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Tips on how to Reduce Male Breasts - My Own Personal Experience

Are you fed up of having man boobs? I was fed up too, and fed up of trying to lose them and failing time and time again! I finally managed to lose my man boobs when I stumbled upon the real hidden, underground answers to losing those man boobs. Especially after I learned the best chest exercises for men that actually work.

I could hardly believe my eyes.

When I utilised the right methods, those man breasts vanished in a few weeks!

And I totally believe that you can do it too! In fact, with the right method and the right technique, there's no way that you can't lose those man boobs!. Burning chest fat is different from burning fat from other parts of the body. If you can grasp the one reason why most people fail at losing man boobs, you'll be on that beach showing off your masculine physique in no-time.

Who Am I And Why Am I Telling You This?

Ever since high school I remember being shy because of my embarrassing chest. I remember being horrified of Physical Education in school where the other kids might see my boobs in the shower, or simply see me running in my T-shirt with my booblets bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

And missing out on all the summer fun! Sitting around at home or going out and roasting myself in a thick sweater to conceal my man breasts

Watching my mates talking, playing and swimming with the girls at the beach.

And I'll never forget...

Every time a woman rejected me! I just knew it was because of my man breasts - they couldn't take me seriously, they couldn't see me as a man!

Make no mistake about it, women want that dude on television with pecs and and a six-pack! What are the chances of you meeting a girl who dreams of having sex with a guy with man boobs?

I eventually decided I would learn everything I could about getting rid of manboobs permanently. All the information on the internet ñ in forums and websites points toward...

Error #1: Doing lots of chest exercises ñ push-ups, bench presses, etc.

Is this a phase you've been through? If it is you'll realise that it doesn't work! Haven't you had enough of doing this already? Go ahead and tense those muscles in your chest - they feel bigger than when you started working out your chest, don't they? Now pinch that boob fat... what's that? It's still there? Well what can I say except... it doesn't work!

I had no idea about this before, so I hit the gym and started benching those weights, just like the guy on that men's magazine add told me, really feeling the burn and all.

But no matter how strong my chest muscles became, that layer of fat on top would NOT go away.

So if someone told you to do chest exercises to get rid of man boobs, then stop right now!

I learned the hard way that working out the chest muscles does NOT cause fat to be lost around that area.

Error NumberII: All I need is to lose weight...
Man, was this tough!I starded doing cardio, with boxing, running up stairs, skipping, playing football, all of it! And hey presto! my body started to slim down. My ass, legs, arms, neck and face all thinning out. And finally my belly and then my boobs.

I finally started to lose my man boobs!!!

But I found that I had to maintain a horrendous lifestyle - doing at least an hour of rigorous exercise every day of the week.

My life was based around work and exercise, I was spending so much time at the gym I had little time for anything else. It seemed that I couldn't afford to do any less! Reducing my workout commitments would only see my manbreasts growing back! If I were to do this much longer, I could already see myself going insane, or just giving up entirely and embracing the man boobs. When I pictured myself at age 50, still single and sitting there watching porn with my popcorn balancing perfectly between my man boobs, I just knew there had to be another way.

Error Three: The answer lies with eBooks on the internet that claim to have some "secret" method to lose those man boobs...

Those salespages were oh so promising, so I went out there and paid to download every eBook I could find on how to lose man boobs. And to my disappointment time and time again, none of the books lived up to their sales page hype!

I've realised now after much pain and effort, that none of the guides out there on how to loose man boobs are really worth your time reading let alone paying for and putting in the effort to try out their methods.

And Now For The Answer You've Been Looking For!

Having realised that I was more or less on my own, I made up my mind to really put in the work and do my own scientific research. And though I have a background in science, I'm not talking about dissecting rats and human specimens, but about pooling together all the scientific research out there on man boobs and coming to my own conclusions..

Also, there's much you can learn from my articles on... Weight Training to Burn Fat.

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