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The best way to Reduce Male Breasts - My Own Personal Experience

Getting rid of those man boobs is no easy feat, I tried for 3 decades! When I found the real secrets of how to lose man boobs, there was nothing left to stop me!

In fact I couldn't believe how easy it was.

With the proper approach my chest was as flat as a baord in only weeks!

And you'll be happy to know that if it worked for me, it will work for you. Getting rid of manboobs entails several important factors, but knowing the main reason why 95% of people fail is a surefire way to success!

Who Am I And Why Am I Telling You This?

Well I'm Sammie. I've been trying to hide my gynecomastia ever since puberty. I have memories of being terrified of Sports Studies in school where the guys would make fun of me in the shower, or simply see me running in my T-shirt with my booblets bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

And all my summer holidays gone to waste! Doing nothing but staying home so nobody would see me wearing anything thin

Watching my friends and family having fun at the beach - taking their tops off and jumping into the water.

And I'll never forget...

The countless rejections by women! I mean ñ how can a woman take you seriously! - You've got BOOBS for crying out loud!

Make no mistake about it, women want that dude on television with pecs and and a six-pack! There's no chance she'll look at you and go "Mmmm I wanna feel those man boobs against me!"

When I finally decided I had enough, I got out there and began finding out everything I could on how to lose man boobs. I was shocked by what I found, as 99% of what's on the internet seems to tell you...

Mistake One: Doing lots of chest exercises ñ push-ups, bench presses, etc.

Have you tried this before? If you have, then I hope you've realised by now that it's hopeless! Stop it right now! Quit tormenting yourself with these lies! It doesn't work, sure there's a place for bench presses in the whole lose man boobs regime, but that place is NOT in burning boob-fat!

I didn't know this before, so I started doing push-ups and bought a bench so I could bench-press heavy weights.

But no matter how strong my chest muscles became, that layer of fat on top would NOT go away.

So I don't care who told you to do bench presses or push ups to lose man boobs - stop right away and save your effort for something that actually works!

I learned the hard way that working out the chest muscles does NOT cause fat to be lost around that area.

Error #2: All I need is to lose weight...
This was harder than I thought! I started going to the gym, doing cardiovascular and weight training, with plenty of calorie restriction (am I determined or what!) And the hard work finally paid off... well eventually it did. I found that my body wouldn't shed the boob fat until it got rid of fat from my bottom, legs, face, arms and stomach - not an easy feat, but alas...

My chest finally started to flatten out!!!

However I was finding it more and more difficult to maintain this new lifestyle, with such a strict calorie restricted diet and such intense exercise for prolonged periods 7 days a week.

My life was based around work and exercise, I was spending so much time at the gym I had little time for anything else. If I relaxed just a bit, by taking it easy at the gym and having some comfort food, my moobs would just come back! I couldnĂ­t live like that for the rest of my life, there just HAD to be another answer!!

Error NumberIII: I can't lose my man boobs unless I buy that eBook on the internet, because it says so on the salespage...

Those salespages were oh so promising, so I went out there and paid to download every eBook I could find on how to lose man boobs. To my dismay with every book, I found the salespages to bear no resemblance to the content of the book itself - these guys weren't offering a fraction of what they promised to do for me.

I've realised now after much pain and effort, that none of the guides out there on how to loose man boobs are really worth your time reading let alone paying for and putting in the effort to try out their methods.

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