though Jets CB Darrelle Revis hasn't faceda worthy WR since Week 1 against Dallas' Dez Bryant, figure he willblanket Welker most of the day.Ben Roethlisberger, QB Steelers, vs. Titans A sore foot, aporous offensive line, a lackluster running game and facing aTitans pass defense allowing just 212 passing yards a game and hasfive picks to offset four TDs passes - the fantasy gods aren'tsmiling on Big Ben this week.LaGarrette Blount, RB Bucs, at 49ers A young Tampa Bay teamtraveling cross-country to face an underrated Niners defense thathas been particularly stingy vs. the run - we don't envision a hugeday. If he gets a short score, be happy.FANTASY TRACKER DREW LOFTIS Jacoby's ladder BLITZ BATTLE OF THEBLEZOW'S BOYZ BLEZOW'S BOYZ DREW'S CREW DREW'S CREW Player PTS POS.Player PTS A. Rodgers 45 QB T. Brady 17 L. Blount 19 RB A. Peterson8 M. Forte 28 RB L. McCoy 10 L. Fitzgerald 10 WR C. Johnson 21 M.Wallace 7 WR G. Jennings 16 R. Gronkowski 1 TE G. Olsen 11 Packers14 DST Eagles 4 L. Tynes 7 PK R. Bironas 7 Player TM POS. Player TMC. Newton Car QB D. Brees NO D. McFadden Oak RB F. Jackson Buf L.McCoy Phi RB A. Foster Hou C. Johnson Det WR L. Fitzgerald Ari H.Nicks NYG WR V. Jackson SD J. Finley Atl TE S. Chandler Buf LionsDet DST Giants NYG J. Hanson Det PK M. Nugent Cin WEEK 4 WEEK 5FINAL: BLEZOW 131, DREW 94 Season series: Blezow leads, 3-1. Afterback-to-back blowouts, talk around the Crew has turned to theprospect of getting Andrew Luck.Terms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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ETGIANTS NOTESGIANTS defensive end Justin Tucksuffered what coach Tom Coughlin called "a setback" in his comebackfrom injury. He sat out yesterday's practice and is listed asdoubtful for tomorrow's game against Seattle with groin and neckwoes."Yes, he did [suffer a setback]. The groin is the irritatingthing right now. We'll have to see," Coughlin said of Tuck, highlyunlikely to play against the Seahawks.Tuck suffered a burner against the Jets in the preseason, thenaggravated the injury in Week 2 against St. Louis. The followingweek against Philadelphia, Eagles offensive tackle Todd Herremansgot him by the facemask and Tuck later implied that opponents havebeen going after his neck and trying to re-injure him."He said that?" Coughlin asked of Tuck, who has been wearing ahelmet with more bars and bulkier shoulder pads. "I just think ithappens. It's part of the game."While one GIANTS defensive end is likely out,another is back in.Osi Umenyiora made his comeback last weekend against Arizona,and a day after his first real contract in ten months, he said hisbattered body felt like he was "in hell.""The next day I felt like I was in hell. It was the worst I'veever felt in my life," said Umenyiora, adding it was "footballsoreness, not my knee or my hip."It was his first game since last season's finale on Jan. 2, andhe had two sacks and forced a fumble. After the GIANTS gave up 177 yards rushing inWeek 3 against the Eagles, and allowed 156 on just 32 carries lastweek in Arizona. But they won both games playing a lot of nickel tolimit big passing plays downfield."We're doing some things in the back to help us with the passand it's hurting us in the run game. Once we get everythingbalanced out, we'll be alright," said Umenyiora.CB Prince Amukamara (foot) and C David Baas (neck) are out,while RB Brandon Jacobs (knee) and Tuck (groin/neck) are doubtful.DT Rocky Bernard (ribs), LB Michael Boley (knee) and Umenyiora(knee) all practiced limited yesterday and are listed asprobable.Terms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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ETFROM THE moment Rex Ryan stormed into the room, vowing to take aswipe at two of theirs if they take a swipe at one of his,announcing the mere thought of kissing Bill Belichick's rings wasrepulsive to him, the Jets have fancied themselves as thebiggest, baddest toughest hombres in the NFL saloon, itching totake on all comers.SEALTeam 11.They take their cue from Ryan, who would schedule the LombardiPackers and the Montana 49ers and the '85 Bears in any parking lot,anywhere, anytime, on the same day if he could.You can knock his team down, and make no mistake, his team hasbeen knocked down these last two weeks.But his team will get up, and when it gets up, it will get upangry, with fists balled, shouting: "BRING ON THE PATRIOTS!""If we're [going] to do what we want to do, and we talk aboutdoing," Brandon Moore said yesterday, "we gotta win this game."Aaron Maybin has been with the Jets only for a cup of coffee, buthe could sense how caffeinated his new teammates are for thePATRIOTS. "Everybody's ready to go," Maybin said. "You don't gottabe around a team long to tell when guys are ready to play."How can you tell that?"It's not something you can describe," Maybin said. "There's acertain seriousness, a certain upbeat tempo during practice, acertain attention to detail in meetings. Whenever you have a gamethat is especially important to a team, those things are evidentthe week preceding. You can kinda tell the kinda game it's gonna beby the kind of week of practice and preparation you had leading upto it. And it's been a very solid week for this whole team,probably the best week of practice I've seen or been a part ofsince I've been here both in the summer and during the regularseason."From the moment Ryan stormed into the meeting room Monday andaired the Jets out, and demanded this SEALTeam 11 mentality, and a return to their Ground and Pound roots,the Jets have marched in locksteptowards Bill Belichick and toward Tom Brady and Wes Welker. "Thewhole week the message has basically been to be the most physicalteam, and to be the dictators of the football game," Maybin said,"and that's pretty much held true the entire week."Maybin, given a new lease on life again, put enough pressure onJoe Flacco in his limited snaps Sunday night he believes he can bean X-Factor against Brady."I believe I'll have a few opportunities to make some plays, andI think that my skill set is gonna allow me to do some things," hesaid. SEAL Team 11 tomorrow."You're gonna see the New York Jets, and I don't think that youneed to see anything different to have success against thePATRIOTS," Maybin said. "I think if we come and we play Jetsfootball, then we'll come out with a victory."Jets football being . . ."Play physical football, play to the whistle, and playtogether," Maybin said.Ryan was encouraged by Maybin's sack and hurry. Eric Smith wasasked if Maybin can be an X-Factor tomorrow against Brady."Maybin's one of those guys who can get pressure on thequarterback, and as much as they throw the ball, that's what youneed," Smith said.The virtual certain return of center Nick Mangold buoys the Jets. "I'm ready to go," Mangoldsaid.If Mangold is ready to go, Ryan expects Shonn Greene to be readyto go, finally."We had a great week of practice, everything is looking good inthe run game," Greene said. "Today we finished off strong with ourpreparation."We have great confidence coming into this game."Of course, practice doesn't always make perfect on Sundays."Very few mistakes, we were moving around playing fast andphysical . . . got through the script really fast . . . probablyone of our better weeks of practice," Smith said.SEAL Team 11 tomorrow."We're confident that we're locked and loaded to go out thereand perform on Sunday," Sione Pouha said.Ryan was as pleased with this Friday practice as he wasdispleased with the Friday practice before Baltimore."We were bouncing around pretyy good, flying around," Ryan said."I feel good about it. So based on this practice, we should playwell."Based on Thursday's practice as well."I think our best practice was yesterday, that we probably hadall season," Ryan said.It will take their best game to silence taunting, cursingGillette Stadium."We know certainly we have to be ready," Ryan said, "and I thinkwe are ready."As much as anyone, he has to be ready against Belichick."May go down as the best coach in the history of the game, but,"Ryan began, and paused here before adding, "I'm gonna take my swingat him."HC of the NYJ SEAL Team 11.Terms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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ETJETS NOTESThe JETS hope practice makesperfect.A week ago, coach Rex Ryan was upset by a poor practice onoffense the Friday before the JETS played the Ravens. The resulttwo days later was one of the worst offensive performances infranchise history.Ryan, who called Thursday's practice the team's best of theyear, was pleased with yesterday's as well, saying: "It was a muchbetter Friday practice. Everyone was bouncing around. I feel goodabout it. Based on this practice we expect to play well[tomorrow]."JETS left guard Matt Slauson saidthe practice was "a million times better" than last week's."We came out enthusiastic, energetic and guys were flyingaround," Slauson said. "I know there are what's called 'gamers,'who can take it easy during practice and explode on game day, but Ihaven't met a whole lot of those people."Though center Nick Mangold is listed as questionable on theinjury report, Ryan said he feels good about Mangold, who was stilllimited in practice yesterday, returning to the lineup tomorrowafter missing two games with a high ankle sprain."I'm ready to go," Mangold said. "I'm chomping at the bit to getback. It's going to be a good feeling to get back out there be withthe guys."In other injury news, WR Plaxico Burress (elbow) and LB CalvinPace (abdomen) practiced in full and will play. The Patriots willbe without former JETS RB Danny Woodhead, who's listedas doubtful with an ankle injury. Patriots LB Jerod Mayo is alsolisted as doubtful with a knee injury and isn't expected toplay.The JETS will make a roster move to fillthe spot vacated by LB Bryan Thomas, who's out for the season withan Achilles injury. Though they won't announce it until today, itappears the JETS will bring in DT Jarron Gilbertfrom the practice squad. Gilbert has been used as a tight end inpractices of late and could be used as an extra blocker to help theJETS abysmal running game.Ravens DT Haloti Ngata was fined $15,000 for his hit on MarkSanchez last Sunday. On a third-quarter sack and forced fumble thatwas returned for a touchdown, Ngata led with his helmet, which hitSanchez square in the back. No penalty was called on the play.JETS DT Marcus Dixon said he can'twait to see his mentor tomorrow when the JETS play the Patriots. DE ShaunEllis, who after a long career with the JETS signed as a free agent in NewEngland, took Dixon under his wing and helped him develop."I'm looking forward to seeing 'Big Cat,' but I'm more lookingforward to beating the Patriots," Dixon said. "It'll be good to seehim, but it'll be good to see him and beat the Patriots. That wouldbe a great night."Terms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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UpdatedOct 6, 2011 7:38 PM ETMETAIRIE, La. (AP)When Jimmy Graham was first drafted by the New Orleans Saints,the tight end took down his page on the social media site Facebook.He still has yet to set up a Twitter account.''I kind of just wanted to focus and not have anydistractions,'' Graham said. ''I try to stay away from all thatstuff.''The second-year pro may be far behind many of his NFLcontemporaries in terms of virtual friends and followers. As forproduction on the field, that's another matter entirely.Through the first four weeks of this season, Graham ranks in thetop 10 among NFL tight ends in four key categories as he hasincreasing become quarterback Drew Brees' go-to guy. He is first inreceptions with 24, second in yards receiving with 367, fourth intouchdowns with three and eighth in yards per catch at 15.3.He has had no fewer than 100 yards receiving in each of his pasttwo games, becoming only the second tight end in Saints history toregister triple-digit receiving yardage in consecutive games.The first was Henry Childs back in 1979, and no Saints tight endhas even done it in three straight weeks, as Graham has a chance todo when he returns to his home state, North Carolina, this Sundayas the Saints (3-1) meet the Carolina Panthers (1-3).''I'm not even close to satisfied,'' Graham said after practiceon Thursday. ''One of my biggest goals this year was to make animpact play every game, so I want to be somebody that Drew can lookto in a tough situation and can count on.''Graham's growth as a tight end has been remarkable in that, whenthe Saints drafted him in the third round in 2010, he had playedonly one season of college football at Miami after spending fouryears as a power forward for the Hurricanes' basketball team.The 6-foot-6, 260-pound Graham is one of several NFL tight endswith a basketball background, following in the footsteps of playerslike Atlanta's Tony Gonzalez and San Diego's Antonio Gates. TheSaints were banking on Graham following suit when they draftedhim.Fewer expected that, four games into his second pro season, hewould have 102 more yards receiving that any other player on theteam.''At this point last year, he was talented but raw, so greenstill,'' Brees said. ''Even though it's been only a year, he'sgained a lot in experience. ... You see him having this mentalityof trying to be great and he loves football. He's his biggestcritic. .. I love seeing young guys like that who are going topolice themselves and do the right thing.''It seems that Brees' only concern is whether too much success iscoming too quickly for Graham, and how he'll respond to it.''When you look at the success that he's had so early, it's easyto assume that it's always going to be this easy, but it's not,''Brees said. ''The guy works extremely hard at it and we spend a lotof time together and I really think he's only scratching thesurface as to what he can do and how we can assimilate him intothis offense. So I'm excited for Jimmy Graham, but I never want toget too far ahead of ourselves here. He can get a lot better.''Graham is already noticing an uptick in the attention hereceives from fans when he walks around his downtown neighborhoodor goes out to eat. When word got around that he didn't have anestablished nickname yet, fans who saw him started sestingthem.''Every time I go out to eat someone's screaming out some crazyname, so it's been pretty entertaining,'' Graham said.He was a little puzzled when one fan sested ''Avatar.'' Hewas amused when another offered, ''The Graham Reaper.''This weekend, though, he'll just be ''Jimmy'' to some loved onesin the stands, including his adoptive mother and his biologicalmother, with whom he has re-established a relationship after aturbulent childhood that saw him left in a group home for boys whenhe was 11-years-old.If Graham never takes his success for granted, his roughchildhood will be a main reason why.When he thinks of what he overcame to graduate from college andarrive on the brink of NFL stardom, he'll always credit BeckyVinson, the woman who adopted him even though she was strlingfinancially at the time to pay bills and provide the way she wantedto for her daughter, Karena, who is also expected to be at thegame.''Whenever my guardian adopted me, she said, `One day you'regoing to be somebody,''' Graham recalled. ''So I wouldn't say thatshe's shocked (by his success). Every time I see her she tells me,`I knew it.' But she's happy for me. And for us, it's been prettyspecial.''Notes: WR Devery Henderson (calf) did not practice on Thursday.Coach Sean Payton said the injury happened during Wednesday'spractice and appeared minor. ... C Olin Kreutz (left knee) returnedto practice on a limited basis. ... RT Zach Strief (right knee) andTE David Thomas (concussion) did not practice.
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Jaguars middle linebacker Paul Posluszny said the stopping the run will be key against Cincinnati.Not only do the Bengals run effectively – with running back Cedric Benson rushing for 348 yards on 77 carries this season – the Jaguars allowed 177 yards rushing to the Saints last Sunday.The effort against New Orleans came after the Jaguars entered the game having allowed 251 yards rushing in the first three games.“It’s something you always have to focus on,” Posluszny said as the Jaguars (1-3) prepared to play the Bengals (2-2) at EverBank Field Sunday at 1 p.m.Posluszny said that focus wasn’t where it needed to be against New Orleans.“We’re playing against New Orleans,” he said. “We’re thinking, ‘(quarterback Drew) Brees, passing game’ . . . as players, we lost our focus when it came to stopping the run. It showed. We didn’t play with good technique and fundamentals.“We made an emphasis to refocus on that this week. We want to be a great run-stuffing defense. It’s something you have to focus on week after week. And it’s obvious it’s something we want to focus on this week because of the opponent.”On another note, Posluszny expressed surprise that New England Patriots center Logan Mankins had made reference to the Jaguars’ defensive style Wednesday, and wondered why Mankins was thinking about the Jaguars’ defense at all.When asked about the New York Jets’ defense, Mankins said, “It’s not like Jacksonville, where they line up in one spot and don’t do anything different.”Posluszny: “Why is he watching us? That’s what I thought. Why was he analyzing our defense?”It was noted to Posluszny that the Jaguars and Patriots had played in the preseason opener.“That doesn’t count,” he said. “In the preseason, we were straight. We had an over front and played Cover 2 behind it the whole game.”Posluszny said the reality was Jacksonville does approach defense with a simple philosophy.“We keep it simple,” he said. “We want to be low on the amount of calls we have and high on our details. Regardless of how we line up, if we can have better technique, better fundamentals, play with lower pads than the opponent, then we can be successful. We do what we do and we try to do it well.”Also on Thursday:*The Jaguars signed third-year veteran wide receiver MikeThomas to a three-year contract extension. “I’m definitely excited,” Thomas said. “I still have a job to do. It’s not really about money to me, but at the same time, I’m grateful and ecstatic that it happened. I still feel like I’ve got a lot ahead of me, so that’s where my focus is. I feel like I’ve got a lot of getting better to do myself. I want to do great, so that’s where my head is.”*Third-year veteran offensive lineman EbenBritton said he doesn’t mind his recent move to left guard – and he doesn’t mind returning there this week. Britton played right tackle his first two seasons, and after a back injury kept him out of training camp, he has moved to left guard because GuyWhimper has played well at right tackle in his place. “It’s fun,” he said of left guard. “It is what it is. I’m having fun with it. It’s good to be on the field. I’m trying to do the best I can.” Asked if he eventually wanted to return to tackle, he said, “It doesn’t matter. Tackle feels like home to me, but Guy’s doing a great job at right. They don’t want to mess with that. I understand that. In a different world, and I wasn’t out for nine months with different injuries, maybe it would be a different story. But Guy’s doing a great job at right tackle. We’re just trying to get the best five on the field.”*Cornerback DerekCox (groin) and running back MontellOwens (knee) each missed practice for a second consecutive day, and wide receiver KassimOsgood (hamstring) missed after working on a limited basis on Wednesday. RussellAllen missed a second consecutive day of practice to attend the birth of his child.*Defensive tackle TysonAlualu practiced full after being limited Wednesday with a knee injury, while fullback GregJones, running back MauriceJones-Drew and cornerback RasheanMathis returned to full participation after missing Wednesday for non-injury reasons.*Safety CourtneyGreene (neck) and defensive end AaronKampman (knee) were limited for a second consecutive day, while tight end ZachMiller (shoulder) returned to full participation after being limited Wednesday. Left tackle EugeneMonroe practiced full for a second consecutive day after missing Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury.*Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said a priority offensively remains improving third-down success. The Jaguars are converting 32 percent on third downs, and Koetter said the way to improve is by getting better on first and second downs. “You want to do better on third?” he said. “Do better on first and second. That will get you in more manageable third downs.”*Koetter said the Jaguars’ offensive line played well against the Saints, and he said the unit pass-blocked well despite allowing three sacks. “We protected OK,” Koetter said. “Even though we had three sacks it wasn’t like (quarterback) Blaine (Gabbert) was running for his life.”
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the chances that they will be interested in a different MLM such as Family IQ?Actually this is probably one of the best classes of leads you can go after since it's a very targeted market. We already know this type of lead likes and believes in network marketing since they already are or were in the industry. So there are no long conversations trying to explain how MLM works, they already believe.Also since the MLM industry is so transitional and attrition rates run 50% to 70% or more, its more than likely that most of your leads are either not happy with their success so far, have already dropped out, or may even be looking for a new deal as we speak.On the saturation issue, the question is that if you have a several thousand Family IQ distributors all using the same software won't they just be recycling the same leads or run the chance of actually running out of this type of lead?Well to answer this question you just have to take a step back and look at the big picture.Estimates of how many MLM companies are in the world currently range from 1500 to 5000 companies and the number fluctuates daily since so may fail every year and so many new ones start up.Big network marketing companies have millions of distributors each, and if we even conservatively estimate that an average network marketing company has 10,000 distributors then you could have as many as 50 million distributors out there as Family IQ prospects.Well I guess you probably are not going to run out of leads any time soon.Now you have leads, what do you do with them?Well that's the next part of the Family IQ sales funnel system, once you have the leads, now you have to get the leads to the Family IQ replicated teleseminar that Rod Stinson does so they can view the information and decide if they want to join.Now the beauty of a using a high volume automated lead funnel system for Family IQ, is that once your prospect views the presentation, they will either be pretty much ready to go, or they won't be interested, there really is no in between when you are using a high volume approach, they either see it or they don't.The two main approaches that the Family IQ system uses to get your leads to the teleseminar are a direct phone approach called Dial & Ditch or an automated approach called Voice Broadcasting.Dial and Ditch for Family IQ leadsWith this approach you will use one of 2 scripts that you will download from Rod's Family IQ training website and then you will actually call the phone numbers with the intention of leaving a short sizzle message on the prospects voice mail designed to get them interested enough in Family IQ to go to your replicated teleseminar website and opt in to view the presentation. That's the Dial part. I taught this same approach years ago to my downline but at the time we called the approach "Phone Drops" and it really does work.Now the ditch part is that if someone actually answers the phone you just hang up. Now since most new reps are usually nervous about directly talking to prospects since they don't know what to say, the idea of not actually having to talk to anyone appeals to them and so they like this approach.Now the one downside of this approach is that it takes time to do all those dials but the upside is that it's free. My advice for anyone who feels confident on the phone is not to do the ditch part but to actually talk to the prospect on the other end of the line and use the same script.I mean you are already spending the time to do the dial so why not use the time effectively and actually talk to your live prospects. Since you will be building rapport with your prospect by doing a live conversation your conversion ratio from lead to Family IQ distributor is going to be much higher.Voice Broadcasting For Family IQNow this is the automated way to use your Family IQ scraper leads. Voice broadcasting is a form of telemarketing that uses a web based autodialer to deliver the same short sizzle message you were using in the dial and ditch approach but does it for you. You just set up an account with a voice broadcast service, record your phone message, upload your lead list to the website, push the start button and boom! The automated system can deliver your Family IQ sizzle message to thousands of prospects in about 20 min or less.Voice broadcasting works, I have taught and used this marketing approach for years and have recruited hundreds of distributors using it. Response rates average from 1% to 5% depending on your message and several other factors but if you have some good training and coaching on using this type of system it a killer approach.You can setup a voice broadcast in about 20 min, it really takes no technical skills, and once you trigger the broadcast you will have leads flowing in that have listened to your message and are highly interested within 30 min.It's fast, efficient, and cheap. The prices vary widely on voice broadcasting from as little as 1.4 cents per connected call to as much as 25 cents or more per connected call. The systems with no setup fee charge more per call and the systems that are the cheapest to operate charge a setup fee of a few hundred dollars upfront.Two things to note here are that generally this type of telemarketing is regulated by the by way of what is called the National Do Not Call list and more recently by legislation that limited the use of these systems to call only consumers who have actually opted in to receive these calls, or business to business sales. The good news is that when you pull a lead off of the internet from a distributors MLM company website, that qualifies as a business listing since they are using that phone to receive calls about their MLM business.Ezine advertising for Family IQThis is another approach Rod's Family IQ marketing system gives some training on, and of course it works. Ezines are the online equivalent of magazines and take many forms, ranging from newsletters to article directories, and many offer free or paid advertising where you can get an ad in front of thousands or millions of potential prospects and then redirect that traffic to your replicated website for Family IQ.One again this approach works well, I have taught and used online advertising for years and of course today that's where the traffic is, online. With a little coaching on copywriting a good ad, you can generate lots of leads to power your Family IQ business.Postcards Marketing for Family IQThis tried and true marketing approach is also included in the Family IQ marketing training by Rod Stinson. Postcards or direct mail have been an effective marketing approach for years, but recently since more and more marketers have switched to online approaches there has been a drop in direct mail which actually makes it more effective than it used to be. Its costs more but it can also be done in small batches to control cost.So in conclusion, these approaches that Family IQ uses do work. The only secret here is to actually do them, do them consistently, keep track of your numbers and adjust as you go.Most MLM distributors are very inconsistent with their MLM lead generation efforts and so even if they use a great marketing approach, if they don't get instant results they throw up their hands and quit.In Network Marketing, the key to success is the result of just a few critical factors, learning the Law of Large Numbers, high volume lead generation, and using effective sales funnels. Used effectively, they can give you the edge to master becoming a successful figure earner in the industry.

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Jazz complete coaching staff, hire Lowe
UpdatedOct 6, 2011 11:38 AM ETSALT LAKE CITY (AP)The Utah Jazz have completed their coaching staff by hiringSidney Lowe.Lowe spent the past five seasons as head coach at his almamater, North Carolina State.He also was a teammate of Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin when theyplayed for the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1989-90.As a player, Lowe was a second-round pick of the Chicago Bulls.He appeared in 193 regular-season games over four NBA seasons withfive different teams: Indiana, Detroit, Atlanta, Charlotte andMinnesota.While at N.C. State, Lowe teamed with former Jazz player ThurlBailey to lead the Wolfpack to the 1983 national championship.He joins Scott Layden and Jeff Hornacek on the bench underCorbin, who took over late last season after Jerry Sloan's abruptretirement.
UpdatedOct 6, 2011 12:24 AM ETFormer Toronto Raptor Jamario Moon is working withthe Quebec Kebs of the National Basketball League."To confirm, at this point Jamario Moon will join the Kebs atvet camp to practice with the team, stay in shape, and assist Coach(Robert) Spon," the league tweeted on Tuesday.The 31-year-old forward has played in the NBA for four seasonswith Toronto, the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and Los AngelesClippers.Terms return false">Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
UpdatedOct 6, 2011 12:24 AM ETThe NBA lockout is not stopping the Development League frommoving forward with its upcoming season.The Idaho Stampede, the Jazz's new D-League affiliate, arescheduled to hold an open tryout from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday atthe XSI Factory in Lehi. Registration starts at 9 a.m.The Stampede are coached by former NBA guard Randy Livingston,who briefly played for the Jazz in the 2004-05 season."The season for us has been on the way for a few weeks now,"Livingston said. "We're just having one of our free-agent tryoutcamps, and that's one of our ways to obtain players, so we're kindof hitting that hard."The Salt Lake Tribune Alt Heads:Idaho Stampede, Jazz's D-League affiliate, holdingopen tryout in LehiTerms return false">Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Chad Henne may have taken his final snap for the Dolphins.The fourth-year quarterback is ticketed for season-ending surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder, as first reported by's Jeff Darlington. The team confirmed the report Thursday afternoon.Henne, who will be a free agent in 2012, separated his shoulder in last week's loss at San Diego, a defeat which left Miami at 0-4.Matt Moore could be in line to start after the Dolphins' bye week. But the team has also signed veteran Sage Rosenfels, who spent 2002-05 in Miami.Rosenfels has 12 career starts, 10 of them coming for the Texans over the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

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Understanding BRI: The NBA Lockout's Bottom Line
Players and owners need a reality check. Someone needs to end the NBA lockout, and it doesnt matter who.The NHL, MLB, and even the NBA just over a decade ago each saw a work stoppage greatly damage their respective leagues in recent history. With regard to the NBA, the league had only begun to thrive once again after having to work so hard to get back into the good graces of its fan base following the 1998-1999 lockout and subsequent shortened season. The NBA is going to make a grave mistake that will damage the league for a long time if it does not wise up and get a deal done. What is it, exactly, that is causing such a rift between the players and the owners?It is the BRI, otherwise known as basketball related income, that has created the divisiveness in the talks between owners and players. BRI is the pool of money that is available for players and owners to share and accounts for most of the leagues revenue. Simply put, it is where their money is made. The CBA or Collective Bargaining Agreement is the set of guidelines that explains how that revenue is shared, how it is generated, and just how big a piece of the pie the players and owners each get, among other things.Some of the most common sources of BRI include: Ticket sales TV contracts Concessions Sponsorship / advertising dollars Merchandise sales The owners have claimed they lost money in 2010-2011, which is one of the major points of contention from the players. Understandably, they are having a hard time believing that in its most profitable year ever, the owners lost a reported $300 million. NBA Commissioner David Stern has claimed this, and the players arent buying it.The owners, however, are upset that the players do not have to invest any capital in order to reap the benefits of increased profits. Examples of such investments would be marketing expenses, advertising, purchasing goods to be sold, and operating costs for each franchise. Under the expired CBA, players were receiving 57 percent of the profits. The owners initial proposal for a new CBA asked the players to come down to 39 percent. With these numbers in perspective, it is clear just how far apart the sides initially were.The most important aspect of BRI is that it comes almost entirely from fans. Ironically, the people that are paying the salaries of the players and executives are the ones that will be punished by the results of a potential work stoppage. The bottom line is the sides need to come together and think of the good of the league. The goodwill built up so slowly over time will come crashing down in one moment should a deal not be reached in time to hold a full regular season. Even a shortened season would do fans a great disservice.Lets hope that differences can be worked out in time to continue to build on the success the NBA has had in recent years.Michael C. Jones is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor in Sports and closely follows all developments related to the NBA. Follow Michael on Twitter: @MJisyourhomeboyMore from Michael C. Jones:Five reasons Kobe Bryant will play in ItalyKobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan comparisons are justifiedNote: This article was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Sign up here to start publishing your own sports content.
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